Join a 3 day hut hike to historic Sperry Chalet in Glacier Park. I am an aggressive hiker and it too me 2-hours. Sperry lost 133 acres of area between 1966 and 2015. After a good nights sleep at the Sperry Chalet, the next morning we strongly suggest that you take the amazing hike 2.5 miles up to the Sperry Headwall (Comeau Pass) and then on to the great Sperry Glacier (additional 1 mile). Their route was the same general route of the present trail. If you want to see it, taking the 6-mile Grinnell Glacier hike will reward you with a gorgeous view of glacier carved land. The 6miles each way from lake mcdonald to sperry chalet (12miles total if you do it as an out-n-back) is boring nondescript and just a slog. It took them near the present site of the Sperry Chalets and through the saddle between Gunsight Mountain and Edwards Mountain. Sperry Glacier Trail is a 4 mile one way hike with 1,600 feet elevation gain. The glacier was actually reached first by Dr. Sperry and his party in 1897. Sperry Chalet was built in 1913 by James J. and son Louis Hill of the Great Northern Railway, the prime developer of Glacier National Park. I realize our options for hiking this early in the season will be limited, but we'd still like to get as much hiking in as possible. Sperry Glacier occupies a broad, shallow cirque situated just beneath and west of the Continental Divide in the Lewis Mountain Range of Glacier National Park, Montana. Sperry Glacier . Sperry Glacier from Hidden Lake Overlook. The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to … Best hikes Best hikes glacier park Big sky walker Floral Park Glacier Park Hiking Glacier Park Lake McDonald Logan Pass Rod Benson Published by bigskywalker Grew up in Harlem (MT), married (Mardi), 4 grown children, retired - taught high school science 37 yrs (Helena High Earth Science 1994-2019), enjoy hiking, peak-bagging, trail-running, snow-shoeing, and kayaking. I got a … Day hikes from this spot are plenty and spectacular. I figure we'll need bear spray, decent footwear, and a backpack. Trailhead: Moderate but sustained elevation gain through shady forest gets you to incredible overlooks and a campground on the rim of a mountainside. The other means of accessing the chalet is via the Gunsight Trail, which is a 12.1-mile hike from the Jackson Glacier Overlook on Going-to-the-Sun Road. Another branch leaves the main trail to climb steeply 5.4 miles to Mount Brown Lookout, 2147 feet above Lake McDonald. Located 39 miles northeast of Kalispell Montana. and 3,300 feet elevation gain. The glacier sits in a basin just above Grinnell Glacier and can be seen from the road as you drive through the park entrance station. A less challenging 1.3 mile hike one way from Logan Pass. Another walk, which starts at Logan Pass but heads west, is the Highline Trail. We took a 2019 hike to Sperry Chalet to check in on the rebuild. Continue south into the Sperry Glacier Basin and ascend gradually along the glacier's foot; aim … Cancel free on most hotels. Phone: 406.888.5756 Email: [email protected] On the evening of August 31, 2017, the Sprague Fire burned the dormitory building at the Sperry Chalet Complex. 6.2 mi. Sperry Chalet trail can be accessed from the trail leaving from the horse concession area at Lake McDonald Lodge and takes you 4.4 miles to Snyder Lake trail on a steady rise. This northeast facing glacier is wider than it is long relative to its flow direction and spans about 300 … Belton Train Station 12544 US-2 West Glacier, MT 59936 . Answer 1 of 5: Just curious about how long it takes to hike Gunsight pass away from Sperry Chalet (we will be spending the night there). However, thanks to the cooperation of the National Park Service, Belton Chalets Inc., the Glacier National Park Conservancy and numerous donors from the general public, Sperry has been rebuilt! A game trail angles up through scree to a saddle north of Floral Park. We are visiting Glacier from June 10th-15th, staying on the west side in Whitefish. The hike to Virginia Falls is an extension of the St. Mary Falls hike – and, in our opinion, is one of the trails that needs to be on your Glacier National Park Hiking checklist. Bear spray is an excellent investment in grizzly country. He is interested in hiking to Sperry Chalet. The glacier can be seen over the mountains at the far end of Hidden Lake. Sperry Chalet / Gunsight Pass Trail near West Glacier in Glacier National Park - A sustained ascent through trees for 4.0 miles and then more open terrain leads to the foot of stunning Glacier Basin, the Sperry Chalet and Sperry Campground. If you make it to Sperry Chalet, the next stop would be to Sperry Glacier, located another three-mile walk and a sketchy climb up a steel cable “ladder” to get up through a pass to the glacier. Sperry Chalet On August 31, 2017 the Sperry Chalet hotel building was lost to the Sprague Fire. Sperry Glacier is a glacier on the north slopes of Gunsight Mountain west of the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana. Sperry Glacier trail, 7-mile round trip from the chalet Starting from Sperry Chalet. It joins the thru route at the historic Sperry Chalet, where it climbs 4 miles and ~1,600 vertical feet to the glacier. The “Trail Gods” must also have been smiling on us that day, because we soon cleared the rock stairs and reached the chalet without any problems. (and there is little to view on the hike up) Then you go down and then back up to the pass and on to the glacier area, as noted above. Comeau Pass Via Sperry Lake Trail is a 16.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near West Glacier, Montana that features a lake and is rated as difficult. You will pass some amazing waterfalls and small alpine lakes. You have marvelous views from here, and can continue on to Sperry Glacier if the fancy strikes. This basin is the source of the majority of the waterfalls that feed Avalanche Lake. 600 feet of elevation gain; Mostly on a boardwalk with stairs. Once there, stay southeast until easier terrain lets you drop to Mary Baker Lake and Floral Park. Everyone in pictures seems to have hiking poles too. With binoculars and a map you can get a good view of Sperry Glacier's headwall from the Hidden Lake Overlook. Sperry Glacier We STRONGLY recommend you hike to the famous Sperry Glacier via the Sperry Glacier Trail the following morning if you're in good physical condition! Hikers wishing to visit the Sperry Chalet Complex need to be aware of restrictions and post-fire trail conditions. Sperry Chalet, West Glacier, MT. It measured 710 acres in 1859, and today, it’s just 152 acres in size. Binoculars and a map will give you the best view. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Opened in 1914 the main buildings consist of a two story dormitory building and a kitchen/dining room building. July and August are the best months to The trail from Jackson Glacier Overlook in the St. Mary Valley over the Continental Divide at Gunsight Pass to Lake McDonald Lodge offers an amazing trip with a bunch of extras including Sperry Glacier, Sperry Chalet, Lake Ellen Wilson and Florence Falls. You will begin at Lake McDonald Lodge and hike up the forested trail with limited views until you get approximately 4 miles into the trip. Sperry Glacier is a mass of ice that sits in a basin with blue-green pools below. Challenging hike. Sperry Glacier can be seen from Hidden Lake Overlook. The trail is steep. The area is a great basecamp for visiting the Sperry Glacier, Lincoln Pass and Gunsight Pass Sperry Chalet. Hikers will gain 3,593 feet, in 6.3 miles, to reach the chalet. Detailed Glacier National Park trail description. United States - Hiking to Sperry Chalet - How difficult - My son and I are planning a trip to Glacier Park the 2nd or 3rd week in July. Sperry Lodge, Glacier National Park Our room in Sperry The ruins of the chalet are closed to the public, as are some additional areas around the complex. 1.1K likes. Sperry Glacier sits on the north slopes of Gunsight Mountain and has retreated 75 percent since the mid-19th-century. Lk McD to sperry chalet is approx. This hike averages 9 hours. Hike to Sperry Glacier Basin, Glacier NP Starting out at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to Lake McDonald Lodge, climb 9 miles up the trail to Comeau Pass. As we were to discover shortly, not everyone was so lucky. Historic backcountry hotel and dining room reached only by trail. There are two options for overnight stays at Sperry The hike to Sperry Chalet and Campground is one of the more popular backcountry hikes in Glacier National Park, and for good reason. The trail to Sperry Glacier is actually a side trail off the Gunsight Pass route. After passing St. Mary Falls, the trail makes a few sharp turns and takes hikers past by an unnamed, yet gorgeous, tumbling cascade. Trail Type: Loop; Sperry Chalet Trail Don’t expect to get any views before arriving at the Sperry Chalet, but it’s a challenging hike and there’s a campground at the trail’s end where you can stay for a real adventure. Water is plentiful along the route, but bring a pump or purifying tablets. Entirely above tree line, it is about 3.5 miles and climbs about 2000 feet up to Comeau Pass. An ice axe is not essential but may be desirable for crossing Sperry Glacier, as well snowfields earlier in the season. A side trip to Sperry Glacier is also possible, being a 4-mile hike (8 miles round trip). A hiking pole may also do for probing the surface of the glacier. Get up close and personal with one of our last remaining glaciers, Sperry!