Q: My childhood dresser is beautiful but the wood stain looks faded. American Walnut on Alder. For example, adjust the stain color to allow for the ambering from shellac or oil-based polyurethane; even crystal-clear finishes will alter the stain's final color. You don’t need any special finishing equipment, just brushes and rags. Don't be fooled though, stain can't always replace buying a higher-quality and more expensive wood. Our process isn’t fast, because there are several steps. On pine, cherry, maple, poplar, and birch, however, spongy areas soak up more liquid—and more color—than dense areas. The gel coat or gel stain has a heavier level of pigment and that's what you will need to make maple as dark as you are going for. I’d love to update it with fresh paint and new hardware, but I’ve heard that you can’t get good results painting over stain. When staining soft maple Kitchen doors and drawers from a millworks shop the painter applied a special walnut stain directly to the raw wood. Maple is one of the most difficult woods to achieve a dark, uniform stain color on because it is a dense, closed grain wood and often absorbs stain very unevenly. But it isn’t hard, and it’s home-shop friendly. This creates a color effect that can be deep and intense, without blocking grain patterns. The stain did not take well on wood milled with the grain, and on cross cuts the stain soaked into the wood giving a dark black color. Recently had hardwood floor and stair treads installed in my home by one of your "HandyCanadian.com" contractors. See more ideas about Maple stain, Maple floors, Stain. Cider on Alder. It’s a nice natural wood looking stain that deepens the natural, grain colors of the wood. Yes, I chose the gel stain for its anti-blotching properties. The second method for changing the color of the previously stained woodwork is to re-stain it. Arctic Whale on Alder. I then spray either a sanding sealer or a first coat of clear post cat lacquer followed by a light sanding. Praline on White Maple. In the case of this wormy maple, if you were to choose the use of a dye stain, we would recommend tinting the water based top coat with a 2 to 3% volume of amber dye stain used in a … It is an extremely hard wood that blotches due to poor sanding technique. Next, paint a layer of stain in long strokes along the direction of the wooden slats. Hard maple floors offer a nice, light, bright look to a room, and are often paired with matching cabinetry when the home is built. I actually used two coats on this sample as well even though it’s advertised as a one coat stain. Offering a selection of four maple stain colors, the low country maple collection is designed to match popular stain colors typically applied to maple flooring. Stairs; Custom Work; Gallery; Blog; Staining Hardwood Maple Floors. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. The hard maple stairs … You cannot use a standard penetrating stain for this because the surface is already “varnished” and sealed. Charisma on Alder. Maple is a difficult wood on which to achieve uniform stain, and the appearance can look as if the stain was not applied evenly. For more info see my disclosures here. Dyes work better but limit the colors available. The ability of dye stains to penetrate more deeply makes them especially effective at emphasizing the natural chatoyance of figured woods like curly maple. 2 Sand Thoroughly The best way to stain wood is to prepare the wood surface by sanding it with a sanding block or orbital sander. Grey Wood Stain Options: 1. Discovering the secret to successfully staining maple floors. Let the stain dry for 8 hours before applying the next layer. Varathane’s Honey Maple stain is the lightest stain color in this round up! These species are best harvested from November to May, when it’s cold enough in these parts that sap-staining fungi are pretty much incapacitated. Minwax Wood Finish Water-Based Stain Tintable Clear Tint Base Water-Based Interior Stain (Quart) Item #1658613. Cafe on Alder. Staining plywood typically requires the use of special gel stains, but by preconditioning the wood you can use any wood stain. Our staining process includes four ingredients: water-based wood conditioner, water-soluble wood dye, dewaxed shellac and oil-based glaze (see Sources, below). Staining maple is generally not recommended by finish manufacturers since the dense grain does not allow the penetration of most pigments. Dye stain, on the other hand, can penetrate more deeply and allow more grain detail to show. Any blotch-prevention program starts with evenly sanding to 180 grit on face grain, and to 220 grit on end grain. Follow these steps to learn how to apply wood stain like a pro. Many consider this a nice, contemporary “Scandinavian” look. This ensures that your finished product will have a uniform color, even if it is made of several types of wood. General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based Stains usually will perform very well because they are more topical than traditional liquid oil stains, and contain more colorants. Maple is a difficult wood on which to achieve uniform stain, and the appearance can look as if the stain … Some woods, such as oak and walnut, absorb liquid stain evenly. Along the back of the house is completely open and includes a maple cabinet kitchen with hardwood floors, stainless appliances, and a large dining area. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. The colours shown are for reference purposes only. Measure, mix, repeat Step 1 Mix the stains in a clean container, starting with a 1:1 ratio. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. We got the stain from the manufacturer of the flooring company in an effort to match it to the colour of the stairs. Sandpaper with a lower grit number will make wood rougher, allowing more stain to absorb and create a darker color. Maple is a difficult wood on which to achieve uniform stain, and the appearance can look as if the stain was not applied evenly. When staining, first apply a pre-stain wood conditioner, then select stains lighter in color. Gel stain is particularly forgiving with splotch-prone woods like birch, cherry, maple, and pine. Alder Cherry Hickory Maple Oak Walnut. Re: Finishing maple with a dark stain A few more thoughts and perhaps summarize all of the above suggestions The most effective way to "stain" maple a dark color is by spraying a fast drying solvent based stain such as Woodsong. And if you need tips on staining for a beautiful finish, see my how to stain wood tutorial and the best way to apply stain. The stain will not penetrate maple well, for example. This is particularly critical with difficult woods to stain, like hard maple. Note, this post contains some affiliate links. I am trying to seal the plywood primarily, as that is soaking up the stain more readily than my hard maple face frames. Some of my clients that do furniture restoration suggest that sanding to 320 or 400 will eliminate ALL of maple's staining challenges, but then I might need drugs to be that patient! I've also read, that a dye type stain is better than a pigment type stain as pigment type stains do not penetrate into the tight maple grain. Step 1 Sand the entire plywood surface with 100-grit sandpaper. Minwax 70005 1 Quart Maple Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain 3.7 out of 5 stars 8 Minwax 61330444 PolyShades - Stain & Polyurethane in 1 Step, quart, Old Maple, Satin Staining maple is generally not recommended by finish manufacturers since the dense grain does not allow the penetration of most pigments. But, like hard maple, birch wood does not absorb stain evenly and should not be stained with dark colored stains. When the stain is completely dry, seal your butcher block by applying 5 layers of tung oil., Allow each layer to dry for a full 12 hours before using a rag to apply the next coat. white-maple-pecan. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. Educate customers about the difficulties involved in the staining of maple so they are warned of possible appearance issues. If you have stained maple hardwood flooring the low country maple collection from Stair-Treads.com is the perfect solution for matching your new stairs with you flooring. Wood Finish™ Stain; Gel Stain; Water Based Wood Stain; White Wash Pickling Stain; PolyShades ® Water Based WoodSheen ® Express Colour; Click on a colour chip for a larger view. Classic Grey Stain by Minwax I've also read that NGR stains are one of the best chpoice when staining maple. Maple must be sanded uniformly. But you can re-stain by using a “wiping stain”. White pine and sugar maple are among the most vulnerable to blue stain – also called sap stain because it only affects sapwood. Staining. If you screen before staining, be aware that the screen marks will show in any dark stain color. ... Peace River Espresso on White Maple. Re-staining Over Previously Stained Woodwork (Image Source) Wiping Stains. For a whitewash stain, see these white wood stain options. I'd like to also know some of the other "Do's and Don'ts" in regards to staining/finishing maple that can be shared. Feb 15, 2015 - Examples of maple stained floors. Maple is notorious for blotching. I have tried the stain on ply without conditioner and I prefer to use the conditioner as the grain ends (pores) seem to be less prominent when using the sealer. Hover each color to see the name of the stain and the wood species. The solvent in this product may stain certain materials including leather, fabrics, plastics and finished surfaces. Less expensive than hard maple, birch is often substituted for maple in furniture and kitchen cabinets. The sealcoat will stop most if not all of the blotching, and then to change color you will need to use a gel type stain because the sealcoat won't let the stain soak into the grain. Pipestone on White Maple.
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