Ultimate that has had some good placings at tournaments and was ranked 5th on the PGRU Fall 2019. Every SSBU matchup chart is a source of valuable information - players can understand where their character is especially strong and where they potentially may have problems. This can work well against the inexperienced. Ike wins 53.06% of the games in this matchup. It would be clever to train more with the opponents from the disadvantage groups - take them to the Training Mode or Smash against CPU. This page explains how to successfully counterpick the champion samus in the game Super Smash Bros. To be fair, the Villager matchup being -1 is still reasonable (a -2 wouldn't be, at least imo). Fox, +47 2. Final Mu chart by Gx. Samus has one of the best Up-Bs out-of-shield. Videos. This time, I’ve removed most MU charts created before patch 4.0.0. Super Smash Bros. 37. Tier List / Matchup Chart. Has trouble killing.-2 Little Mac - Bad recovery and weak to grabs. At different percentages you can use it as a combo starter. use it by falling or jumping off stage to block your opponents path to stage. If you want to view some older MU charts, you can check out the previous version: /r/smashbros/comments/d5ryz6/matchup_chart_compilation_v2/, This project might also be worth checking out (not run by me): /r/smashbros/comments/fh1o6u/smash_ultimate_matchup_chart/. You can also use dair>nair, dair>uair, and so on. Jacky CKF vs Mizeru. Utilize Samus' up air game, it has good range, is super fast and is a kill move along with the fact it counters a majority of the down airs in the game. Ultimate . This goes for every other character as well. Not having it full also allows for better movement with b-reverses. Also, work on using your Z-air to anti air and poke at mid range. This time, I’ve … Skills of two players and their decisions in chaotic moment-to-moment situations can change everything. Okay, I'll go now, Just Play ZSS. Captain Falcon, +29 7. There are 190 games that feature Peach vs Zero Suit Samus in the SSB World database. Peach wins 39.47% of the games in this matchup. This time, I’ve removed most MU charts … utilizing missiles with this makes samus deadly for characters with bad recoveries. In summary, bounce the lasers back at him and use shine and aerials as ways to get the grab. Samus / Dark Samus' Super Smash Bros. Learn to jump over and avoid projectiles as this can put Samus in disadvantage. Samus Aran (サムス, Samus) is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Melee.Returning as a veteran from the previous game, Samus, similarly to Link, reprises her role as a short-ranged fighter with numerous ranged options.In addition, she received some powerful buffs, causing her to improve from a bottom-tiered character in Super Smash Bros. to a high-mid tiered character in Melee. Archived. who. IcyMist Final MU Chart. Best Match. Sheik, +43 3. Learn to fight both aggressively and defensively. Birzt's Samus MU chart (Fight Me) Censored’s Samus matchup chart . No? Ganondorf, +21 9. That said, Fox still does have the mobility and combo game to make the MU Fox favored, it just has to be played more defensively than most other MUs. Here is the official Matchup Chart and the Top 8 Chart. Samus has a really hard time doing well when the player is excited or nervous. ): https://twitter.com/SMB_SSB/status/1298658423991656449, Ron: https://twitter.com/ron_yt0510/status/1192063078520614913, SMB (Scot! Find counterpicks, good matchups, and bad matchups. 2 min read. Upcoming Smashes. Search. Games include, Quake Champions, Super Smash Brothers, Overwatch, Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal He recently shared his Inkling matchup chart on twitter, so let’s take a look. With missiles and a chargeable blast, Samus is a good starting point to … Zero Suit Samus (Ultimate) 7 months ago. Young Link - Trouble killing. Excuse me have you seen an A button around here? Close. Marth, +39 5. Samus, +14 11. or competative gaming in general. Peach vs Zero Suit Samus. The character matchup chart is a color-coded table detailing the approximate difficulty of all possible matches for any given character against any other character in Super Smash Bros. Melee based on two players of equal skill. There are 98 games that feature Ike vs Zero Suit Samus in the SSB World database. Samus is a really good character on wifi, due to the delay, they will most likely charge shot and keep distance. Here’s Cosmos’s tweet: Early meta INKLING match up chart MATCHUPS CHART This chart shows the ratios that every character's board has agreed about the rest of the cast. Her fair is a great gimp tool. 17:12. Luigi, +3 14. Super Smash Bros. 327 votes, 216 comments. Jigglypuff, +34 6. Ultimate. Cryptte. Jacky CKF vs … Hitting a medium Charge Shot can combo into grab or dash attack. Down Throw is a great combo-starter at lower percents, such as D-Throw to N-Air or F-Air, and at Mid-High percents, Down-Throw to Charge Shot can work. Use bombs as an edgeguard to disrupt recovery (as well as give an edge on a kill). Ally’s outlook is not quite as rosy as MVD’s Snake Matchup Chart, but it still looks plenty positive for Snake. Samus wins 38.96% of the games in this matchup. Also Samus is hard to edgeguard, edgeguards Fox well, and her projectiles can apply a lot of pressure from a distance (double missile is a pain to get around). 1 (Version 3.1) SSBU - Duration: 17:12. Back air can be a good kill option and it hits like a truck, For an aggressive aproach that can scout what your opponent does in a rather safe way is to jump grab that has a nice range and little lag, can also set up for dash attack at low perc or charge shots. Cosmos is widely regarded as the best Inkling player in Smash Ultimate. Super Smash Bros. Melee: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The July 2015 Reddit Smash Bros 4 Tier List Results: S Rank: - Sheik - Rosalina & Luma. Secret High Tier. It would be clever to train more with the opponents from the disadvantage groups - take them to the Training Mode or Smash against CPU. Ice Climbers, +15 10. One combo that's pretty neat is dair>bair. Final Samus MU Chart. Ultimate. Donkey Kong, +2 15. Kombat, Soul Calibre, and any other one on one fighting game. Use these strategies Panda Global's Tyler "Marss" Martins is a Zero Suit Samus main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 7.0. Brood: https://twitter.com/Broodt/status/1249663014044700673, Luis (Dragonite): https://twitter.com/The_Dragonite/status/1186651277494833154, CaptainZack: https://twitter.com/CaptainZack_/status/1225518123589292032, Geist: https://twitter.com/Geist_SSB/status/1283894391220969474, Lima: https://youtu.be/xw6-0DBYaok?t=4913, MuteAce: https://twitter.com/AcidaceZero/status/1200221079656116225, Rage: https://twitter.com/Ragge__/status/1286657616811380738, tamim: https://twitter.com/tamimomaryy/status/1217587189191712768, Frosty: https://twitter.com/FrostyBelmont/status/1257433262135410693, Nen: https://twitter.com/NenStardust/status/1236702942121660423, T3 DOM (T3 DOME): https://twitter.com/Dom_ssb/status/1297259530024153088, Leon: https://twitter.com/Fergontheicebe1/status/1243405495446032391, Lunamado: https://twitter.com/Lunamado22/status/1222135043734171649, NickRiddle: https://twitter.com/NickRiddleSSBB/status/1285722610731487233, Ketchup: https://twitter.com/Ketchup_Jr/status/1286522125776384001, PiXL: https://twitter.com/PiXLssb/status/1168336856871624705, Tra$h Koopa God: https://twitter.com/TraShWendyGod/status/1229806962239397888, Cloudy (Blade/Captain Levi): https://twitter.com/CloudyJoker_/status/1277278188368953345, Lycopis: https://twitter.com/Lycopis_/status/1292824186390339584, MkLeo: https://twitter.com/PFire22/status/1225583780355768327/photo/1, Pink Fresh: https://twitter.com/PinkFreshhh/status/1226252754571710464, Fatality: https://twitter.com/FatalityFalcon/status/1283539995551293444, Ogey: https://twitter.com/OgeyR/status/1232345423286808576, Goblin: https://twitter.com/GoblinFL/status/1226235412311662594, Lancelot: https://twitter.com/LancelotSSB/status/1207364407849828354, Mr. R: https://twitter.com/Mr_RSmash/status/1217126303943491589, Rivers: https://twitter.com/rivers3k/status/1226943892102303744?s=21, Blacktwins: https://twitter.com/BlackuTwinsuru/status/1274204089082142722, Cheeks: https://twitter.com/Cheeks_SSB4/status/1255876335081328643, Kola (Salt One): https://twitter.com/Kola_KNA/status/1207737232901230592, Masashi: https://twitter.com/masashipit/status/1229054560028778501, Sparg0: https://twitter.com/Sparg0ssb/status/1246197927275450368, YOC: https://twitter.com/YOC_geki/status/1181831518424985601, Cosmos: https://twitter.com/CosmosZR/status/1286090296833511425, SHADIC: https://twitter.com/SHADIC_/status/1287969563125194753, Aaron (dyr): https://twitter.com/AaronFGC/status/1248378233428434945, Dakpo: https://twitter.com/TheDakpo/status/1209887829179846656, JJROCKETS: https://twitter.com/JJROCKETS/status/1162104754933248005, Legit: https://twitter.com/LegitSmash/status/1227512320307294208, Player-1: https://twitter.com/Player1_SSB/status/1266037122798100481, DKwill: https://twitter.com/_DKwill/status/1237152856567959553, HIKARU: https://twitter.com/HIKARU_ssbu/status/1236967367344672769, Runes: https://twitter.com/RunesSmash/status/1228536893979209736, Ketchup: https://twitter.com/Ketchup_Jr/status/1225274662239686656, Oryon: https://twitter.com/7Oryon/status/1222645338298888193, Tsumusuto: https://twitter.com/4D_Killer_Combi/status/1283768416537440256, Ozone: https://twitter.com/LegendaryOzone/status/1248651080843567108, Sekai Doggo: https://twitter.com/sekaidoggo/status/1277745953626304512, Jaxter: https://twitter.com/JaxterTS/status/1293745748157358081, Juice: https://twitter.com/ZamirMorales/status/1289014353312788481, Larry Lurr: https://youtu.be/gR60kG7tSLA?t=3775, Lui$: https://twitter.com/LouieMoney98/status/1225882951784648704, Litany: https://twitter.com/TheGerudoDragon/status/1272449496375574530, Ray Kalm: https://twitter.com/Ray_Kalm7/status/1212638387682893824, Rickles: https://twitter.com/iamrickles/status/1257528079397896192, Vermanubis: https://twitter.com/Vermanubis/status/1212263731373072385, Jw: https://twitter.com/Jw_Smash/status/1188574763511353347, Stroder: https://twitter.com/StroderAme/status/1242638049420275712, Tarik: https://twitter.com/TarikGekkouga/status/1225838604531961856, +HOPE+ (SirShyGuy): https://twitter.com/HOPE_4_SWADWAK/status/1277229153838915585, Big D: https://twitter.com/BigD_SSB/status/1197609375495524352, Joint Ike MU chart: https://twitter.com/Lyra_GP/status/1196911565334884352, Rango: https://twitter.com/RangoSSB/status/1236130177131966464, Ravenking: https://twitter.com/Ravenking_SSB/status/1241432547852238848, Ryuga: https://twitter.com/truerRyuga/status/1287793885901717504, Pokepen: https://twitter.com/pommypen/status/1286576256905953280, Sharpy (Sharpyzard): https://twitter.com/SharpyUltimate/status/1283585758532689922, Cosmos: https://twitter.com/CosmosZR/status/1241046162242777089, ProtoBanham: https://twitter.com/SSBU_Lucina/status/1301490280483483648, Space: https://twitter.com/SpaceSama/status/1242511507633643527, B-Rice: https://twitter.com/BRiceSSB/status/1282463530604609537, BassMage: 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Zelda, -20 19. Mix Play all Mix - ESAM YouTube; IN THE MIND OF ZERO'S CLOUD - … Dr. Mario, +10 12. Playlist to the other matchup chart … While not quite as potent as Simon or Richter, Samus is a great beginner ranged fighter. In the neutral game I don't think either character has a significant advantage, but for killing (also just racking up damage) it's really unfortunate that Samus can't really justify shooting a Charge Shot unless she knows Villager won't be able to pocket it (so mostly for punishing e.g. Ultimate tier match ups. Every SSBU matchup chart is a source of valuable information - players can understand where their character is especially strong and where they potentially may have problems. Samus wins this matchup 40.91% of the time. Version 4 of my Matchup Chart Compilation is here, featuring various notable players. Avoid having a full Charge Shot. Zero Suit Samus wins this matchup 60.53% of … Palutena wins 59.09% of the games in this matchup. A+ Rank: - Luigi - Pikachu - Zero Suit Samus. Ike - Predictable linear gameplay and slow. : https://twitter.com/BONK_MK/status/1250921805386264577, Yei: https://twitter.com/YeiMK_ssb/status/1300928307190476800, Zenkai: https://twitter.com/ZenkaiM2/status/1260105614715478016, Rizeasu: https://twitter.com/Rizeasu/status/1220645422034587648, Aikota (NovaPixl): https://twitter.com/Aikotauwu/status/1293483055030718467, Katakiri: https://twitter.com/KatakiriG/status/1256633896948715530, Pokecheese: https://twitter.com/Pokecheese/status/1175121903025053696, Pokecheese: https://twitter.com/Pokecheese/status/1293646013497057284, Maister: https://twitter.com/Maister_SSB/status/1273320045209440256, BestNess: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/689164568?t=4261s, PeW: https://twitter.com/1PEW1/status/1232281740493893634, S1: https://twitter.com/S1_SSB/status/1206574770067853316, Dabuz: https://twitter.com/DabuzSenpai/status/1224499078219825155, Gomakenpi: https://twitter.com/GomakenpiSSB/status/1204832769014038528, Greward: https://twitter.com/Greward3/status/1288477533437075456, Klaatu (Soulimar): https://twitter.com/Klaatu2560/status/1226730350295957505, Tsubotsubo (and Shuton): https://twitter.com/Tsubotsubo_ssb/status/1200435666284269568, Sinji: https://twitter.com/Sinji93/status/1203381448172023808, Tea (and Ginko et. Tiers Gains. to hone your skills and learn about popular matchups and game tips Players generally like to know who is good versus There are 190 games that feature Peach vs Zero Suit Samus in the SSB World database. These type of pages are very useful for eSports, e-sports, Marss is here to give you all the knowledge you need for Zero Suit Samus in Smash Ultimate! SSBU Counters isn't endorsed by Nintendo and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Nintendo or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nintendo CO., LTD. Try not to have the charge shot fully charged. These type of character matchups are particularly useful for games with 1on1 or one versus one, Find counterpicks, good matchups, and bad matchups. Samus … Published on March 30, 2020. ... Tot. Mr. Game & Watch, -22 There are 77 games that feature Samus vs Zero Suit Samus in the SSB World database. Palutena vs Samus. It can poke and trade for damage in neutral, it can end combos, and it can kill. 268 votes, 84 comments. 1. Samus Matchup Chart/Guide Pt. 0 Posted by. what he's trying to do is make a matchup chart, and matchup charts assume both players are playing at a high level and are equally skilled. Samus / Dark Samus; Zero Suit Samus; Everyone else is a slight advantage (+.5) or advantage (+1), except for the following characters that he doesn’t know where to put: Ice Climbers, Pacman, Mii Brawler, Wario, and Dedede. Also Samus is hard to edgeguard, edgeguards Fox well, and her projectiles can apply a lot of pressure from a distance (double missile is a pain to get around). Try pulling this off against enemies when their shield is damaged. Marss ZSS MU Chart. It can be used to combo at mid percents, and as a kill option if the percent is high enough. Characters who currently have no notable MU charts: Min Min. Zero Suit Samus wins this matchup 60.53% of the time. Tier List / Matchup Chart. How to read the chart: Each column of each character shows what the … Samus can pull off an unreliable shield-break combo with FlickedSideB - FullChargeShot. Marss drops his matchup chart for Zero Suit Samus. She's just a better Samus anyways, samus is a very gay chatacter charge a charge shot. Samus's Latest Smash Ultimate Battles - 183 Videos. SSB4 Matchup Charts for Samus. Tierlist, tiers, rankings. This list does not mean that a character has no chance of beating another character in any match, or that players cannot beat a … Samus is a really good character on wifi, due to the delay, they will most likely charge shot and keep distance. Cosmos is widely regarded as the best Inkling player in Smash Ultimate. Samus's Latest Smash Ultimate Battles - 183 Videos. How to beat Zero Suit Samus? Zero Suit Samus wins this matchup 61.04% of the time. That said, Fox still does have the mobility and combo game to make the MU Fox favored, it just has to be … Ultimate matchup select for heroes, champions, and characters. Link, -7 18. al): https://twitter.com/chibiT2169/status/1299362513188827136, Chag: https://twitter.com/chag_spc/status/1281731898138648582, Dabuz: https://twitter.com/DabuzSenpai/status/1194431052175040512, Frozen: https://twitter.com/FS_Frozen/status/1222240266117173248, Gen: https://twitter.com/GenFNY/status/1230147699351130112, Jagaimo: https://twitter.com/smabran/status/1192085083135496192, MuteAce: https://twitter.com/MuteAce_/status/1255604680807284737, Mystearica: https://twitter.com/Mystearicaa/status/1233522259937169409, Seagull Joe: https://twitter.com/SeagullSSB/status/1186104305390178305, Scr7: https://twitter.com/__Scr7__/status/1204480592659832835, あんか (with Kie): https://twitter.com/anchor04peach/status/1211562824138231809, BlazingPasta: https://twitter.com/BlazingPasta/status/1162381875886866432, Frozen: https://twitter.com/FS_Frozen/status/1183581111710081024, Kie: https://twitter.com/Kie_peee/status/1250287616697593856, LingLing: https://twitter.com/LingLing_21S/status/1286101171694862337, Meru: https://twitter.com/MeruSensei/status/1225216827959189505, MuteAce: https://twitter.com/AcidaceZero/status/1178859104388997121, Samsora: https://twitter.com/SpookyGhostGoku/status/1224476347235545088, Zinoto: https://twitter.com/Zinoto/status/1225468405676826624, NAKAT: https://twitter.com/darknakat/status/1170471814142676992, RFang: https://twitter.com/RFang_SC/status/1192712731012546562, Rideae: https://twitter.com/RideaeSSB/status/1248433197626449930, Tachyon: https://twitter.com/ssb_TicTach/status/1178895761112801280, VoiD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/550106563?t=1h48m22s, Yetey: https://twitter.com/Yeteyy/status/1240329774184136709, DM: https://twitter.com/DM_SSB/status/1221973811165376517, ESAM: https://twitter.com/dang3r_ssbu/status/1229894313921912838, Brood: https://twitter.com/Broodt/status/1292112049850392576, Greward: https://twitter.com/Greward3/status/1211641411092799488, Lucky: https://twitter.com/lucky30_/status/1197871826753523713, HIKARU: https://twitter.com/HIKARU_geki/status/1171473388449042440, Ned: https://twitter.com/nedPT_/status/1293972961943322625, Pandarian: https://i.imgur.com/icLEHz0.png, Puppeh: https://twitter.com/PuppehSSB/status/1226703512165388288, Tarik: https://twitter.com/Tarikssb/status/1198346721815941123, OverLade (RedHalberd): https://twitter.com/SsbOverLade/status/1241095736755978241, Plup: https://twitter.com/Fergontheicebe1/status/1246140300545925120, Epic_Gabriel: https://twitter.com/ItsEpic_Gabriel/status/1288180672629268481, Grayson: https://twitter.com/GraysonTCD/status/1226756640533340160, Raffi-X: https://twitter.com/Raffi_XSmash/status/1210304116884475904, Jul: https://twitter.com/ArtisticallyJul/status/1159466901619249155, Soraneko: https://twitter.com/skycat912/status/1236461419727474688, Synergy: https://twitter.com/SynergySSB/status/1291874140287270912, Homika: https://twitter.com/Homika_FR/status/1194396731649212416, 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2020 samus matchup chart