For example, when compared to their pre-entry levels, undergraduate students reported increased levels of anxiety during their first year [6,13], and poorer psychological wellbeing throughout their time at university [6]. Students were also asked if they had received either psychological counselling or medication for an emotional problem, how old they were when they first received treatment, if they were still in treatment and how old they were the most recent time they received treatment. Significant gender differences in help seeking have also been found, with 11% of female students looking for help in comparison to 6% of males [25]. Yes Sept. 4, 2019 American Council on Education Mental health is a complex subject, and research essays on it make the studying process more effective, as they let students investigate different types of mental disorders and their influence on people’s health. Furthermore, high rates of mental illnesses are especially common in those who identify as bi-sexual or homosexual [23]. Chi-square tests for independence examined gender differences in prevalence rates. In September 2015, the Ulster University Student Wellbeing study (UUSWS) commenced on four campuses across Northern Ireland (Belfast, Coleraine, Derry/Londonderry and Jordanstown). The survey instrument was administered on-line using Qualtrics software. Second, as most PhD students are part of larger research teams, whose composition determines scientific impact (Lee et al., 2015), PhD students with mental health issues may pose a considerable cost to research institutions and teams. Research conducted in recent years has established that cases of students diagnosed with mental health issues are on the rise. The series, which will be updated throughout 2019, will serve as a resource for those interested in learning more about the issues surrounding college students and their mental health and the quest for well-being. Mental health awareness is an important issue for all educators, who are often the first line of defense for their students. During!the!1990s!the!physical!and!mental!health!of!students!in!Europe!and!the!Unites!States!were!an! Health Buddy [24] presents patients with a series of pre-programmed questions about symptoms of depression and suicide, allowing mental health service providers to monitor patients’ symptoms. Mental health problems can affect a student's energy level, concentration, dependability, mental ability, and optimism, hindering performance. A large-scale study conducted in an Australian university reported that females, those aged 25–34, students with a low income and non-heterosexual students had the highest rates of mental health problems [18]. Centering Equity in Student Mental Health Task Forces: Lessons Learned From the University of Michigan by Sara R. Abelson, Janelle R. Goodwill, and Meghan A. Duffy Moreover, nearly a third of students reported experiencing suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts during their lifetime. Issues with attention and concentration can also impact on grades in addition to mental wellbeing. Data curation, Supervision, Although prevalence rates of most major mental health disorders are reported in the current study, those disorders that are not characterised easily by self-report such as psychotic disorders were not included. Table 2 reports 12-month prevalence rates for a range of mental health disorders, substance dependence or abuse, suicidality and 6-month ADHD. Others propose that stigma only partially accounts for this and that universities need to look at innovative ways to encourage behaviour change [12]. Supervision, Sample Research Paper. Many queer-spectrum and trans-spectrum students continue to navigate stigma, peer aggression, and exclusion well into their college years. Data Availability: Data access restrictions apply for ethical reasons as data contain sensitive participant information. Formal analysis, High lifetime and 12-month prevalence rates for a range of problems were revealed. Writing – original draft, No, Is the Subject Area "Emotions" applicable to this article? Increases in awareness of mental illness may have led to an upsurge in treatment seeking. There’s always a good chance that you may feel overwhelmed by how interesting the topic is when having to find and confirm a paper idea with the professor. In this paper we analyze the connection between mental health and detailed measures of academic success during college. When compared to students under the age of 21, the older age group were nearly twice as likely to have experienced a major depressive episode (OR = 1.954, p < .01). However, less than 20% of those with mental health problems received treatment. THE IMPACT OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS @inproceedings{Sutherland2018THEIO, title={THE IMPACT OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES ON ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS}, author={Patricia Sutherland}, year={2018} } A global survey found that while males made up 43.8% of the student body, they only comprised of 33.9% of clients who presented to college counselling centres [26], suggesting that males tend not to seek help for mental health problems. Writing – review & editing, Roles However, a large proportion of mental health issues remain untreated. In contrast to heterosexual students, those who said they were non-heterosexual were nearly three and a half times more likely to have a MDE, nearly four and a half times more likely to have GAD and five times more likely to have any lifetime disorder. Methodology, Most first-time college students face challenges adjusting to new academic demands and campus life. The average age of onset for most problems was between 14 and 17. Moreover, 18.6% of students said that they would probably not seek help for an emotional problem. According to the latest research on college students and mental health, three out of 10 students have struggled with depression in the last two weeks, and over one in four have expressed issues with anxiety. Conceptualization, A review of the evidence suggests that it is important to have ongoing campaigns to increase awareness among students about the services and support that is available within the university and from other external sources [44]. Females were more likely to develop mood (OR = 1.565, p < .05), anxiety (OR = 1.609, p < .05) or any disorder (OR = 1.425, p < .05), compared to males. Nov. 4, 2019 It is important therefore to establish baseline prevalence rates of disorders and to understand the socio-demographic predictors of mental health and behavioural problems when students first enter universities. Any disorder included any lifetime mental health disorder or suicidality or substance disorder or 6-month ADHD. Funding: This work was financed by a grant awarded to A. J. Bjourson under the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF) EU Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for N. Ireland & the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency (HSC R&D). Restrictions are imposed by Ulster University Research Ethics Committee. This could suggest that many of the participants in the current study may have yet to develop a mood disorder and it is important therefore to address any issues before the onset of problems. To help meet the mental health needs of students, many postsecondary institutions provide free on-campus mental health services in the form of school counseling centers. I will also examine the key philosophies of the counseling profession including, wellness, resilience, and prevention. The main aims of the current study are to provide baseline prevalence rates of mental health problems, ADHD and suicidal behaviour among first year undergraduate students, who have newly registered at Ulster University, NI. A study conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) found out that one in four students in the US suffers from a mental-related health issue. But with increasing numbers of students … Conceptualization, In the modern economy, Overall, 10% of new entry students received treatment for emotional problems in the previous year. A report examining the mental health of students in higher education recommends the use of longitudinal studies to gain greater insight into psychopathology in the student body [9]. Research such as that carried out by the WHO World Mental Health Surveys International College Student Project (WMH-ICS) will gather important information about the wellbeing of the student population. Again, it should be noted that numbers were very low. While no significant gender difference was found for the prevalence of ADHD, age of onset was significantly lower for males. Resources, Co-morbidity of problems was common with just under a fifth experiencing three or more disorders. Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine, Biomedical Sciences Research Institute Ulster University, C-TRIC, Altnagelvin Hospital, Derry/Londonderry, United Kingdom, Roles Supervision, Males were less likely to look for help. Roles However, since many students met the criteria for a disorder it is reasonable to assume that there is unmet need and that they would benefit from treatment. Writing – review & editing, Roles The number of people who met the criteria for any 12-month disorders were high at 47.5%, although rates were lower than lifetime prevalence rates. Saliva/DNA samples (4ml) were collected from each participant using the Oragene-500 (DNA Genotek) self-collection kits according to the manufacturer’s instructions and stored for genetic analysis. Changing individual and family functioning for better mental health is the focus. Annelle Primm of The Steve Fund discusses the need for the higher education community to institute policies and procedures to support the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. While some studies [15,27] reported comparable rates of mental health disorders between the general population and university students, other studies have found significantly higher prevalence rates among students [21,28]. Carecall, the university counselling provider, contacted these students by phone to establish if they required help and provided information on support available. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Formal analysis, Methodology, Ruth M. López and Vincent D. Carales of the University of Houston look at what colleges can learn from Hurricane Harvey to address student mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a recent report found an increase of 50% in the past 5 years [43]. Previous studies suggest that many students have mental health and behavioural problems while at university which can impact on their wellbeing and may result in elevated attrition rates. Project administration, Copyright: © 2017 McLafferty et al. Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. The survey was fully completed by 739 of the participants. If students were deemed to be at risk of suicide, due to their responses to certain questions, such as if they attempted or planned suicide in the previous year, an alert was triggered. This point of entry information may be very beneficial for universities, helping them to provide adequate support for students and addressing problems early, minimising risk and improving grades and retention rates. For example, in 2014, a large-scale study reported that 32.6% of American students said that they were so depressed they found it difficult to function, 54% reported overwhelming anxiety and 8.1% had seriously considered suicide [11]. Students over 21 were significantly more likely to have a mood disorder. Such findings mean that those in need of help are identified early and provided with information on available services. No, Is the Subject Area "Anxiety disorders" applicable to this article? May 9, 2018 No, Is the Subject Area "Suicide" applicable to this article? College student mental health and well-being is a major source of concern for higher education administrators, faculty, and staff. Campus counseling centers often offer free or low-cost services to students. Students know students, says Laura Horne of Active Minds. This may lead to improved retention rates and academic success, as well as maintaining or improving psychological health and wellbeing beyond the university years. July 16, 2018 Indeed, the issue is becoming a growing concern globally [8–10]. Oct. 24, 2018 Paper Masters has professional research paper writers that will teach you how to write a research paper on mental health for any college class. Recent research has revealed a high and increasing prevalence of psychopathology among students in higher education [7]. As much as there is evidence on this matter, many people still insist it is all within the mind. Another limitation of the study is that the response rate is low and hence precludes us from safely generalising to the student population within this university. Scholars, administrators, analysts, and practitioners will address the challenges faced by different populations of students and offer resources and ideas for support. Numerous gender differences in prevalence rates were revealed in the current study. However, no significant gender differences were found for any 12-month disorders or suicidality, which contradicts previous evidence that females in this age group are at higher risk of having a current mental disorder [12]. For example, students were asked how likely they would be to go to the student counselling provider or someone else, such as a doctor or mental health professional if they developed a serious emotional problem in the coming year. Recent developments have highlighted the importance of comprehensive, transparent involuntary withdrawal policies for students who pose a risk of self-harm. All Rights Reserved. Males had significantly higher rates of drug abuse and dependence but numbers were very low (4.8%). Such findings are promising, indicating that more students are getting help, with early interventions and treatment helping to alleviate problems. PLoS ONE 12(12): April 22, 2019 • Mental health- In this study mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological and social well being. College counseling centers report being overwhelmed with requests for services. Even more distressing is the one in 20 college students who had created a suicide plan in the past year. Conducted as part of this initiative, the Ulster University Student Wellbeing Study aims to examine and monitor student health and wellbeing during their time at university. Logistic regression analyses were used to explore relationships between mental health problems and gender, age (21 and over, under 21), sexuality (heterosexual, non-heterosexual), current finances (poor, enough, comfortable, well-to-do) and where the person grew up (large city, suburbs, small city, town or village, rural setting). This may be related to the severity of their symptoms, with some having only mild symptoms that did not require treatment. Project administration, Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Citation: McLafferty M, Lapsley CR, Ennis E, Armour C, Murphy S, Bunting BP, et al. For more information about PLOS Subject Areas, click A key finding from this study, which warrants careful consideration, is the fact that many students with pre-existing problems said that they did not receive treatment and that they would not seek help for an emotional problem. Indeed, mental health problems considerably disrupt learning ability [10], with psychopathology, particularly anxiety and depression, being associated with lower grades [31]. April 2, 2018 Sept. 21, 2020 Data are available from the Ulster University Institutional Data Access / Ethics Committee for researchers who meet the criteria for access to confidential data ( It is a kind of framework which provides structure, guidance and support to schools which can enable schools to build their own mental health … Sign up to subscribe to Higher Education & National Affairs (HENA), ACE’s biweekly newsletter covering events in Washington that impact higher education and ACE’s activities in international education, leadership, research and analysis, and adult learning and attainment. Significantly more females (13.8%) received treatment than males (5.3%). Writing – original draft, Formal analysis, In relation to current financial position, when compared to those who said they were poor, those who were comfortable were significantly less likely to have any lifetime disorder. Mental Health and Post-traditional Learners by Gail Bruce-Sanford and Louis Soares Non-Suicidal Self-Injury on College Campuses by Janis Whitlock, Stephen P. Lewis, Imke Baetens, and Penelope Hasking A task force at Johns Hopkins University that looked at both undergraduate and graduate mental health found earlier this year that the university should promote a “climate of awareness and support” for student mental health, wellness and stress reduction, and improve access to services. 7!! School of Psychology, Ulster University, Magee Campus, Derry/Londonderry, United Kingdom, Roles Some would suggest that it is due to stigma, embarrassment and an unwillingness to express emotions [25,41]. We thank the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine and School of Psychology staff and postgraduate students for assistance with the recruitment during registration week. The completed response rate was 16.95% in relation to the total number of first year students registered. Improved screening for disorders and early diagnosis are also important. Chi-square tests for independence revealed significant gender differences in reported rates. While females generally have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders [26] this only partially accounts for the gender difference found in help seeking. Supporting College Students Through a Public Health Crisis: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey by Ruth M. López and Vincent D. Carales Graduates can write their research paper on these topics to score the best marks in class. A person who is mentally ill can experience quick mood or behavioral changes. Investigation, Many older students often have the added responsibility of caring for family or work commitments, which can lead to added stress. In accordance with previous research, the study found that females, students over 21, those with a lower income and non-heterosexual students had the highest rates of mental health problems [5,8,23]. 2 impact on mental health. At the end of the survey a list of useful resources were provided for participants with links to information, help and support. For others, however, the stress of university life and adapting to a new social environment can trigger psychopathology [5,6]. The Rise of Mental Health on College Campuses: Protecting the Emotional Health of Our Nation’s College Students by Nance Roy 2 Research suggests that depression is associated with lower grade point averages, and that co-occurring depression and anxiety can increase this association. The first onset of suicidal thoughts and behaviours have also been found to be higher among college students in comparison to the general population [3]. The instrument includes screening sections for depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks or panic disorder and other serious emotional problems. Yes While other students partially completed the survey only those who responded to all questions are included in the analyses for the current study (N = 739), of which 462 were female, 274 were male, and three students identified as other (1 transgender male to female, 1 transgender female to male and 1 non-binary). Such mental health issues can even lead students to drop out. Starting university is a key life transition, which can be extremely stressful for some people. Overall, 19.1% of students including the three people who identified themselves as either transgender or non-binary experienced 3 or more disorders. In line with previous studies, males were more likely to report drug abuse or dependence, although no gender variation was found for alcohol dependence contrary to other research in this area [20]. A strong association was found between receipt of treatment and lifetime (χ 2(1, n = 738) = 66.454, p < .001) and 12-month disorders (χ 2(1, n = 737) = 66.142, p < .001). Project administration, Almost a quarter of students experienced a lifetime major depressive episode, over a fifth had GAD and more than a tenth had ADHD or endorsed probable alcohol dependence. For many young adults, this may coincide with their time at university. 2 Depression has also been linked to dropping out of school. “The finding that one-third of students from multiple countries screened positive for at least one of six mental health disorders represents a key global mental health issue,” said Auerbach., Editor: Daimei Sasayama, Shinshu University School of Medicine, JAPAN, Received: April 25, 2017; Accepted: November 12, 2017; Published: December 13, 2017. In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, significantly affecting 13 million people in states throughout the region. The overall rate of any disorders reported in the previous 12-months remained high however at 47.5%, with 15.3% experiencing 3 or more disorders. Yes According to the latest research on college students and mental health, three out of 10 students have struggled with depression in the last two weeks, and over one in four have expressed issues with anxiety. Discover a faster, simpler path to publishing in a high-quality journal. Project administration, strongly correlated with mental health), and we present new insights into the mental health of Engineering students enabled by the use of regression and classification algorithms.
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