He can be reached at: 502-693-4731 or at Your connections can be a resource to your clients. Once you’ve established good customer service procedures, you can then set about value-adding to your service. We talk about providing value, being of value, and adding value. They are useful to your clients, but are low cost on your end. I asked: “What is most effective way we can, at our expense, invest in our relationship with you?” Here is what they told me. We’ll never share your email address. Legal marketers talk a lot about value. How to Add Value to Clients’ Lives. If you know of a good plumber or can get discounts for certain products or services, let your clients know about it. Be present. If you want to get a promotion, get a raise, or even a new project that'll boost your resume, you've got to step up. 8. Think what your customers really value, what benefits will make them happy, what information about your market or product they lack, what is fun for them and use it to provide value. Businesses with an online presence can use a customized sign up form to encourage visitors to sign up to hear more about special offers and promotions. annual marketing and client development edition of Law In a world full of distraction so the precious commodity of being fully engaged and present with the people you come into contact with will instantly create a valued connection. To provide clarity, I captured some of the best ways we see lawyers adding value. Make it free for your clients,as well as offering them the chance to bring along a friend for free, too. Reverse secondments are similar but place the client’s executives at the law firm. The more you woo your clients the better off you will be in the long run. Additionally, law firms can draw on the experience of their lawyers gained through years of working with similar, even competitor, companies. 5 Ways To Add Value To Your Customers. First, Build Up Your Client Profiles In order to compete, independent agents have to provide value, establish trust and communicate with their clients regularly in the method their clients prefer. Building a customer experience also allows you to develop relationships with your customers so you can connect on levels that go past simply getting the sale. You can increase its value by simplifying its method of use. Dewey’s expertise includes client development; Extras are resources, add ons and other bonuses that you can include with your projects. So, here's a list of 24 budget-friendly, creative ways to add value to your personal training clients and customers without breaking the bank. How much did your client pay in the past for similar services? Establish a culture of efficiency with your clients, and work hard to produce value quickly with as few resources as possible. Build a Customer Community. brand and reputation management; and organizational For example, ask or determine the cost to the client of not solving the issue at hand. Offer Flexibility in Course Delivery – To Reduce Cost and Time Commitment for the Client 1. If you know of a good plumber or can get discounts for certain products or services, let your clients know about it. It's a solid concept. In order to apply the correct value to the correct customer at the correct time you need to have a thorough understanding of your customers and a flexible approach to interacting with them. Some firms set up extranets and house war rooms on them to store the documents, giving easy access to the matter records. This can be a great way to move more products and services and add value to your customers. www.groupdewey.com. TRANSPARENCY AND ACCESSIBILITY and was recently named the Guest Expert of the ABA’s In order to have easier conversations with your clients and prospects, you first need to have a tough conversation with yourself. 10. #1 – Recognise that each customer has a ‘lifetime value’ A customer’s lifetime value (CLV) is the total amount of money a customer will spend on your services whilst they remain part of your customer base. Here are five ways to do it. improvement. If you’re looking to build stronger brand loyalty, larger or repeat sales, engaged customers, and a better bottom line, add some value!
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