Indeed, a fireplace design with TV doesn’t seem to be a difficult task anymore. Whether your style modern, rustic, or vintage, these fireplace mantel ideas will light up any space. Modern Fireplace: Browse Ideas and Photos. These ideas are all proof! This stunning design is all about modern, clean lines. Today the brevity in design is more relevant than ever! A clear geometric pattern on the tile is the hottest trend allowing you to integrate the fireplace in the current Indonesian ethnic motives. Mirrored Glass Fireplace Idea. For today we gathered 15 ideas that can help you bring warmth into your crib, the elegant way. A marble fireplace can add elegance and splendour to any room. button button The Spruce. Three small pavilions connected by a deck form a... A London Town House Renovation Beams With Personality. Today there a great variety of tiles of different shades, patterns, and textures on sale. Shop Rustica Pale Rider 60-in W x 6-in H x 10-in D Distressed Barn Grey Mahogany Contemporary Fireplace Mantel in the Fireplace Mantels department at Lowe' Best Modern Fireplace Designs and Ideas for 2020. source: Stone, glass, metal, finished with stone, electric, gas, open, and corner fireplaces – each of them is able to embody your interpretation of the hearth. So, you have managed to evaluate all the benefits of a fireplace as a designing solution. Chances are if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, you probably have a fireplace mantel.Oh, the possibilities! The main part of the gas fireplace system is the burner which is hidden in the cast iron housing behind the heat resistant glass. This fireplace has all the typical Mediterranean features including a smooth surface, a bizarre geometric pattern, and the spectacular design of the hearth. 4. This airy and exquisite stucco decoration helps to integrate this elegant fireplace into any luxurious interior. Not only do these perches create the perfect frame, but they also act as a shelf to display your favorite design items, from holiday decor to family photos to prized art. Keep things elegant with marble For a modern twist on traditional style, look no further than this … If you like sleek, sophisticated, and singular, you'll love these modern fireplace designs that direct attention to flames blazing within. One of the advantages of the corner design is ergonomics and compactness so you can install such a fireplace even in a small living room. Stilinspiration, inredning och design med Pella Hedeby och bloggen STIL Inspiration! As you can see, an Art Deco interior and a fireplace are quite compatible concepts. The living area is voluminous and arranged on two levels, with high ceilings, and a showstopping fireplace in the middle which acts as a partition. The grey tile cladding provides a contemporary twist that is contrasted by the brightly colored surroundings. The homeowners tend to arrange chairs and sofas around to admire the flame and enjoy the welcoming warmth when they have time or desire. Required fields are marked *. A faux fireplace proves you don't need to have a working chimney to get the cozy feeling of a fireplace. You can arrange the wooden planks as you like. A fireplace should be cozy, so you might be inclined to stay away from a modern design for fear it'll look too cold and stark—but that's a serious misconception. Richard Powers The neat brickwork with polished wooden shelf symbolizes the harmony of natural materials and clear lines. Why are so many people in love with gas fireplaces? Having a sleek marble fireplace in a modern room is one of the many marble fireplace design ideas. Consider adding a reclaimed wood mantel to your all-white fireplace. Since the times that fireplaces remain the heart of any home, there are many ways and options for its decoration. A modern space is given a sultry edge with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace in a glossy black marble. Here they are: You can also tile the wall behind the fireplace, frame, shelf, and the very opening to create a harmonious decor and create a beautiful and reliable barrier between the room and the fire. We offer you to have a look at those fashionable fireplace surround ideas 2020. The surround of large concrete-looking tiles admires with its quite laconic and a bit harsh view – just like modern minimalism admirers approve. That’s before the furnace, baseline heaters, and central air. Search Close search Decor. Don’t be afraid of unusual texture solutions. The fireplace can also be included in the wall. You can keep your fireplace looking modern with clean and square shapes. And will be a friendly environment to host some of your beloved guests. A rough piece of stone cracked in two to let flickering tongues of flame be glimpsed. Tiles with pebble pattern are the most fashionable eco-decor 2020. First, they imitate wood burning fireplaces successfully. Function, design & making the most of your home. A fireplace with mantel and without mantel but with shelving. Rectangular fireplaces are also getting more popular. 25+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations for Home, Christmas Trends 2020 – Christmas Colors and Decor Trends, Quick and Healthy Gluten-Free Bread Recipes, No-Bake Christmas Treats and Candy Recipes, 15 Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Eve Drinks, 15 Best Ideas of Family Christmas Activities. The small weight of the structure, the flat shape, and the presence of reliable suspension systems allow you to fix it quickly and securely. These new design ideas can help create a custom fireplace or mantel in your home. Like most contemporary things and spaces, modern fireplaces present an original outlook that fuses crisp … Join me as I share crafts, DIYs, home décor and IKEA hacks, recipes, gardening ideas, and fun printables for you and your kids! A Retreat: Mystical - Calm - Simple - Pure. Modern, sleek, and nearly hidden, linear fireplaces are all the rage and gaining more popularity as people opt for more modern and minimalist interior designs. Looking modern fireplace ideas? Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas (Nowadays, technology has been changing quickly, including a fireplace as one of amenities at home. Grey Tiled Fireplace This gorgeous grey colored fireplace is a modern take on the typical stone-and-chimney design. This exquisite tile relief looks very modern. A modern outdoor fireplace enhances more modern both the look and the functions. And of course, if you do this you will have a modern interior instantly. Welcome to! Whether you have decided to integrate the fireplace into your interior or design an existing one in the most fashionable and up-to-date way we will be glad to present you the most stylish solutions recommended by designers in 2020. . This makes the option of placing your TV above fireplace mandatory. COMMENTdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad2ea2ac3ae1910411288c8ed67233a0" );document.getElementById("a9cbfb0978").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Secondly, they are much easier to install than the classic old-fashioned and wood burning ones. The box fits snugly into the stone feature wall without calling attention to itself. A fireplace in a house tends to be placed in the living room. We offer you some remarkable tile options, which became the designers’ favorites in 2020. December 2019. Placing a flat-screen TV over the fireplace has become perhaps the most popular design trend of 2019/2020. See more ideas about fireplace, contemporary fireplace, house design. It will create a stylish and unique focal point. Inlaid or attached, modern fireplaces can accommodate entertainment systems or punctuate works of art, further allowing them to blend with one’s home and sensibilities, rather than stand apart from them. Tweet. Modern fireplace with TV stand Modern Fireplace Ideas Modern Fireplace Ideas. Your email address will not be published. A faux fireplace proves you don't need to have a working chimney to get the cozy feeling of a fireplace. You can choose from brick, stone, metal, tile and ceramic tile as well as from wood, plaster and other materials available and use each material individually or combine it with another or even a few of them. Email Send Text Message Print Comment. This jaw-dropping feature wall is a contemporary arrangement that flaunts a long, streamlined gas fireplace and a simple white backdrop. The centralized location makes it visually impactful. So, having a fireplace was a necessity. There are two types of fireplace ideas that are commonly used. It sounds like a line from a very dramatic book, but is the perfect way to describe this modern fireplace. Interior Decorating; Design Ideas by Room; ... A Modern Faux Fireplace . At the same time, you kill two birds with one stone saving space of the room and giving the interior a nice fabulous look. Plugs are near the fireplace. Give a classic/modern look with a bespoke shelving unit mounted above a traditional fireplace. From golden luxury to the rustic modern idyll. We are glad to offer you several current options. More. Photo by Michael Woodall If you do not want to delay the purchase and the tiling, follow a few simple tips: Properly selected tiles can create a retro atmosphere or make a modern interior even more up-to-date. Use it as an independent accent or create a balance with the surrounding interior. The clear glass of the chimney... 2. This expressive and laconic stone laying, clean strict lines, and smooth texture create a spectacular and mysterious union with the black framing of the inner fire. It is durable, safe, and also would absorb the heat and keep the surrounding at room … Find your favorite fireplace photos and save them to an ideabook to view your fireplace ideas and inspiration later. 61 Outstanding Fireplace Designs for Your Modern Home A Cluster of Cabins in a Former Quarry Makes a Simple Vacation Escape. You can choose from brick, stone, metal, tile and ceramic tile as well as from wood, plaster and other materials available and use each material individually or combine it with another or even a few of them. The modern fireplace in this neutral living room by Elms Interior Design blends into its surroundings due in large part to the fact that there's no mantel. Update on Tradition. ... 15 Fireplace Design Ideas for Room Warming Style Beautiful Living Rooms With Built-In Shelving 12 DIY Fireplace Mantel Plans 10 Stunning and Inspirational Fireplace … Unless, of course, you want to consult with a technician to change the pluggings and wirings. The coziness created will amaze you. Just observing the collections of materials can make you being inspired. Awesome Table with Fire Source : In a modern room, having a sleek marble fireplace, gives a clean and spacious look to the room, while adding to its grandeur. Someone chooses traditional stucco and brickwork, someone prefers modern glass structures but still, this reverent attitude to the fireplace that designers have shown within last and current years is impossible to ignore. That way you can consider which one is the best that fit with the safety level you want. While some have a more traditional vibe, we're currently enthralled with contemporary fireplace mantels.Here are … Many of them are eco-friendly, durable, safe, and absolutely fine-textured. Moreover, think about providing your fireplace a modern and creative look with excellent fireplace tile ideas. They weren’t burning treated wood. It usually does not focus on how it appeals to the atmosphere but on creating a strong theme of the room. This modern look tile brings the atmosphere the most. Farmhouse IKEA Hacks – 10 Genius Ideas to Beautify your Home! In particular, tile around fireplace ideas include modern designs and a fireplace frame. See photos below for inspiration! As they say, it is better to see once than read a hundred times. Stone is the oldest fireplace surround material that came to us almost unchanged and is still preferred and liked for its fantastic qualities. 50 Modern Fireplace Ideas to Fall in Love With 1. However, remember that it is better to under-salt than to over-pepper. February 10, 2020 Eric Burlingame Leave a Comment. Someone may call the variety of tiles for the fireplace really endless. Your email address will not be published. A fireplace is in some way an element of a past life, part of the memories of distant times when it was this fabulous concentration of fire that attracted both the whole family and guests like a magnet. See more ideas about house design, fireplace design, modern fireplace. Plazmafire 31 - WHD31 Direct Vent Gas Made by NapoleonA modern gas fireplace that hangs on your wall. Steel; This is one of the most popular materials for fireplace mantel. A fireplace adds to the ambience of any room. Contemporary eye-catching fireplace design, Are you having problems coming up with design ideas for your fireplace? These contemporary fireplaces are eco-friendly and simple to use. Concrete. There are many types of tile that would be perfect for your fireplace. Glossy dark tiles give the guest from the past an ultra-modern and luxurious look.
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