Manager, Teacher Leadership and Development 06/2013 to Current Teach for America Detroit, MI - Coach 22 first and second year teachers in Detroit Public Schools to make continuous improvement and raise student achievement. Can build strong relationships and also repair relationships gone sourWeakness:1. Studies have shown that lead teachers confront a number of constraints as they learn to negotiate new roles and relationships. Newspaper articles that highlight student achievements are regularly published in the local paper. . These same conditions were crucial to Appleberry's success as a teacher leader at Dumas. . While some leaders stick to one particular style of leadership, others tailor their styles according to what the situation demands. Originally published in the 9Lenses Organizational Intelligence Blog. The faculty then debated the issue, eventually voting to change to block scheduling in the 1995-1996 school year. While recognizing the centrality of teaching, the reports emphasize the need for teachers to extend their sphere of influence beyond the classroom and into schoolwide leadership activities. Dierks, K., Dillard, S., McElliot, K., Morgan, J., Schultz, B., Tipps, L., & Wallentine, K. (1988). Results have shown that students participating in the VIE program are scoring higher on state assessments and college entrance exams. Appleberry used this time to work through conflicts and improve communication. This, in turn, would improve their chances of obtaining university scholarships and attaining success in their adult work lives. Advocacy for teacher professionalism and expanded leadership roles is based on the understanding that teachers, because they have daily contacts with learners, are in the best position to make critical decisions about curriculum and instruction. I was not that teacher. In general, Dumas teachers report freedom to use innovative instructional strategies and programs in their classrooms and to share these ideas with other teachers. But working with people you find out that it's got to grow. After that you make some adjustments. They are demonstrating a greater respect for each other and for students. It is important that teacher leadership roles be part of an overall vision and set of values that accepts and expects teachers to participate in leadership. . . Finkelstein discusses numerous superstar leaders who are revered as great teachers and suggests that if you follow their example, you can strengthen your … Here’s a roundup of six of our favorite leadership styles along with the strengths, weaknesses of each and examples of leaders who adopted the style. It is a fact we can never deny how we all need other people for us to be the products of our greatest desires. GACE Teacher Leadership assessment Library of Examples Task 6. . With very few resources, but a dedicated staff of teacher-leaders, Social Justice Humanitas Academy (SJHA), shows that deep, rigorous learning can take place in all communities and with all kinds of learners. True visionaries can revolutionize an industry and cater to future markets2. . "Getting people to do things and go that extra mile lies at the heart of good leadership," says Kenny Frederick, former headteacher at George Green's School, Tower Hamlets. Teacher leaders can lead conversations that engage their peers in analyzing and using this information to strengthen instruction. A variety of conditions are necessary to support and sustain teachers in leadership positions. Appleberry periodically collects and analyzes student test data to document the gains that have been made by students in the program and shares this information with staff and the community. Similarly, the leadership considerations of teachers are grounded in their desire to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all students. Delegation of tasks results in better use of time for the leader4. A passionate practitioner of teaching statement can build one of the strongest foundations in the life of an individual. You plant a seed and it's got to grow." Authoritative leaders are known to keep their teams on their toes, while constantly providing direction and instructions.Strengths:1. Servant Leadership emphasizes a leader who has the desire to serve others so that they can then develop themselves, and eventually develop others (PSU WC, 2013, L.11, p. 3). legacy projects and rich resources from the past 50 years. This Library of Examples is a collection of actual written responses submitted by GACE ® Teacher Leadership candidates. For teacher leaders who want to collaborate with other teachers and motivate colleagues and community with ideas, knowledge, and passion. A History of Promoting Leadership and Change Dumas Public Schools has a history of promoting teacher leadership and change. It is my responsibility and duty as superintendent to bring ideas to share." Great for creating successors3. Other automobile companies will likely need to match Musk’s actions to keep pace with Tesla.Strengths:1. As is the school's practice, a committee of teachers was created to study the program and report to the entire faculty. A sample of 138 teachers provided their perceptions on the leadership styles they adopt. . In C. Livingston (Ed.). . McLaughlin, M. W., & Mei-ling Yee, S. (1988). Committees that involve teachers in the investigation of future innovations provide an ongoing structure to encourage and perpetuate leadership among teachers. I told the Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club that we needed their support. Fay, C. (1992). However, the importance of other leadership styles has not diminished in any way. Although a few compromises were made, Appleberry and the administration essentially stood firm in their support of the teachers. . Could come across as self-promoting. Appleberry describes what happened next. Appleberry still has no designated time to meet with her colleagues at the high school during the school day. Professional Development School Partnerships: An Instrument for Teacher Leadership: Qualitative study of professional development school partnership between a state university and a K–5 inner-city school in the southeastern U.S., focusing on professional development opportunities, co-teaching, and collective teacher efficacy, and school culture elements that supported teacher leadership Pressing for Change "Every vision is going to take time. The movement to expand teacher roles is also motivated by an ongoing need to attract and retain qualified teachers. Employees or team members who need more direction can be at a loss2. Examples: Larry Page (CEO & Co-Founder, Google), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook)Key Phrase: “I can do it better”Description: These leaders know that transformation is what is going to make their company succeed within a given industry. Become a student yourself and study the concept of teacher leadership. Taking Initiative From the beginning, Appleberry has been a driving force of implementation. She believed that by taking more advanced courses, students could achieve higher scores on standardized tests. . Someone has got to really believe in that vision," says Appleberry. Shaping and Sharing a Vision "Every plan you want to do has a vision. Knowledge transfer takes place organically2. Increasing Staff Capacity Appleberry views the ongoing support and encouragement of teachers as essential. Leaders delegate responsibility for the accomplishment of work objectives and hand over decision-making power to their employees. and that's why they have to have support in trying it . ", The summer program for students has proven to be a useful vehicle for increasing staff capacity and providing support for the implementation of new instructional strategies. ", Building Community Support From the beginning, Appleberry believed community support was essential to the successful implementation of the program. Terms of Use | This year, when a new teacher came to the school, the other three teachers took her in and helped her understand and buy into the philosophy of the VIE program. . Lead teachers often blamed the administration for failing to support leadership roles and engendering a hostile environment (Hart, 1990; Troen & Boles, 1992). One of the first steps to rooting out policies that discriminate against Black students is … Like many people who are passionate about their career, I find that I work at my best when faced with a fresh and exciting challenge. Sometimes it is just trial and error." (1990). Howey, K. R. (1988). As the movement to restructure schools continues, teachers are increasingly being called upon to provide leadership in schools. . Task 6: Collaborative Teams and Advocacy — Library of Examples He described his philosophy towards decision making at Dumas as "putting critical decisions in the hands of people who are most capable of making those decisions - teachers. As one of her colleagues noted, "...she's in charge because she was willing to be in charge. During the first year of the program, Appleberry was unable to meet with the VIE teachers at the junior high campus and had few chances to communicate personally with them. Can stifle creativity2. Teachers are an excellent example of the leaders in Servant Leadership. These results have encouraged Appleberry. She has also tried to facilitate communication among the staff. Dumas is a small school district, with two elementary schools, a junior high and a high school. For the past four years, the Leadership for Change project at Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) has been conducting case studies of leaders and their efforts to implement school improvement. Appleberry remarked, "I've really seen [teachers] take on the feeling that it belongs to them now. Then it's easier to work the new strategies into the regular school year.". At the same time, however, researchers point to the need for lead teachers to participate in the definition and creation of their new roles. Successors are organically createdWeakness:1. But we are still in the process of developing a clear understanding of what teacher leadership looks like, how teachers develop into leaders, and the effects of teacher leadership. Although the structure will vary according to the school and community context, it must bring legitimacy to the new role and facilitate the understanding that knowledgeable and well-respected teachers can provide leadership. In the process of doing that, teachers have to ask themselves some serious questions, like why are we doing this?". Professional growth was more often the result of collaboration with peers than activities separated from the normal school routine. Teacher leaders were repeatedly confronted by the "egalitarian nature of teaching" and had to work hard to gain acceptance and respect (Hart, 1990; Lieberman, et al., 1988; Wasley, 1989). Although the junior high teachers had a common planning period, they rarely met as a group. As one of her colleagues pointed out, "The negatives are out there. Since taking charge, Appleberry has expended extraordinary amounts of time and energy to garner resources and support for the program. Privacy Policy. They knew support for teachers was essential for them to continue the new teaching practices. When new roles are unrelated to a broad vision of teacher participation, leadership positions do not receive the systemic support necessary for success and change. This allows students to meet requirements in more than one course when completing major assignments or problem-solving projects. Appleberry says of herself, "When things go wrong and you encounter negatives, . You have to analyze what went wrong, what you can improve. They need time to talk to other teachers, develop materials, deal with conflicts and build collegial relationships. Are seen as more approachable and friendlier than other leaders3. The Center for Teaching Quality, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the National Education Association came together to create the Teacher Leadership Institute. Allowing teacher expertise to be acknowledged and become a component of the resources offered to all is an emerging skill for building leaders and for building leadership capacity at … The people referred by the latter can be our parents, friends, best buddies, mentors, strangers, and teachers, most especially. . Researchers are only beginning to understand the complexities involved in creating and implementing leadership positions for teachers. The Dumas community regards a quality school system as essential to economic and industrial development. They need help from a group of teacher leaders with different professional knowledge required in school to improve policies. Appleberry has found that a number of adjustments have been needed over the years to accommodate students' needs. "I wish it could happen overnight. . Can put people off with the amount of risk involved, as they sometimes challenge market leaders2. Teachers have been encouraged to share their class requirements across content areas. Intellectual and professional growth and decreased isolation are personal gains teachers reported in their new leadership roles. This expectation was furthered nurtured by former high school principal David Rainey. Today, leadership roles have begun to emerge and promise real opportunities for teachers to impact educational change-without necessarily leaving the classroom. Bosses, shepherds, captains, and chefs – all of them are leaders in particular spheres. Psychologists and management gurus have identified many leadership styles; some of which have evolved and some that have stayed the test of time. . This archived website contains the work of SEDL Much of this has paid off. Arkansas Department of Education 1,360 views. Teacher leadership is a set of skills demonstrated by teachers who are able to influence students outside of the classroom and beyond. Porter, A. 6 Highly Effective Tips for Writing and Submitting an Educational Leadership Resume to … Some teachers know they want to move into leadership roles. . They can try new methods in the summer program when students and teachers are more relaxed. A teacher is considered a… In addition, informal meetings and conversations in the teachers' work area or lunch room provide some opportunities for problem solving and planning. Studies suggest that problems often result when teacher leadership roles are not well defined (Hart, 1990; Hatfield, et al., 1987; Wasley, 1989). According to Lieberman (1992), vision, structure, time and skills are all essential to the success of new teacher roles and responsibilities. Role Definitions. You have to work on getting different personalities to work together as a team.". ", American Institutes for Research (AIR) The district continuously strives to improve in response to the identified needs of their students. For more information, see our Cookie Policy. 8. A great leader can also be a great teacher by understanding the difference between management and leadership. Teachers are now serving as research colleagues, working as advisor-mentors to new teachers, and facilitating professional development activities as master teachers. One teacher noted, "Because of her we have things that we have never had before. .That's what I see the teachers doing - Getting excited about teaching again. Great during crisis situations and at inflection points2. Examples of Teacher Leadership National Network of State Teachers of the Year. We and third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") to provide and secure our Services, to understand and improve their performance, and to serve relevant ads (including job ads) on and off LinkedIn. (1988). In response to criticism about students being overloaded, she has encouraged teachers to be more sensitive to the total demands placed on students by all teachers . Staff can get easily burnout by trying to keep pace, Examples: Warren Buffet (Business Magnate and Investor), Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)Key Phrase: “I’ll give you the tools and autonomy to execute”Description: Think “hands-off” when you talk about laissez-faire style of leadership. You need to encourage teachers, give them support, let them know if they try the first time and aren't successful, don't give up. Teacher leaders report that time constraints significantly limit their ability to succeed in the dual roles of both teacher and leader (Dierks, et al., 1988; Fay, 1992; Lieberman, et al., 1988; Porter, 1987; Wasley, 1989). They are taking more challenging courses. Teachers report that their knowledge and skills in teaching increased dramatically as a result of their involvement in leadership positions (Porter, 1987; Lieberman et al., 1988; Troen & Boles, 1992). Can be outdone by other transformational leaders2. Offering some initial insight into your leadership abilities is crucial when writing a compelling resume, which should list prior leadership experience.. . Can spot what is not working more easily than any other leaders3. Mike Ratcliff, the current principal of the high school, has continued this pattern of decision making and focus on improvement as exemplified in a recent decision to initiate a block schedule. Our teachers felt more confident in trying it when they were not pressured and the students were more receptive. Can cater to niche marketsWeakness:1. Lieberman, A. Productivity can suffer if the leader fails to imbue a strong sense of accountability among his/her staff3. These have shown that while lead teachers typically find their new roles and responsibilities enormously rewarding, they also encounter a variety of constraints and tensions. Vision It is important that teacher leadership roles be part of an overall vision and set of values that accepts and expects teachers to participate in leadership. They are winning academic contests and scholarships. Can inspire people to act and move towards goals2. Teacher Leadership: Tom Northfell - Duration: 2:47. A teacher has to feel support from the community in order to [implement] change. This insightful book, from leadership coach and school improvement consultant Jill Harrison Berg, offers real-world examples, reflection questions, strategies, and downloadable tools and templates to help teacher leaders and principals learn to lead well together. Leadership skills can help you in all aspects of your career, from applying for jobs to seeking career advancement. In his report, “Teacher Leadership and Deeper Learning for All Students,” Berry profiles a public high school in Los Angeles serving a high-needs population. . The high levels of poverty in the district and the students' limited opportunities to attend universities initially spurred Appleberry's interest in the VIE program. . They Empower Teachers and Cultivate Leadership Skills Great school leaders know that they are not running a one-man show; that they cannot do it all alone. Teachers typically define career satisfaction in terms of their ability to be of service to others and make a difference in the lives of their students (McLaughlin & Lee, 1988). SEDL merged with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) in 2015. Volatile markets, an ever increasing demand for better products and a changing workforce mean leaders now need to more agile and versatile to assume various leadership styles as needed. At Dumas, committees of teachers are regularly formed and provide a structure to elect leaders and investigate options for school improvement. Teachers also act as members of school-based leadership teams, instructional support teams and leaders of change efforts (Livingston, 1992). Finds a better way of doing something2. Time. (1992). I mean you're talking about time to teach school and still work on this." Lead teachers found that school norms of privacy and isolation made it difficult to foster collegiality and promote the sharing of ideas. Teachers have long served as team leaders, department chairs, association leaders and curriculum developers. Another colleague remarked, "I feel like she is the one who has really pushed this, And we're behind her, we're there, but you've got to have that leader." Teacher Leadership. With additional responsibilities and little extra time, teachers are often forced to make sacrifices that compromise their ability to be effective in both roles. Intellectual and professional growth. At Dumas, Appleberry utilized the following set of leadership skills in her role as teacher leader: Encouraging teachers to assume leadership roles appears to be working at Dumas. The selection of lead teachers by the administration, which violated the "equal status" of teachers, often exacerbated the problems and bred resentment and hostility toward teachers in leadership positions (Devaney, 1987; Hart, 1990; Wasley, 1989). Superintendent McHan believes that it is his job to support ideas that are economically feasible and freely cites examples of teacher initiated projects that have benefited students. Example Teaching Leadership Personal Statement. A lack of support and encouragement from school administrators and teaching colleagues often poses the biggest obstacles for teacher leaders. Those skills included: The authors concluded that restructuring school communities to incorporate leadership positions for teachers will require teacher leaders to take certain actions. Can get work doneWeaknesses:1. Select Accept cookies to consent to this use or Manage preferences to make your cookie choices. They are working across the curriculum and coordinating their efforts. When new roles are unrelated to a broad vision of teacher participation, leadership positions do not receive the systemic support necessary for … Might discourage independent work among staff, while dependencies on the leader can increase3. In fact, all those who pursue careers in educational environments—including but not limited to teachers, central office leaders, nonprofit leaders, foundation leaders, and principals—can approach their positions as leaders in education. And I think that's pretty ingrained in us as teachers that we should be out there leading." I know that we're going to make mistakes. Whose culture is it anyway? Improvement efforts have been underway to revise the school curriculum, to implement the Ventures in Education program, and, most recently, to reorganize the school day into a block schedule. In my first five years in the classroom I always felt like I had no idea what I was doing, but around me were experienced teachers and instructional coaches who nudged me into leadership roles. An elementary reading program, a mathematics curriculum alignment and revision project, and the Ventures in Education program have all been led by teachers in the district. . May curb the creation of future leaders within an organization3. Referring to one of the new teaching methodologies implemented as part of the VIE program, Appleberry says, "This is difficult for teachers, . .that it's not just someone telling them, you've got to do this. . . Taking a Stand Against Discriminatory School Policies. Effective leadership in the classroom, according to Theo Wubbels (), one of the world's most respected experts in the area of teacher training and teacher-student relationships, "depends on healthy and productive interpersonal relationships between teachers and students.In such relationships, students feel close to their teacher and they trust and value him or her. We have always been on that leading edge of things because of the attitude of the administration that we should be leaders. There is a clear expectation in Dumas that teachers will participate in leadership roles. Structure Teachers need structure for their work. . In order to be effective with their colleagues, lead teachers found it necessary to learn a variety of leadership skills while on the job. Teachers are also encouraged to bring ideas back from conferences or meetings and report their recommendations for change both at faculty meetings and individually to the superintendent. They do however provide general direction and the tools for goal achievement. I'm the type of person that when I have an idea, I want it to happen and happen right now. Decreased isolation. The example of how Elon Musk opened up Tesla’s patents and set standards for the future automobile industry to follow is a perfect example of a Pace Setter. Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy. School culture. New skills and knowledge also lead to increased confidence among lead teachers and a stronger commitment to teaching. I can, however, lead by being an example of what teaching ought to be. Confronting Obstacles While leadership roles can provide important benefits they have also proven to be highly problematic. . I leveled with them. By using this site, you agree to this use. the district examines student data and then pursues solutions to identified problems. Will be “two steps” ahead of their competitors3. They continue to meet after school hours when important issues arise. Growth occurred as lead teachers observed and assisted other teachers, worked with administrators, and were exposed to new concepts and ideas. The VIE program is designed to encourage students to take four years each of mathematics, science, English, and social studies, two years of a foreign language, and other challenging elective courses. This website uses cookies to improve service and provide tailored ads. Hart, A. One of many soft skills that employers value, leadership often incorporates several different personality traits and communication abilities that … She has since become influential as a teacher and leader in the implementation of the program in Dumas. In these roles teachers have often served as "representatives" rather than "leaders" who enact change (Livingston, 1992). ", Building Staff Support Early in the implementation process, Appleberry experienced resentment and hostility similar to that noted in the literature. . Situations arise from time to time that call for people in formal leadership positions to rely on management skills—to be a manager when people don’t want to work with you or don’t want to learn. Several recent studies have attempted to document the lives of teachers as they confront the challenges of leadership. . Her vision was that students would increase their academic performance and self confidence. She notes, "[during the school year] teachers feel the pressure of everything they need to cover, so they are hesitant to try new things. Skills There are skills and abilities, which can be labeled and learned, that make leadership more effective. While there is a growing body of knowledge about teacher leadership (see the exemplars on the Teacher Leader Model Standards for a sample), relatively little is generated by teachers, for teachers. And how does she keep going in spite of obstacles? The competencies are meant to be a resource for identification, reflection, guidance, and inspiration for participants in the Teacher Leadership Initiative at every stage of their leadership journey. Manager, Teacher Leadership Development Teach For America – Chicago, IL. At Dumas Public Schools, administrators at all levels encouraged, even expected, teachers to provide leadership. Enables employees to have creative freedom and approach their task autonomy2. When responsibilities involved with leadership are not well delineated confusion results and tensions mount, not only for lead teachers but also for those who work with them (i.e., administrators, classroom teachers).
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