(v.) Covenants to bear and pay rates and taxes have been discussed above. It is probable that when, after Plato's death and the accession of Speusippus in 347, Aristotle with Xenocrates left Athens to visit his former pupil Hermias, the three discussed this moderate system of Ethics in which the two philosophers nearly agreed. There is more than one meaning of Baku discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The metre is discussed first, each verse is scanned, and each word thoroughly and instructively examined. xii.) The problem as to their origin has been keenly discussed. We may illustrate the first method by taking a case discussed by Helmholtz (Sensations of Tone, app. Allotropic Modifications.-Sulphur assumes crystalline, amorphous and (possibly) colloidal forms. The first sentence asks about the favorite color of the person, which can be any color on the palette. xvi.) AD 'The conviction is wrongful': Attorney discusses Nashville man's life sentence case Joseph Webster was sentenced to life in prison after a murder conviction in the1998 slaying of … There is more than one meaning of Galba discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Simbirsk discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The author discusses valueless measures in pointless spaces. For ten years the domain of Franciscan origins was explored and discussed by a number of scholars; and then the whole ground was reviewed by Professor W. And Professor Windisch has discussed the legends of the temptation in his Mara and Buddha, and those relating to the Buddha's birth in his Buddha's Geburt. The two governments frequently discussed the situation, but although they had agreed to a selfdenying ordinance whereby each bound itself not to occupy any part of Albanian territory, Austrias declarations and promises were hardly borne out by the activity of her agents in the Balkans. The disciplinary question of clerical marriage is not of the same primary importance as the doctrinal questions involved in the restoration of the cup to the laity, or discussed in the subsequent article on the mass. The whole question of the various tales relating to the foundation of Syracuse is discussed by E. They are repelled by the dryness of much of the matter, the unsuitableness of many of the topics discussed for poetic treatment, the arbitrary assumption of premises, the entire failure to establish the connexion between the concrete phenomena which the author professes to explain and these assumptions, and the erroneousness of many of the doctrines which are stated with dogmatic confidence. Court Discusses Sentences for Washington Cases Involving Deadly Weapons. There is more than one meaning of Francis Palgrave discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The etymology of the word has been much discussed. Of foremost importance are the reactions termed the malonic acid and the aceto-acetic ester syntheses; these are discussed under their own headings. There is more than one meaning of Edmonton discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Ptolemy discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. This general case has been discussed at length because a careful study of it will much facilitate the comprehension of the similar but more complicated cases that occur in the examination of alloys. Your friend is correct. There is more than one meaning of Prussia discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. He talked to them and discussed something trivial. There is more than one meaning of Paris discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. Discuss definition, to consider or examine by argument, comment, etc. This significance remains to be discussed; the cognate question of how far the development of the Eucharist was influenced by the pagan mysteries is discussed in the article Sacrament. All the time, his mind full of public questions, he discussed eagerly with the many men of distinction who came to his father's house. There is more than one meaning of Guibert discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. In May the Roman stion was discussed in parliament. The basic rule for using a in a sentence is. More than a week passed before the subject of Brandon Westlake was discussed in any detail. There is more than one meaning of Bassein discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples There is more than one meaning of John Armstrong discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Christopher Wordsworth discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Indies discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. Having discussed the possibility and necessity of miracles for the divine revelation, we must now consider i,whether there is sufficient historical evidence for their occurrence. This value, although considerably in excess of that previously found by different methods, was held by Airy, from the care and completeness with which the observations were carried out and discussed, to be "entitled to compete with the others on, at least, equal terms.". Examples of discuss in a Sentence She discussed the plan with several colleagues. The different kinds of praefects are fully discussed in Mommsen, Romisches Staatsrecht (1887) vols. The connexion in Roman law between the ideas of equity, nature, natural law and the law common to all nations, and the influence of the Stoical philosophy on their development, are fully discussed in the third chapter of the work we have referred to. She hadn't discussed anything with him willingly so far. Such archaeological evidence as can be connected with the linguistic data will there be discussed. You have thought much about what we discussed yesterday? 10 synonyms of discuss from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 17 related words, definitions, and antonyms. The narrower term "orchestration" is applied to the instrumentation of orchestral music. An account of the Bible as a whole involves so many aspects of interest, that, apart from the separate articles on its component books, the general questions of importance arising out of its present shape require to be discussed in separate, sections of this article. Florida Court Discusses Downward Departure Sentences Published on: July 7, 2020 | by Hanlon Law, PA In some cases in which a person is charged with a sex crime, the person can avoid a conviction or obtain a lesser sentence if the evidence demonstrates that the alleged victim willingly participated in sexual activity with the defendant. Finally, under the heads of administration, mine valuation, mining education, accidents, hygiene and mining law, will be discussed matters having important bearing on mining operations. The question of the real existence of incubi and succubi, whom the Romans identified with the fauns, was gravely discussed by the fathers of the church; and in 1484 Innocent III. Band 3 [7–13 marks] Some more detailed references to the sentences used by courts in relation to adults but with a largely factual basis and/or some evaluation. 3. They held a meeting to discuss the future of the company. There is more than one meaning of Bokhara discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. 2 However this may be, the independent Halakoth (where the oral decisions are interpreted or discussed on the basis of the Old Testament) were gradually collected and arranged according to their subject in the Mishnah and Tosephta (Talmud, § 1), while in the halakic Midrashim (where the decisions are given in connection with the biblical passage from which they were derived) they follow the sequence of the text of the Old Testament. An important effect of these books was the grecizing of Roman religion by the introduction of foreign deities and rites (worshipped and practised in the Troad) and the amalgamation of national Italian deities with the corresponding Greek ones (fully discussed in J. There is more than one meaning of Kostroma discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Palestine discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. Discusses in a sentence. There is more than one meaning of Reformed Church discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The propositions which had been extracted from the De Ecclesia were again brought up, and the relations between Wycliffe and Huss were discussed, the object of the prosecution being to fasten upon the latter the charge of having entirely adopted the doctrinal system of the former, including especially a denial of the doctrine of transubstantiation. The general character of curves of magnetization and of induction will be discussed later. The question of universals, though fully discussed, no longer forms the centre of speculation. For example, A dog. These observations.were worked up and discussed by Gill with great elaboration in the Annals of the Cape Observatory, vols. There is more than one meaning of Oviedo discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. His mathematical researches were also concerned with the theory of equations, but the question as to his priority on several points has been keenly discussed. The financial bills are discussed, as fully as the pressure of work permits, in committee of the whole House. There is more than one meaning of Buenos Aires discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. Moreover, in the fascinating collection of popular satires and ephemeral pamphlets made by Schade, one is constantly impressed with the absence of religious fervour, and the highly secular nature of the matters discussed. The form of the torque curve, or crank effort curve, as it is sometimes called, is discussed in the article Steam Engine, and the torque curve corresponding to actual indicator diagrams taken from an express passenger engine travelling at a speed of 65 m. Under the heading of Abiogenesis is discussed the series of steps by which the modern acceptance of biogenesis and rejection of abiogenesis has been brought about. "Are there bad matters to be discussed?" According to Heron and Geminus they were discussed under the name spire by Perseus (c. 200-100 B.C. There is more than one meaning of Corrientes discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. See more. The sentence is the basic building block for the paragraph, and paragraphs combine to tell a story. Learn how to use discusses in a sentence – Example sentences: This paper discusses 21 studies of abstinence education. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. His strategy for winning the election included focusing on creating jobs. Moreover, it should be noted that Campeggio's diplomacy was really the beginning of an effective betterment of the old Church, such as had been discussed for two or three centuries. The council held eight meetings, at which many matters of intercolonial interest were discussed. He discussed their properties and constructed tables for their evaluation. Hales (1727I 733) discussed the rotting of wounds, cankers, &c., but much had to be done with the microscope before any real progress was possible, and it is easily intelligible that until the theory of nutrition of the higher plants had been founded by the work of Ingenhouss, Priestley and De Saussure, the way was not even prepared for accurate knowledge of cryptogamic parasites and the diseases they induce. But the point need not be discussed further here, since both percentage and absolute indices of unsteadiness have risen of late years. ' There is more than one meaning of Athens discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The claims of Byrgius are discussed in Kastner's Geschichte der Mathematik, ii. These transformations are fully discussed in the article Sugar. 200 in documents taken in their chronological order; differences of early and later usage are then discussed; lastly, the meaning of the original rite is examined. Other than the brief conversation about seeing him with Allen, they had not discussed him. But in 865 Louis and Charles meeting near Toul, renewed the peace of Coblenz, and doubtless discussed the possibility of dividing Lothair's kingdom. There is more than one meaning of Newcastle discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. he asked, an edge to his voice. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The difficult question of its legality is discussed in the article Vestments. He dabbed a bloody cuticle as we discussed how to handle the call. 2. and the French king Robert the Pious discussed the subject of universal peace under church auspices at Monzon in 1023. There is more than one meaning of Samarkand discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. His comment earned a look from Martha suggesting the subject had been discussed in the confines of their bedroom. There is more than one meaning of Eumenes discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. The momentous question was discussed at a meeting of the opponents of the Vatican decrees, and it was resolved to elect a bishop and ask the Dutch bishops to consecrate him. 18, 19 have attracted the attention of biblical scholars, ever since Papias, in his fourth book, of which a fragment has been preserved, discussed the subject. Pennsylvania Court Discusses Vacating Convictions and Sentences Post-Birchfield by Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. The Piedmontese troops distinguished themselves in the field, gaining the sympathies of the French and English; and at the subsequent congress of Paris (1856), where Cavour himself was Sardinian representative, the Italian question was discussed, and the intolerable oppression of the Italian peoples by Austria and the despots ventilated. 1 The instructive case of the solidification of a solution of common salt in water is discussed in the article Fusion. - Many schemes were discussed between McClellan and President Lincoln before the Army of the Potomac finally took the offensive in Virginia. The principle underlying the action of gratings is identical with that discussed in § 2, and exemplified in J. The many theories that have been put forward as to the interpretation of the cormus and the various parts are set forth and discussed in the treatise of Y. P. P. Boileau (1811-1891) discussed their results and added experiments of his own (Traite de la mesure des eaux courantes, Paris, 1854). I discussed my proposal with Molly who with wisdom beyond her years, agreed. Historically the most important are the rhombic (Sa) and monoclinic (So) forms, discussed by E. The transformations of these two forms are discussed in Chemistry: Physical. " They discussed menus and decorating details for a while. There is more than one meaning of Aude discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. 10 Published and discussed by Hilprecht, " Mathematical, Metrological and Chronological Texts " (Bab. years, i.e.to the ist of March 49 B.C., and it was enacted that the question of his successor should not be discussed until the 1st of March 50 B.C., by which time the provincial commands for 49 B.C. The theoretical aspect is discussed in Leon Guillet's Etude theorique des alliages metalliques (2904). He drove the surrey to the old farmstead and they discussed how the house and outbuildings could be restored to make a dude ranch. The last thing they discussed was her wedding dress, and Mums was still talking to her about it when they emerged from the room. 33. Gold dredging is treated by Captain C. C. Longridge in Gold Dredging, and hydraulic mining is discussed by the same author in his Hydraulic Mining. Fabricius (1878) and C. Muller in Geographici Graeci minores, i., where the subject is fully discussed; see also G. There is more than one meaning of Priscus discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Marlborough discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. In north German politics he interfered vigorously to protect his brotherin-law the Margrave Louis of Brandenburg against the lords of Mecklenburg and the dukes of Pomerania, with such success that the emperor, Charles IV., at the conference of Bautzen, was reconciled to the Brandenburger and allowed Valdemar an annual charge of 16,000 silver marks on the city of Lubeck (1349) Some years later Valdemar seriously thought of reviving the ancient claims of Denmark upon England, and entered into negotiations with the French king, John, who in his distress looked to this descendant of the ancient Vikings for help. Find another word for discuss. Tractive Force of a Magnet.-Closely connected with the results just discussed is the question what is the greatest tractive force that can be exerted by a magnet. The relationship of the Hymenoptera to other orders of insects is discussed in the article Hexapoda, but it may be mentioned here that in structure the highest members of the order are remarkably specialized, and that in the perfection of their instincts they stand at the head of all insects and indeed of all invertebrate animals. There is more than one meaning of Londonderry discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. There is more than one meaning of Sterling discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. Platinum had been described by Antonio de Ulloa in 1748, and subsequently discussed by H. Dumas went no further that thus epitomizing his observations; and the next development was made in 1836 by Auguste Laurent, who, having amplified and discussed the applicability of Dumas' views, promulgated his Nucleus Theory, which assumed the existence of " original nuclei or radicals " (radicaux or noyaux fondamentaux) composed of carbon and hydrogen, and " derived nuclei " (radicaux or noyaux derives) formed from the original nuclei by the substitution of hydrogen or the addition of other elements, and having properties closely related to the primary nuclei. 3. The most striking addition which is here made to previous researches consists in the treatment of a planet supposed entirely fluid; the general equation for the form of a stratum is given for the first time and discussed. The general theories of Siphonophoran morphology are discussed below, but in enumerating the various types of appendages it is convenient to discuss their morphological interpretation, at the same time.
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