Shared Decks Folders Create List Create Deck Loading... Close. Open to suggestions for improvements and/or cuts. Therefore, the challenge is to fight this deck in a 1v1 EDH and win. A deck that generate tokens, life & +1 +1 counters The three cards on the maybe board are proxies I've been using recently with my playgroup Savanah and Mana crypt replace a Basic Plains and Gaea's cradle replaces growing rites of itlimoc TCGPlayer 652.34 - 539.95 . Started designing it for kitchen table magic but started taking it to the LGS so I could use suggestions to make it more competitive. That was over a month ago. It is insanely fast at creating a huge army of angels, gaining life, meanwhile disabling your opponent through a large number of removal spells and wrath effects. Being a land, this comes at a relatively low opportunity cost to deck building. Card Kingdom 668.52 - 705.48 . Then started attacking me for bringing a competitive list to their table so we left. Posted by 4 hours ago. Maybe throw in a few angels in the mix. Deck. Upvote 0. Angel tribal commander deck I through together with owned cards and am slowly upgrading. Making this your "go-to" deck for EDH … Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Playtest v1. Close. Competitive EDH doesn’t have much going on with graveyards, but a Casual 4-5 player game sure will. 263 decks were analyzed in this batch (6 more than previous month) A "change" column to the card ranks table has been added showing the rank change (compared to the previous month) for each card. This deck provides a huge number of synergies. 7 generic mana for a flying 4/4 with "You can't lose … 2. The deck doesn't even have a way to provide its creatures with evasion or keywords. Add in the ability to be thrown in any deck, and I believe this card will be an excellent tool to combat powerful graveyard strategies. EDH deck with angel as commander. Playing this is a once-per-night sort of deck, usually when aggressive new multiplayer opponents join us with infinite combo decks or highly competitive Type 2 decks that would otherwise decimate our casual playgroup. save. This deck is a ton of fun. (35 cards, 35 distinct) - Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Gisela, the Broken Blade, Angel of Jubilation, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Maelstrom Archangel, Baneslayer Angel, Angelic Field Marshal disturbed68's Angel EDH Deck - … Edit. In essence, this isn't simply a bad EDH deck, it is THE bad EDH deck beyond grouphug joke decks. share. angel edh Commander / EDH* gavinjoaquinolivas. Looking to build a soldier based deck with an angel commander that descends to help out in battle. I haven't played EDH or magic since. Some of the guys I play with have semi competitive EDH decks, could I make a tribal angel deck that can match the power level? Angels are my favourite creature type in magic and I have about 1000$ Canadian to spend on an EDH and i was thinking of running tribal angels. A Quick Tour of My Personal Commander Decks | EDH | Collection | Magic the Gathering | Commander - Duration: 27:52. The Commander's Quarters 136,236 views 27:52 This is a 100 card, elite EDH Angel deck. 3.0 now with 100% more land tax, green splash, and new commander! Any suggestions are welcome. Edit Live Edit. This might sound ridiculously easy, but you would be surprised. 16 comments. CardHoarder 85.72 TIX. EDH deck with angel as commander. An EDH deck with Platinum Angel as the win con QUESTION [[Platinum Angel]] is an iconic card for janky decks. You can check the deck history (by clicking on "More" -> "View History") to get a complete list of cards that has been added and removed. After the game the three proxy players playing competitive decks started telling me they couldn't believe anyone would pay so much for magic cards. Auto-suggestions. Deck.
2020 competitive angel edh deck