So if you see the characteri… Explore this online platform for Chicago-area residents to share their favorite stories about trees. It is the only eastern ash with square twigs. Quadrangulata means 4-angled. Elaeocarpus reticulatus, the blueberry ash, is an endemic tree native to Australia, occurring all along the east coast from Fraser Island, Queensland to Flinders Island, Tasmania. The following menu has 3 levels. Currently, ash trees cannot be sold in Illinois. The northernmost native of all the ash trees, black ash is also one of the hardiest in this … However, individual ash trees have different genders and only female trees produce fruits. The Mexican ash (F. uhdei), a broad-crowned tree that is widely… Image Description: bark from fraxinus quadrangulata. Alt Text: … For undergraduate student information regarding the Sustainable Agriculture program, contact Dr. Krista Jacobsen at (859) 257-3921, or They are square in cross-section - another distinguishing feature of blue ash. Twenty minutes north of Cincinnati, Blue Ash has the best of both worlds – the feel of a close-knit community with big city access. Only time will tell if we are right. We strongly recommend taking better care of blue ash trees. 974 James St. Springfield, OH 45503 (937) 605-2220. Genes in green ash trees that may confer some resistance to attacks by the emerald ash borer express themselves only once the tree detects the … The Kentucky champion tree is in Boyle County and is over 85 feet tall. Natural Areas Conservation Training Program, Black walnut toxicity (plants tolerant of), Preventing construction damage to trees and shrubs, Trees and shrubs for the four seasons landscape, Sudden Oak Death, Ramorum Blight and Phytophthora ramorum, Eastern United States Wetlands Collection. Scientific Name: Fraxinus americana. The blue ash ( Fraxinus quadrangulata) is a medium to large-sized tree that is usually 40 to 60 feet tall, but can attain a height of 150 feet with a trunk diameter of 3 feet. Blue ash, a Midwest native, is often found growing in limestone outcrops. Not ornamentally important.Flowers appear in spring. Currently, ash trees cannot be sold in Illinois. The research shows some ash trees have varying degrees of resistance to the strangely beautiful, invasive beetle from Asia. This valuable and useful information that can help you to learn more about the ash and help you identify the ash tree.. The city of Blue Ash, Ohio, an inner suburb of Cincinnati, drew its name from the blue ash trees in the area, the logs of which were used to build many … Green Ash and Black Ash trees are preferentially attacked by the insects, followed by White Ash and Blue Ash. Use enter to activate. This hardy shade tree has been a popular choice due to its fast growth, nice shade, and ability to adapt to a range of soil conditions. The blue ash is medium sized tree that can be identified by its squarish twigs, which is the origin of the botanical name, Fraxinus quadrangulata, or four cornered ash. It is also common along the Kentucky River palisades and other regions with a limestone soil base. Also, the amount of fruit produced from year to year varies. Blue ash does not present the problem of weediness exhibited by green ash. The university does not review, control or take responsibility for the contents of those sites. Whom should I call? Blue ash, a Midwest native, is often found growing in limestone outcrops. WARNING: Some websites to which these materials provide links for the convenience of users are not managed by the University of Kentucky. Send mail to with questions about this site. You can also examine the tree’s bark. In Ohio it mostly is limited to the western half of the state. Ash trees tend to prefer the cooler, moister climates of the eastern regions, but some species grow in the Midwest and West. Ash Trees are native to the North American forest and have long been used to make furniture and flooring.
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