Ayahuasca's psychedelic effects have been confirmed to come from its efficacy at the 5-HT 2A receptor as a partial agonist. I used 112g B. Caapi, of white and yellow vine color varities, 50g chacruna leaf, 5g syrian rue seed, and 13g of Acacia Confusa bark, powdered. I just got done reading my last post on here which was a month ago and after a month I am answering my own questions.I changed my bark from mimosa to acacia.Acacia got me hooked.I don’t mind the defat stage.the nmt is also wonderful.and I don’t know about the rest of you but the effects of mimosa is very different than acacia. You dont need a recipe dude its just a DMT containing plant with another MAOI containing plant. Recipes given those ingredients? Caapi (Crock potted for 24 hours in 3 washes; reduced) 17:35 - finished drinking b.c. Experiences? Very potent and freshly made from Peruvian 30 grams of vine became 1 gram of this Beautiful and Potent Resin Extract This paste This area contains all the primary ayahuasca herbs and admixtures, loose, which can be mixed and matched to your personal requirements. I'm trying to find some credible information about this, as I would like to know if it's worth anything in this manner of use. Has anyone here experienced any differentiation, either in strength of … Specifically regarding the combination of that with either Syrian Rue or B. Caapi. of B. Caapi bark in 1 C of water for 3 minutes, removed from heat, and steeped for 10 minutes. ratpoison #1. 13g of finely ground A. confusa root bark and 6g of Syrian rue seed are combined and are simmered in a litre and a half of water with a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar for half an hour, the mixture filtered with cotton cloth, and then the process repeated twice more. All ingredients have been enhanced 10x. I bought about an ounce of that and for DMT I also got an ounce of pretty good looking acacia confusa root bark. Clear, rather concise, and logical. The root bark of the Acacia confusa tree has been shown to contain up to 1.15% DMT. Posts: 88. This thread is archived. If the steps of this extraction are followed precisely on 500g of acacia root bark, a maximum (theoretical) yield of 5.75g of DMT can be expected. best (suggested) top new … B. Caapi also helps provide clarity and a “warm motherly embrace” into your experience. If the root bark is left at a stringy/ fluffy consistency, the texture will still be slightly noticeable. Reply Delete. PREPARATION I boiled 2 tbsp. The main job of the MAOIs in ayahuasca is to stop your stomach from breaking down the active ingredient in the P. viridis leaf; dimethyltryptamine, or DMT. 13g of finely ground A. confusa root bark and 6g of Syrian rue seed are combined and are simmered in a litre and a half of water with a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar for half an hour, the mixture filtered with cotton cloth, and then the process repeated twice more. One of my Youtube followers who is also interested in psychedelics tipped me off to some decent priced red b. caapi vine. 2.1 Step1; 2.2 Step2; 2.3 Step3; 2.4 Step4; 3 Removing Tannins from Acacia Brew. I wanted to try 1TSP alone first to get the feel of the Acacia, then after a trial or two move on to a Caapi, Acacia brew. However, first time travelers are encouraged to include B. Caapi in their first several experiences. Posted : 10/28/2012 5:27:08 AM DMT-Nexus member. NON-USA CUSTOMERS: Please order the … If you can make tea you can make Ayahusaca! 1 Ingredients; 2 Preparation of Rue Seed and Acacia Confusa Brews. Acacia Confusa + B. Caapi, "Chinahuasca" Options . It is advised to try to minimize the ingredients used to enable easy ingestion of the plant matter. Jarred Davidson 32,087 views. Entheonaut 13,631 views. Peace to all, and thank you Spiceman! 2. Ideas for possible combinations can be found in our articles and resources section. Grind the rootbark into a fine powder with a blender/food processor/coffee grinder. This added a great kick/flavor. I also added nutmeg, cacao powder and allspice, I would recommend freshest available. Anonymous March 4, 2014 at 9:20 AM. Intended dosage of Mimosa hostilis / Acacia confusa root bark (2 - 6g) One slice of bread; Peanut butter; Jelly/Jam; Honey (optional) Recipe. Huasca Combo (269), Syrian Rue (45), Banisteriopsis caapi (169), Acacia confusa (664) : Combinations (3), Preparation / Recipes (30), Alone (16) COPYRIGHTS: All reports are copyright Erowid and you agree not to download or analyze the report data without contacting Erowid Center and receiving permission first. how much b.caapi does one take with acacia confusa? I take no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information contained in this recipe. Acacia Confusa - Duration: 6:32. Preferences? I have made many brews using MHRB, and Rue. Dont over think it! These are powerful substances, treat them with caution, respect and above all, safety Contents. 1:05:43. Replies. The second part is extracted freebase DMT. Ingredients: Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi vine, 1 seed of Datura Stramonium, and powdered Acacia Confusa Bark. I want to make a good starting Brew, but This will be my first time using Acacia Confusa. 4. Just be sure to use vinegar and a 3x extraction. Acacia Root Bark 50,100,250g just text: 620-741-6950 Acacia Root Bark 50,100,250g just text: 620-741-6950 If you follow this procedure correctly with quality bark you can yield 20 GRAMS OF DMT CRYSTALS from 1kg of root bark OVERVIEW: the goal of this experiment is to achieve pure DMT from the acacia confusa tree. Cut up and boiled was also added 7 yopo seeds and 1.5 vanilla beans. Experimental yields are highly dependent on adherence to procedure, and can also vary based on the quality of the root bark used. Posted in r/Ayahuasca by u/MrTastee42069 • 2 points and 0 comments As far as AYA goes you can use the exact same tek for Acacia as you could for mimosa. I'm wondering if the B caapi + A confusa combo is recommended, or if M hostilis or P viridia is a better companion for the caapi vine. After you are purified with a few sessions you can skip the B. Caapi and use a Syrian Rue / root bark combination. 3. Has anyone had success using A. Confusa? save hide report. Reply. (1.7g of syrian rue+2g of acacia confusa bark)This experience gave me with a lot to integrate, but overall I'm left with a new sense of clarity and balance. Last visit: 25-Aug-2015. 100% Upvoted. A DMT-extract from Acacia obtusifolia is added to a herb mix of 30% Banisteriopsis Caapi, 20% mullein (Verbascum thapsus), 20% passionflower (Passiflora incarnate), 20% peppermint (Mentha piperita), 5% calendula (Calendula officinalis) and 5% blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea). The first part of the recipe involves using an extracted MAOI, most often one of the three harmala alkaloids found in Banisteriopsis caapi or Syrian Rue: harmaline, harmine, or tetrahydroharmine. Any tips or alterations to the method for using Acacia? I currently have B caapi, Syrian Rue, and Acacia Confusa. share. 6:32. Onto the brew. those who know about acacia confusa probaly know that the root bark can contain up to 2.5 percent alkaloids or more of primarily DMT and NMT that means if you get 100 … Been coming across mixed feelings ranging from 50g for every 10g of ACRb to 100g of for every 10g. When it gets warm, put acacia bark in, shake it up, and wait one hour. Acacia conf USA root bark (more well-rounded than jurema) Acacia conf USA root bark (more well-rounded than jurema) SKU: This natural plant dye is NOT for human consumption.-----Please let me know which free sample you would like from the catalog. Psychoactive Australian Acacia species and their alkaloids - Duration: 1:05:43. Anyone have experience with Ayahuasca made from Acacia Confusa? 1oz of Acacia, 144 grams of Caapi. Please leave a comment if you have your own favorites. Special recipe Ayahuasca is made by combining two plants, usually MAOI inhibitor (Syrian Rue or Banisteriopsis caapi) and a DMT containing plant (Chacruna or Acacia Confusa) and boiling them over low heat for many hours. Why … Where to get mimosa hostilis, acacia confusa, caapi, syrian rue and cebil seeds. Here is a recipe for using Acacia confusa root bark. Sort by. Pour lye/Sodium Hydroxide into distilled water. 15 comments. Pour naphtha in, shake, and put it in a hot water bath. This alternative simple Ayahuasca recipe is designed to create a preparation that replicates the effects of Ayahuasca while also masking the texture of DMT-containing root bark for the purposes of direct ingestion (following the prior ingestion of a MAOI-containing substance like Syrian rue). Joined: 18-Nov-2011. -----100g is enough to fully saturate 30-50 average size monastic robes with a lovely pink/purple dye. Here is a recipe for using Acacia confusa root bark. Then other places 2 tbsps of confusa for 30g of caapi. What is recommended 3.1 Step5; 3.2 Step6; 3.3 Step7; 4 Preparing Lemon Tea. Ayahuasca Mix 30X Paste B. caapi Ayahuasca plants “Strongest” Ayahuasca + Chacruna + Chaliponga This product has NOT been treated with any type of pesticide, herbicide, or any other harmful chemicals.
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