MAIN USES Furniture, paneling and millwork, kitchen cabinets, moulding, doors, musical instruments, and turnings. Maple is commonly used for bowling alleys, dance floors and high-end homes. Cookies help us deliver our Services. What is the better option and why? Maple Flooring vs Oak Comparing maple and oak … Initially, it seems that maple is more costly than the other most popular choice in hardwood flooring, oak, but that is not necessarily the case. Made in Canada. Oak boards that are up to 12mm wide are the only ones that can be glued securely to concrete subfloors. Red oak flooring … Character flooring comes in the traditional 2.25" and 3.25" widths common in older homes. But oak is plenty hard enough for stairs, and I don't think it's an unattractive wood at all. I work in the stair business, we do dozens of oak houses compared to maple. Maple and oak are two different types of trees. Oak vs Maple and Hickory Flooring. Today, oak is the more common flooring material, but, over the years, birch (especially yellow birch) has been used very successfully as an attractive and durable floor material, especially in the parts of the country where it naturally grows. We offer high quality white oak flooring sourced from the finest mills in America. Our Price $8.59 Sale Price: $5.99 5" wide click lock, thick 4mm wear layer engineered flooring is perfect for DIY installs. Here are a few distinguishing qualities that make these wood stand apart in appearance, durability and price. I don’t know too much about wood but I’d advise thinking about what suits the look you’re going for, what might be easier to work with and which wood might be strongest to work with people walking up and down it as you wouldn’t want to step in a stair and it break. Maple hardwood generally comes from Canada and the northern US. Domestic vs. Because maple is so light, scratches will not be so easy to spot like on … Same for any large amounts of wood already in or planned for the same room (storage/entertainment cabinets, bar, etc...). Precision milled tongue and grooves mean a perfect fit and the Vintage micron beveled edges and ends are the finest in the industry. White Oak hardwood flooring … I am ignorant in wood knowledge. Open-grained woods are loosely packed and splinter more easily. At Hearthwood, wood is our passion. Maple Hardness and Durability Maple flooring has a Jenka hardness ranking of 1450 which is a good bit harder than oak flooring, the industry standard for hardwood. COLLECTION: Pioneered 3/4 IN.Solid Hardwood Collection . Bamboo vs Maple Longboards – What you need to know. Below are some of the best retailers and manufacturers to look into when shopping for oak flooring. No glue required! Because of this, it is important to consider whether or not this element of oak flooring will work with your home style before deciding to go with oak. Hardwood flooring costs roughly $4 to $8 per square foot for standard materials, such as hard maple or red oak, while more unusual hardwoods can cost upwards of $10 per square foot. It doesn’t stop here though. Red oak flooring is also durable, but with its more prominent grain lines, it's more time-consuming to maintain. Based in rural Pennsylvania, this reputable retailer offers a variety of reclaimed oak flooring options for the homeowners on the hunt for totally unique hardwood floors. Here are a few pros of oak flooring that continue to keep this beloved flooring option at the top of homebuyer’s must-have lists. It’s ideal for creating a clean, modern look. Focused on quality, this company offers a 50-year warranty on their floors wear and finish as well as a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the floor! Width. Maple is a very tight, white hardwood. Maple flooring is harder than red oak, black walnut or cherry flooring, and its tight grain made it easier to clean and maintain. AVAILABILITY Readily available. Malibu Wide Plank Maple Manhattan 3/8 in. Oak vs Maple and Hickory Flooring. We offer high quality red oak flooring sourced from the finest mills in America. They can also handle spills and messes with easy, wet-mop cleanup. I second this. Another factor contributing to the ongoing popularity of oak hardwood flooring is that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Oak is far more forgiving to work with, and you can stain it with or without a wood conditioner. It depends on what species of maple it is. Bamboo flooring has an average price of about $3.80 per square foot, within a range of $2 to $5 per square foot. The two main ones being flooring and cabinet/furniture lumber. Staining maple is an art in itself and can be blotchy as some of the others here have already stated. The contact detail associated with Maple Vs Oak Flooring is … It's the perfect canvas for a variety of paints or finishes. For more than 40 years, Mercier Wood Flooring has been providing safe and ecoresponsible hardwood flooring. What you can do, and I think this is really what you’re asking, is make the colors sympathetic with each other. Character flooring comes in the traditional 2.25" and 3.25" widths common in older homes. A place where people can come to learn and share their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own. If you live in an apartment building with downstairs neighbors or have children, this is an important factor to take into consideration. The wood is sold in both qualities as hard and soft. Additionally, oak flooring reacts well to staining making for a diverse offering of color options ranging from lighter natural colors to darker hues. These typically range from carbon fiber to fiberglass to bamboo and even some plastics. Maple is commonly used for bowling alleys, dance floors and high-end homes. Specializing in oak hardwood flooring, this Kentucky-based manufacturer sources the majority of their wood from the neighboring Appalachian mountains. They are commonly compared by homeowners when choosing hardwood components for their household whether its for cabinets, flooring, stairs or hardwood details crown moulding, baseboard and door casing. Maple is extremely hard and dent-resistant, and as a naturally light wood, it tends to show up as a light floor. Therefore, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind floor that none of your neighbors will have, oak flooring may not be for you. We also provide long length options at an affordable price. Our Maple hardwood flooring comes in three grades: prime grade, country grade, and clear grade. Its subtle grain pattern makes it a great choice for large, open spaces that need consistency. By considering these downsides of oak flooring, you can decide it will work well for your lifestyle. Although oak hardwoods are one of the most affordable hardwood flooring options on the market,  they are still quite costly compared to alternative flooring options such as carpet or laminate. You can sometimes find it for less, but cheaper materials are generally of notably lower quality. Maple. Find the best flooring options for a specific room below. As with all flooring options, there are some cons to take into consideration before jumping on the oak flooring bandwagon. All our flooring is site-finished, which makes it easier to clean, longer lasting and downplays the visual breaks between boards. There so many species to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Maple, alder, and walnut are examples of close-grained woods. Appearance: They differ a lot in grain patterns … In the Fireplace or Wood Stove In the Fireplace or Wood Stove Birch and oak both are choice woods for generating heat on a cold winter's night. Used in homes for centuries, oak flooring adds distinctive character to any home and is extremely popular in both historic home renovations as well as new builds.
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