In Kirby: Squeak Squad, after the chest containing Kirby's strawberry shortcake is mixed up with the chest sealing Dark Nebula, Meta Knight appears as a boss[23] who tries to keep the latter chest out of Kirby's hands. Dark Meta Knight is the only suspected member of Kirby's species to be truly wicked. King Dedede is just weird. King Dedede | Waddle Dees | Whispy Woods | Kracko | Bonkers | Mr. Frosty | Bugzzy | Fire Lion | Meta Knight, Meta-Knights For Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is Meta Knight considered to be good or evil in the Kirby series" - Page 4. [2] Meta Knight himself wields a sacred, golden sword called Galaxia (ギャラクシア, Gyarakushia). is he good? All special moves leave him helpless, making them dangerous to use haphazardly off-stage or near an edge 1. ... Is Meta Knight good or evil? Meta Knight has some of the various characteristics that Kirby has: a spherical body, feet and stubby arms (albeit longer than Kirby's and with actual digits), tall and thin eyes, and also features blushes. President Haltmann | Susie Haltmann | Star Dream | Holo Defense API | Mecha Knight | Clanky Woods, Jambastion Cult He has a dark gray body (black in Kirby: Triple Deluxe), crimson sabatons, and pale yellow eyes that have an orange glow to them. Upon Kirby destroying him a second time, he violently shatters like glass, leaving Kirby to destroy Sectonia Soul (who is still under Dark Meta Knight's evil power and influence, although his physical body is destroyed) however, as Dark Meta Knight had been destroyed before in the same way by Kirby, it is likely that he will make a return. The first is a large unit capable of flight with a high level of firepower attached. Origin is meta knight evil? "[13] It also listed him on "The Top 7 Unlikeliest Badasses in Gaming" list, saying "Thanks to his brooding, serious attitude and his lavish taste in imposing capes, Meta Knight has created a beautiful illusion of something incredibly threatening, despite being a spherical bundle of delight. published in Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic, where he is a main character. Dark Meta Knight makes his most recent reappearance in Kirby Star Allies, but not as an antagonist. Occupation Kirby often journeys across the planet Pop Star, defeating antagonistic forces such as the greedy King Dedede or the evil Dark Matter. The third and final time he is fought is within the Dimension Mirror, where he attempts to disguise himself as Meta Knight to fool Kirby, but the real Meta Knight reveals the impostor. Dark Meta Knight is a considerably greater threat in his reappearance, being able create clones of himself and dispense mach tornado's freely. Meta Knight appears as a blue, roundish creature, with a physique similar to that of Kirby. I never can tell if he's evil or what. It is more interesting that an unlikable person can still work for the greater good. [21] After Kirby defeats Dark Meta Knight, Meta Knight himself helps Kirby defeat Dark Mind.[22]. Its handguards point towards the blade, which has a mirror-like, polished appearance compared to the hilt. Meta Knight first appeared in the NES game Kirby's Adventure as an ally of King Dedede and boss of the Orange Ocean level, where he fights Kirby to stop him from taking a piece of the Star Rod and to keep it out of Nightmare's hands. She eventually used her newfound dark magic (presumably obtained through Dark Meta Knight's manipulation) to transform herself into a giant bee, seeing her new form as true beauty. The more evil Dark Meta Knight fed her through the mirror, the worse she became towards Taranza and her citizens. Powers/Skills [7][8] He also sports a navy blue mantle[b] called the Dimensional Cape (ディメンションマント, Dimenshon Manto),[3] which can change into a pair of wings[9] and allows him to teleport. He is an evil mirror version of Meta Knight, except he is a more vicious and brutal fighter, displaying no mercy nor honor for his opponents. He makes brief appearances in Kirby's Pinball Land[29] and Kirby's Avalanche. Recurring Bosses 0 | Dark Matter Blade | Miracle Matter | Dark Nebula | Dark Crafter | Void Termina, King Dedede's Army Throughout the game, Dark Meta Knight masquerades as the real deal and a timid "Shadow Kirby" also makes its appearance. His mask is essentially the same as Meta Knigh… She eventually tried to rule over Floralia's inhabitants as their goddess and began imprisoning them to serve her. As a Mirror World copy of Meta Knight, Dark Meta Knight bears a great resemblance to his original counterpart. Throughout the games, Dark Meta Knight has mainly served as a villain against Kirby and his allies but he has recently become an ally of Kirby's himself, starting in Kirby: Star Allies as a playable Dream Friend. ", "7 Kirby facts you might have missed over the years", "The 12 most misunderstood videogame villains", "Mewtwo confirmed as DLC, while Super Smash Bros. Wii U gets 8 player fights", "Review: Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe (3DS eShop)", "Details On King Dedede And Meta Knight In Kirby: Planet Robobot", "タッチ! Dark Meta is then seen defeating Meta Knight and sealing him within the Dimension Mirror, shattering it to prevent Kirby from being able to reach him. Full Name Though Meta Knight himself is absent of the game itself, a collectible mask based on Meta Knight is available in, Hoshi no Kirby: Dedede de Pupupu na Monogatari, Hoshi no Kirby: Kirby to Dedede no Pupupu Nikki, "25 Video Game Characters That Deserve a Spinoff", "Gaming's masked maniacs revealed - What are they trying to hide? They remind him that they were going to the mayor's house to help Hana out before being treated to dinner, rushing off not realizing the change that Kirby has undertaken. Meta Knight (Japanese: メタナイト, Hepburn: Meta Naito) is a fictional character in Nintendo's Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. Mace Knight is the largest in size, sporting heavy blue armor and wielding a large flail. In the series he is the last surviving member of the Galaxy Soldier Army, made up of "Star Warriors". Sir Meta Knight is a major supporting character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in subspace emissary, meta knight teams up with marth and ike. level 1 [3] However, these wings appear directly attached to his body in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Planet Robobot. [45] He returned again in Super Smash Bros. Dark Meta Knight (real name King Voldimolt or Prince Cakesprinkles) is Meta Knight's millionaire half-brother who is really just a poser. He is the main antagonist of the Revenge of Meta Knight mode in Kirby Super Star, in which he tries to take over Dream Land to end the inhabitants' lazy lifestyle by invading in his signature airship, the Battleship Halberd (戦艦ハルバード, Senkan Harubādo). Hyness | The Three Mage-Sisters (Francisca | Flamberge | Zan Partizanne) | Void Termina, Dark Meta Knight in the top-right of unlockable artwork for. [3] He is always seen wearing a silver mask, but in the event that he is unmasked, he looks identical to Kirby,[4][a] albeit with a dark blue body[3][b] and white eyes, which appear yellow with his mask on (and with his mask off in Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby Star Allies). Meta Knight sometimes tries to kill Kirby, and just because theyre the same species means nothing. [16][17], Meta Knight first appeared in the NES game Kirby's Adventure[18] as an ally of King Dedede and boss of the Orange Ocean level, where he fights Kirby to stop him from taking a piece of the Star Rod and to keep it out of Nightmare's hands. Few reliable kill moves that can kill early, with the only one being his forward smash which is among his slowest attacks 1. Meta Knight also wears his trademark attire; his silver mask and his blue or dark purple Dimensional Cape with gold trimmings, as well as a pair of patched or metallic shoes. The game is also compatible with the Meta Knight Amiibo, which Kirby can use for a temporary increase in attack power. Galacta Knight (referred to as Aeon Hero in Quests in Super Kirby Clash) is a powerful recurring boss in the Kirby series.He is also known as "The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy". He appears as the secondary antagonist in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and later the main antagonist of the Dededetour story mode of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, as well as the overarching antagonist of the game overall. This fact has even led to people speculating if Kirby and Meta Knight are from the same race, species or genus. In addition to being captured and transformed into the hostile "Mecha Knight" in the game's story mode,[28] he is the playable character of the Meta Knightmare Returns mode. [12] However, he has benign intentions,[13] as he will often fight alongside or assist Kirby when necessary for his survival or for the sake of the world. [17][20] Meta Knight is a playable character in the Meta Knightmare mode of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. The character also appears in several Kirby comic books, in the 2001 anime series, and in the Super Smash Bros. series. King Dedede | Whispy Woods | Kracko | Meta Knight | Dark Meta Knight | Galacta Knight, Final Bosses He also appears as the penultimate foe in The True Arena. Galacta Knight greatly resembles Meta Knight, even being the same size, but sports key visual differences.His body is magenta in color, and the eyes behind his mask are red (magenta in Kirby Star Allies). Help Dark Mind conquer the Mirror World (KatAM, failed).Defeat Kirby and Meta Knight.Seek revenge on both Kirby and King Dedede by causing trouble in Floralia (KTD). [50] Complex ranked Meta Knight eighth on its list of "25 Video Game Characters That Deserve a Spinoff", citing how he developed from "a nameless villain" in Kirby's Adventure into "Kirby's rival", as well as stating that his popularity has surpassed that of King Dedede. Meta Knight | Marx | 0 | 0² | Dark Mind | Drawcia | Dark Nebula | Necrodeus | Yin-Yarn | Magolor | Queen Sectonia | Dark Crafter | Star Dream | King D-Mind | Void Termina | Galacta Knight, Other Bosses Dark Meta Knight's Revenge or is he half good/bad? Mecha Knight is an antagonist and boss in the video game Kirby: Planet Robobot.He is a mechanized version of Meta Knight (hence his name) who serves as Susie Haltmann's personal bodyguard and as a security guard for the Haltmann Works Company.. [16] Meta Knight returns as a boss and Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies. He is notoriously self-serving and generally never sets out to help Kirby and his allies unless he sees no choice, with exceptions such as in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, where he teams up with the former to collect Magolor's ship parts so that he can go home. He is a lightweight fighter who primarily uses his sword Galaxia in high speed, but low damage, attacks. "[47] GamesRadar ranked Meta Knight 12th on its list of "Most Misunderstood Videogame Villains", saying that he is "the standard good-guy folderol [...], except that Meta Knight is invariably the bad guy"; it said of the Meta Knight-versus-Kirby battles that "[i]t's like if Batman picked a fight with a morbidly obese shut-in, and you were supposed to root for the shut-in. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, using "Shadow" paint on Kirby makes him look like Shadow Kirby. Contrary to belief, he is vastly different from his counterpart, both in terms of gameplay and visuals. BrainwashingAttempted murder At th… Kirby tried to catch him, but they both ended up on the floor, Meta Knight leaning heavily against Kirby. Biography. [33] Though he is absent from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse's story mode, Meta Knight appears as a collectible figurine. 1. He’s also considered selfish and a glutton as well. The second time he appears, he is disguised as Meta Knight and fights Kirby. After the defeat of Dark Meta Knight's pawns, Sectonia (in her DX form), and Shadow Dedede, King Dedede traveled into the Dimension Mirror and encounters Dark Meta Knight, who is now far more powerful than before, no longer working for Dark Mind, and is in full control of the Dimension Mirror. First off, he is not a horrible king. Lightweight, making him easy to K.O. [35][36][37] He also appears in the ongoing Enterbrain's Hoshi no Kirby: Kirby to Dedede no Pupupu Nikki manga written by Noboru Matsuyama and published in Famitsu DS+Wii (originally called Famitsu DS+Cube+Advance),[38] and in the Asami Taniguchi manga Hoshi no Kirby: Moretsu Pupupuawā! Interestingly enough, the sword he wields retains its original design from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, instead of being a recolor of Galaxia. [40] In the 2001–2003 anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Galaxia Darkness has him use his cape on an opponent. Once he is defeated, he retreats into the Dimension Mirror. Goals For Meta Knight as he appears in the games, see Meta Knight. Once he is defeated, he is sealed within the Dimension Mirror, which King Dedede then smashes. [2] This attitude has led to debate about his allegiances[14][15] and has earned him the label of "frenemy". Kirby & the Amazing Mirror "Meta Knight!" The main difference between the two is their coloration. Dark Meta Knight introduced in Kirby: Star Allies. [43] However, Meta Knight was temporarily removed from some professional gaming competitions in the United States and Canada due to being considered too powerful. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Servant of Dark Mind Bofoi has white hair and a large nose. Meta Knight is a mysterious character who has been depicted as both a hero and a villain, and more generally an anti-hero, in the Kirby series. The Galaxia has no spikes on the sides in some games, while in others it does. Source says MK was the one that shattered Kirby into pieces. Refs from 24 to 30 are in Japanese, so this needs to be indicated in the source. [46], IGN described Meta Knight as "one of the most enigmatic characters" in the series,[14] naming him one of their ten favorite sword-wielding characters in the video games. Dark Meta Knight is a recurring antagonist in the Kirby series. Whilst Kirby is playing outside chasing butterflies, Kirby sees a strange frog (who incidentally just ate the butterfly Kirby was chasing). Yin-Yarn | Fangora | Hot Wings | Squashini | Capamari | King Dedede | Meta Knight, Haltmann Works Company Kirby's Adventure: Boss of Orange Ocean. or he just wants the halberd back cause its his ship and he'll do anything to get it back. All other members and possible members of Kirby's species are either heroic characters or are neutral characters who's alignment depends on the game. Kirby shivered with fear as he felt the heat from Meta Knight's sweat slicked body. He is also seen wearing a lab coat over his blue shirt. Dark Meta Knight's Revenge's pause screen suggests that he is trapped in the Mirror World, saying that he's been "sealed in the labyrinth of the mirror for aeons."
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