The blooms smell real good, making them a great choice for planting around seating areas or in containers by doorways. Wouldn’t it be great if you could look over a  list of perennials that bloom all summer, and choose the ones you like the most? From tall spires of Delphiniums in all shades of blue to clumps of strap like leaves of bearded Iris and their gorgeous blousy flowers in all colours of the spectrum. Purple coneflower’s blossoms can be harvested if you want to make a herbal tea. An exotic looking plant that is deceptively easy to grow, Dahlia ‘Friquolet’ is a cactus variety and produces a mass of large, red, tubular petals that are tipped with a lighter shade of pink. It’s also a delicious herb and can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Showy, cone-like pink flowers grace the top of long straight stems. They are potentially one of the most low maintenance plants you could ever grow, and a scattering of seed across some bare soil will provide you with an abundance of blooms for minimal effort. Best White Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden, […] Summer flowers will work well with other colors in the surrounding planting area. The bush requires annual pruning to prevent it from getting too tall. Origin: Threadleaf tickseed is native to the southeastern United States, but the cultivar Zagreb is a garden hybrid. Perennials, like roses and peonies, are the investment pieces of the plant kingdom, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require plenty of care. If you live in an area of the country that suffers from particularly cold winters, you may find that there are certain perennials that won’t be able to survive the low temperatures they’ll be subjected to in your garden. Warning : Bugleweed is a very invasive ground cover that even takes over grass. Hardy down to -30ºF, you won’t have to worry about lifting them and overwintering them, which makes them really low maintenance and highly rewarding. Lupins are a keeper because they bloom all summer long. More plants for flowers all summer Phlox. And, as you’re likely to be out in your garden more frequently throughout the summer months, you’ll be able to see and enjoy them on a daily basis. WOW! They start to blossom from early summer or late spring and continue throughout summer and fall, depending on the zone. Medium-sized and dwarf types do well in beds and create great borders, while taller snapdragons are ideal as a neat backdrop for other summer plants. They are often found in gardens that are going for cottage-style planting, and can easily be grown from seed. They have highly scented blooms, making them a great choice for planting in containers surrounding seating areas. Perennial plants that grow particularly tall make fantastic additions to the back of large flowering beds where they won’t overshadow or bully out shorter planting. Incorporate these plants into your landscape for beautiful color and texture each summer. Unlike its French counterpart which is particularly tender, English Lavender can survive very low temperatures and, not only will it produce beautifully scented blooms all throughout the summer months, it will also give you evergreen structure. For color all summer long, try growing these hardy perennials. Posted on Last updated: November 16, 2020 Categories Garden Landscaping, Ornamental Gardens. Candytuft are ground hugging and hardworking evergreen plants that can brighten up any corner in the garden with its tiny flower clusters that are starting to appear in spring. A really good choice for cut flowers, Coreopsis puts out a vibrant display of bright yellow flowers from late spring right through to late summer. Although the sun is a necessary ingredient to make any plant grow strong and healthily, many perennials are unable to withstand high temperatures or drought conditions. Its throats commonly have a contrasting or darker color, which adds to the variety. If so, make sure you plant some of these summer blooming perennials, not just a few […]. Please read my full disclosure policy for details. However, even if you’ve got a tiny courtyard, patio, or balcony, there are still some plants that will be able to give you a display of flowers all summer. The best thing to do is plant these workhorses in an area where they will be happy, let them do the work for you. It is now the turn of the full sun perennials that bloom all summer. The bush style perennial features bluish-lavender flowers all summer long. Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that does well when planted in partial shade. Hardy hibiscus loves full sun and attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies. This plant has one of the longest flowering seasons, right from mid-spring into late fall.Purple Wave petunias, which are hybrid petunias that have trailing habit are extremely versatile and floriferous. Tolerant to heat and sunlight, it can be planted in zones 1 – 11. It’s great for cutting or tall borders. Sea holly’s foliage and flowers in spiky, silvery blue are strikingly unique from other garden plants, so try adding it to your summer garden. White Yarrow is another perennial plant that will give you blooms all through the summer, and the tiny white flowers grow in clusters that sit atop long, delicate stems. And it will reward you with large, blousy, double flowers in a dark pink/red color. Whether you deadhead the spent flowers or not, Gaillardia keeps blooming and this exercise keeps them neat. Just make sure you deadhead spent flower spikes to encourage plants to produce more. They come in a variety of colours and are beautiful in floral arrangements. 7. It starts blooming late in the summer producing huge flowers in shades … Another perennial plant that will give you beautiful, white flowers all summer long is ‘Monroe White’ Lilyturf. Daylilies attract are really attractive wherever they are, which makes them the best blooms to brighten any garden. While foxgloves are stunning, they are also poisonous. These plants can be relied upon for garden color when the temperatures heat up, and, as a bonus, their blooms are hardy and long-lasting. Although often short-lived, it's easy to grow and will flower the first year from seed. The dainty flower spikes look absolutely stunning poking through the ornamental grass-like foliage. Cerastium is so hardy it is often considered a zone-two perennial and it is simple to grow as long as it is not over-watered. 16. Feathery foliage makes this a perennial that is attractive even when not in bloom. Gerbera Daisies are a favorite amongst gardeners and make a wonderful smaller plant that, when deadheaded regularly, will send up bloom after bloom from the end of May right through to late summer. Dahlias will only be able to go in the ground whenever the temperature rises above 60F. The plant is hardy in zones 5 to 10, although it may need a bit of mulch to help it survive a harsh winter in a colder growing zone. With annual pruning, the plant should grow no … Catmint ‘Walker’s Low’ would be a good option to go for. We have got some Nepeta or Catnip and a couple of my very favorites here, Hardy Geranium, Biacova, Biacovo and Roseann right there. Still, long-bloom perennials are very well worth the work and here are 16 of them to opt for: Canna lilies are perennials that have bold foliage and bolder blooms. This plant is propagated by clump or root divisions. As its name suggests, each bloom only lasts for one day. This post may contain affiliate links. Cerastium or Snow in Summer 3. Consider the hybrid variety called the Profusion Zinnias, which are great since they continue blooming into fall. Summer heat is picking up. Happy thriving in full sun, it will spread across the ground up to 24”, and will produce spires of delicately scented purple flowers from spring until late summer. 9. They’re also very easy to grow from seed, making them a cost-effective way of getting loads of blooms into your garden. This plant is ideal for filling up areas that are less frequented in the garden because neglect and poor soil make them thrive even more. However, the flowering starts in fall all the way throughout winter in hot summer areas. If you’re looking for plants to add into a hot, vibrantly colored border then there’s no doubt that red is one of the shades you absolutely must have flowering all summer long. Besides variety, another plus point for growing the daylily plant is its adaptability in a wide range of growing conditions. These spectacular plants come in bulb or seed form. This aromatic plant makes a great addition to your summer garden, whether you have cats or not. To encourage ongoing flowering, regularly deadhead spent blossoms. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Dahlias need to be started afresh from tubers in most parts of the United States even though they are perennials in warmer areas that are reliably coming from the ground during spring. These summer-flowering plants will grow almost anywhere and are also drought-tolerant perennial plants. In most locations, they start blossoming from early summer until fall. It flowers all through summer into fall. In fact, by cutting the flowers you’re encouraging more to grow, so you’ll have a bounty of blooms from June right through to the first frosts. Combine the perennials that are right for your garden and enjoy easy color all summer long. The perfect hardy perennial would bloom all summer and live forever. Rudbeckia Hirta ‘Black-Eyed Susan’ is one of these plants. Its flowers may not be as large as the tropical variety, but it makes it up by the sheer profusion of the blossoms they produce. Inspiration for this post: Natural Living Ideas (with permission). Limonium 8. But, there are a select few that will give you a stunning display of blooms all summer, even when baked in sunshine all day long. One really great perennial for adding height to your garden is the Giant Allium. It is a great filler in containers or anywhere in your garden. This is mostly because a lot of perennial garden plants have a short flowering period. This plant blooms from spring until fall. Dazzling, blue flowers are produced in abundance throughout the summer and look stunning set against the dark green foliage. It’s also highly drought-tolerant, so it is ideal for gardens in full sun, or for anybody with a busy life that might accidentally forget to water them regularly. Delicate, deep purple flowers can be found on a Cranesbill Geranium, and not only does this perennial produce a huge amount of flowers from May to July, but their rampant growth also means that you’ll get another flush of blooms in late summer if you cut them back. First of all, its succulent-like leaves provide architectural interest. Look through perennials that bloom all summer photos in different colors and styles and when you find some perennials that bloom all summer that inspires you, save it to an Ideabook or contact the Pro who made them happen to see what kind of design ideas they have for your home. The staple of florists everywhere. Deadhead flowers to encourage additional bloom. The leaves are evergreen, so even when the flowers have eventually finished blooming for the year you’ll still be getting color and interest from it. Consider growing a sea holly as bedding or specimen plants in sunny areas. It has a cut-and-come back nature that is keeping your flower beds bright and your vases full. they are stunning! Shorter types may used to define border frontage with a swath of color. Provided with these conditions, these plants are guaranteed to keep your garden looking colorful all summer. Since that doesn't happen, many of us try to maximize what we get from perennials by choosing plants that bloom for long periods. Native to woodland, the Foam Flower absolutely loves sitting in partial or dappled shade where it will produce spires of delicate white flowers from April right through to the end of summer. Airy, sunny coreopsis is one of the easiest-care perennials in the garden. Lastly, there are perennial plants that love nothing more than sitting in deep shade all day long, where the cooler temperatures allow them to produce loads of stunning flowers from late spring to fall. Cerastium or snow-in-summer. It goes in various shades such as peach, red and pink. Sedum ‘Voodoo’ is attractive and aesthetically pleasing on many different levels. Not everyone has a huge outdoor space to fill with larger perennials, which can occasionally pose a problem. This is a perennial hibiscus for USDA zones 5-8. The petals of each flower also give a jagged appearance around the outside edge, which adds to their interest. Hardy Hibiscus. Depending on the zone you live in, hardy perennials will take varying degrees of sun. And although beautiful and vivid in color when they’re most active, the blooms are gone before you’ve had a chance to fully enjoy them. Rose of Sharon flourishes from late spring until they die in winter. There are several hydrangea cultivators and all have a summer bloom time; however, the Endless Summer variety were bred to provide blooms throughout the entire length of the summer season. The blooms are unique—1½” wide umbels have a starry look that gives them a glittery appearance in the full sun garden. Once they grow, they’ll send up tall stems that are adorned with huge, dramatic, spherical flowers. Phlox attracts butterflies. Sedum Voodoo Succulent Seeds (Sedum Spurium) 100+Seeds. Much like red flowers, yellow blooms are perfect for adding dramatic vibrancy and hot shades to your garden. The beautiful, golden blooms that appear from Yellow Hollyhocks are guaranteed to add months of sunny color to your garden, regardless of how the weather is behaving. They also bring an extra level of interest to your garden as the bright white summer flowers become tinged with shades of pink as fall begins to settle in. Foxglove. We've rounded up the best perennial flowers and plants to grow this year — and all the years following — complete with their zone requirements, sunlight needs, and optimal blooming times. The silver stem and feathery, silvery leaves add more beauty to gardens. It has tiny bluish-purple flowers that are borne in abundance on slender, long, terminal flower spikes, which stand above its silver-gray leaves. It has dome-shaped or flat-topped blooms that are tightly-packed and grow above ferny … It is also deer resistant and rabbit resistant, which means you won’t need to worry about any pest damage ruining your blooms. Hemerocallis Daylily ‘Stella de Oro’ produces deliciously fragranced, ornamental flowers in abundance that are set against its dark green, grass-like foliage. Otherwise, they require little maintenance, other than cutting back the stems after flowering is complete. Opt for annual gaillardias for your summer garden. 5 Concrete Garden Benches Great For Backyards, how to change hydrangea colors and make them pink, blue, or lavender, How to Grow Strawberries in Containers – Tips for Bountiful Berries, 21 Stunning English Cottage Garden Flowers, How to Grow Potatoes in Containers – A Roundup of the Best Ideas. Hibiscus grows in zones 4 through 9, and it reaches a height of 3 to 8 feet and a width of 3 to 5 feet. Growing in full sun, you can expect beautiful flowers from late spring until the first frost. Its flowers have long stalks, which rise above the leaves’ mound. Hold off on planting them if you have small children who tend to put everything in their mouth. Peony ‘Inspecteur Lavergne’ absolutely loves being baked in hot sunshine all day long. With blooms that form in early summer and last all the way until the end of fall, ‘Moonbeam’ is the definition of a long-blooming perennial. Hostas are one of the most famous shade-loving plants, and they have been long loved for their super interesting, variegated foliage. This plant loves warmth, therefore it is a reliable summer bloomer with long lasting flowers in jewel colors that you can fill your garden. The daisylike flowers bloom in bright yellow, but there are also varieties with golden yellow, pale yellow, pink, or bicolor blooms. That’s just what this tickseed brings to the summer garden, with its golden daisy-like flowers. Since not all perennials bloom for the same length of time or during the same season, it can be a delicate dance to put together combinations in a border. Regular deadheading will ensure that these flowers keep on coming, and the color of the blooms works spectacularly well when interplanted with other hotter colors such as yellows and oranges. Gerberas are also much loved by children for their bright colors and almost cartoonish appearance, so are a good choice if you’re trying to get your kids into gardening. Just make sure it has good drainage, and don't overwater. Make sure to choose a place with rich and well-draining soil. They’re also really easy to grow from seed, so you’ll be able to get loads of plants (and loads of flowers!) Use tall varieties to best advantage as stand-alones or back-of-border anchors in expansive beds with room for spreading. The best perennial forms for long-lasting blooms include: Salvia × sylvestris 'Blauhügel' ('Blue Hill') Salvia × sylvestris 'Mainacht' ('May Night') Salvia farinacea 'Victoria Blue' Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' If you deadhead your salvias regularly, these perennials just might bloom all summer for you. It is best known for its large showy blooms and green, leathery leaves. Also, these plants will still have color when there are lulls between the peak times of the season. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The Purple Coneflower will give you a constant display of daisy-like flowers and will grow up to 36” in height, making them another good choice for adding structure to the back and middle of borders. Perennial wallflowers Perennial wallflowers like ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ and ‘Apricot Delight’ not only flower throughout summer, but have even been known to flower all year. It shows best en masse, with spring, summer, and fall bloomers for a continuous spring to frost display. Aster’s daisy-like flowers that go in purples, pinks, whites, and lavenders make your garden look lively from early summer to fall. Every gardening enthusiast loves a vibrant, colorful outdoor space. It has a variety of choices, which is small, single-flowered daisy-type zinnia, and the large pom-pom type that has everything in between. But, there is hope! Its flower spikes look great in both fresh and dry flower arrangements and last long. 10. They flower … And by the end of August, you’re left with no flowers at all. The flowers of the White Trillium appear in late spring and give a display of elliptical-shaped flowers all the way through to late summer, set against dark green foliage. Its tall spikes carrying white blossoms look like they’re covered in fluttering butterflies in a gentle breeze. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite perennials, some of which can also be grown as annuals, that bloom out during the summer months. Salvia ‘Scarlet Sage’ is a particularly interesting plant, producing vibrant, scarlet blooms that are interspersed along tall, spindly stems. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Yarrow – Nearly care-free with bright small clusters of flowers in many colors to choose from, yarrow is both versatile and hardy. We’ve also broken these long-flowering perennial plants into separate categories, making it easier for you to find the perfect plant for a particularly troublesome spot in your garden, or to match the color scheme of the rest of your planting. All types may be grouped en masse for vivid drifts. If you’re looking to brighten up a dull, shady area then Bugleweed could be the best option for your garden. A North American native, this wildflower forming large perennial stands that crowd out all its competitors. Garden Phlox has fragrant, showy blooms in pink, purple, white or red. Include a few of these long-blooming options so that when one partner plant is winding down, another is starting. A drought- and heat-tolerant perennial wildflower, blanket flower (Gaillardia) provides long-lasting color, even in spots with poor soil.In red, gold, or brown, its daisy-like, 3-inch wide, single or double perennial flowers bloom through the summer and into the fall. These alpine plants are super easy to grow from seed and will produce gorgeous blooms in shades of pink, white, and red. White planting schemes are great for creating areas that look and feel peaceful. However, if you’re starting them indoors several weeks ahead of spring ensures advance summer blossoms. Perennials that bloom all summer long Scabiosa graminifolia. This makes it a wonderful choice for creating a low hedge, and it can even be used in cooking! Through planning and careful selection, you can achieve continuous bloom sequence using a multitude of plants that are flowering for but a short time. They’ll also be extremely happy growing in containers that have been placed in a sunny area. They send up tall stems that are intersected with blooms (usually pale lilac in color) that last all summer long. It prefers moist but well-drained soil conditions, which you can achieve by applying various soil water retention techniques. It’s yellow, daisy-like petals surround a dark black center, and are perfect for injecting a real burst of color into flower beds or containers. You can use the leaves and flowers to make a herbal tea. The color and shape of a flower from one species varies significantly from other species of the same genus. Canna lilies are perennials that have bold foliage and bolder blooms. Purple is another popular color that appears in planting schemes all around the world, and it certainly helps to provide some spectacular shades throughout the summer. Heliopsis. It is also known as bee blossom, however, this four-petalled bloom has more in common with butterflies. The phlox will grow all summer and will be thick and full in preparation for next season’s blooming. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. 6. Another great perennial plant for summer-long color is Dianthus. Yellow is one of the easiest colors to interplant with, making it a super versatile choice.
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