More than 200 weather stations in Germany broke or tied their June record highs on June 26, Dr. Jeff Masters reported. Agnes Buzyn explained on France Inter radio on Sunday that there had been at about 1,000 more deaths than normal during the summer months, with half of the deceased being 75 or older, the French newspaper Le Monde reported. Everyone undoubtedly remembers the 15,000 additional deaths in France caused by the heat wave in August 2003, yet no‐one knows the total number of victims at European scale. When the heat wave that hit France in 2003 led to more than 15,000 deaths due to the record temperature of 111.4 degrees Fahrenheit, authorities knew they needed to … "This will put really tension in society that we may not be so well equipped to cope with.". Heat-related deaths have also been reported in Italy, France and Germany, mainly among the elderly. It was caused by high pressure and winds from the Sahara Desert affecting large parts of the continent, according to meteorologists. A total of eight deaths are being blamed on the scorching, record-breaking heat wave blanketing much of Europe. "We have succeeded — thanks to prevention, thanks to workable messages the French population heeded — to reduce fatalities by a factor of 10," she said, according to the Associated Press. More-intense heat waves are a long-predicted effect of man-made climate change, and scientists from the World Weather Attribution climate service said earlier this week that the June one in France was made five times more likely by global warming.. Because of the usually relatively mild summer… A 70-year-old man was believed to have been a victim of “thermic shock” after coming into contact with the water during the heat spell on Tuesday, according to French news outlet LCI. More-intense heat waves are a long-predicted effect of man-made climate change, and scientists from the World Weather Attribution climate service said earlier this week that the June one in France was made five times more likely by global warming.. As a massive heat wave bears down on Europe in coming days, France is hoping to avoid the devastating death toll it suffered in 2003, during the hottest spell in centuries. The July 2019 average temperature for France was 73.4 F or 4 degrees above average, NOAA said. Heat waves that plagued France this summer left some 1,500 people dead, according to the European nation's health minister. In fact, all three countries broke their hottest-ever recorded temperature records twice within 24 hours, British newspaper The Guardian reported at the time. Associated Press. Although the number of deaths was high, Buzyn also pointed out that it was much lower than the 15,000 deaths that occurred during scorching summer heat wave back in 2003. There were “18 days of extreme heat” in France this year and not everyone managed to live through them, Agnes Buzyn said in a radio interview. An 18-day heat wave in July 2006 rivaled 2003’s in its intensity, killing some 2,000 people in France. France's summer heatwave killed a total of 14,800 people, according to official figures released on Thursday. Agnes Buzyn, speaking on France Inter radio Sunday, said there were over 1,000 more deaths that the annual average for the time of the year, and half of those were aged over 75. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. "I ask everyone who can avoid or delay their journeys to do so," Borne said at the time. The heat wave led to health crises in several countries and combined with drought to create a crop shortfall in Southern Europe. Related articles France heatwave: Orange alert … 9 Ways to Tell the Difference. There were also other “murderous summers” in France, Le Parisien writes that thanks to the work of Emmanuel Le Roy-Ladurie, “we know that a terrible heatwave in 1636 killed 500,000 of King Louis XIII’s subjects.” Many of the deaths resulted from epidemics of dysentery as water supplies dwindled and soured. The previous record, documented in 1947, was just under 105 degrees. France has calculated the death toll from the record heatwave which hit Europe this summer, with its health minister reporting that the abnormal weather caused 1,500 deaths in the country. The study … It was the government's first official death toll estimate. It is feared the heatwave could be as bad as a … The estimate by the General Funeral Services included deaths … The alert system was introduced in France following the summer of 2003, which saw an estimated 15,000 heat-related deaths. The August 2003 heat wave in France resulted in many thousands of excess deaths particularly of elderly people. THE overheated French swimmers reportedly collapsed after taking to the sea to try to cool down amid temperatures reaching 40C this week. Objectives: From August 1st to 20th, 2003, the mean maximum temperature in France exceeded the seasonal norm by 11-12 degrees C on nine consecutive days. She said there were 18 days of recorded heat waves in France this year during June and July. August 14, 2003 -- The intense heat wave that has gripped Europe the past two weeks is believed to have caused about 3,000 deaths in France, according to Le Monde, a leading newspaper in Paris. The heat wave in June set record-high temperatures in seven other European countries as well. France remains haunted by the memory of the devastating heatwave of August 2003 which exposed the shortcomings of emergency services at the height of the summer holidays.
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