This is a problem not widely talked about on campus or among white citizens in general, but this is a big problem for Native Americans. The first mascot was Sammy Seminole then Chief Fullabull, following that was Chief Wampumstompum, next Yahola the “spirit chief” and finally we have the familiar Chief Osceola and Renegade. (Courtesy of Flickr user mediacoach, CC BY-SA 2.0) STUFF, Burnie, Jaxson and Raymond are the Real Mascots of Florida. We can just blast Eastbound and Down, have a dude with a cowboy hat and mustache peel out in a Trans Am (sans front license plate of course) at the 50! However, some take offense to the patriarchal figure, so we asked HSU students what they’d replace our mascot with if Lucky were to be changed. by . Florida State Mascot Change. Using the Seminoles as a mascot is textbook cultural appropriation, a phenomenon where members of a dominant group exploit the culture of less a privileged group. Her Campus may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Once Patterson fell into academic trouble, FSU’s coaches were reluctant to play him in games. From the same Orlando Sentinel article also linked above: The players saw different worlds. It’s due time for a rebrand — so what direction should the school go? [They remember] a friend in Miami saying Calvin had called her that morning and said he had been in a convenience-store robbery. The Durham family still plays a huge role in the existence of Osceola, training each student who is to portray him through a long process with many prerequisites. His statue was relocated from a prominent location on campus in 2019 to a more discreet one, though his name remains on a campus building.). With the state of Florida being home to millions of alligators, the "gator" proved a popular choice among members of the student body, and the Florida football team began to refer to itself as the "Gators" during the 1911 fall season. Imagine this introduction to a prime time Saturday Night game of the week. Hundreds of tribes and Native American organizations including the National Congress of American Indians are demanding these mascots be changed. Instead of being proud to be a Seminole, let’s be proud to be Florida State students. Osceola wears a Native American-themed costume that is designed and approved by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, consisting of leather clothing, moccasins, face paint, and a garnet bandana. Florida State University adopted the Seminoles as a mascot in 1947, a time where it was still illegal for Native Americans to practice their religion. All of these mascots (including our current one) were portrayed by white students. Patterson didn’t want his teammates to see him crying. Perhaps the most exhilarating pregame ceremony in college football takes place at FSU home games when the school’s mascot stirs the passions of Seminole fans as they prepare for their opponent’s massacre. Comments are turned off Autoplay When autoplay is … The Seminole Tribe of Florida could be an interesting factor here, too. Culturally and politically significant war bonnet used as an accessory. And according to most experts, polls and Native American tribes and organizations, the answer is unequivocally YES. Inside Florida State’s Fight to Keep the Seminole Nickname and Mascot. The announcer fades in~~: “Good evening, it’s a hot muggy night here in beautiful Tallahassee Florida. Tomahawk Nation can confirm discussions are being had within the school about potentially renaming the stadium, following with a trend under President John Thrasher’s leadership that’s taken the time to examine monuments to those who contributed to the oppression of others. Patterson has been seldom recognized at the university, and honoring him by placing his name on the stadium would go a long way in righting that wrong. However, despite what many people think, the situation is more complex than this. Tomahawk Nation, a Florida State Seminoles community. What would you change our mascot to? Florida Today. “I remember there’d be times where he’d have a hurt hamstring or ankle and guys that could not touch him when he was well would be taking cheap shots at him,” Charlie Hunt says. Clemson, Oklahoma State and Texas football players, current and former, are some of those who have called for changes on campus. Regardless, FSU has been through many Seminole mascot changes because of problems facing the representation of the Seminole Tribe. View %{phrase} images {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}} {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}} Browse 571 florida state university mascot stock photos … The Seminole Tribe of Florida gave their approval amidst vocal protests from other Seminoles. And if they really can’t find one, we can always settle on Florida State-ium... *(Editor’s Note: Francis Eppes was a member of the founding committee who established the school that eventually became Florida State University, but was a slaveholding plantation owner who helped established patrols to capture enslaved people. It was a shout for sympathy, an excuse for why he wasn’t playing football. Why Florida State, Seminole Tribe stand behind the Seminoles nickname By Matt Baker, Tampa Bay Times 7/11/2020 Jet Test and Transport: This airline has no passengers, no cargo and flies just one way He asked Daws to “shoot him in the head,” as the police report says, “to end the pain.”. Florida State first got started in 1857 in Tallahassee, when it was named the State Seminary West of the Suwannee River. There was no blood when Daws found Calvin, but life was already draining away. FSU is honoring the tribe, we are venerating their culture and guess what? This week, the University of Florida announced that as part of its own effort to better itself, it would be distancing itself from its “Gator Bait” chant, disallowing it to be used at athletic events. Calvin said he was scared. Home. View Comments. Change filter. “I’d say, ‘Why’re you hitting him like that? Prominent schools like Dartmouth, Stanford, Seattle University and Arkansas State prove name changes are not the end of the world. Florida State and Oklahoma football teams watch as the FSU mascot, Osceola atop his horse Renegade plant a flaming spear at mid-field prior to the start of their NCAA football game in Tallahassee, Florida Sept 17, 2011. Campbell pushed hard in a variety of ways against allowing Black students to integrate (or even be present) at the university. Tomahawk Nation’s hub for all things football recruiting! No white player, even those who admired Calvin, recalls any unusual treatment. Regardless, FSU has been through many Seminole mascot changes because of problems facing the representation of the Seminole Tribe. Somebody can’t just say, ‘I want to change a mascot,’” Susin said. The school quickly integrated with the Tallahassee Female Academy, and was renamed the West Florida Seminary. 12/3 PM UPDATE: Defensive tackle enters transfer portal, Wide receiver commit gets a bump in the recruiting rankings, Redshirt sophomore defensive back opts out, will transfer, Redshirt sophomore defensive back started several games in 2020, examine monuments to those who contributed to the oppression of others, fewer than 40 Black students were on campus, he received for pledging to play for the Seminoles he went to Minnesota instead, FSU offers California wide receiver/safety prospect, FSU first to offer Mississippi WR prospect. They and Florida State have also enjoyed a strong relationship in which both the tribe and university have benefitted from each others’ strong brand recognition and success. It's cultivated a unity between the two-- the same kind of relationship FSU football players were seeking when they organized and led a Unity Walk in support of the Black Lives Matter movement recently. A source tells us the option of a corporate sponsor is being explored already - and what better and more convenient way could there be to shed the Campbell legacy issues than by announcing a corporate sponsor? So that leaves a big question: if (or when) Doak Campbell’s name is removed from the Florida State Seminoles football stadium, what would be the right title to replace it? Here’s How To Bumble In Your Hometown, 7 Totally Cool Stay-at-Home Date Ideas You Have to Try. Many point out that the Seminole tribe settled on this issue for political reasons having to do with casinos, but regardless, the fact that ONE tribe approves among hundreds that disapprove speaks for itself. FSU needs to take full advantage of the opportunity and secure a lucrative contract from a national or local corporate sponsor to generate more revenue. Research shows that these mascots can contribute to psychological, social and cultural consequences for Native American children and young adults. florida state mascot change. Their legendary coach has had the field named after him for the better part of two decades. Native Americans are still dealing with the consequences of our nation’s history against them, and many people don’t have exposure to real Native people. Edgewood High prepares to face public over controversial 'Indian' mascot change. More than 3,300 people signed a petition this summer urging the district to change the mascot —an image of a Native American chief in … A committee has been formed to discuss the future of the Penn Hills School District’s Indian mascot. Change the official mascot of FSU Seminoles to FSU Turbos. Most of the time the defense behind the Seminole mascot is the same. Hard Rock corporate For many years they were against it, until FSU had a meeting with them. Florida State Mascot: Chief Osceola Declares War. FSU needs a mascot, instead of having Osceola and Renegade as school symbols? The school board approved its members Nov. 24. Tonight, we have a doozy of a game featuring the #3 ranked Florida State Tasmanian Devils taking on the #24th ranked Georgia Tech Stingers ........”. August 2020 Trendsetters Survey Giveaway Offical Rules, Toxic Tendencies Within the Latinx Community, It's the Most Depressing Time of the Year. This frenzied moment includes a battle dressed Chief Osceola racing on to the field on an appaloosa horse named Renegade. It is the same as arguing that white actors who put on blackface and then act out dubious historical scenes are respecting black culture. All his friends, all the emergency people agree on one thing: Calvin didn’t mean to kill himself. The name: Bobby Bowden Field at [insert Highest Corporate Bidder] Stadium. Depiction. Thomas — deservedly so — is mentioned as the first Black athlete to letter for Florida State football, having broken the color barrier in 1970 (where he blocked two field goals on back-to-back plays to preserve a win over Louisville, but that mega-flex is neither here nor there). The number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners defeated the 5th ranked Florida State … Uncategorized . Photos by Florida State/ Collegiate Images via Getty Images, Florida State football: OFFICIAL Tribe 21 Recruiting Thread #14. Florida State Symbols Florida State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots. Juan’s reasoning: FSU simply cannot remove Bobby Bowden’s name from the equation. Copyright © 2009-2020 Her Campus Media, LLC. Leave Bobby Bowden Field alone, of course. In fact, the real Osceola wasn’t even a chief, but a military leader that fought against American troops. This answer is vague. FSU would alienate major boosters as well as the common fan by getting rid of arguably the name most associated with FSU Football. The reasoning: J.T. You Need To Add These Consciously Designed Gifts To Your Wishlist RN, Here’s How To Discuss Dating Apps With Your Parents, Home From College? The debate over the … School board Chair Misty Belford and school board member Jennifer Jenkins raised their concerns about making a mascot policy. He died in an ambulance, holding the hand of an attendant. Patterson arrived in 1968, part of head coach Bill Peterson’s attempt to finally integrate the team at a time when fewer than 40 Black students were on campus. All Rights Reserved. Where did the mascot Chief Osceola come from? At any game, you will undoubtedly find students dressed in war paint and war bonnets, but ask any of these students questions about the history and culture in which they are “celebrating” and I guarantee that they lack some serious knowledge. Florida State's Osceola tradition is overseen by Allen Durham, whose father, Bill Durham, introduced it in 1978. Many of FSU’s Seminole-related traditions have very little historical value and are really just a stereotypical reconstruction. [9][10] Although that resolution was rejected by the SDSU Associated Students, the University Senate, which represents the administration, faculty, staff and students, has voted to phase out the human depiction of the Aztec Warrior. That said, the main stadium name? We’ve Found the Coziest Spot on the Internet! Before being known as an athletic powerhouse, Florida State University went through more than a few name changes. The Tribal Council also bought the Hard Rock Cafe for $965 million in cash in 2006, which thanks to the Seminoles’ “first-nation status” now also offers gambling in its Florida locales. The Official Athletic Site of of the Florida State Seminoles. The nation continues to grapple with its relationship to monuments of all sorts, from statues to symbols, that are associated with a history of racism — a movement that’s spread into sports at all levels, but especially within college football. It was a total injustice.”. Thesis Supervisor: Professor Christopher C. … He was recruited alongside Ernest Cook Jr., a fullback from Daytona Beach who was so terrified by the racist hate mail he received for pledging to play for the Seminoles he went to Minnesota instead, where he was All-Big Ten. The official source for Seminoles news, events, and more. J.T. Our mascot as we know today, Chief Osceola, was created primarily by a prominent white alum, Bill Durham. Florida State University adopted the Seminoles as a mascot in 1947, a time where it was still illegal for Native Americans to practice their religion. In all seriousness, I expect this name change to happen fairly soon (along with the Francis Eppes Building* being renamed). (Licensed through Creative Commons. (Mickey deserves some shine though, so while we’re at it. Seriously, how cool would this be? A statue of the Seminoles's mascot, Chief Osceola, on the Florida State campus. Bay area school mascot changes continue national trend That decision came following public comments from students and parents upset about mascot changes at … A coach asked Patterson why he wouldn’t take off his helmet. Thomas, who arrived on campus a year after Patterson, served as a pallbearer at his funeral. He would be okay, but football was out. Patterson spent three years at FSU, bouncing back and forth between the university and home as he struggled to adjust socially, academically and emotionally to a campus and a city fighting against embracing him, especially with the stigma that came with him dating white women while at school. No problem. The reasoning: Because Turd Ferguson Stadium doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (Higher Education and Student Affairs) in the Graduate College of The University of Iowa . Who is our mascot? This petition had 12 supporters The Seminoles are a dated and racist mascot and it might be time for a change. We’re coming to you from Bobby Bowden Field, inside the beautiful brick exterior of the Krusty Krab Stadium, here on scenic Mickey Andrews Drive. This is not about political correctness; it’s about doing what is right. NICKNAME AS ORGANIZATION BUILDERS AT FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY . Inside Florida State’s Fight to Keep the Seminole Nickname and Mascot . We have packaged and repackaged the idea of Native Americans so much that today the average American knows more about pretend Native Americans than real ones. October 10, 2020. A day before his senior season in 1972, where he would’ve finally earned a letter as part of Florida State’s varsity team, Patterson shot himself in the stomach, dying later at the hospital in what friends and close ones believe was an attempt to injure himself so he didn’t have to play. There was never any doubt where the Seminole Tribe of Florida stood on Florida State University's nickname. Humboldt State University is known for its tree-filled campus and our lovable Lucky the Lumberjack mascot. Our previous mascots were widely protested and seen as offensive by various people for various reasons. Their wild success in the gambling arena has made them one of the wealthiest tribes in the nation. The question is, is there anything wrong with this? A white guy who paints himself in redface, dons a wig and wears dated, stereotypical apparel before every game. Florida Gators Mascot History. Every black player does. Native Americans live in the United States and mascots retain the idea that Native people are in the past. Florida State University History. You know you couldn’t do that if he was healthy.’ They wouldn’t say nothing at all. Frank’s reasoning: I like money. Arkansas has Donald Reynolds Stadium, but we all know ol’ Donald can’t hold a coolness candle to the Bandit. Bountiful High’s mascot controversy calls to mind another school mascot that changed 25 years ago, that of Roy Junior High. BBC Motion Gallery: 571 Florida State University Mascot Premium High Res Photos. Florida is known as the "Sunshine State,"Florida offers attractive beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.In addition, there are swamps, lakes, and a variety of wildlife - ideal for students seeking a tropical climate, natural wetlands, and coastal attractions. Seminoles as the FSU mascot started out undoubtedly racist, but people try to defend FSU’s actions by pointing out our respectful and historical mascot. Overview; Albert; Alberta ; History; Auditions; Camps & Clinics; Appearance Requests; In the early 1900's, the alligator was chosen as the symbol of a fledgling college football team… nearly one-hundred years later, the University of Florida Gators are recognized as one of the premium college football empires in the country. And so Bobby Bowden ‘s wife, Ann, helped implement the idea. goreng 19 May 2019 0 Osceola And Renegade Wikipedia New Research Shows How Native American Mascots Reinforce Stereotypes Osceola And Renegade Wikipedia Here Are All The Racist College Mascots Left In The United States The Mascot Mess A History Of Cmus Controversial Mascot Tony Florida States New Mascot Is Just The Cutest Fsu Updates Unis They … FSU doesn’t respect this history at all! — FSU Football (@FSUFootball) March 11, 2016 In 1977, Florida State University alum Bill Durham introduced the idea of creating not just a mascot, but a tribute to the tribe the school chose as their nickname. The name: Burt Reynolds Stadium aka “The Bandit” (The corporate sponsor would obviously have to be Coors, possibly Dr. Pepper). What would be the right new name for Florida State’s football stadium? As each school reckons with who and what they’re honoring at their institutions, the legacy of Doak Campbell is one that has to be examined and acknowledged. The name "Florida State Seminoles" was selected by vote of the university's student body in 1947, shortly after FSU became a coeducational institution and re-established a football team. It’s a multi-faceted approach, too. Could Florida State and the Seminole Tribe find a way to build the Tribe in as a sponsor, enshrining the Tribe as a partner and adding to the Tribe’s branding success? After several decades’ worth of complaints, the Cleveland Indians did away with their Chief Wahoo mascot in 2018. More Stories . The weight of all of that, plus of potentially being a history-changing icon, bore an enormous load on the teenager. How is this respectful? It’s a fact that’s technically true, since Calvin Patterson, who was actually the first Black player to ever suit up at Florida State, didn’t get the chance to be ever suit up for the then-varsity team, dying at the age of 22. This is all about money. Many people attribute the design to the Seminole Tribe of Florida and others give credit to the Durham family. FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2013, file photoo, Florida State’s mascot chief Osceola aboard Renegade plants the spear to begin an NCAA college football game against Maryland in Tallahassee, Fla. The phrase’s use within Florida athletics originated by way of one of its own football players, but the the phrase itself has horrific racist connotations and origins. Eric Rogers . *This article does not represent the views of Her Campus FSU. Mascot Name change would be first-ever for a Brevard county school In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Edgewood Jr./Sr. December 2015 . Early in Patterson’s career, black students watched FSU practices just to see him in action. Races and cultures are not costumes and mascots. The debate regarding Native American nicknames and imagery is nothing new in professional sports, but it is largely a matter of taste. Category People & Blogs; Show more Show less. During one spring game, black students chanted Patterson’s name while he sat on the bench. Our staff offers their answers, and reasonings, below. rename Stadium Drive to Mickey Andrews Drive.). Dong Hyuk Shin . After surrendering to them, he was held captive until he died of illness and his family was sent to Oklahoma as prisoners. They and Florida State have also enjoyed a strong relationship in which both the tribe and university have benefitted from each others’ strong brand recognition and success. As for the Florida Seminole Tribal Council, it is the owner of a series of luxury casino hotels throughout the state where the Seminole “brand” is prominently on display. florida state mascot change. Powered by WMT Digital. The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s blessing is not an automatic argument that Seminoles as a mascot is not offensive. If you haven’t heard (and you probably have), the Seminole tribe has given us permission to us their culture for our brand!
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