Reliability engineering is a sub-discipline of systems engineering that emphasizes the ability of equipment to function without failure. When equipment is not maintained you can guarantee that it will fail and stop sooner rather than later! To extend equipment life between failures, also known as increasing the mean time between failure (MTBF), you must manage the environment in which the equipment works. A maintenance strategy plan will help you control failure that is brought about by machines who have given up on working. It’s essentially a thorough analysis of what’s needed to help company assets function reliably while keeping costs down. This is a wonderful discovery because now you can chose to use the right maintenance strategies to drive the rate of failure down to very low levels. If during the random failure period it is not sensible to replace parts based on the passing of time, what should be done? For example the naval results came for both surface ships and submarines. Reason – Figure out what incentivizes a company’s people and teams to accomplish the maintenance strategy action plan. But if seen in another light, there is more than a grain of truth behind its intention. Each has very different service requirements matching different operating conditions. It is important that you understand the difference between maintenance and repair! Proactive Maintenance tries to manage failure through analytics with the embodiment of never allowing the same failure to reoccur. Doing so can cause key employees to lose objectivity, along with their a... Las Vegas, NV | Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). How much time would pass before the car would fail? The free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book with templates explains the powerful Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology that delivers highly reliable operating assets needed for maximum operational success. The fact is that in actual practice when operations and maintenance are jointly responsible for equipment reliability the opportunity to improve is significantly increased. For any construction operation, equipment availability, productivity and operational efficiency is essential, Holloway says. If during the random failure period of your equipments’ life you notice that the equipment is not failing randomly, but it is in fact failing regularly and predictably, then you have a recurring failure. Some assets are more entitled because of the nature of the asset or its particular use.”. Program structure considerations. in your web browser you consent to all cookies in From then on the chance of failure rises quickly till it becomes constant. Technicians can extend the equipment’s availability by increasing its reliability. Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) analysis provides a structured framework for analyzing the functions and potential failures of facility equipment, such as pumps, compressors, a facility processing unit, etc. The first step is to select the piece of equipment for reliability-centered maintenance analysis. Reliability Centered Maintenance enables stakeholders to monitor, assess, predict and generally understand the working of their equipment. What is the right maintenance to do? Hence ‘don’t touch it till it breaks’ should become ‘why touch till it breaks’? Involve the full team. The parts form interconnected systems that deliver you a service. the Cookie Policy. What we do not know is what part will fail or when it will fail, but you can guarantee with certainty that one day your car will stop dead, the air compressor will not work and the computer will ‘die’. This means you will gain some improvement on the equipment’s reliability but the old component reliabilities will cause premature failures not experienced in a new machine. Equipment Reliability Strategy Development is the natural extension of the Front-End Failure Analysis process. March 14-18, 2023. “Equipment breaks and components fail,” he says. You cannot be sure. That makes it is almost pointless to overhaul a machine and replace its parts, because most of the time they are perfectly fine. One time might not make a big difference to when it next failed. A computer is made of hundreds of parts – the central processing unit, image processing, memory storage, monitor, key board, etc. I can tell you what I have seen, and sadly done myself, over the last twenty years of my maintenance and engineering career that explain a great part of infant mortality. That is called ‘reactive maintenance’. “A disadvantage to Preventative Maintenance is that since it is based on a schedule, there will be cases when maintenance tasks will be performed when they are not needed and good parts good replaced when not necessary,” Holloway notes.
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