How do I access the drupal admin panel. It displays the list of articles or pages which are created. Make sure that you substitute with your actual domain name: In case you don’t know your Drupal admin password, check this article. To change the admin password of your Drupal … Now i need to redirect to this page based on user action. Drupal is installed and configured. Used to build the URL to link to and look up the proper alias for the link. This command assumes that you want to change the password for the admin user account. Para más información sobre cómo puedes comprobar qué versión de Drupal utiliza tu página, revisa este artículo.. A continuación podrás encontrar los enlaces de acceso al administrador según la versión de Drupal… If you wanted to customize URLs in Drupal 7, you could use the Pathauto module. More information on how to see which Drupal version you are using is available here. How to access the Drupal admin login page? By Jithin on April 4th, 2016. There are situations where you may not want to use arg() . This path might be to a Drupal * route (e.g., '/admin'), to a file (e.g., '/README.txt'), or to * something processed by a non-Drupal script (e.g., * '/not/a/drupal/page'). 25 $base_root In this documentation, we can check how to change Drupal login URL. 'prefix': Only used internally, to modify the path when a language dependent URL requires so.
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