Specialised Resins: • Qz A 270 Tile Resin • Qz A 010 Body Filler Resin These clear resins are two-part polyurethane systems formulated specifically for applications where optical clarity is needed. Clear Polyester Casting Resin is a clear colored resin perfect for castings, embedding, jewellery and pen blanks. Our strength lies in our service delivery, production capability and customer service. This simple and quick process makes resin casting ideal for DIYers such as hobbyists and crafters. Pourable Plastic Deep Pour Clear Casting Resin 3 Gallon Kit. It enhances your paintings as well as decoupage projects. The main features are low viscosity and transparency. With over 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, Art Expression SA offers a range of UV stabilized epoxy resin and glow in the dark products. $19.99. You should be able to do the same with your projects if … A range of clear art resins and clear casting resins which can be used to create unique resin art, jewellery and resin river tables. Shallow Pour Epoxy Water Clear Casting Resins lend themselves to Penny Tables and Penny Floors. Our clear resins are suitable for coating artwork, creating stunning pigmented resin art and creating amazing resin river tables, also known as resin live edge tables, whatever your needs we have a glass clear resin that will work perfectly for you Introductory level tutorial into the versatility of polyester clear casting resin. Clear Casting Resins Home / Clear Casting Resins Should you require any technical or commercial assistance with the selection of your product, please click below to contact us. Our new ArtKast resin is a economical casting resin that produces, tough, 72D , light tan/bone colored parts. Professionals can have specialties in custom castings, clear casting, sculptures, designing complex molds, large architectural castings, and more. Stencil-Art Clear Casting Resin is a two-part epoxy resin. Optically Clear the Resin will cure in 24 to 48hrs. Resin casting is an exciting and fun craft that allows you to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic. Castings will be water-clear; however, PolyColor Dyes can be added to obtain clear, colored castings. Mar 30, 2020 - Explore Terri Pearcy's board "CLEAR CASTING RESIN" on Pinterest. Part 1 is the resin and Part 2 is the hardener. Our casting resin is specially formulated to cure to a crystal clear finish. LuciClear Casting and Art resin is the next generation of low exothermic epoxy casting resins. Low viscosity is often an important benefit to impregnate windings and encapsulate small components. You definitely won’t want to use the polyester resin as the surface that is exposed to air can remain tacky after curing. EasyFlo 95 is a 5 minute working time versoin of EasyFlo 60. The Envirotex Lite is an epoxy whereas the Clear polyester casting resin is a polyester. Trade counter Click&Collect only. This resin is a low odour Resin LuciClear Casting Resin. NCS Resins is the largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins in Africa and a leader in the development and supply of innovative test technology for the composites and allied industries. COVID-19 - We are operating as normal but delays are possible. Since the hardener molecules ‘co-react’ with the epoxy molecules in a fixed ratio, it is essential that the correct mix ratio is obtained between resin and hardener to ensure that a complete reaction takes place. Casting Resins: • A 520 Pre-accelerated Clear Casting Resin • A 740 General Casting Resin • A 780 Solid Surface Resin • A 160 L/V Marble Casting Resin • A 1040 Centrifugal Casting Resin . Its low viscosity and 1:1 mix ratio by weight makes it extremely easy to use. The Shallow Pour Epoxy Casting Kits range from 750g to 30kg depending on your project size. See more ideas about Resin, Resin crafts, Resin jewelry. Crafty Corner EasyFlo Clear is clear amber for casting colored parts and cold cast bronze. You can use the Envirotex Lite, although it cures with a slight amber tint. View Product Add to Cart. It works on a one-to-one volume ratio, meaning equal volumes of both resin and hardener must be used together. It is an ultra clear, water white deep casting epoxy resin. Next. Use high quality clear casting resin products from brand manufacturers Our Glow in the dark products range from pebbles and rock, to pigments. It is the ideal product for clear casting resin for wood projects and is the perfect live edge river table epoxy resin. Clear Casting Resin – How to Achieve transparent Results If you do not want to color your casting resin, then for most applications it is desired that the casting resin hardens crystal clear. Poly-Optic ® 14-Series & 17-Series plastics are specifically designed for applications where optical clarity is a must. Product Description. It may be used for embedding botanical and zoological specimens, as well as advertising exhibits. NOW Through Cyber Monday 20% off all items. Clear casting and laminating resins are widely used for potting and encapsulating electrical components. Craft Resin (8) PoxyArt Casting XL (River Table Casting Resin) (4) PoxyPaste (1) HDPE Moulds (1) Gold Leaf Sheets (3) PoxyPigment (7) Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (49) Pinata Alcohol Inks (20) Glitter (17) Glow In The Dark Pigments (3) Wooden Blanks & Canvas Panels (6) Moulds (78) Silica Beads (2) Pendants and Jewellery (58) Recycled Glass (4) +27 (0) 31 713 0600 sharonri@ncsresins.com It can be poured as a thick coating over existing surfaces or into moulds made from silicone rubber and of course it can be poured into knot-holes, cavities and gaps between wood for furniture pieces like epoxy river tables. A low reactivity, orthophthalic, pre-accelerated, clear polyester casting resin suitable for numerous decorative casting applications, requiring good colour and high clarity. Resin casting on a professional level is more commonly seen in industries such as dental and prototypes. Once cured the Resin is UV Stable and can if needed be compounded back to a High Gloss Durable Finish. One to one mix ratio is fool proof and has a forgiving 40 minute work time; Use to coat tables and bars, encapsulate objects, cast figurines and jewelry, make resin paintings and more Tips for Casting Resin with really crystal clear Transparency. polyester resin is a low peak exothermic unsaturated polyester resin with good transparency, light color and high glossiness suitable for making; High Quality Artificial Marble, Onyx Marble, Clear Transparent Casting as well as being used in the process of Solid Surfacing. Coins, shells, rocks, dried flowers, butterflies and insects are just a few of the examples of embedment possibilities. The material is suitable for casting higher thickness items in single pour. Pourable Plastic Deep Pour Clear Casting Resin 1.5 Gallon Kit. $224.99. • A 1150 GP Laminating Resin • A 1160 LSE GP Resin . EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy.It’s ideal for casting small decorative items such as kitchen and bathroom knobs. View Product Add to Cart. Looking for a low cost resin? KZN Resins (Pty) Ltd was established in 1998 and has grown steadily from inception to become a significant producer and distributor of resins in South Africa. NOW Through Cyber Monday 20% off all items. Clear Cast Casting Resin is a 2 Part Epoxy Resin that can be used on Most surfaces. Epoxies generally out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation, which leads to their almost exclusive use in aircraft components. Click for important information. Epoxies differ from polyester resins in that they are cured by a ‘hardener’ rather than a catalyst. CCR Clear Casting Epoxy is a clear, UV-stabilized epoxy system designed specifically for casting, potting, and embedding applications. [below: an example of Poly-Optic casting (left) next to the original model (right)] In this article, we discuss three different methods for casting Poly-Optic ® 1411 Clear Casting Resin. As a laminating resin their increased adhesive properties and resistance to water degradation make these resins ideal for use in applications such as boat building. $124.99. This resin is suitable for a wide range of layer thicknesses making it very versatile, Clear, UV Stabilised (slow to yellow compared to non-stabilised resin but clear resin will eventually start to discolour outdoors). Vacuum or pressure is recommended to achieve 100% bubble free castings but minimal bubbles can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin. Clear Casting Polyester Resin – 5.15kg R 384.10 NCS 232 PA is a pre-accelerated, rigid polyester resin designed for the manufacture of good colour laminates or castings. UV PRO FORMULA Clear Coating Table Top Epoxy Our Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin is food-safe, in compliance with FDA regulations (CFR 21 175.300). It isn’t my first choice for artwork coating. Alumilite Clear is a crystal clear resin that is easy to use and great for a wide variety of clear casting applications. Color EasyCast with Castin’Craft opaque pigments for solid colors, transparent dyes for that colored … Clear Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Resin Kit - Art Resin Epoxy Clear 2 Part Epoxy Art Resin - Clear Casting Resin Jewelry Resin 16 Ounce Kit with Bonus Measuring Cups, Plastic Spreader and Wooden Sticks 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,845 # 1 Best Seller in Tile Epoxy Adhesives. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin for Casting- Plastic Spreader & Sticks Check Latest Price If you want to do a DIY project with resin, the main thing you have to make sure is to get the right casting resin. It is a perfect epoxy resin system for table top, river table, bar … When fully cured it is a hard solid which can be sawed, drilled, sanded and polished to give a high quality surface finish. Our clear epoxy resin is utilized for art and casting. Water-Clear, UV-Resistant Urethane Casting Resins. GlassCast is the UK's #1 brand in clear epoxy resin, trusted by thousands for makers for resin projects like flooring, countertops, bars, river tables, wood turning and more. In addition, Poly-Optic systems can be filled with metal, marble and many other fine powders to achieve myriad effects. For casting in thick layers between 15mm and 100mm thick. Learn how to work with Castin' Craft Clear Polyester Casting Resin. It is a significant advancement over most of the resins in use for doing deep casts such as river tables, embedments and deep casts. The products that we make touch the lives of millions of South Africans daily. While for some projects the casting resin is colored in a color of your choice, in most cases it should cure in an unaltered and crystal clear transparency. Two component modified epoxy system suitable for clear casting and coating applications. This is a great resin for producing low cost decorative parts and props. Crystal clear finish. Clear casting epoxy resin. Low color and low viscosity allow for bubble-free, crystal-clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications.
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