Here are a few Bullmastiff temperament traits you should know about: For such a large breed, the Bullmastiff is truly a gentle giant. Trainability. Colors: Colours:Fawn, brindle with markings on head. It developed on the country estates of the rich. Hypoallergenic: Yes. The Bullmastiff was bred to undertaken guarding work, and they still retain the temperament suited for that job.That means that they can be territorial and loyal dogs who will prevent intruders from coming into the home. They are highly obedient and listens to the commands of its master. While the Bullmastiff is a large dog it is not officially a ‘giant breed’. They also tend to be slightly sedentary, so they love to spend chill time with you. They are great at testing the authority of family members, so a strong assertive owner who will provide excellent training and socialization is a must. When he belongs to a human family, he becomes a companion but a fierce protector too, being a territorial dog. Bullmastiff Temperament. Temperament: Loyal, stubborn, fearless, confident, independent. While this might have some pros when it comes to their temperament, it can also bring some cons, especially when it comes to training. Personality: High spirited, very good temperament, level-headed attitude, alert, faithful, docile, intelligent, territorial, likes to lay about and can be stubborn. The resulting Pitbull, strong yet loyal and gentle, came to the United States with immigrants. The Bullmastiff is an alert, loyal and intelligent companion, that loves to jump over fences! These dogs tend to be … They seem impelled to stop intruders, yet are (or certainly should be) more than willing to accept those people accepted by their masters. They may appear large and powerful but they are extremely tender and gentle. Gamekeepers needed a dog that could hunt down a poacher, pin him to the ground, and wait patiently for a human authority to come. Temperament. Sep 9, 2015 - Bullmastiff personality: Brave, affectionate, loyal; will always have your back. The Bullmastiff is extremely powerful and can be an independent thinker. Bullmastiffs are described as courageous, lovable, friendly and affectionate. Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, courageous, active; Comparable Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Bullmastiff; New Search. This is largely due to the bullmastiff’s loyal, loving temperament. Personality Plays a Part. Best Answer. They are quite affectionate and friendly towards their family members and are also careful about small kids. Bullmastiffs are intensely loyal and do not like being left alone for extended periods of time. The American Bullmastiff Association describes Bullmastiffs as “possessive, territorial, loyal dogs with an innate sense of who does and who doesn’t belong on one’s property”. The Bullmastiff is known as being gentle giants with their loved ones and is incredibly loyal. They are possessive, territorial, loyal dogs with an innate sense of who does and who doesn’t belong on ones property. He is docile and affectionate and not naturally violent. I feel Bullmastiffs are the King of all breeds, and are treated that way in my home. I have learned so much about the breed, and we have been blessed with excellent litters. The Bullmastiff breed is one of the best Family guards of all time. Find out more about bullmastiff temperament and why one of these dogs makes a great addition to any family. General Health . Although remarkably loyal and affectionate, he can get aggressive when he detects any threat to him or his family. Bullmastiffs are the result of Bulldog and Mastiff crosses. Moreover, many people love the loyalty of this breed. | #WOOFipedia #WOOF The Bullmastiff … Today it is successful still in that guardian role but also in areas like tracking and police work. Bullmastiffs are known to be dogs of quite an independent personality. Bullmastiff doesn’t bark much and is also called “Silent Watchdog”. They’re not so energetic, but will always be a source of support when you need them. I have been breeding AKC Bullmastiffs since 2000. That said, they are also “fearless and confident, yet docile. The bullmastiff is an affectionate and brave breed. The Mastador is a great family dog with a tremendously friendly yet protective nature. Their stubborn temperament may cause issues especially when their agenda does not always mesh with yours. The Bullmastiff also was bred in England in the 19th century from the Bulldog. They’re very smart and confident and want to please their owners. So, it’s important to teach them the difference between invited and uninvited guests. They are quite loyal who would protect his family with the instinct of being the guardian of the home. The Bullmastiff with a proper temperament should not be aggressive and guardy all the time. These dogs can be stubborn and headstrong. And this is also true for bullmastiffs. He needs a firm master, who is confident and consistent with training. Both the English ... the English Mastiff and the Bullmastiff are similar in temperament; they are both sweet, loyal and protective of their family and they both have a whole lot of love to give! Temperament. Bullmastiffs were bred by mixing Bulldogs and Mastiffs in England. Bullmastiff dogs are loyal, trusting, and gentle giants that offer not only great companionship, but also intense protection. When people are choosing a dog breed, they often want to fit the temperament around their lifestyles and families. If you own a small car then the Bullmastiff is probably not the best dog for you. The lovely thing about this breed is that the dogs have a "live and let live" attitude. For all his family-oriented loyalty, the bullmastiff is no pushover. While they do have strong guarding instincts, they are less aggressive now than when they were first bred. Since they were bred to protect, this breed is also very brave. The Bullmastiffs are fairly calm and docile canines. When he belongs to a human family, he becomes a companion but a fierce protector too, being a territorial dog. The dog cared to his human family, particularly children, so a well-bred, well-socialized Bullmastiff is an excellent family dog.. The English Mastiff and Bullmastiff both have a gentle demeanor. It is therefore standoffish with strangers but extremely loyal and affectionate with its family. Besides, the boxer dog is very protective and loyal to their owners, so it would be great to teach them a few commands to utilize their skills. Click to learn more about lifestyle, grooming, etc. If you own a Bullmastiff, or if you are thinking about purchasing or adopting one, you might be wondering about the most common Bullmastiff temperament traits. Are bullmastiffs loyal? Personality. If you are specifically seeking out a dog who will quickly feel like a member of the family, then you may have just found your newest furry relative. They are strong willed creatures that need a strong individual to guide them. Facts. A Firm and Loving Owner Makes a Bullmastiff and Loyal Pet. Bullmastiffs are loyal , … Usually, independence in temperament equals stubbornness in training. They typically are good-natured, loving, and enjoy being around their family. IMPORTANT STATS. A Bullmastiff is a devoted dog that also is an alert guard, with a very calm and composed temperament. ... They’re fiercely loyal and loving pets and will defend family members against intruders.
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