Your guitar will be safe, sound, and snug in no time! And hopefully, our recommendations have set you off on the right foot. With a small size that makes it perfect for traveling, this guitar will also deliver a great tone that many will love. Our range includes premium brands such as Taylor Guitars, Maton and Cole Clark as well as a wide selection of … The Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar has a fu ll 24″ scale and guitar sized neck. Lock: having a lock on your guitar case will not offer much protection, as the locks are super simple. Whether you’re rough- or gentle-handed or whether you’re dashing through the rain to your next gig or flying overseas for a concert, you should now be able to tell what will make a good acoustic guitar case for you. Like the other cases in this series, it has a polyethylene outer shell, an injection molded carry handle, and a plush foam nest to hold the guitar in place. So I bought one specifically for travel. You’ve been told you have to buy an extra seat in order to bring your instrument aboard. So why not bring the Himalayas closer, instead, and listen to the voices of singing bowls?As with all spiritual objects, singing bowls are daunting to buy online. 5 Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar. The Gator GL Lightweight case is easily one of the best mass produced acoustic guitar cases. Faux fur and, in some more luxurious cases, velvet are popular options. Martin’s most popular travel-friendly guitar is the immediately identifiable Backpacker. Then we put them to the test! Also See: Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars For Your Money. This will usually mean the guitar has a significantly smaller body or weight, and they often boast creative solutions to common issues like tuning or storage. FREE Shipping. If you wouldn’t leave your pet in the car for the same length of time, don’t do it to your guitar. Hoffee carbon fiber cases for musical instruments. In those cases, there is no argument to be made and a guitar must be checked. 6) Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural) Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar is a travel guitar that comes in a full scale and guitar neck size. Try flying with an airline that will welcome your guitar as a carry on and in any case, call ahead to make sure to avoid any inconvenience when flying on smaller regional aircraft where in-cabin room is less available than on larger aircraft. In the same way that jumping from the thin neck of an Ibanez RG-style electric to a 50’s style Stratocaster neck may take a bit of readjustment in your technique, so too will the leap from a regular to certain travel-sized guitars. Gig bags are soft and are best for transporting your guitar on foot or in a car where there’s no chance of it being crushed by heavy equipment. However, others say that this case has great padding and fits Yamahas perfectly. If it’s a summer day, don’t leave your guitar sitting in a hot car for an extended period of time. Despite the smaller body, the Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe features a scale length of 25.5”, making the actual playing area larger than that of a standard Les Paul. We build all types of shipping cases, and custom packaging creates, custom box cases. Flight cases are also the only cases that are officialy approved for flying by the US Air Travel Security agency as well as all other agencies around the world. All suggestions are just that: Your mileage may vary. But the bag works for most others, who say it's great value for their money, providing plenty of room and a decent amount of padding. There are three main types of guitar cases ranging from barely protective to super strong. Not us. It is an honest review with no fees or favours received from VAG, or sought Choosing a guitar case can be nervewracking. The Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe is a relative example; to look at it, you can instantly see those famous Stratocaster outlines of the pickguard, the three single coil pickups and the control knobs. Acoustic, electric bass, electric guitar, ukelele, Interior Dimensions: 43" Length, 13.25" Wide Upper Bout, 17 " Wide Lower Bout, 5" Height, 4 pick sampler, neck and bridge padding, interior storage compartment, Adjustable shoulder straps, 3 handles, 2 exterior pouches, back hanger loop, Adjustable backpack straps, front storage pocket, two handles, Patented latch, ambient pressure release valve, waterproof, Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Cases in 2020 (Gator, Yamaha, and More). Top 10 Best Western Music History Books in 2020, Top 10 Best Kid's Musical Instruments in 2020. I posted a review of my travel guitar on the Voyage Air Guitar website. ...and the best electric guitar strings. Stay away from chipboard, which is basically thick cardboard. Downside: can’t be carried on. So, for instance, a guitar case 20 inches long, 15 inches wide and 10 inches high would have a total size of 45 linear inches. There are two major schools of thought when it comes to travel guitars. 8) YMC 4Inch Waterproof Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Acoustic Guitar Case This is a guitar case with strong performance that you can rightly describe as a steal for the price. It is made from injection-molded resin and equipped with. Simple! 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,779. CAHAYA Acoustic Guitar Bag with Neck Cradle Bohemian Vintage Guitar Case 0.65in Thick Sponge Padded Guitar Case for 40 41 42 Inch Acoustic Classical Guitars 4.8 out of 5 … Last time I checked, they didn't come with a guarantee, either. All rights reserved. It looks like a gig bag on the outside with its gracious pockets and straps, but when you open it up, the inside looks like a hardshell case, having a sturdy but plush foam … Some reviewers do say the bag is cheaply made and rather thin. These are the, Keep your guitar safe on the road with the. Choosing the one that's right for you could prove difficult.  Well luckily, our editors searched Japanese e-commerce sites like Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! - Standard hard guitar case . We've have done all the research for you. This is my first time doing this so I'm not quite sure how to. Whether it’s a short city trip or cross-country tour, a case will protect your instrument from the dings and scratches that can often occur when you’re on the road, and also gives you piece of mind that your instrument will arrive at its destination safe and secure. Often, they have quite striking aesthetic differences from regular guitars. If you’re flying, you’re going to want to have a flight case. It’s made from a, This flight case is built to really protect your guitar. Reviewers note that you absolutely need to check your guitar dimensions before buying this case, as it can be a tight fit. Additionally, Nylon strings may cost about $7-$10, whereas steel strings can be about $9-$12. CAHAYA Acoustic Guitar Bag with Neck Cradle Bohemian Vintage Guitar Case 0.65in Thick Sponge Padded Guitar Case for 40 41 42 Inch Acoustic Classical Guitars 4.8 out of 5 stars 222 $41.89 $ 41 . Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, It's also fairly well made, and, like the above, perfect for beginners. This is truly a travel guitar that is meant for the great outdoors, letting you play a 24.5" scale acoustic guitar at the hottest beaches to icy mountain tops. The Escape Mark III features tuning pegs within the body itself, which means it has no need for a headstock and is instead strung in reverse. But who’s got the time or money to fly to resorts, seclude themselves on a mountaintop, or make a pilgrimage to Tibet? In addition, it doesn't have a ton of padding, but just enough for safe transportation. A softshell guitar case is about $20-$80, hard-shell cases are $60-$300, guitar picks (ranging between $2-$4) and a guitar strap (that costs about $15-$100) may be included as additional costs. When I joined Sha-Na-Na in 2000, I was faced with the reality that I would be flying to 99 percent of the shows and would need to travel with my trusty axe as efficiently and easily as possible. But don’t think that gig bags aren’t protective. If you are looking for the best classical guitar case for air travel then you are at the end of your search. Price: $299/£299 | Type: Acoustic | Scale length: 24” | Body: Solid Spruce top, Solid Mahogany back and sides | Neck: Select Hardwood | Fingerboard: Select Hardwood | Bag included: Yes. Front pocket, small pocket, pocket organizer, backpack straps. The world of music is a vast one. Choosing a travel guitar doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on your needs. How can you know it’ll connect with you, that its sound will really soothe and heal? You can play an instrument, listen to pop, or even learn about the amazing world of developing jazz. Best Seller in Electric Guitar Bags & Cases. Made from wood with a 3/4-inch thick plush interior and fortified edges, it’s a solid case with great value. It features a mahogany body and solid spruce top as well as a rosewood fingerboard. Purchasing the right amplifier for your acoustic guitar is essential for getting the very best sound possible. Reviewers say the case is extremely sturdy with secure latches and just enough padding. The good thing is, most MONO cases will have no problems fitting in the overhead compartments. Top 10 Best Singing Bowls in 2020 (Silent Mind, the Ohm Store, and More). It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. There are a lot of neckband earphones out there on the market, everything from big name manufacturers like Sony and Bose to more affordable entry-level products. The airline allows you to travel with a guitar as a carry-on or checked baggage but depending on the shape and size. ... Gator Cases Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case for Acoustic Guitars (GW-JM-DREAD) 4.5 out of 5 stars 210. It has a net weight of 5 pounds and is impact-resistant. It’s flimsy–and in most cases, lacks padding. Loosen the Strings. We stock an extensive range of guitar bags & cases to keep your instrument in pristine condition. Originally launched in 1992, the Martin Backpacker has carved itself a nice niche in the world of travel guitars, and its exceptional build quality means it will last for many more years to come. Is weight a consideration for you? LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar with Effects 36 Inch Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar with Bag Picks and Charging Cable (Freeboost-Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 21 £699.00 £ 699 . It’s a tough call, but it’s not impossible. If the more outlandish styles of travel guitar aren’t for you, maybe the Baby Taylor will be. 335 semi-hollow, bass, classical, dreadnought, electric, Les Paul, SG, TSA approved locking latch, neck cradle, accessory storage compartment. Blended fabric, rubber, foam, micro-fleece, Acoustic, bass, concert ukelele, electric, soprano ukelele, tenor ukelele, Adjustable and removable lining, backpack straps. Hardshell Acoustic Guitar Case for Yamaha A1 Series, F Series, FG Series, FGX Series, FJX Series, CPX Series, LJ Series, LL, and Other Similar Acoustic Guitars - Black $ 79 .99 Or $3 /month § for 36 months i It is light as air but strong as steel. 1 List of Top 14 Best Acoustic Guitar in 2020. If you bike or need to move around quickly, many also come with backpack-styled straps, which leave your hands completely free. Our top pick for the best acoustic guitar right now is the Martin D-28 Reimagined, closely followed by the Taylor Builder's Edition V-Class K14CE • The 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000 You’ve argued with airline personnel at the ticket counter about your right to carry your guitar onto the plane, no extra baggage fee required. … Originally launched in 1992, the Martin Backpacker has carved itself a nice niche in the world of travel guitars, and its exceptional build quality means it will last for many more years to come. It's just not worth it to me to spend $1100 on a case that is evidently not going to protect my instrument 100% of the time. 7 great options for practicing your guitar wherever you are. Plush, fluffy lining is generally cheaper and offers the best protection for preventing scratches. Shopping for the 9 most popular neckband earphones out there. You’re here because you want a real guitar that travels how, and where you do! In general, here are some things to consider when choosing a custom guitar case or ukulele case: How will you be using it? © So, you’re going to want, Synthetic materials like nylon are not only stronger and more resilient than natural materials, but they are also more likely to be, Traditionally, hard cases are made from wood, and for good reason! Sure, FAA rules governing carry-on instrument cases are relaxing, but better safe than sorry in case your guitar is placed in the hands of the baggage experts. Read the full Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe review, An inexpensive option for electric players, Price: $169/£129/€169 | Type: Electric | Scale length: 24.7” | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Bag included: Yes. They can save your instrument from a fall, a dropped piece of equipment, or a spilled drink. 4. Most guitar cases aren’t just things to wrap your guitar in—they can come with other features, too. $226.99 $ 226. 1. For those who appreciate a little extra, this case also comes with a, This gig bag may seem cheap, but it’s sure to surprise you with how well it’s built. What your case is made from is nearly as important as the kind of case you choose, as the better the material, the better protected your guitar will be. In any case, you’d be hard-pressed to find any kinds of fabric or velvet that would harm or otherwise alter your guitar’s finish. Reviewers do think that the bag can be a bit heavy, but the protection it offers is enough to satisfy any guitar player. Sure, it’s not going to win any awards for tone, and you’re unlikely to see them used on album-of-the-year contenders, but as an inexpensive way to add a bit of portability to your line-up the Hofner Shorty is well worth consideration. Gig bags will normally have shoulder straps for easy carrying. The amps are rated by our researchers and current customers. Option 2 - Buy youself a coffin case with additional combination locks - Detune the guitar. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Thankfully, there is a solution and it comes in the (often altered) shape of the best travel guitars in this list. The Taylor GS Mini was launched in 2011 and bridged the gap between travel guitars and fully-fledged workhorse acoustics wonderfully. This bag has a fully synthetic outer and, This hard case is tougher than it seems. Backpack straps: if you travel with your guitar on public transportation, or you have to walk a lot, look for soft shell guitar cases equipped with padded backpack straps. ... Crossrock CRF1000DNVBL Fiberglass Acoustic Guitar Case Hardshell- Backpack Style for 40"/41" Dreadnought in Navy Blue. I used to use the hard case that came with my guitar (Taylors come with their own case), but I found that it got far too banged up and was a bit too bulky. 98. Even if you are an absolute beginner, this guide will help you decide which one to pick. The narrow neck improves playability for electric guitar players moving to an acoustic instrument. The onboard electronics are both extensive and useful too, with an under-saddle Shadow NanoFlex piezo system, tuner, aux-in and headphone out making for quite a comprehensive setup for the traveling player. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,779. Standard-sized guitars can be, as we know, too large, too heavy or too delicate to carry around for long stretches, so travel guitars offer a specialist tool for those specific situations. Whatever you're looking for, we have you covered with buying guides that can help you choose the best product for your purposes. More modern, slightly higher-end gig bags can have, If you know your guitar will be with other equipment in the trunk of a car or if others will be transporting it for you, then you’re going to need a little more protection. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at When you’re traveling from venue to venue, having a case for your acoustic guitar is a must. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Protect your guitar with a hard guitar case from Artist Guitars. Acoustic Guitar Case, electric guitar case, Airline Flight Travel case, Shipping Cases, All custom made cases. Or, indeed, your wallet. 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginners (2020) Accessories / Sometimes you just need to stop whatever you are doing and let your heart flow with the music you make. It has four pockets for ample storage and can even hold a 13-inch laptop. More modern, slightly higher-end gig bags can have neck cradles and impact panels just like hard cases. Does feel strange folding up your guitar at first…, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Buyers' guides to all the best music gear, best cheap acoustic guitars for under $/£500, Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis from SampleRadar, The 10 best pianos 2020: top acoustic and digital pianos for home, studio and stage, The best DAWs 2020: the best digital audio workstations for PC and Mac, 8 best keyboards for beginners and kids 2020: Start playing today with these top beginner keyboards, 11 best laptops for music production 2020: portable computers for musicians, producers and DJs, Shure’s SM57 is the best-selling microphone of 2020 says, Reverb, Shlohmo: "I kind of see myself as a graphic designer who uses Ableton", 5 songs guitarists need to hear by… Eric Clapton (that aren't Layla), Tom Morello: "I've been accused countless times of using a ton of effects - but I've used the same four pedals for the last 30 years", Want something even smaller? The no-compromise folding guitar, as seen on Shark Tank, is road-tested, and the choice for traveling guitarists around the globe! Let’s face it, guitars … Richard asks… Air travel with acoustic guitar? On the inside, there’s a strap to hold your guitar’s neck in place to prevent any damage from movement. You’ve been told you have to buy an extra seat in order to bring your instrument aboard. It has lasted through bumpy United Airline flights while stored in carry on luggage compartments. Essentially, a travel guitar is a guitar designed with portability and mobility as its key function. 1.1 #1 Martin Standard Series D-28 Dreadnought : Best Acoustic Guitar; 1.2 #2 Taylor Builder’s Edition V-Class K14CE :- Best Acoustic Guitar; 1.3 #3 Yamaha A-Series A5R Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar; 1.4 #4 Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic Guitar; 1.5 #5 Guild D-55 Acoustic Guitar Natural NB: If you have a guitar larger than a parlor, then click over to the Gearank guide: The Best Acoustic Guitar Cases & Gig Bags.
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