The lack of ergonomic features and poor viewing angle make it an okay choice for office use. Prime. GN246HL 1920x1080 @144 Hz resolution There are several requirements needed to run this monitor at 1920x1080 resolution at 144 Hz: Make sure your video card supports the … The Acer GN246HL is a decent monitor for mixed usage. Exhilarating Full HD 3D imagery leaps to life on the Acer GN Series monitors. Press the MENU key to open the OSD. ACER GN246HL bad? These 24" LED monitors deliver brighter Full HD 3D content via PC DVI-DL to intensify games and completely immerse you. Just got an Acer GN246hl 144hz Monitor, need help adjusting colors. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 4, 2010. 1,629 Posts . The Acer GN246HLBbid is best suited for casual gaming. Adjusting the OSD settings Note: The following content is for general reference only. The OSD can be used for adjusting the settings of your LCD Monitor. The Acer G246HL Abd showcases a 24" Widescreen LCD with impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution. For whatever reason most manufacturer’s monitors out of the box are horribly calibrated including the Acer XF240H and KG240. ... but a 2.3 setting would have been best. These are the settings that I found online that I have had the most success with on my Acer XF240H. Question Acer GN246HL Not Running at 144Hz: Question Dual Monitor Issues - Acer GN246HL to HP w2558hc: Question Acer GN246HL with RX 580 8gb: Question Acer GN246HL Black Screen (but only after a while?) Today's best Acer XFA240 deals. Prime. Troubleshooting. Acer GN246HL Review. Acer XFA240 24" Gaming G-SYNC... Amazon. I was on a budget looking for a 144hz 1080p monitor and bought the GN246HL for $170. $199.99. The Acer GN246HL 144Hz Gaming Monitor can often be grabbed for as long as $199.99, but like a lot of PC hardware prices vary depending on where you … I try calling them and searching the web but there is no answer to fix this problem. Acer Store: 24" 3D Monitor - GN246HL | Acer Question Is there an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter that will support 144hz for the Acer GN246HL? I got few questions. The monitor comes with a 144Hz Refresh Rate. Actual product specifications may vary. You can use the OSD to adjust the picture quality, OSD position and general settings. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming... Amazon. Oustanding performance, eco-friendliness and smart use of energy complement the sleek design - all while staying well within budget. Acer G-Series monitors sport a super-slim profile with an X-shaped stand that lets them fit nicely in spaces of any size. The Acer GN246HL is a 24-Inch 3D Gaming Display. It has a poor contrast ratio and poor black uniformity, and is best suited for a medium lit room without much glare. Recently I made a purchase for the ACER GN246HL which runs on 144Hz while using DVI Dual link ports/cable that is. Like the title says, I just received that monitor today and would like some help adjusting … The settings I ended up using should work on both the Acer XF240H and the KG240 as I believe they are both the same panel. Also, it has been introduced as one of the definitive options for any gaming fan. Also, the Acer GN246HL gaming monitor is undoubtedly one of the best … The problem is that it would only run on 60hz even with the DVI dual link cable.
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