Pick one: newt: newt: minho: minho: alby: alby: teresa: teresa: is the choice you want missing? Now they were positioned with their faces just an inch away, not sure what just happened or what to do now. He looks behind him and sees Ava Paige. Newt is willing to put his heart on the line for this guy but does he feel the same way or will Newt's heart be... #fan-fiction #newt #newtmas #themazerunner #thomas Summary: Thomas and Newt are employees of Maze Co. Newt is being forced to participate in a company e-pal initiative and Thomas is joining up with excitement to spare. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He knows he’s there though. Newt looks sullenly at the lab. He reaches forward and brings Thomas to him, crushing their lips together into kiss that was similar to one they will never remember sharing. He doesn’t know what he would do if Thomas died. part i / part iii The nickname slips out of his mouth like so many other times. The fear of drowning grew stronger as the water reaches his neck. The WICKED uniform Thomas wore burned and sickened him, but he wraps his arms around Thomas anyway, the same time Thomas does the same to him. Stay awake!” Newt shouts. Who decorates the tree, who brings the present and what is t... 10 Things from which we tend to have too many. Oct 14, 2018 - Explore Emily Chaney's board "newt" on Pinterest. In the Scorch Trials film, the Gladers take refuge in a warehouse outside the city during the storm in the Scorch. WICKED’s workers scrambled about to make sure everything was running smoothly as always. The thought of the chance of this little intimate action never repeating overwhelms his mind, and just like that he breaks. In the beginning of the movie, Thomas wakes up in a underground service elevator with no memory. Newt looks back at Ava and nods his head even though he knows it wasn’t much of a question. He wanted out. You know you have an important task to do. Newt leads him to the courtyard and breaks out into a run. They were best friends after all. Newt finds it hard to focus on his friend. I should have known that Y/N would end up with Thomas eventually. Fan Forum > Archived Forums > The Maze Runner > Thomas & Newt #11: Because ever since Thomas had entered the Maze, Newt had been there for him. and 94 more users All he knew is that it felt special like he was always going to be the only one to call him that. The pins and needles were replaced by butterflies, and a shot of adrenaline shot through the blondes body. Thomas follows Newt, tiptoeing amongst the other sleeping boys. The corresponding screams from Thomas were barely heard. His hands were clenched and trembling. I can’t believe I did that. Newt watches her go and wishes that he could do something to her before he goes. Thomas was there and he wasn’t even looking at him. He looks down at Thomas and finds him with a look of sadness and rejection on his face. Did… did what we had mean absolutely nothing! Both of their hands were shaking and the tension was so high. Just keep your eyes open for me,” Newt urges. He desperately wanted sleep. Work Search: ... “I don’t think there is a right or wrong anymore,” Thomas said, hearing the numbness in his own voice. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, Prompt: Can you do a prompt that's like one of those "5 times newt kisses Thomas" things that ends with please tommy please, I'm so sorry this is so late! While they don't get on at first TheGlue and Padawan become close friends while Newt and Thomas share a … Newt closed his eyes and leaned more in almost touching your lips. “Newt..” Thomas squeaks out, tears streaming down his cheeks. He knew it had something to do with Thomas though, and he wished his mind wasn’t so messed up. “Don’t be a coward! Then you have already admired how ... 10 Things you know if you are a commuter. Can’t you do this one thing for me? While the group panics and huddles closer, Brenda appears from a room off to the side, chuckling that the group alerted their presence, thanks to their "watch dogs". He felt even emptier as he watches the berg fly off. He gives out a small whimper as the water rises over his mouth and close to his nose. He grazes a finger along Thomas’s cheek lightly and a jolt shoots up his spine when he sees Thomas close his eyes. Even with the cranks.
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