Source(s) Soon after arriving in the Glade, Thomas makes both friends and enemies and proves a leader among the boys. Before the role, he … Thomas is a protagonist because he did help to create the maze but now they had tried to erase his memory and sent him into the maze to try to solve it. Minho explains to Thomas that they have no chance of survival. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and the main antagonist of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. While exploring the Maze Alby is stung by a Griever. Dylan O'Brien made the leap from TV sidekick to action star when he signed on to lead 2014's The Maze Runner as the mysterious Thomas. In the book the Gladers have the Grief Serum the entire time and Gally was stung before Thomas arrived. Thomas sees them and races out into the Maze to help, breaking a cardinal rule. He finds himself trapped outside in the Maze with them. Thomas was wearing expensive clothing unlike an other Newbie's. He has thought that he should have always been one and he thought he had been to the glade before. He was the highest-ranking official in the organization WICKED under Chancellor Ava Paige's command. He initially appeared to want to help Thomas, before his true allegiances are revealed. He had seen Thomas before when Gally was going through the Changing. Minho attempts to get him back into the Glade before the walls close but they are not going to make it. In The Maze Runner, Thomas tells us why the characters are named what they are named. But he only gave three examples... Newt-Issac Newton, Alby-Albert Einstein, and Thomas-Edison. By the end of the book he has a sense of identity and purpose that he never had before. Minho runs off in to the Maze to distract the oncoming Grievers while Thomas and Alby climb up a wall of the Maze. Maze's self-titled debut album was released by Capitol in 1977; that album (which contains the hits "Happy Feelin's," "While I'm Alone," and "Lady of Magic") went gold and earned Maze an extremely devoted following. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). Thomas eventually becomes a runner. Thomas proves to be brave, loyal, and clever, with isolated telepathic powers and a very limited memory of previous knowledge of the Maze. Thomas states that Newt’s name is from Isaac Newt, Thomas for Thomas Edison, Alby for Albert Einstein and etc. Thomas had somehow known Gally's name … But, a Griever follows them up the wall. Minho comes back, and with Thomas's … The band's 1977 lineup consisted of Beverly on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Wayne Thomas on lead guitar, Sam Porter on keyboards, Ronald "Roame" Loary and McKinley "Bug" … Since Thomas says in the first book that all the children were named after scientists, we assume so. Thomas is a very curious character in this book. The The Maze Runner quotes below are all either spoken by Chuck or refer to Chuck.
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