Sweating rate and sweat sodium concentration in athletes: A review of methodology and intra/interindividual variability. Bananas are a classic staple of post-run diets. It is a good idea to consume a high-carbohydrate meal as soon as tolerable to jump-start the refueling process. Your body has been strained and taxed and has given its all. It’s a good source of plant-based protein, providing nearly 8 grams per 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving (8). “The body repairs itself best when at rest during REM [rapid eye movement] cycles,” Bales says. So, you see, it is important and necessary that you consume protein and carbs after running. After a short run of less than 45 minutes or so, what you eat is not too important. Protein helps to rebuild muscle, so is particularly important after a long run to repair damaged tissue and stimulate the development of new tissue. If you are out for a long run, eat a small carb-based snack 30 minutes before and drink some more water. When you run for longer than 60 minutes, stored muscle glycogen gets depleted. You can enjoy watermelon by itself or add it to other dishes like salads for a more filling dish. That means you can eat your normal meals throughout the day, just like you mentioned. While they can contain as much or as little food as you would like, they should have plenty of carbs and protein to kick-start the recovery process and replenish your energy stores. What to Eat During Long Runs. After a long run, however, a sports drink can provide the added benefit of replenishing glycogen and electrolytes. You can eat a small salad with it for nutrients, but not a ton of fiber Lycopene in the tomato sauce is super healthy Pineapple for you Hawaiian lovers is great for digestion Keep the serving REASONABLE and this is an easy to digest meal Containing 91% water by weight, watermelon can also help you rehydrate after your run (7). To make it easier to calculate post-workout carbohydrate and protein intake, look for bars with at least a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Here's how to effectively refuel after a run, maximize the benefits of each run, and get ready for the next. Chocolate milk and endurance exercise recovery: Protein balance, glycogen, and performance, The effects of increased protein intake on fullness: A meta-analysis and its limitations, Influence of ginger and cinnamon intake on inflammation and muscle soreness endued by exercise in Iranian female athletes, Alcohol ingestion impairs maximal post-exercise rates of myofibrillar protein synthesis following a single bout of concurrent training, Short-term recovery from prolonged exercise: Exploring the potential for protein ingestion to accentuate the benefits of carbohydrate supplements, American College of Sports Medicine position stand: Exercise and fluid replacement, 3 ounces of chicken or turkey breast (21g protein), 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese or nonfat Greek yogurt (21g protein), 1 cup cooked whole-grain pasta (40g carbohydrate), 1 slice whole-wheat bread (12g carbohydrate), A serving of fruit and/or vegetables (carb counts will vary depending on type and size), 1/2 a bagel with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, One banana with plain Greek yogurt (straight up or blended). PMID:23717759, Parr EB, Camera DM, Areta JL, et al. What to Eat After a Long Run. It's ideal to eat soon after you end your run—particularly if it was an intense one. Recovery ... Long Run: Tempo Run: VO2 Max: Pace: 1-2 minutes slower than my ½ marathon pace: Sometimes easy run pace, sometimes faster running included: Between marathon and 10k pace: Between 5k and 1 mile pace % Max HR: 60-70%: 75-85%: 85-90%: 95-100%: Example: 4-10 miles: 10-20 … ): High in carbs, but keep the serving size reasonable; Salmon: High protein, anti-inflammatory food that’s easy to digest; Sweet Potato: Carbs, and some of the best carbs for runners; Basic Chicken: Simple, packed with nutrients, protein, carbs, and fat; Grilled Vegetables: Nutrients without a huge amount of fiber; It comes dow The best practice is to listen to your body. There is no right or wrong way to pair muscle groups for a strength workout, but some pairings make a bit more sense. You go overboard on the protein. Allow your legs some time to cool down by walking a short distance before stopping movement all together. But is it real? 2007;39(2):377-90. doi:10.1249/mss.0b013e31802ca597, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. Being short on time is no excuse for skimping on your recovery nutrition. After a workout, it’s important to replenish carbs and protein in particular. Everyone has different levels of comfort regarding eating around training, so it’s important to trial what works best for you.
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