Leader burnout is a product of being overwhelmed by the workload, the frustrations, the stress, and the time demands of the position, multiplied by the number of years spent in it. Teacher as a practitioner The common understanding of being a teacher, is a person who has mastered his skills and is ‘transferring’ his knowledge to students. Your email address will not be published. Teacher as a leader essay in working capital management question paper. Other characteristics include: listening receptively to what others have to say, accepting others and having empathy for them, foresight and intuition, awareness and perception, highly developed powers of persuasion, an ability to conceptualize and to communicate concepts as well as establish goals, empowering people, using multiple options thinking, and being passionate about what they are teaching. One of the most effective strategies for the teacher as a leader in the classroom can be the ability to listen. The teacher is primarily a mentor and role model for students. Being a part of the teaching profession is the desire to be a lifelong learner. There are a lot of examples of managers who were not the leaders of their departments. The methods which were used by the teacher can not be characterized as very different; they used the leadership style which was based on the punishment and fear. 1. The power of their leadership stems from … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This essay reviews some of the current literature related to effective leadership in education with a special focus on Marzano’s research on leadership “that works” (2005). The delegating style involves giving students the power to solve problems and make decisions themselves, without checking with the teacher in most circumstances. Terms & Conditions. It must be taken into account that this is a crucial moment in the learning process, as if the student does not feel the support from the teacher, does not feel free to share the difficulties which he or she faces, in this case, the role of the teacher is overestimated (Bond). Also, I feel that beyond the regular courses that teachers take they should be shown how to develop their leadership skills. In today’s society, the school educational system had changed, and the role of the teacher had changed too. A true leader inspires others to become better, so the aspect of communication with students is very important for the teacher, as this helps to establish contact and understand which students need to be given more attention. It will help the students to relax and to reduce the tension so that they will perceive the information in the more efficient way (Margolis). It is important to consider another approach to leadership strategy, which is not built on trust, but on submission. This simply stated is the teacher giving a problem, minimal instructions, and expecting the student to find the solution. But there is much more to being a teacher. The direction is the steps we are going to take to get to that important purpose. Essay. Only people who are completely sure that this profession is their vocation can claim to become a teacher. Order custom writing paper now! It is important to note that this process of adopting new strategies can be stressful for students, so the role of the teacher as a leader includes the framing and explaining these innovations to the class (Margolis). Having these combined with the right approach; purpose, direction, and motivation are the key to effective teaching and leading. Bosses, shepherds, captains, and chefs – all of them are leaders in particular spheres. Peter Drucker said that “the only definition of a leader is someone who has followers” (Kruse). After all, a real leader leads people behind him and does not unite them against himself. Essay If I were a Leader. Teacher leaders like Clarissa both model and cultivate professional improvement. Each teacher candidate will complete a Teacher as Leader Essay (TLE) that documents the following: 1) leadership in the school, 2) professional development, and 3) collaboration with families. My mission as a teacher is to raise up students who will become future leaders by instilling Christ-centered morals so that they can create for us a better future. In front of the classroom, who is looked at more than a teacher is All of these factors combine to make a somewhat effective teacher or leader, but without the right combination of teaching the leadership will be ineffective. To become an effective teacher you must learn when, to what degree, and how to use this approach. The teacher has to represent himself or herself as the person who also continues to learn with his or her students (Schwartz). Now this can be done effectively with students who have an innate interest in the subject but for the majority of those who have no choice but to take this class this becomes boring. One thing remains constant: teachers should be leaders who are worthy of respect and trust. Motivation is not just the words you say to your students, it is the actions that you do and the example you set for them. One of the most effective strategies is the creation of trust in the classroom, as well as an individual approach to each student. I will constantly reflect on myself, to overcome my weaknesses. As a leader and teacher, we have to learn and teach from all angles. This approach is best used when you have students with a conglomeration of experiences, knowledge, motivations, and maturity. The most effective teaching style is the combined approach. Psychology, being a parent, I have learned that what you as a leader or teacher bring to your students or audience is imperative to their development and learning. Get an essay like this only for $16.70/page, Instantly find great topics for your essay, Leadership Essay Example: Strategies for Teacher’s Leadership. Communication between the teacher and the class will take place mainly in the form of lectures. In finding resources for this paper it was interesting to note that all the information fell under the category of leadership and not teacher qualities. If this is done properly it will be a teacher’s strongest tool! Also, the teacher as a leader gives an inspired example of the person who can be followed by other people, and the person who can be an authority for the individuals during their learning processes. Each teacher candidate enrolled in internship or student teaching will complete the The Importance Of Teaching And Learning As A Teacher 977 Words | 4 Pages. It must be taken into account that the teacher’s ability to be a true leader can make a learning process easier for the students, as the teacher can influence the student’s self-esteem. On the example of the education system in Finland, one can see which leadership strategy for teachers is most effective.
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