Stay away at all costs! This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Though one credit card application won’t likely destroy your credit, it can have an effect on your score for up to two years. They never lower my card balance and I had a family emergency one time and they were great to work with. My card was a store card. They lie to the credit bureau on your account status, and close your accounts immediately once you pay off your balance. We have even had charges on cards that have not been activated. NO THANKS to “Synchrony”, my Credit Score is now BELOW 400. The rewards rate for the Verizon Visa card is quite strong, offering 4% back on gas and grocery purchases, 3% back on dining purchases, 2% back on Verizon purchases (including your phone bill), and 1% back on all other purchases. If you ignore this, you’ll be demonstrating that you’re a consumer who really needs the bulk of their limit, which is a worrying sign to the banks! The Amazon Prime Store Card offers 5% cash-back on all purchases on Amazon. Everything must be settled through some arbitrator, BS! I never even got a warning. I spend hours in the store. Enter the code on the next screen. Which by the way, I had a November balance that was $14.15, they could have paid off one more November expiration! More recently my JC Penney card which I had for 30 years! Each Verizon dollar is equivalent to $1 in value, and there are no caps on earning or expiration dates. The content featured on has not been provided by the credit card companies mentioned. All other purchases earn 1% cash-back. All while issuing me a different card. Unlike American Express and Discover that took it on themselves to lower my credit limit and put the account at 80% utilization. The lower, the better! While checking your credit score online from a service like Credit Karma is considered a soft credit pull and doesn’t affect your credit, a hard pull from a lender will. They have been getting my business every since. Nancy – you’ll be able to withdraw cash from a credit card using via an ATM but I would NEVER do this. In these cases, you can never let your credit score rise. I called them back and they said oh well and refused to verify this by pulling my credit again. Synchrony is NOT good. Count me in on the class-action lawsuit. Synchrony bank cannot be reached. They said I had too many cards with high balances. Care For Your Car:From routine gas fill-ups to car washes and unexpected repairs on your autos, the Synchrony Car Care™ credit card is a no annual fee card that offers 6 months promotional financing on purchases of $199 or more (terms apply). Synchrony Bank just canceled my Lowe’s card because I fell a payment behind on my Sams Club. I don’t know what is going on with Synchrony. She decided she didn’t like them all. If you’ve applied for a retail card with one of the brands above, it could be the culprit of the SYNCB hard inquiry on your report. All these horror stories I am reading above, I simply cannot relate to! I called to find out why- and they said that I would get a letter. I will be paying them all off and finding a different card that rewards for on time payments and paying off early like it’s supposed to be. It was $787 and some change and they never would take it off my bill. I did some research on this topic because I had heard there was a change as well. My TJMAXX/Marshall’s/Home Depot cards have paid off for months, my GAP card had automatic payments so never late and paid off for 5 months. I have NEVER SHOPPED at JCPenny’s since. The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use of the TJX Rewards® credit card. While Synchrony Bank does not have a “Shopping Cart Trick” like Comenity Bank credit cards to make approvals much easier, they are still considered a bank that is more likely to approve applicants. I had to pay or ruin my credit. Never late…and all of a sudden they cancelled one of my cards due to something they didn’t like in my credit report. One card for almost 8 years. They let me skip a payment and the next month I paid my bill as usual and never had any issues. A credit card from Synchrony Bank will operate on the Visa or MasterCard network as signified on the card. You may see SYNCB/CARECR on your credit report if you have the CareCredit Card … It seem as if they had forgotten me. Every month they change my minimum due on a plan that my payments are supposed to fixed. So they closed a different one. I received a letter stating they closed my Lumber Liquidators credit card again for bogus reasons listed and I had a zero balance on the card. Amazon is regularly one of the quarterly bonus categories for cards such as the Chase Freedom®. See how a big purchase can fit your budget with manageable monthly payments. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one with these issues with this company. Though the name SYNCB is foreign to most people when they encounter it on their credit report, it represents a popular national online bank, Synchrony. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. Cardholders who earn at least 5,000 Reward Points (not including bonuses) in a calendar year will be upgraded to the Luxe version of the card. After investing, a mini while I’m on the phone, with two account managers later, is realized I made two payments so my bank sent one payment back.’s staff of editorial writers have spent hundreds of hours conducting research, interviewing industry experts, and reviewing the products and services out there to help inform and educate our readers. I am seriously thinking about bringing a lawsuit against them since they did that and they let a shyster get stuff on my card back in 2015 and never did anything about that either. How do I link all accounts together on one site to keep track of them? I just recently had my 0 balance card closed with no explanation. I get more credit card increases than any other carrier (Capital One, Discover, American Express, Citibank, etc.). PayPal Credit is a line of credit that PayPal account holders can apply for. Everything went back, but now I owe far more than before I ordered. I was mailed a promotion and I signed up for it. My choice and my choice alone! Several of the cards had a zero balance too. This card doesn’t have foreign transaction fees, so the 1.5X miles per dollar could be useful when traveling abroad. They are money grubbing POS. The key to disputing an entry on your credit report is to act quickly as you have 30 days to seek validation for an entry on your credit report. I totally agree! I totally agree with you. I had to reopen one, from now I can just make a medication purchase to never let it close again. I have a HH GREG card, and you keep sending me promotions . Synchrony Bank is by the worst company I have ever had to deal with! We have had too many problems with our Sam’s card and keep having to replace them due to fraudulent charges. The card comes with a larger sign-up bonus than you’ll generally find with any Synchrony credit card, and it has a $95 annual fee that is not waived the first year. It can be used anywhere that accepts these payment networks. I let them know how I feel because it negatively affected my credit. I have had synchrony bank for other accounts and all paid for with no issues . For your security, you will be logged out in 1 minute due to inactivity. I just bought it like less than 6 months ago so of course the balance owed on my house was high. Also, keep your oldest credit card open since the length of your opened accounts is an important part of building a foundation for your credit score. This situation is absurd. When it comes to earning miles and points for travel, Synchrony Banks has almost nothing to offer. It is laughable! Required fields are marked *. Oh and btw…They had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to keep my Amazon Prime??? With regards to my Walmart Gas Card. They closed my account, I was not behind on any payment, on auto pay from day one, they increased my CL twice without me asking, them boom closed account out of the blue! Two of them had a zero balance. Worst company ever! I never had a problem with them. All other Synchrony has been a fight over getting cheated and they never fix it. Rest assured you will see, if you are smart, get out before things start happening to you!! This dropped my credit score! A CareCredit card is an actual credit card. Synchrony is NOT a waste of time….you are incorrect. Banana Republic is a clothing retailer that’s part of the Gap brand family that also includes Gap, Old Navy, Intermix, and Athleta. I have had no problems yet and I am going pay on time and keep my usage below 30%. Yes! Wow! This happened with my Walmart Gas Card and JCPenny card. Until they close all your accounts for no reason. They also charged me for a trailer that never left their lot. I busted my butt to always pay Synchrony and they screwed me over big time. It is my understanding that medical bills can’t be listed on your report. I had zero interest for 48 months with Rooms To Go (limit $8,000) and Zero interest for 24 months with Ashley Furniture (limit $6000). I’ve had several occasions where they’ve pulled the money out after 9 PM, and the drafts do a hard post to your bank account that night. I had just paid off in full two other accounts with them. We need the Attorney General on them and to start a petition against this bank. My trouble started with Synchrony Bank as soon as I bought my home. Your Amazon Store Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. Once, when I accidentally missed a payment on Amazon, they simply waived the fee — that was it. All of a sudden my payment method doesn’t work, and although they “appreciate my weekly payments” that cover the monthly balance and then some…it’s not enough to avoid the late fee. This bank treats you with disrespect on every level even if you pay them on time. The company does not work with their customers even with a zero balance paid they screw your credit up by posting false reports. These people are a rip off . All of them have no interest payment options which is what I always use and pay way before the promotional period is over. They said even though I never had any problems with their credit cards I was now a risk to them. So I have them staggered. They are RIDICULOUS!!! Many of mine had zero balances, high credit limits. Every month I spend hours on the phone with them. They told me they could not make outside calls. We recommend the The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card which doesn’t require a credit check and is a solid option for those looking to boost their credit score. I am so disappointed. Someone needs to look into this banks procedures when it comes to protecting our data. To my dismay, I learned that Synchrony charged off my account to a company named Midland Credit Management who is now suing me for non payment. I am in a credit group on Facebook and the post in regards to this bank are always the same horrible! Both cards earn 5X points per dollar at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post stores, while the Mastercard also earns 1X points per dollar on purchases at other merchants. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive compensation. Synchrony Bank offers a co-branded airline card with Cathay Pacific and their co-branded Banana Republic card has been particularly popular as well. Synchrony needs to take a good look at the definition of customer service and loyalty. Any idea of how I should proceed? I had zero balance and always made my payments. To qualify for 9 months of no interest, your purchase must be between $1,000 and $1,499.99. The 24- and 48-month plans have minimum purchase requirements, but the purchase may still be completed online or in-store. Ridiculous! Please advise. Just because you pay every Friday, does not mean you’re hitting the minimum payment by the due date. I’m expecting to see my paypal card which I paid off two months early to be cancelled when they take over in July. The goal is to pay off your statement every month. I’ve never had a problem with them lowering any of my credit limits. (like the IRS). Synchrony Bank is a consumer financial services company that provides over 120 credit cards and store branded cards. I did, however, get a letter for each account that was lowered. They took them away. They closed my JCPenney Account in April and I JUST got the notice today! They lowered my card twice although it was paid and then just closed the account without any fair warning. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. I have paid all my cards on time and they still closed some of my accounts and dropped the credit amount.
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