On the day of the funeral Peter addressed to Alexius a stern letter of warning and remonstrance, urging him no longer to resemble the slothful servant in the parable, and threatening to cut him off, as though he were a gangrenous swelling, if he did not acquiesce in his father's plans. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The door flew open before she could knock to reveal a stern woman in a monk's brown robes. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Hoist the sails and haul in the stern slip until parallel to the pontoon. Nero 2173997 Is your father stern? Misrule and oppression in every form now again prevailed throughout the Sudan, while the slave traders, exasperated by Gordons stern measures, were ready to revolt. Stern trial is set to begin in Los Angeles regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith. It is mainly a record of teaching, and the teaching is for the most part stern and paradoxical. Jesus in the painted window of Mansfeld church, stern of face, sword in hand, sitting on a rainbow, coming to judge; an altarpiece at Magdeburg, in which a ship with its crew was sailing on to heaven, carrying no layman on board; the deeds of St Elizabeth emblazoned on the window of St George's parish church at Eisenach; the living pictures of a young nobleman who had turned monk to save his soul, of a monk, the holiest man Luther had ever known, who was aged far beyond his years by his maceration; and many others of the same kind. His graceful and captivating style was imitated by IIakIm Khabbaz of Nishkptfr, a great baker, poet and quack; Aba Shuaib ~klili of HerSt, who left a spirited little song in honor of a young Christian maiden; Raunaqi of Bokhgra; Abtil-Fat,l7 of Bust, who was also a good Arabic poet; the amIr Aba l-Ilasan All AlagatchI, who handled the pen as skilfully as the sword; Umara of Merv, a famous astronomer; and Kisf, a native of the sametown, a man of stern and ascetic manners, who sang in melodious rhythm the praise of Al! Definition of Stern harsh, hard or severe in character or manner Examples of Stern in a sentence Although our camp counselor is soft and fun loving, he can get mean and stern if provoked. After a stern conflict the French were 27, 1810. had left the ecclesiastical states called for prompt and stern measures. Well, what is Paris saying? His advice was successfully followed, and the "Argo" made the passage unscathed, except for trifling damage to the stern. Throughout the empire Poisson faithfully adhered to the family principles, and refused to worship Napoleon. It was blue and gold and crimson, with a high forecastle at its prow and high poop deck at its stern. About 60m behind the keel at the stern end, the ship is completely severed in half. Howard Stern: He's a radio host who turned up on Sirius Satellite Radio after bouncing around to a few different radio stations and dabbling in TV and film. And with a sad and rather stern look she told Natasha all that Pierre had said. Since many children are plagued by complicated nutritional needs, companies like Jamie Stern's supply allergy-friendly products to parents who endeavor to provide their children with a high quality of life, despite dietary struggles. Use a stern rudder to control the kayak 's direction. The young Alexius joined the army; and in spite of the opposition of stern crusaders like Simon de Montfort, who sailed away ultimately to Palestine, he succeeded by large promises in inducing the army to follow in his train to Constantinople. Running a hand through his hair in a way that Carmen had grown to recognize as a nervous habit, he addressed Lori in a tone that was both stern and conversational. Jonathan Edwards, a ver y stern Calvinist, is one of the few first-rate geniuses America has to boast in theology. City Slickers - This comedic western film stars Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby and Daniel Stern. Henceforward quiet prevailed, and Boniface ruled as a stern master in Rome. ‘At the stern of the ship, they had been watching this spectacle.’ ‘The stern of a ship was sticking out of the water, the rest already beneath the water's surface.’ ‘The last of the setting sun glinted on antennae, radar and spotlights as they hugged the stern of the pilot boat.’ 1. of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect 2. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty 3. severe and unremitting in … fishnet stockings, she dishes out stern advice from a clipboard to readers not man enough to satisfy their woman. advance; this was quickly followed up by the crushing defeat Lee acted in a stern and energetic fashion, holding courts, of the Federal army under Pope, the invasion of Maryland and sentencing many offenders to death and overcoming the hostility the sanguinary and indecisive battle of the Antietam, of the English border lords. The crags which he flung at Britannia did indeed graze the stern and graze the prow of her craft. The tawdry and exaggerated rhetoric; the petty vanity and jealousies; the weak sentimentalism; the utter incapacity for proportioning means to ends, and for grasping the stern realities of things, which so commonly disfigure the lives and conduct even of the more honest members of his class, were wholly alien to his nature. 2 people chose this as the best definition of stern: The stern is defined as t... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Stern H J. stern in a sentence and translation of stern in Spanish dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com stem to stern phrase. sterns definition: Noun 1. plural form of stern Gesellschaft, 1892), and in I894 he was able to write a little manual of Egyptian for beginners (Agyplische Grammatik, 2nd ed., 1902), centring on the language of the standard inscriptions of the Middle and New Kingdoms, but : 2. Mr Stern arrived in Abyssinia in 1860, and after a visit to Europe returned in 1863, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Rosenthal.'. But despite himself, on his face too that same indication of something new and stern showed round the mouth. He wished for nothing and hoped for nothing, and deep in his heart experienced a gloomy and stern satisfaction in an uncomplaining endurance of his position. Louis, who soon became the most powerful prince in southern Germany, was called "the Stern," because in a fit of jealousy he caused his first wife, Maria of Brabant, to be executed in '256. Indeed, the personality of the stern God himself exhibits this feature in a very marked degree, whence the term mahayogi or" great ascetic "is often applied to him. Next to the officer was a stern looking man in a suit and tie, arms crossed, staring straight ahead. Stern went on to say that because of the timing, no one else can claim to be the father. The stern simplicity of Calvinism, indeed, would not tolerate religious processions of any kind, and from the "Reformed" Churches they vanished altogether. From northwest Wales it's a colonial outpost of the English empire - governmental, stern, alien, nothing to do with them. CK 1 2245012 Breakfast is served. The stern list of example sentences with stern. Cleaning Crew: From bow to stern, these vessels need regular cleaning and maintenance to be kept pristine for each voyage. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Jonathan Edwards, a very stern Calvinist, is one of the few first-rate geniuses America has to boast in theology. He took some part in the political complications of the Scandinavian kingdoms, but the early years of his reign were mainly spent in the administration of his electorate, where by stern and cruel measures he succeeded in restoring some degree of order (see Brandenburg). The Columbia river canoe resembled that of the Amur, the bow and stern being pointed at the water-line. Indeed, he was considered by his stern brethren as somewhat too fond and indulgent a parent. His high ideas on the subject made him a stern ruler. We also need lacing eyes for bow and stern fenders and Maureen wants a socket for a Rotary drier. Yet, measured according to the stern standards of adversity, Mary was fortunate. Similar cushions have been added at the stern shelf and there is a further seating area up against the wheelhouse bulkhead. About 1504 an attack of unusual ferocity on some Frankfort traders aroused the elector's wrath, and during the next few years the execution of many lawbreakers and other stern measures restored some degree of order. Otto Z. Stern's column is reprinted courtesy of sci-tech world superpower The Register. "What do you want?" 22 21 Stern is committed to the view (cf. Kayak is carved with sharp pointed prow, short stern and flat base. waterline projection at the stern of the Thera ships is not a projecting keel or ram what is it? They are generally excellent rulers, stern but patient and just. The sonar transducer and GPS antenna can be mounted on a pole and temporarily attached to the boat 's stern. Other celebrities who figure in the Lettres under a transparent disguise are Liszt and Mme d'Agoult (known to literature as Daniel Stern), whom she met in Switzerland and entertained for some months at Nohant. Liam McAtasney was sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering his childhood friend Sarah Stern in December 2016 and enlisting the … Close to the corner, on an overcoat, sat an old, unshaven, gray-bearded soldier as thin as a skeleton, with a stern sallow face and eyes intently fixed on Rostov. Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character: a stern disciplinarian. On returning we needed to change the engine oil and refill the stern tube greaser. Stern, on terrestrial magnetism by Goldschmidt, and on the method of least squares by K. The king himself quailed before that stern, august presence. von Stern, Catilina and die Parteikampfe in Rom 66-63 (1883), with bibliography in preface; C. Thiaucourt, Etude sur la conjuration de Catiline (1887), a critical examination of Sallust's account and of his object in writing it; J. a, The main anatomical features of a cycad stern a Spermatozoids may be summarized as follows: the centre is from G of fi occupied by a large parenchymatous pith traversed g; by numerous secretory canals, and in some genera c p onen-grain by cauline vascular bundles (e.g. The high carved prow and stern give the craft almost a crescent shape. Stern, was also investigated and cleared in her death. He wore pince-nez, which made him look like a stern teacher, tho he was not. Two bow, two spring and two stern cleats. The "Everlong" acoustic MP3 first gained notice when Dave Grohl performed the song during an appearance on the The Howard Stern Show in 1997. After the stern coast of county Clare there follow the estuary of the great river Shannon, and then three large inlets striking deep into the mountains of Kerry and Cork - Dingle Bay, Kenmare river and Bantry Bay, separating the prongs of the forklike south-western projection of the island. Boarding schools used to be rather stern places where families were not terribly welcome. 3- stern has recently gone into business assembling hang gliders. stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stern. Her enormous figure stood erect, her powerful arms hanging down (she had handed her reticule to the countess), and only her stern but handsome face really joined in the dance. The plates, put on in rows from bow to stern, are called strakes. Examples of how to use “stern tube” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Stern, Zur Biographie des Papstes Urbans II. Stern, only to keep her new baby from the man who claims to be his real father, Larry Birkhead? CM 388379 Her stern … Stern and the doctors are being charged with various felony counts, including conspiracy to prescribe illegal drugs to Smith. von Stern, Theodosia (German and Russian, Odessa, 1906); E. For the most part this is founded on Dutch models, and testifies in a high degree to the king's progressive aims. Behind the stern admonitions stood a sad tragic figure. Sentences sterns Gesellschaft, 1892), and in I894 he was able to write a little manual of Egyptian for beginners (Agyplische Grammatik, 2nd ed., 1902), centring on the language of the standard inscriptions of the Middle and New Kingdoms, but accompanying the main sketch with references to … Hardly had Prince Andrew gone when the study door opened quickly and the stern figure of the old man in the white dressing gown looked out. Nicholas, with a stern and serious air which showed that now was no time for attending to trifles, went past Natasha and Petya who were trying to tell him something. 4- An effective stern tube and associated bearings were required. Luke discovers Yoda is a tiny green troll, who can move mountains with his mind, and is a stern taskmaster. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The main feature is the stern section with a bronze propeller, which is still in place. Stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. Eager to win the first spoils, the German crusaders, who were in advance of the French, attempted a raid into the sultanate of Iconium; but after a stern fight at Dorylaeum they were forced to retreat (October 11 4 7), and for the most part perished by the way. stern rudder to control the kayak's direction. In this He seems to be carrying the Baptist's stern mission of purification from the desert into the heart of the sacred city, and so fulfilling, perhaps consciously, the solemn prophecy of Malachi which opens with the words: " Behold, I will send My Messenger, and He shall prepare the way before Me; and the Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple " (Mal. This is a small unmanned submarine which is launched from the stern of the ship. swim trunks, slouched lazily at the stern, one hand on the tiller. Jason's death, it is said, was afterwards caused by part of the stern giving way and falling upon him. He omits all the reasons for this stern prophecy. von Stern, Zur Entstehung and ursprunglichen Bedeutung des Ephorats in Sparta (Berlin, 1894). Stern also reported that he and Anna Nicloe Smith have been in a relationship for some time now but felt it best not to come public since he's also her attorney. The stern is defined as the rear of anything. Examples of stern in a The body of the machine was oblong in shape, with the fore-part cut away like a water-chute boat, and a long counter at the stern over which the propellers revolved. ; By a fertile soil is meant one that has an abundance of plant food in the proper proportions. brailing lines which were attached to a rack at the stern of the ship. Lord Canning, the governor-general, who had at first hoped that he had only to deal with isolated cases of disaffection, at last recognized that the plague was epidemic, and that only stern measures could stay it. Katie almost smiled at his fallen face as the stern voice of the Amazonian-size woman before them. Stern is the father, while her ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, claims that he is the girl's father. The end is taken into the testing room in the cable-house and the conductor connected with the testing instruments, and, should the electrical tests continue satisfactory, the ship is put on the proper course and steams slowly ahead, paying out the cable over her stern. au pair agency Stern - A member of the German organization for au pair agencies. The stern, shrewd, and penetrating expression of that look struck Pierre. Stern (Kiel, 1904); and the Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fiir Kieler Stadtgeschichte (Kiel, 1877, 1904). EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR STERN Stern displeasure was visible in the countenance of the great sculptor. Chrystal in English; Serret's Cours d'algebre supe'rieure in French; and in German those of Stern, Schlomilch, Hatterdorff and Stolz. Just for fun: What advice would you say Howard Stern, listed on your Myspace friends, would give on lingerie? He paused beside them and turned a stern look on Carmen. P. Stern, Zur Biographie des Popsies Urbans II. The first formed portion of the stern in all species of Selaginella which have been investigated possesses an exarch haplostele. Looking into that stern face, she felt like a child caught with her hand in the candy jar. Finally he set the cup on the railing and turned to her, his gaze stern. In military and naval use "to rake" means to enfilade, to fire so that the shot may pass lengthwise along a ship, a line of soldiers, entrenchments, &c. In the nautical sense of the projection or slope of a ship's bows or stern or the inclination of a mast, the word is apparently an adaptation of the Scandinavian raka, to reach, in the sense of reach forward. But it is just to remember that without the stern discipline of the law the community of the second temple could hardly have escaped dissolution, and that Judaism alone preserved for Christianity the hard-won achievements of the prophets.3 4. Red. Use a stern rudder to control the kayak's direction. His gaze was back on her, intent and stern. By the austere clothing and stern features, Katie assessed she was in some kind of religious convent. He seized a boathook and hobbled down the deck toward Quilter, who grimaced at him from his handhold on the stern rail. She let her stern gaze rest on each of the men before responding. This type of stern is therefore often spoken of as protoslelic. Find more ways to say stern, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. His father, whose early experiences led him to hate aristocrats, bred him in the stern creed of the first republic. Her obstinate behavior was considered perverse and unacceptable in the stern environment. Should I take Heidi back to my mother's house, or should I be more stern with Checkers when he goes after her? Stern, Smith's attorney and companion, as well as two other doctors. Driving 4x4 Range Rovers through deep mud blindfold was a stern test of trust. 18, … 2- The men came down the stern ladder. The stern hand of fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the great everlasting things which matter for a nation the great peaks we had forgotten, of Honor, Duty, Patriotism, and clad in glittering white, the great pinnacle of Sacrifice pointing like a rugged finger to Heaven. The princes had long been chafing under the royal power; they had shaken even so stern an autocrat as Henry III., and the authority of Henry IV. To escape she attacked the stern destroyer, HMS Daring. Stern and Kapoor have already been arrested, while Khristine Eroshevich has not. After a short but brilliant career there he turned to Geneva, studied for three years, travelled, in 1586, in Italy, heard Giacomo Zarabella (1533-1589) lecture on philosophy in Padua, visited Rome, and, open-minded enough to see its good as well as its evil, was suspected by the stern Dutch Calvinists of "popish" leanings. 4 people chose this as the best definition of sternly: Sternly is defined as som... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Stern also told King that he and Smith plan to marry and live in the Bahamas. She is credited for her husband's look in Twisted Sister, and for Howard Stern's makeover that transformed him from plain to noticeable. But in nothing in the house was the holiday so noticeable as in Marya Dmitrievna's broad, stern face, which on that day wore an invariable look of solemn festivity. The sentence is the culmination of the almost two-month=long trial of McAtasney, who was found to have killed and robbed Sarah Stern in her Neptune City residence on … You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Example sentences with the word stern. Provision was made for the better education of the lower, and the restriction of the political influence of the higher clergy; there were stern prohibitions against wreckers and "the evil and unchristian practice of selling peasants as if they were brute beasts"; the old trade gilds were retained, but the rules of admittance thereto made easier, and trade combinations of the richer burghers, to the detriment of the smaller tradesmen, were sternly forbidden.
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