Stage design from WarioWare, Inc. without transformations. Too similar to Battlefield, omitted from most rulesets to reduce redundancy. Meta Knight's advantage on the stage is so large that it's universally banned nowadays in Meta Knight legal tournaments, but it may see legality in Meta Knight banned tournaments. Ban stages from premade or custom stagelists. Dimensions. Transformations can allow for wall infinites and camping, especially for Fox and Falco. It removes most of the stages & leaves only the legal ones (according to the person, those seen in the screen are used in some Crew Battle Server & in there country; N's Castle is actually considered legal.) and which ones are legal-style. Scrolling stage with walk-off blast zones. 4. Treated the same as Final Destination and struck alongside Final Destination when either is chosen. View entire discussion ( 86 comments) More posts from the smashbros community. Ultimate. Stage legality. Its Battlefield and Ω forms are often banned due to the camera angle differing from other stages. Accessible wall on the right promotes inescapable infinites. Features walk-off blast zones; no lower blast zone; uneven terrain favors short characters. Pokémon hazards are too disruptive and powerful. GBAtemp Patron Level 9. Scrolling stage with walk-off blast zones; 2D property results in unusual hitbox behavior. The stage was revealed on Smash Bros. Download Image. Created Apr 19, 2019. r/SSBUStageBuilder Rules. Während des Spielens online wird eine Internetverbindung benötigt. Unusual, shifting semisoft platform on right side can prevent successful recoveries, as the ledge on the main body of the stage disappears when it is at equal height or lower; creates accessible wall, which can promote camping until the platform rises. See the most recent SSBU tier lists or make your own Smash tier list. Again in Brawl, the rising prominence of Meta Knight in the metagame led to stage lists in most regions becoming more restrictive. Various transformations feature walkoff blast zones and unusual geometry; touching the track when on the flying platform may damage players. Member. Ultimate, which was added to the game in the free version 3.0.0 update Wednesday.. … This page is currently displaying a more limited list of stages based on what might likely be considered a competitive stage by the community. Features walk-off blast zones; bridge remains closed with hazards off, covering the lower blast zone. The stage is fairly large, and it has walk-off blast zones. Sliderwill perform one of six different songs. Main body of the stage is extremely large, and reaches very close to the horizontal blast zones. I wanted to ask this since it seems that almost all the stages are coming back. Horizontal blast zones are extremely close to the main body of the stage; unusual camera. Town and City. Ultimate game, reliable high-speed internet connection, and a Nintendo Switch Online membership. 33; 34; 35; First Prev 35 of 35 Go to page. 23 comments. Someone asked me if it was possible to play certain stages online without other stages like Palutena's Temple showing up. 2. Until mid-2015, four stages — Dream Land, Hyrule Castle, Congo Jungle, and Peach's Castle — were legal. Not only does Cloud possess several hard-to-counter or out-prioritize moves that deal heavy damage and knockback, he gains Limit Charge whenever he deals or is dealt damage. Presets. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Treated the same as Battlefield and struck alongside Battlefield when either is chosen. Some transformations feature walk-off blast lines. Too large; upper blast line is too close to stage; gun and back fin promote camping. Some stages that are sometimes legal are: Lylat. Contains walls and caves of life; unusual geometry; strong camping position under the main body of the stage; low ceiling. Too large; Pokémon are too disruptive and can overcentralize matches; helipad and platforms to the left of the stage promote camping; Ness has issues recovering when caught between platforms leading to a specialized ruleset where Ness would have an extra ban. Too large; very unusual layout with multiple accessible walls, and two offstage platforms which can encourage camping. Jul 5th, 2018. Sometimes Mom (originally called 5-Volt) will appear in some parts of the stage. Despite the banned stages list, most tournaments feature some variation of the "gentleman rule", a rule that allows players to choose any stage they want, including banned stages, if all players in the match agree to it. Too large; high ceiling; platform layout promotes stalling. Rock off the right side of the stage promotes camping; sharking is possible underneath the main platform. Various transformations include walls, walk-off blast zones, water, and generally uneven geometry. The stage is randomized and features walk-off blast zones; stage affects hitbox behavior. Thus tournaments that banned Meta Knight tend to allow more stages than tournaments that kept him legal. Occasional hazards; scrolling favors characters with good mobility; several areas of the stage have walk-off blast lines, Coins have an overcentralizing effect due to the buffs they can grant; walk-off blast lines, Shy Guy stage hazards are too strong; several stops on the stage have walk-off blast lines, Too large; walls can allow for powerful combos; all three transformations of the stage have disruptive elements, Unpredictable and randomized stage layout; stage hazards are too powerful; walls allow for powerful combos, Too large; promotes camping; bumper creates too much random chance regarding vertical KOs; walls can allow for powerful combos, Scrolling overcentralizes gameplay on keeping up with the stage and unfairly benefits characters with good mobility; frequent walls can allow for powerful combos; bricks can create caves of life and inhibit mobility; walk-off blast lines constantly present, Right side of stage promotes camping; windbox underneath the stage is too powerful and can lead to early deaths; Klaptrap stage hazard is too powerful and can result in OHKOs; overly high upper blast line overcentralizes gameplay on horizontal KOs, Koume and Kotake create stage hazards that are too powerful; walk-off blast lines; frequent absence of lower blast line, Distant blast lines; train stage hazards and train tracks are too powerful; lower blast line is absent; potential for walk-off blast lines in some transformations, Too large; blast lines are too distant from stage; tornadoes are too powerful and can easily KO opponents at low percentages; Tent at the stage's right side can promote stalling and camping, as well as create a cave of life, Lava stage hazard is too powerful, especially against fast-fallers; stage creates significant reliance on aerial games, punishing characters that need to stay on the ground; irregular, disruptive design that can frequently change, Scrolling overcentralizes gameplay on keeping up with the stage, giving a strong benefit to characters with good mobility; frequent walk-off blast lines; lower blast line is frequently absent, Too large; upper blast line is too close to stage; Arwings and Wolfen can disrupt gameplay; back fin of the stage can promote camping and wall combos. U. Untouch Smash Master. The chandeliers as platforms in the reception hall promote camping. Water negatively affects edgeguarding; very large size. However, a Patch Update severely nerfed him, putting most discussions on him to rest. Also, the effort to get items such as Smash Balls can cause players to focus on that rather than the battle. Massive debates raged over the years on whether or not to ban him from tournaments, with the eventual general consensus being that Meta Knight would be legal, but teams with two Meta Knights were not. Ultimate, having the most stages in the series and the option to turn stage hazards off, has the most potentially legal stages of any Smash game. is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Certain transformations have locations where players can clip through the stage both intentionally and unintentionally, and most characters are unable to survive. SSBU Tournament (Pseudo-Legal Stages) #12 13 Players. This table shows the status of each stage using a four-tier system. Stage features no lower blast line and has walk-off blast lines; Game & Watch hazards are too powerful and disruptive. Blast zones are very close to the stage; layout generally promotes camping. Ultimate update also included a creative mode that gives players the ability to make their own elaborate stages. It appears that some o… In some regions, however, Meta Knight was not as widely used as the Tristate Area; as such, some of the aforementioned stages have differing legalities, with Halberd sometimes being a starter stage and Frigate Orpheon going from a banned stage to a counterpick. These stages are often chosen by the player who lost in the last round. Too large and promotes circle camping; lower part of the stage has caves of life; several damaging spike hazards. The most tournament legal attention often goes to stages, in order to determine which stages are suitable for tournament play or not. Randomized layout; too large; no lower blast line. SSBU Tournament (Pseudo-Legal Stages) #12 13 Players. Pokémon Stadium 2 in Brawl, for instance, was generally banned in the Tristate Area, while tournaments in Texas usually allowed the stage to be a legal counterpick choice. Randomized layout; often includes caves of life. Walk off blast line; a dangerous stage hazard in the Red Bulborb, which can KO players by dragging them off screen; unreasonably powerful camping position at the bottom of the ramp underneath the platform; stage design allows the potential for circle camping, Randomness of the stage; overly small; numerous damaging and powerful stage hazards; no bottom blast line; walk off blast lines. However, some regions still stand by their decision to ban Bayonetta. These books vary in placement each time the stage is played on. The beginning layout is also too similar to Final Destination. Extremely powerful camping spot under the main body of the stage; generally unusual layout promotes camping. Double Elimination. Major tournaments have largely erred on the side of having relatively large (eight to ten) stage lists, but some regional tournaments have already cut back to four to six legal stages. These are also referred to as starter stages (not to be confused with the term for stages that do not need to be unlocked to be used in-game). Its time someone steps up and shows what stage builder is truly for. Bottom blast zone is covered by a damaging hazard; unusual layout promotes camping. If your goal is to eliminate the need for this thread and any future stage discussion (outside of DLC stages), then this list would be the way to go. Features walk-off blast zones on the right, and a powerful camping spot on the left. on October 31, 2007. The stage features random layouts, but they can be predetermined with button inputs. Too small; walk-off blast zones; no proper center platform. The most recent complains have been towards Cloud, particularly as a doubles character. Layout promotes stalling; unfairly benefits characters with high aerial mobility; 2D property results in unusual hitbox behavior. Ultimate. Currently, Dream Land is the only stage that can be used in tournaments. Moderators. Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Ike and Zero Suit Samusfight on the top tier. Stage lacks grabable edges unfairly punishing characters with short recoveries; irregular geometry, especially due to triangular platforms, sliding main platform, and Bumper; too small to properly accommodate doubles; lack of ledge DI. 1. Lurchthorn stage hazard too disruptive; second transformation of stage features numerous walls that create caves of life; mid-transformation stage features walk-off blast lines. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, people are trying to play as much as they can to get a leg up on the competition. People are going wild with the new stage builder in Super Smash Bros. Slowdown; walls allow for infinites; several, unreasonably strong camping positions; disruptive and powerful stage hazards; separation of portions of the stage by the Great Fox body makes it difficult to traverse; Camping on clouds to the stage's right and left hand sides; run away stalling; characters with poor recoveries who are lured to the clouds, such as, Rotating block platforms create caves of life; walk-off blast lines; marginalizes offstage skills; rotating blocks in the middle pit can block recoveries; left and top blast lines too close to stage; potential for easy and inescapable shine combos from, Overly large; camera has zooming issues and difficulty following characters; excessive stalling potential; random, powerful stage hazards; too difficult to move around the stage; walk off blast lines; very poor matchup balance, where characters with powerful and flexible air games, as well as those who can camp with projectiles, have a disproportional advantage, Random terrain; scrolling stage; ground too close to the cars; gives a disproportional advantage to faster moving characters; stage moves too fast for usual gameplay; too much emphasis on platforming. 1 … Go to page. Some transformations feature caves of life. Meta Knight legal tournaments that don't intend to be as limited as the Japanese ruleset may ban the stage, solely due to Meta Knight's prowess on the stage. If a new DLC stage could be legal, by comparing it to common legal stages. Super Smash Bros. Castle Siege in Brawl. Super Smash Bros. Create Your Own Stagelist! Select which stages you want to compare below. Often excluded in favor of Pokémon Stadium 2: Blast zones are the same, stage is a bit smaller, platforms a bit higher, camera is angled differently. Additionally, the community at large has never considered the sample stages in the Stage Builder as official stages, and as a result, they are all considered banned. To view the full list of 103 stages, press the button below. Water effects (particularly from effect-heavy moves such as. The following stage list is used by Anther's Ladder for 3DS netplay and most online 3DS tournaments: Like Brawl, there is no uniform stagelist for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, with some differences and disagreements on stage categories between areas. 3. Layout is randomized; features walk-off blast zones. Even with the rule in effect, TOs may still ban some stages from being played on via the gentleman rule, if the stage has a propensity to delay the tournament by causing much longer matches (such as Temple, New Pork City, and The Great Cave Offensive). Sometimes banned due to being a near-exact clone of Battlefield and potentially having distracting background images; sometimes legal as a cosmetic alternative to Battlefield. No spoilers. The five starter stages players are allowed to pick at Battlefield, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Smashville. Extra platforms and stage hazards are removed from Ω stages. Also no Unova, Castle Siege, and Warioware bad stage list is bad. Stage is overly large; irregular stage design forces major gameplay changes; high camping/stalling potential, Overly powerful stage hazard in Klap Trap; unusually high ceiling gives a disproportional advantage to horizontal finishers; high potential for camping and stalling; very poor matchup balance, giving a disproportional advantage to characters with projectiles and those that can traverse the stage well (most notoriously, Impassable platforms create caves of life; stage design allows the potential for circle camping, High potential for camping/stalling; walk-off blast lines; frequent stage hazard in karts that often disrupt gameplay; no lower blast line, Scrolling stage; stage moves too fast for usual gameplay; bricks create caves of life, especially in 1-2; ledges are not grabbable; walk-off blast lines. Platforms are too close to the top blast zone; unusual layout; ladders intrusively affect movement. Disruptive geometry; offstage triangles and walls can block K.Os and promote camping. Contains walls, only top blast zone is accessible. Stage is overly large; walls allow for wall infinites; excessive stalling/camping potential; Overly powerful, frequent stage hazards that disrupt usual gameplay; stage has many ledges that can be easily abused. Promotes circle camping; cave of life on the lower level. The following is Smash 64's banlist for stages in tournaments. Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Ike and Zero Suit Samus on the middle tier. Member. Additionally, a stage's legal status was heavily influenced by Meta Knight's legality, as he tends to gain even more drastic advantages on many fringe stages. By Keylogger, Dec 3, 2018 1,088 6 0. Contains slopes and walls, top platform is extremely close to the blast zone. Stage has a rather low ceiling, giving a disproportional advantage to vertical finishers; the hovering platform portion of the stage allows sharking; the Halberd Bridge portion of the stage has powerful stage hazards. Features walk-off blast zones; no lower blast zone. Tournament legal refers to stages, actions, and sometimes even characters that are allowed to be used in tournaments. Home Stagelist Builder About. The camera may be blocked by a wall in the bottom right corner of the stage; contains a slope in the center of the stage; asymmetry affects how stage control operates. (ID:Q8F4QCQL) Gimmick. Tournament legal refers to stages, actions, and sometimes even characters that are allowed to be used in tournaments. Scrolling stage; gives a disproportional advantage to characters with fast, high jumps; punishes characters who rely on, No lower blast line; walls block access to side blast lines when not destroyed; over-centralisation on teching; game mechanics change too quickly when walls are destroyed or up, giving a disproportional advantage to vertical finishers when the walls are up, and giving that advantage to horizontal finishers when they're down; walls allow for wall infinites; walk off blast lines when the walls are destroyed; a glitch can allow characters to stay on the other side of the walls when they rebuild, allowing the character to safely camp there until the wall is destroyed again, Impassable platforms; cave of life in centre of stage creates an over-centralisation on teching; the combination of "supersoft platforms" and the aforementioned impassable platforms results in frequent onstage, Overly large; large cave of life in lower area over-centralises gameplay on teching; multiple areas allow for run away and circle camping; excessive stalling potential; gives an extreme advantage to fast characters (most notably Fox), Random bonuses from Microgames have an over-centralising effect, to where someone can win by being luckier with the bonuses; walk off blast lines during microgames; overly powerful stage hazards during microgames, Rotating block platforms create caves of life; walk off blast lines; marginalizes offstage skills; blast lines are abnormally close to the stage. The stages that are legal in almost every tournament are: Pokemon Stadium 2. Despite this, none of the three stages would be theoretically legal in any ruleset: Hole has no grabbable ledges from the outside and contains a powerful camping location in the lower-left spikes; Bath frequently lacks the lower blast line and has walls that block the horizontal blast lines and allow for infinites; and Maze's irregular design promotes camping, circle-camping, and stalling, and the stage's architecture creates caves of life. View Full Stage Options. The most tournament legal attention often goes to stages, in order to determine which stages are suitable for tournament play or not. SUPER SMASH BLOG. Counterpick for stage select includes Castle Siege, Kalos Pokemon League, Town & City, Unova Pokemon League, Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island (Brawl). From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, Smashadelphia Ultimate (December 9th, 2018),
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