Permacron Base Coat 293/295 is a high-quality, conventional basecoat for all clear-over-base systems. Basecoat SB Basecoat SB Basecoat SB is the Lesonal two-stage paint system, providing color accuracy and ease of application. Allows for easy and reliable application. Your paint never goes bad. This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers the process for applying a primer surfacer during a repair. The mixing system makes it possible to mix all colours quickly and accurately. Pour base product to line below #4 (select graduations that provide the volume of material needed). Base coat mixing is always a 50/50 mixture. stream Genesis® G4 3.5 VOC Premium Basecoat System was <> Datasheets. Mix at a 1:1 ratio or, as an option, activate with an ICA series activator. Paint and coatings for cars, trucks, buses, trains, equipment and custom cars. The Mixing Ratio for this Basecoat by Nexa Autocolor is 1:1 with 2K Universal Thinner. UBLV paint color has a 2 to 1 mixing ratio when it's used with along with exempt urethane reducer. If you have left over, just cap it in a glass jar or your paint can and seal it up. When you are ready for your next job, just mix again and you’re ready to … Only mix the amount of material you intend to use in one application. basecoat: BC 200-30 with 15 - 20 µm dry film thickness cleacoat: *2K-MS-Klarlack C 75 with 50 - 60 µm dry film thickness aluminium: priming coat: *EP 100-20 with 50 - 60 µm dry film thickness basecoat: BC 200-30 with 15 - 20 µm dry film thickness clearcoat: *2K-MS-Klarlack C 75 with 50 - … x��9���?�Q�Zwxgsjʵ���f�d�{w2�A#˶�ȒG�s����u�}a_���L��MU,u�@ A{���Ëw�o_1~z��^��?^v�p|����.���:��I�3͔���W�G���v|$2þ�4��wl 3����� �W6����迡��w�Ed��̳��o&�]^�3@ � ��"��Y�g>g�w�� ��f��������s3{dl~"gg����=��z���O�l1W�����˿�l�dB�� �1y��ӌE�:#��$2-��?ّ���I� �1y��!~t@�63D�u�: ���|���vv����h�0��a�~���r��\�-�p�r�1��E���t���3W�� ������D��=� A Bξ���coQ\�G�u���;���b��]�O�Fw?����-�55 q/�b���Wj�̯+ t�M��uYoo�7�s���� �h)2��. Outstanding color match with excellent metallic orientation. <> Coating 2 can be applied without hardener as usual. MIXING RATIO:Basecoat SB solid or metallic colors are mixed as follows: 2 parts by volume of Basecoat SB Color with 1 part by volume of Lesonal Reducer For easy and accurate mixing, use the Lesonal Measuring Stick #4. Use of the Traditional Mixing Ratio + ©2016 The Sherwin-Williams Company Page 2 of 3 AS3116N 7/15/2016. Mixing ratio: 4 parts primer 1 part 2k hardener then add 10% - 15% 2K Thinners to total volume mix, this can vary depending on spray gun set up (STIR WELL). 1) The base product has a mixing ratio of 4 : 2 : 1: 2) The container has a flat bottom and parallel sides. In this video Kevin Tetz explains Mix Ratios and how to properly mix car paint when spraying your next project vehicle. This dependable solvent-borne basecoat has been developed to make high-quality invisible repairs easier. It can be applied universally to all passenger cars, buses and commercial vehicles. Add hardener to line # 7, and then stir. This basecoat is a high quality mixed solvent basecoat. Insert mixing stick into the container and hold vertically. This is for a 250ml/500ml/1L tin matched to the manufactures original factory paint code. It is designed to meet all Truck OE specifications when properly clearcoated. Basecoat Solvent. Strongsville, OH 44149 ATX National Rule Basecoat is an excellent hiding basecoat system equipped with high opacity toners capable of producing thousands of colors. Refer to the technical data sheet supplied with the paint to establish the correct mixing ratio. Download TDS Go to MSDS Search. The steps in this standard operating procedure will show how to prep bare plastic for repair using PPG products for National Rules areas. (800) 647-6050. Available in a wide variety of colors including metallics, pearls and solids. Multiple reducer options to provide versatility for spray enviornments and repair sizes. Application of two-stage basecoat colors Mixing ratio: 100:100 (1:1) 100% Kapcibase 670 100% Kapci 2K thinners: 610 Metallic, 600 Normal, 600F Fast, or 601 Slow r Slow Note: Do NOT use Kapci 602 Extra Slow thinner! un-cleared for a maximum of 24 hours. Product features. Apply a cover coat and leave for 10-15 minutes depending on weather conditions. Degreaser before the application of the basecoat color. This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers the process for successfully blending a basecoat using a solvent borne finish. Basecoat SB . The final flash-off time should be %PDF-1.5 BSB BASE COAT 1000 ml + 400-1000 ml 14-15” DIN4 at 20° C or 20-22” DIN4 at 20° C Ø 1,2-1,5 mm ... On old, not solvent sensitive coatings apply any fillers within the MACROFAN product range or GREEN-TI FILLER. endobj MIXING RATIO (1:1:0-1% by volume) • Mix one (1) part Base Color with one (1) part reducers listed above USA/Canada VOC compliant rules: • For 3.5 lbs/gal Low VOC compliance use LVB100 Series Reducers • For USA National Rule VOC compliance use … For custom Supreme PLUS Low VOC Basecoat (420 gms/liter) colors, the color (LA, LIB, G bases) must be mixed 1 part to 2 parts of LA1299 by volume prior to addition of hardener and reducer. Products Back to Basecoat Solvent Basecoat SB . If the basecoat has cured longer than 24 hours, scuff the existing basecoat and reapply one to two additional coats of activated ONYX HD Solvent basecoat and clear when the basecoat has adequately flashed off. BASECOAT SB SOLID, METALLIC AND THREE-STEP COLORS. Basecoat Blending - Solvent. Consistent sprayability wih simple mix ratio. There is no need to add hardener to metallic basecoats. 19699 Progress Drive 2. Supreme PLUS Low VOC Basecoat.
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