The volume and tone control on this guitar will … A wide range of finish options is available. Just shorter. Quartersawn maple exhibits a very straight grain pattern. Nut Width options include: A properly cut nut improves tuning stability and action along the entire neck. It is very comfortable to play on and will feel familiar to most bassists. $10.70 shipping. Appearance: Black, often with chocolate brown or dark gray streaks. Coarse, but with less finger drag than some tighter-grained woods. Suits all playing styles. Oils do not meet this requirement. Looks best with clear gloss. Goncalo Alves is valued for its overall well balanced tone and great looks. If you encounter annoying wrist pain, then you know that scale length you tried is not for you. In addition to its resonant sound and playability, the AHQ-10 features cosmetic appointments that you don't normally see on guitars of this price point, including maple binding, 3-ply top purfling, and gold-plated tuners. Each is beautifully figured and inherently unique, offering you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind bass that is as satisfying to look at as it is to play. This top-quality, German-made Jescar EVO wire is solid throughout and will never turn brassy or look worn. On straight headstocks it covers the end of the fretboard. Body Type; The body type is an important consideration when buying a short scale guitar. Answer: The main concerns for younger players or players with smaller hands are finding a body size that is comfortable, a neck profile that allows for a proper grip and a shorter scale length, which places the frets closer together. An example of a totally different guitar that uses Fender Standard scale length is the modern Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, which does use a 25.5-inch scale. 22 bids. Uses: For players who prefer the rounder sound and smoother feel of no frets. Hard and smooth, similar to Ebony with a bit more texture. Short scale does not mean short on sound or depth. Waxy and textured, but not as coarse as Wenge. The Long and Short of It – Scale Length Explained Tony Nuccio Guitar Lessons Buying a Guitar and Other Equipment Although it’s very rarely considered when buying an instrument, the guitar’s scale length (or neck length) is an integral ingredient in shaping an instrument’s tone and playability. Extremely low friction - improves tuning stability. Finish: Required. Fender does have short-scale models – namely the Jaguar, Mustang, and Duo-Sonic (which we review below) – which are all 24 inches. Uses: Modern Fender® American necks. Don't make the mistake of getting a guitar that has a scale length you know doesn't work for you. Dense, closed grain is easy to finish. Sure. For example, a USA Stratocaster has 22 frets and a 25.5-inch scale and a USA Les Paul also has 22 frets but with a 24.75-inch scale. Reduced overall reach increases shoulder, arm, and back comfort. Stainless Steel frets are a great choice for those who use round-wound strings - notoriously hard on frets. We know that you have great ideas too, and our initial concept of the Aura™ is only scratching the surface. While there are several maple species that show the flame figure, the only one hard enough for making necks is Acer saccharum. Deep shades of brown, with a rich, thick grain. Does Squier follow this same scale? This neck allows you to convert the scale length of your 25-1/2" Fender® scale guitar to the shorter Gibson® scale of 24-3/4". 30" SSB necks come with 20 frets. Neck Profile options for the SSB Warmoth neck include: The SSB Neck Contour is a comfortable and quick-fretting shape that feels familiar to most players. This section contains the information you need to be confident your parts will be compatible. The Stagg BC300 is a 4 string, 3/4 size fusion electric bass … Could you play that way? If you purchase an unfinished Maple, Mahogany, or Koa neck we strongly recommend you apply a hard finish. are not designed as retrofit parts for any other manufacturer. The smallest fret wire we use. The measurement is arrived at by extending the arc of the fretboard to form an imaginary circle around the neck. Sometimes cut price means dubious quality. They’re also ideal for guitarists who want to explore the bass, since they feel more like a standard electric guitar than a long-scale bass does, thus making the transition easier. Well balanced and tight - similar to Maple. Stainless Steel is both harder and smoother than nickel/silver fretwire, offering superior longevity and a quick, glassy feel with negligible effect on tone. Required. You'll hate it and experience minor wrist pain after playing it for a few minutes. Appearance: A straight, fine grain that is reddish, with darker streaks. Birdseye blanks with a "AAA"designation are unusually highly figured and extremely beautiful. The interesting thing is the … Warmoth SSB scale length options include: Compatibility Information: Warmoth 30" scale necks In general however, most guitarists with experience playing both short and standard scale guitars would consider a standard scale length to be 25.5 inches (648mm). The feel is very smooth and fast. $9,200. This classic short scale makes it easier to comfortably reach the lower frets while maintaining Fender's punchy bass sound. On Tiltback headstocks it ends at the nut slot. Please click here for important information regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. This is the easiest guitar to play with your fingers, For the guy who can't decide between a Strat and a Tele - Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, Help with guitar setup (it's more than just adjustments), Nickel plated vs pure nickel guitar strings. They are not universal, however. The finish must be sufficiently thick to completely cover the wood so that a player’s hand touches only finish, never wood. The width of the neck at the nut effects string spacing and playability along the entire neck. And the feel and finish of the neck is just a dream. Stagg BC300 Short Scale Electric Guitar. I decided that I wanted one to make bass-playing a little easier and more fun. Suits all playing styles. If yes, buy it. Bright, with a good bite and attack that isn’t brittle. **Cobra, Crowdster, Bobcat, Raven Superbird, Arc Angel models come with a 24 3/4" short scale length neck only. Stick to what feels most comfortable. Its reduced string tension makes fretting quick and easy, while its shortened reach allows the shoulders and back to relax into a more natural position. Hard finishes applied by you or a third party may also meet this requirement. White, with light, straight grain patterns. A good option for those wanting the tone of Bubinga but a more exotic color or a slightly softer feel. The two most-used scale lengths are "Fender Standard" 25.5-inch (647.70mm) and "Gibson Standard" 24.75-inch (628.65mm), however that doesn't mean that all electric guitars are one or the other. Mounting screw, hex nut, and washer included. Browse our current stock of exotic and high grade Fretboard blanks and reserve one for your instrument. Fretboard radius is the measure of the curve of a neck's fretting surface. The closer spacing of the frets will make a world of difference. They are designed to fit our short scale bodies ONLY. Your Price $ 2,099.00. or $44/month** with 48 month financing. Gibson and Epiphone use the 24.75-inch scale on almost every popular model they have. Options for this neck include: Our fret wire is drawn from the finest 18% hard nickel/silver for long life with steel strings. Options include: Appearance: White, with especially vivid striped grain patterns. Appearance: Chocolate brown with black stripes and a straight, coarse grain. One thing that is missing from my collection is a short-scale bass. It is not a reliced finish. Shortest reach available in a bass neck for arm, shoulder, and wrist comfort. But if you use this for your practice banjo, it might take s… … The pioneering Northern California … Bright, with a good bite and nice sustain. Compatibility Information: When ordering a matching Maple Fretboard you may only select the same variety and grade of wood as your Neck Wood selection. Accurate measurement is the only way to ensure compatibility of parts. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. The extra-short 24.0-inch scale is something you'll really like if the 25.5-inch doesn't really fit your playing style (or just makes your hands hurt). Bright midrange and a thick, well defined bottom. Finish: Required. Prices are for unfinished necks with standard features. Finishes done by Warmoth meet this warranty requirement. While there are several maple species that show the flame figure, the only one hard enough for making necks is Acer saccharum. Shortest distance between frets and lowest string tension for easy and quick fretting. Beyond their ergonomic advantages, short-scale basses are known for their juicy lows and warm, resonant highs which make them a common choice for studio work. All our necks are dipped in an oil based penetrating sealer that is compatible with virtually all secondary finishes. Uses: Vintage Fender® necks, great for chord comping and rhythm playing. For a small charge we will install and cut your nut for you, ensuring your bass will play its best. Tone: Bright, with a good bite and nice sustain. Roasted Maple is maple that has been heat treated to remove sugars, moisture, and other impurities that can affect its stability.
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