That may be the whole issue with low-fat. I also raise rabbits for food. 30: A 3-oz. I can’t imagine how I eat rabbit meat. You don’t starve from eating rabbit. So they are important to have around. Certainly a can of tuna, sardines, oysters, vienna sausages, potted meat, soup, whatever will suffice. It’d be wise to at least know the laws in your locale to be aware of where you stand before you get a knock on your door! I always just fried our rabbit when we actually ATE them. A very trusting bird, I guess, that is why they are called dumb. Taken from here ( There are very few disadvantages of rabbit keeping. Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050. An egg a day, mostly….space-wise and feed-wise, quail outperform chickens. I didn’t say you didn’t want to devil quail eggs, I’ve done it many times, and they make for some great conversations at parties! Have you seen how your chickens establish hierarchy? A can of Chef Boyardee Raviolis has enough fat to keep you healthy all winter. I’d suggest getting a quail egg opener like I showed here: How many eggs do the quails produce compared to the chickens? But if you use the fat that lines the shoulders and the or even a weblog from start to end. 9: Rabbit meat is seasonal any month of the year and is especially recommended during the hot summer months, as it does not contain the heating properties of most all other meats. I was under the impression that raising rabbits for meat was a great way to supplement my family with organic meat, especially during a time of crisis where food may be in short supply. In fact, it has roughly the same fat content of white-tailed deer and most other wild game meat. It could be covered by a handful of nuts every day, or a tablespoon full of olive oil. Rabbits need hay for fodder as well as for comfort in a hutch. . Boorfe’s tips unlimited content. -Vilhjalmur Stefansson, The Fat of the Land featured in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. haha. Cotournix quail take up very little space (16 – 25 square inches per bird). Rabbit is not “entirely lean”. Therefore, no backyard chickens until I either a.move or b.get everyone in our huge development to petition the board to change the covents. Before you know it, you’ll have so much rabbit meat in your freezer you won’t know what to do with it all. We will be blogging as we go so you can see all the mishaps. For another comparison, nobody says plant a garden but don’t plant watermelons in it because you can’t stay healthy on watermelons alone. One Community feels that modeling ethical and humane animal stewardship is essential and for The Highest Good of All in today’s world of diverse needs. White Meat: The meat from rabbit has great demand in the market as it is classified as the white meat because it is full of poly-unsaturated fatty acids. I think rabbits are a very valuable addition for their hides (think earmuffs, bed throws, fur collars on coats, chair covers…) and also consider that rabbit cages situated over worm bins (the red wrigglers used for fishing bait, or nightcrawlers- also for bait), would provide instant usable manure for the worms to seek out their own sustenance from (they don’t ‘eat poo’ they eat the microbes and bacteria in it), and produce ‘worm castings’ which is the most excellent planting soil ever, and you can make ‘manure tea’ as an added punch for fertilizer, not having to wait for the heat cycle of manure break-down as you do most other animal waste. But i am really offended by this article. Rabbit Cage Advantages and Disadvantages. A more appropriate stance would be to say that everyone should include variety. But at the same time, if I were in a survival situation and only had rabbit meat to eat, you bet your butt I would eat it fat-free or not. People hunt wild rabbits for a multitude of reasons. No goats in our town! Rabbits breed prolifically. This saved waste over bigger animals because the rabbit was all eaten. Rabbit meat is consumed all over the world. Since this post was written my husband has raised, humanely killed, and dressed backyard meat rabbits then I cooked them, then we ate them. It often sticks to their body and they will find ways … AMINDEH CEDRIC 520 views. Hello and thank you for visiting The Wannabe Homesteader. I wrote this article but the information in it is incorrect and I apologize. , BUYING MEAT ONLINE VS RAISING YOUR OWN RABBITS FOR MEAT, 1: BUYING FRESH HEALTHY RABBIT MEAT ONLINE. Last comment: once you have have eaten fresh eggs you will never go back to store-bought eggs. I raise both rabbits and chickens in my back yard along with being able to hunt and fish for more variety yet. lots of mishaps, but that means learning. Fence: A fence should be built around outdoor hutches and fitted 7:35. Hi Emily! 1.3.1 The small size of rabbits means that they are more easily stolen or attacked by predators. 25: In a post apocalyptic scenario, chances are good that you’ll be able to find some sort of oil or canned food that will have enough fat to keep you alive. It is one of the best white meats available on the market today! So, I checked the index to see if rabbit was mentioned anywhere in the book and it was: Turns out rabbit meat is so lean that if a person ate it exclusively they could develop something called “fat-hunger” also known as “rabbit starvation.”. Guide to Raising Rabbits for Meat – Many people are turning to build a sustainable lifestyle. Disadvantage: money, space and work As rabbits have a tendency to be messy, you will need to devote a certain amount of time to cleaning up after them. grease…sometimes worse than my home made pork sausage! 11: Rabbit meat has been used and is suitable for special diets, such as those for heart disease patients, diets for the aged, low sodium diets, weight reduction diets, etc. Live and learn! But the the issue remains- should a person include rabbit meat as a back-up plan for survival situations? It is illegal but unless someone complains about the crowing, animal control is too busy to bother. They are extremely easy to keep if you let them free-range (little to no food provided in the summer); they always come home at night. Rabbits intended for the meat trade are fed for swift and efficient production of flesh, while rabbits in research settings have closely controlled diets for specific goals. 16: France is the world’s largest producer and consumer of rabbit meat. R. my dad has lots of free range chickens.. (they are best as they help keep bugs down and are more nutritious due to their varied diet. Love the discussion. I’d like to add my 2 cents on a couple of points that were touched on. This article will assist the internet users for setting up new website The last entry from 2015 stated you guys got rid of them due to a bear attack. I have fruit trees, berries and all kinds of plants that are not only nutritional but also provide medical uses. Personally, I think rabbits are ‘good’ survival food but to me, chickens are the ‘best.’. As we grew older instead of raising more animals for meat, we grew too fond of them. I’m still learning though, hence the “wannabe homesteader” part. It is the meat they got many people and their children through the lean times of the Depression. This makes rabbit meat the ultimate superfood. I was in the grocery business for 30 years and I would not touch a supermarket eggs now. Rabbits and chickens are reared for meat and other useful products. This site was a cool discovery. of this piece of writing, in my view its genuinely awesome for me. Wow! Although biotechnology can have a great impact on all of our lives and that of future generations, like any tool biotech GMO's could have negative effects as well as positive effects. It can be prepared in over 300 different ways . My Aunt published a book about this – ” Living Arrows ” – Not true with chickens. (But then so do most chicken breeds!). 24: The amount of fat required by the human body is tiny. I have a hen starting to lay more eggs right now. According to nutritionists*, rabbit meat is good for you! in Rabbits • How Production Affects Income • Recommended Program for Production VERY edible…and they taste like…eggs. If you live “near” any kind of open space a simple trapping trip in a SHTF situation will get your started raising nutritious caged rabbits. The chickens ate it. Actually I don’t like rabbit meat. thank you for sharing this good news, Has anyone sampled the various product mentioned here, and can they tell which one is the best? Humans are not designed to live off of one food type alone. You starve from not eating anything else. Late to the discussion, but I’ve been raising Rabbits for about a year and a half now. They are talking about wild rabbits, ones that run free, and are lean, and are very distant cousins to the fat, lazy rabbits that I have growing in cages . I had a territorial rooster as did my late grandma & I learned from her how to manage the buggers. They need to be protected from these by fences and other barriers. I remember as a kid we ate rabbit a time or two. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The females can care for 8 kits fairly easy since they have 8 nipples. They are also very hardy in cold weather and do better in the heat than I would expect. It’s good to know that rabbit meat is so digestible and high in all these vitamins. Some think a man will die sooner if he eats continually of fat-free meat than if he eats nothing, but this is a belief on which sufficient evidence for a decision has not been gathered. Yep, you’re exactly right. I think if you were to provide that can do attitude you could find that it’s not only healthy for you but it allows you to control what you intake even better. I would consider them BEFORE chickens in many urban locations – quieter, less space, and a faster turnaround in both meat and eggs. If you eat the organs as well as the meat, you’ll get plenty of fat. Surviving and homesteading are 2 different things. 4: Rabbits produce 6 lbs of meat on the same food & water as a cow produces 1 lb. You can also grow fodder and feed it to your chickens ducks and rabbits for a much cheaper price then pellet feed. I’ll let her lay on them to allow us to have more . Lastly, in order to be plagued by rabbit starvation, you have to have no fat stores of your own. My advice would be to put your efforts into keeping backyard chickens and if land is limited, find a local farmer to buy grass-feed beef and organ meat in bulk to store in your freezer. Duck is very high in fat. A good read, btw. (I’m not sure you can make broth from a rabbit carcass, I guess you could but I’m totally unsure of the nutritional factors). The office of home economics, state relations of the U S Department of Agriculture has made extensive tests and have stated that domestic rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man. Humans are not designed to live off of one food type. Rabbit has only 795 calories per pound. You can use their bones for broth as well as use the liver and heart. A Homestead should probably have a variety of protein sources which is where having chickens and other livestock will be helpful, but getting a cow or pig to butcher weight takes a long time, especially on a grass diet. Do I regret it? When I cook the sausage I make (with the hearts, kidneys, livers, belly Chickens are great and a wonder to any small farm. 18: Most meat rabbit breeds can withstand cold weather down to -30 as long as they have hay or straw to burrow in. 20: If you are stuck out in the woods and get lucky enough to get a rabbit. He’s not as loud as a rooster, but he can be annoying. Someone wise once said that, ‘A rabbit is only as good as the food they eat’ Ok. That someone was me. There is something to be said about simplicity with chicken eggs, the standard cooking recipe is much easier to follow. we’re lucky enough to have room to do lots of different animals, including rabbits and chickens, but if we were limited, I would go with rabbits, simply because you can produce a good amount with limited space and they are less work. Starting with just a couple of these hares, you may be surprised to see their numbers grow in a year or two. I take protein from chicken, beef, mutton, etc. 1: The loud rooster will give away your chickens, your position and everyone who is around will steal them. As she hatches them, I tend to take them away from her and put them in another pen and add some more eggs for her to continue to hatch. armed with a BB gun as the rooster considered the swing set HIS territory! We don’t have the acreage for cows or pigs but we do have enough space and grass for rabbits. But if you only kept one, either would be good. The reported syndrome includes initial symptoms of diarrhea, then headache, fatigue, low blood-pressure, slow heart rate, and a vague discomfort and hunger. Are body’s need a variety of food. So getting help can sometimes be a challenge. 26: In order to be plagued by the rabbit starvation myth, you have to have no fat stores of your own. Hi Devon! I bought a grown rooster once and it did go after my husband. Backyard grown rabbits contain a lot of fat as I have learned since writing this article. Commercial Rabbit Production Rabbits have been produced for 3,000 years. With chickens you have the eggs, meat, liver, bones, and feet (for a nutrition-packed broth) all at your fingertips! This sounds really, really neat. Quail need less space, less food, and less time. And as your post explains, they seem to provide plenty of fat which honestly makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation. Yeah, it’s an adjustment, and yeah we have chickens (but just for eggs), but we decided to stick with rabbits because they’re plain easier to produce and process year round (tho we definitely keep them busier in summer than winter.). They lost their popularity after Big AGRA, who wanted to get maximum… And sushi restaurants would be interested, they charge as much as $1.50 per quail egg on sushi dishes! My mother fed it to anyone who was visiting with us. rabbit. Our neighbors raised both chickens & rabbits in their back yard. ( U S D A circular # 549 ) but either way, its so great to be producing your own food, it brings such an awesome independent feeling! Even though saturated fat has been demonized in our current day, I think it’s still VERY important to good health. Rabbit meat is a wonderful addition to any preparedness plan and backyard. You could technically become “fat starved” if you ONLY had WILD rabbit to eat, but if you’re raising them yourself that won’t happen. There is no scientific evidence to support such claims. 29: Rabbit meat contains quite a bit of selenium, a mineral your body uses to make antioxidants and stimulate sperm production; each 3-oz. Her tail goes up and her fanny points out and that’s when the rooster strikes!) I am sure in that time you could find some other fats if you needed and looked. They are the most productive Angora in the world producing 11oz of super warm soft fiber ever three months. You fail to do all your research Chickens are the best. (Worm bins have to be kept at 40 degrees or more or they quit producing). I would suggest to go on ahead and also do chicken and duck. We lived in Ohio so weather was not Extreme – Snowed in the Winters – We ate Rabbit Meat all Year Long. We just got two New Zealand White’s (Rabbits) and currently have five chickens. Rabbit meat Does have FAT more than most people think. them, everything keeps mentioning “rabbit meat” not a rabbit carcass. chickens AND rabbits– definitely the way to go! 19: Rabbits are easy to pack out if you need to leave an area fast. I suppose the same thing could happen with moose, but I’m not positive. like venison, rabbit meat tends to dry out if you treat it as though it You cant live off beef alone ether. Are you raising bunnies again? Ancient humans survived on nuts, seeds, berries, and game meat. Turns out rabbit meat is so lean that if a person ate it exclusively they could develop something called “fat-hunger” also known as “rabbit starvation.” Rabbit eaters, if they have no fat from another source- beaver, moose, fish (or chicken, pork, or beef)- will develop diarrhea in about a week, with headache, lassitude, a vague discomfort. Are you going to take your chances with rabbit meat or are you finding other sources of protein? Some people say it would need to be somewhere closer to 3-4 weeks. (And when I say “survival” I mean, food is scarce and you do not have many options for nourishment..), And also keep in mind that the rabbit starvation, happens over time of not having any fats to eat, its not like in a week of trying to survive. My knowledge on keeping chickens is pretty low so I didn’t know that! Once they are properly dry aged, I can do anything I want with the 7-8 lb dressed out rabbits, including throwing them on a hot bbq without any additional hydration for a summer cookout. Don’t worry about the fats or lack there of. Jackie Ritz Recommended for you. Yes. But as far as rabbit recipes… if you an do it with a chicken why can’t you do it with the rabbit…cause everything taste like ‘chicken’ in the movies. There are a lot of advantages to cages including the ability to control breeding, keep the environment protected and clean, and assess the individual needs of each rabbit. Some readers have not been so kind. I’ll take my chances with the rabbit meat. It’s both succulent and flavoursome, and the meat combines both healthy eating and good flavours. Even if you’re just 5 or 10 pounds overweight, you have enough stored fat in your body to remain healthy through an entire winter of eating nothing but rabbit. I have a 2ftx3ftx10inches cage that houses as many as 20 birds without any problems. If someone complains, you will be told to get of them in a couple of days BUT they never check back. You don’t starve from eating rabbit. (Alabama A & M University 1989). The liver is a huge source of fat. Do they taste different than chicken eggs? Tag: Rabbit Farming Disadvantages. Rabbit starvation only comes about if you only eat rabbit. Rabbits multiply quickly. Then my husband carefully and cleanly dressed the rabbit out. No sale assistant to help you with the various products. I breed mine selectively so i have just enough. I like to eat chicken, but i’m not going to rule out a whole class of animal based on one person’s opinion. Thank you for your kind words and thorough explanation. is my top 2 website now ! Quail produce 300+ eggs per year This vitamin, commonly known as niacin, aid in converting carbohydrates to energy and manufacturing a variety of sex hormones. It never went after anyone again. we also have to consider that this is a new form of technology. I use it for a lot of my chicken soup/crockpot recipes, and while it does require learning to eat around a different bone structure, we’re sticking with it so far. I just wanted to put in that instead one would want to ‘pickle’ them. Thanks for your comment, Mysticaluna! Click Here for Recipes Using Rabbit from the Meatrabbits Group. Look up your city’s website online and look for the city code. Our kids used to go to the swing set is interesting, but you must improve graphics. Chickens will sometimes not sit on their eggs so if you don’t have a way to incubate them, relying on them to reproduce naturally may be futile, and in a survival situation, you probably won’t have electricity to power your incubator. body cavity, I’d say it would definitely change the “low-fat” reading on However, I still have a problem with it because it’s low in fat. We live in the downtown limits of a small city and are allowed up to five hens, no roosters. Thanks for the offer on the eggs too. (U S D A circular # 549) Thank you for sharing! 22: If you eat as much of the rabbit as you can like eyes, brain, silver skin and globular fat on top of the silver skin that would be the best in a survival situation. Hi Mike. 1: Rabbits have been used for meat as far back as 1500BC.
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