Shortly after making a low pass after the sinking vessel to drop the pump, the flying boat crashes a short distance away, with loss of all six crew. If you're driving back out of Alaska, it's time to start making your leisurely way north again. Landing in Alaska Nat’l Parks. Portage Pass, at the head of the bay, is the most popular aviation route pilots use between Turnagain Arm and Prince William Sound. You can see other glaciers to the northeast and southeast. Discussion about flying in the Alaska back country. Satellite Facilities. The pilot. 13 May 2017: WSK-PZL WARZAWA-OKECIE Pzl 104 Wilga 80: Talkeetna, AK. According to experts from the National Weather Service, this is a somewhat typical storm for the region, and is expected to bring strong wind, rough seas and rain to the area.. Seas as high as 40 feet are expected, with sustained storm force winds that may reach roughly 60 mph or more. beaches, gravel bars). The FAA says a camera is planned for Portage Pass. The following satellite facilities are generally open during regular business hours and are remotely operated by Kenai FSS at night.. The Portage Valley is about a one-hour drive North on the Sterling Highway from Cooper Landing (one hour South of Anchorage). Cold Bay FSS: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm A menu of porcupine and rice keeps the Hudson Bay explorers alive while they paddle and portage their canoe throughout the North. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. The tunnel in and out of Whittier, "The Strangest Town in Alaska" has a toll of $13 per vehicle, though you only pay going into Whittier, not leaving. I’ve landed this spot several times. At the top is Portage Pass. Portage Pass Trail is a very scenic and family friendly hike just outside of the town of Whittier. The views of … Responding to user requests, several FSSs in south central and southwestern Alaska remain open--staffed primarily by specialists from the Kenai FSS on a rotational basis. Glacier side of the pass the trail has post hole deep snow covering most of that downhill side. ... so in 1980 Pat headed north to Alaska, flying for some of the same outfits which bought planes from him earlier. You’re welcome! I will be spending 4 days in Anchorage (with Seward Kenai fjords cruise and local Anchorage trips like Aleskya, zoo, museums etc included) . We hiked up to the top of the Portage Pass Trail just after the tunnel to Whittier Alaska. 7 reviews of Portage Pass Trail "Outstanding trail. Portage Pass to Yakutat is just a straight shot over open country; you can fly a bit inland or stay out over the Gulf; that is just time and compass setting flying, with nothing to hit really. Pilots flew 1,000 sorties, totaling 3,600 flight hours. The agency is cautious in promoting the system because of the need to ensure reliability, said Joette Storm, an FAA spokeswoman in Alaska. Better to go with hiking shoes and trekking poles. From Anchorage fly over the Portage Pass into the Prince William Sound (0.5 hours), a wonderland of 50 glaciers coming down into the water that was famously despoiled by the Exxon Valdez. The search encompassed massive glaciers and the jagged Wrangell and St. Elias Mountain ranges, as well as a large portion of the coastlines of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. Etc. In addition to the air operation, ground patrols searched Portage Pass twice. Here is a video link of one landing. You'll pass Divide Lake on the way, and reach a beautiful glacial lake at the bottom. Spencer Whistlestop Trail- clear. The town sunk approximately 6-10 feet putting it below the high tide level which caused devastating floods. Also parking can be difficult if you go later. One of the above tour operators regularly lands on the beach by La Perouse glacier. Hike the Twin Peaks Trail. A rapidly developing low-pressure storm system is moving north over the Pacific Ocean toward southern Alaska. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center – Located between Girdwood and Portage and open year round, this is the place to check all the famous Alaska wildlife off your list, and get some amazing photos. Answer 1 of 15: Family of 4 travelling in August end and no children. National Parks in Alaska allow aircraft landings (e.g. Portage, Alaska, located near the head of Turnagain Arm on the Seward Highway, roughly 47 miles south of Anchorage, is a former settlement that was devastated by the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. Portage Pass Trail – Whittier side of trail is clear. "The Federal Aviation Administration’s Alaskan Region has revoked the Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certificates of a local pilot and owner of a charter flight service as a result of an accident last August 19 in Portage Pass," the statement reads. From Portage Pass, it is another mile downhill to Portage Lake. It only gets complicated after Yakutat and the descent into Juneau, and there is a good bit of aluminum on the Chilkats. Someone was kind enough to build a bench up at the top so you can soak up all vistas. The Portage Pass Trail is a good day hike for all ages and provide spectacular views of Passage Canal and the surrounding mountains and glaciers. See map The last radio contact before the small plane disappeared Monday was near the 2,500‐foot Portage Pass on the ascent out of Anchorage. The first mile up to Portage Pass was a bit steep and slippery with gravel. There will be a sign that says Portage Lake. ... Portage Glacier Tour – A short boat tour to see Portage Glacier, ... looking at a trip in July with 9 whole days in Alaska, +1 day flying on the front and back of trip. Trailhead: Eklutna Lake. The first page of the Coast Guard telex characterizes the pilot as a daredevil who would fly under any conditions- It has everything you want to see in Alaska- soaring peaks, colossal glaciers, icy rivers and waterfalls, berries for forgaing, trees and tundra alike, and views of Prince William Sound to die for. They will swallow your foot whole. "The agency did not issue any order closing or stopping the company operations. We hiked to Portage Glacier fairly early in the morning to beat the crowd and heat. Watch the well hidden potholes on top of the pass off the beaten path. Through the seventies and early eighties this was our primary area of exploration, in fact, many of our trips helped gather information for National Park planner staff. U.S. Coast Guard Grumman HU-16 Albatross, 1240, out of St. Petersburg, Florida, deploys to drop a dewatering pump to a sinking 40-foot yacht, Flying Fish, off of Carrabelle, Florida. Fly at 2000-3000' for the best sightseeing and hug the shoreline in case of engine failure, proceeding east to Cordova, a fishing village that is accessible only by airplane or Alaska Marine Highway ferry boat. And if you're flying out of Anchorage, you might still have time to take another water taxi across Kachemak Bay. Wilderness Alaska began its operation in this region several years before the creation of the Park. “I had, I figured, over three miles visibility but it went away quickly very quickly,” Rugg said. Passage Canal is the Prince William Sound inlet harboring Whittier. Walczak has concluded that because of extreme turbulence that morning in Portage Pass, from where he is broadcasting, that the Cessna crashed into Prince William Sound and never even made it as far as Hinchinbrook Island. The view of the Glacier and the surrounding area was breathtaking. And that's all in the first mile. There is a great vista of the Portage Glacier to the southeast. Order the ‘Polychrome Pass’ with artichoke hearts added. Spencer Bench Trail – (report from observations from the Whistlestop on 05-23-2018) clear at bottom and snow covered for top half . It opens on the half hour from the Portage side, on the hour from the Whittier side. If you want to get a bit more hiking in, it's another mile down from the pass to Portage Lake. It takes about 50 minutes to climb to the top. Distance: 5 miles … The Pass has an elevation of 6,320 feet with a steep drop to4,000 feet. If you're taking the ferry, head for Whittier and hike the stunning 5-mile Portage Pass Trail before boarding a cross-gulf ferry to take you home. Search in titles only Search in Alaska Bush Flying only The lake has only become visible since approximately 1914, due to the retreating Portage Glacier. The same holds true for wheel planes coming into Prince William Sound through Portage Pass and Whittier from Anchorage enroute to Valdez, Tatitlek, Chenega or Cordova.
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