What I could have predicted, with an abundance of certainty, is that the vast majority of Irish birding would say nothing against this behaviour. Bell's vireo. Breeding males have a gray head sharply contrasting with an olive-green back, and white undersides. Note how dark gray the cap 2nd ed. 70% of the population of this amazing songbird have disappeared in the last 40 years here in TN. But there are exceptions, and one of the most notable is the Orange-crowned Warbler. —On May 2 a Black-throated Blue Warbler was reported from the town of Golden along Tucker Gulch by Michael Lester. A bird of young deciduous woods, the Philadelphia Vireo is the most northernly breeding species of vireo. Jumps up to pick insects off leaves or grabs insects while perched. This video has no audio. The Philadelphia vireo (Vireo philadelphicus) is another attractive avian. Now that's fair enough to me. The soft-gray cap and dark eyeline distinguish it from the Warbling Vireo. Orange-crowned Warbler Photo Credit: U.S. Tennessee vs. Orange-crowned vs. Philadelphia Vireo . Irish birding had it's chance, there and then, to stand together and define that behaviour as unacceptable. The Philadelphia Vireo is a migrant in Tennessee, but is often overlooked because of its resemblance to the much more abundant Red-eyed Vireo in both plumage and voice. However, there is a tendency, especially in Irish birding, to polarize into two uncompromising camps. Because it is often overlooked or confused with Warbling Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, or Tennessee Warbler, this species is an even more enjoyable bird to learn. If we assume the Galway birders truly believe that public transport restrictions do not apply here, it raises questions of intelligence. The scarcity of inland records is more probcibly related to the difficulty of seeing Phillys in woodlands than it is a reflection of abundance. They could have made their opinions clear on the matter, but seeing the damage was done, worked with the other birders to keep things further under wraps, and ensure everyone present enjoyed the bird safely. Nonbreeding birds and immatures lack Philadelphia's olive-brown back and dark cap. Further adding to the problem, the cliquey nature of birding means that there are those out there, who only a week ago were singing the praises of the Galway birders, now clearly faced with the reality that they themselves broke restrictions, and are going along with the pretence. With Philadelphia Vireos, the yellowish colors are most intense on the center of the lower throat and upper breast area. If we assume they don't really believe that, questions on honesty. In Spring, the male Tennessee Warbler, with its plain olive upperparts, gray crown, white supercilium and plain white underparts resembles a miniature Red-eyed Vireo but note its thinner, pointed bill and dark eye. All other vireos have wing bars. It is often overlooked because its more common relative, the Red-eyed Vireo lives in the same areas and gets most of the attention. But the logistics of making it home to Ashbourne from the city center meant I often had an hour to kill after work, which I tended to use browsing the bird books, and I read this one cover to cover. Hops between small twigs in trees and shrubs. Many years and kilos ago, as teen working part-time in Dublin, I came across this book in the nature section in Easons. Sadly in Irish birding, the approach most often opted for is to view every problem as a nail which requires hammering. mark takes some good, close views. Return to Philadelphia Vireo page Galway birders, after Tennessee Warbler had been seen on Inisbofin the previous week, and birders from around the country had either physically attempted to twitch it or intended to, decided they would actively prevent that twitch and would suppress news for the foreseeable. If they have stayed out on the island, sharing accommodation, they will have further broken the visitors/gatherings restrictions. These combine to give the Philadelphia Vireo a much different head shape than the thinner-billed, flatter-crowned Tennessee Warbler. Philadelphia Vireo Red-eyed Vireo Blue Jay Red-breasted Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch Golden-crowned Kinglet Ruby-crowned Kinglet Eastern Bluebird Veery ... Tennessee Warbler Orange-crowned Warbler Nashville Warbler Mourning Warbler Common Yellowthroat American Redstart Cape May Warbler Northern Parula This video has no audio. Species Range Change from 2000 to 2080 The size of the circles roughly indicates the species’ range size in 2000 (left) and 2080 (right). Note white eyebrow and dark eye. Started out at the in laws on Friday evening, with a juv Goshawk in their garden at dusk as we arrived. It was easy to get caught up looking at the photos of mega yanks, quite a few photographed in Ireland, but many eastern species were also captivating. They shoudn't have. Would anyone try to pretend that privatised rail in Britain for example was not public transport? Listen to Philadelphia vireo on bird-sounds.net - a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and bird calls. With any luck it will be miserable and birders will go into hibernation, as per usual, and things will calm down a bit. No luck with gulls, I made my way to Juusjärvi where a Hawk Owl had been hanging out for a few days. Other vireos. And, as is the case with most vireos, the Philadelphia tends to move around more slowly and deliberately than a warbler. Understandable. This week Denis Kania acquaints us with DuPage vireos without wingbars: the Red-eyed, Warbling, and Philadelphia Vireo. On Warbling Vireos, the line through the eye does not go all the way to the bill; on Philadelphias it does. Tennessee Warblers are daintier than Philadelphia Vireos, with smaller, sharper bills and a busy foraging style. Got my winter fix sorted, and just a few minutes from the house. I then continued on to Ämmäsuo in search of a couple of Shore Lark which had been present. They are trying to pretend that the ferry to the Aran Islands is not public transport. I cannot say why perhaps the ferry itself is not highlighting the restriction at this time, however they did so during the first lockdown period. The reason for this is obvious. In Britain, it's accepted that Dominic Cummings destroyed trust in government guidelines (indeed academic studies were conducted to assess this). Tennessee Warblers are daintier than Philadelphia Vireos, with smaller, sharper bills and a busy foraging style. The pretence being put forward is that the ferry is a private company and therefore not public transport. Breeding males have a gray head sharply contrasting with an olive-green back, and white undersides. 0:00 / Philadelphia vireo (call / song) call, song. I could not, however, have predicted that the first notable rule breaker would be a high profile birder in Wexford, traveling to Tacumshin at whim, not even for a rarity, but just to carry on birding as normal, especially after opining on Facebook that we all do our part and do what's being asked of us. Similar Species: Warbling Vireo, Tennessee Warbler Conservation Status: Numbers appear to be stable. site: "One feature worth noting is that the lore mark on a Philadelphia Breeds mainly in mature deciduous woods, especially along streams and other wetlands. This incredible chocolate lover's dream, with a mix of 85% dark, milk and white chocolate, tied up in a bizzare mix of St, Out and about this weekend for the first time in a while. I have no issue saying that. Goshawk - juv in the gloom I started out on Saturday morning at Kivenlahti, hoping to get some gulls. Photo by Michelle Corton. Philadelphia Vireo - Tarrant Co., May 7, 2015. Easily confused with Warbling and Red-eyed Vireos. It has the same coloring as the Tennessee warbler but has a bit of a hook at the end of its bill. It was really just a glorified bird report, at the end of the day, but the photographs in it were the actual rarities themselves, at times mere record shots. Adults in fresh plumage are bright yellow below with a yellow throat. Tennessee's undertail coverts are usually bright white. What was undoubtedly the same individual was found in the same place the next day at noon. An easy one to find, in a location I've seen them in previous winters, sitting on the power lines above a productive looking vole field. identify vagrants. Third eBird record for the county. The Philadelphia Vireo breeds across southern Canada, further north than any of the other vireo species, and winters in southern Central America. Black-and-white Warbler Tennessee Warbler Orange-crowned Warbler Nashville Warbler Mourning Warbler Common Yellowthroat American Redstart Cape May Warbler Northern Parula Small and stocky songbird. 3) WhatBird - Philadelphia Vireo. Another species that may cause identification problems with the Philadelphia Vireo is the Tennessee Warbler. There was nothing quite like it to my eyes. Philadelphia Vireo - Tarrant Co., May 19, 2012 The Philadelphia Vireo is more frequently seen in the fall at coastal landbird traps, where it can be expected with reasonable frequency from August 20 through the end of September. Thank you. Upperparts are brownish gray with unmarked wings. And there on the cover, and further covered within, was Nutcracker. Note the yellow underparts and plainer face; two features that help separate it from the similar looking Red-eyed Vireo. Generally, it sounds very nasty. Further Information: 1) USGS Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter, Philadelphia Vireo. Galway birders are throwing stones from glass houses in what I consider a classic case of tribal bias. The dark gray crown contrasts with the white eyebrow, though this can be indistinct on some birds. The Tennessee Warbler has a thin, sharply pointed bill unlike the stubby look of the vireo. Song is a steady series of roughly 3-note phrases that end on an upswing or downswing, as if the bird is asking and answering a question, over and over. Strangely, I never bought it. Two more weeks and it will be November. Rather plain and unmarked overall with a yellowish belly, gray crown, and grayish brown back. From here, however, things break down. Photo Information: May 19th, 2008 - Minnehaha County, South Dakota - Terry Sohl 2) Audubon Guide - Philadelphia Vireo. These birders decided to go. Note unmarked wings. When this pandemic began, when it became clear that changes in behaviour would be required of us, seeing a number of guidelines for birding being posted in various birding fora, I decided it would be a good idea to do the same in the. On Sept. 23, Lanny McDowell spotted red-eyed vireo, blue-headed vireo, Nashville warbler and northern waterthrush. Somewhat stocky songbird with a thick, hooked bill. Small songbird. Loves migration, raptors and Finnish cinnamon buns. It looks somewhat like a Warbling Vireo, and its song of short phrases sounds much like that of a Red-eyed Vireo. In some places where it overlaps with the Red-eye, the two species will even defend territories against each other. This seems row of Warbling Vireos, birds #2 and #3 are the same bird but note how the four earliest dates of Philadelphia in California are: You think you may have seen a Philadelphia Vireo in fall migration. A - Z. App. The Warbling Vireo’s distribution of yellow on the underparts is greatest along the flanks and undertail coverts. Birding in around the Helsinki area. Like the Tennessee warblers, they migrate to Mexico and environs during the winter. #1, #2, and #5 show a lot of white below the eye; bird #4 shows very little. In my opinion none of this need be the case. It is similar to the songs of several other vireo species, including Red-eyed and Blue-headed. Warbling Vireos are usually more drab than Philadelphia Vireos, with less yellow on the undersides. call / song. Home. The Tennessee Warbler The key for the Philadelphia Vireo and for so many other northern forest breeders is habitat—and how or whether it responds to climate change. And so we come to the unsavoury affair of the Galway Philadelphia Vireo. It's a ridiculous premise, and puts other birders in a difficult position. Tennessee Warbler has brighter upperparts and white undertail coverts.. An Irish love refugee birding in Finland. Comparing Philadelphia Vireo to Warbling Vireo, the collective impression of its slightly stouter bill, slightly rounder head shape, pot belly, and slightly shorter tail provides the expression of a plump n portly vireo; a “look” I find impossible to find in any examples of Warbling. Tennessee Warblers are daintier than Philadelphia Vireos with smaller, sharper bills. I'm gonna go with "chancers" on that one. We see Phillys infrequently and only as passage migrants on their way to and from the boreal forest where they are a … Red-eyed Vireos are larger and have longer bills than Philadelphia Vireos. Black-whiskered vireo. WarblerLady. Philadelphia Vireo: Warbling Vireo lacks dark eyeline. I suspect my hopes there will be dashed. In fall, the plumage is more similar to a Philadelphia Vireo but, again, note the thin, sharply pointed bill and smaller size. Note the pale lores of Warbling Vireo and the tendency for any yellow to be concentrated on the belly and flanks rather than the breast. Often perches horizontally. Search. But on one point one thing has become very clear. Philadelphia Vireo Much less common and my second vireo of the day was a Philadelphia Vireo , found lazily picking insects from the scarcely open canopy of an elm. Breeding male. So, once more with feeling, no one should be breaking restrictions. Red-eyed's breast and belly are clean white. Underparts are washed in pale yellow; some individuals are brighter. Call is a low, nasal "rreh." Seeing non-galwegians getting on the ferry, the Galway contingent could have taken a different route other than outright hostility. As meetings and field trips have been altered for the short term due to the Covid-19 the Board offers a way to connect with you and enrich your birding experience. This video has no audio. At this point, with very little hope of everyone suddenly following the restrictions, we should focus on the outcome of not adding to the masses of existing grudges and vendettas in birding. Anyone who attempts to make the point that the Galway birders were also in breach has been attacked, conflating pointing out the simple reality of the situation as being on the other side, or pro restriction breaking. Plus, a bonus bird also lacking wingbars, the Tennessee Warbler! The Orange-crowned Warbler is divided into four subspecies that differ in plumage color, size, and molt patterns. any Warbling Vireo is rather scarce and late. The male makes up for his plain appearance with a strident staccato song, surprisingly loud for the size of the bird. Hawk Owl - The best bird in the universe. At one time an adult male Tennessee Warbler was less than two feet from the Vireo, affording a faultless opportunity for comparison. Similar Species. Galway birders, after Tennessee Warbler had been seen on Inisbofin the previous week, and birders from around the country had either physically attempted to twitch it or intended to, decided they would actively prevent that twitch and would suppress news for the foreseeable. They have a bold face pattern with two black lines surrounding a white stripe over the eye. We are all the products of our upbringing and childhood influences, and this book influenced me heavily. Of course, a ferry company not spoon feeding people does not absolve anyone of personal responsibility. Under level 3 restrictions, public transport is reserved for essential workers and reasons, and twitching a bird or going birding clearly doesn't fit that definition. Black-capped vireo. Not much in the way of these but another Goshawk, an adult made an appearance. Kickapoo Valley Reserve | S3661 State Highway 131 | La Farge, Wisconsin 54639 Phone: 608-625-2960 | FAX: 608-625-2962 kickapoo.reserve@krm.state.wi.us From the outside it's difficult to truly know what went down. Dull individuals can be very difficult to distinguish from Warbling Vireo, but Warbling usually brightest yellow on flanks, not throat. This is one reason I am skeptical of Warbling Vireo nests in deciduous woodlands throughout Most Warbling Vireos lack yellow on the throat but, when it On Philadelphia Vireo, the Tennessee Warblers are daintier, move more quickly, and have thinner, sharper bills than Warbling Vireos. Philadelphia vireo. Their meals of choice are insects and some berries (e.g., bayberry and dogwood). Please help with our research to discover the reasons behind this decline. Favorites. This bird of the treetops is rather uncommon and often overlooked, or passed off as another vireo. We need to get rid of this stone throwing mentality that plagues birding. Every general birding or forecast post made during the various lockdowns, I made on the premise that people would follow restriction guidelines, but when someone asked whether I really thought people would follow restrictions I had to say no. Some individuals are brighter than others. Philadelphia Vireo: Song is a high, drawn-out "cherrie-o-witt, cheree, siss-a-wit, tee-o", similar to song of Red-eyed Vireo, but thinner, higher-pitched, and slower. Small, short-tailed, most similar to Warbling Vireo, but brighter: look for yellow wash on underparts, brightest on throat and undertail, and dark line through the eye that connects to base of bill. Obsession does not often go hand in hand with rationality unfortunately and so I knew if the rarity was juicy enough people would run. When found, news of the Philly leaked out, reaching birders elsewhere in the country. Upon arrival I could see the gulls and forbids up in the air, usually a sign, All images/content copyright of owners unless otherwise stated. Their choice. Tennessee Warblers are daintier, move more quickly, and have thinner, sharper bills than Warbling Vireos. And so I hope there are none so intellectually dishonest as to suggest seeing an Irish guru in breach right at the outset might, ever so slightly might, have had a similar effect? Two groups collided, on the ferry and on site, and both sides condemn each other's behaviour, claiming hostile and aggressive behaviour on all fronts. Tennessee Warbler is quite similar but has a thinner pointed bill. —On May 2 a Philadelphia Vireo was reported from North Table Mountain Park by David Bailey. If you see one in Tennessee please contact Cyndi Routledge at 931-206-3517 with the location. This bird is found in Tennessee only briefly, during spring and fall migration; but there is no point in giving it a more descriptive name, because the bird itself is nondescript. He also spotted the first white-throated sparrows of the season on Sept. 25. And so we come to the unsavoury affair of the Galway Philadelphia Vireo. Pale yellow below with a gray crown and white eyebrow. Goshawk - I've decided to try an grab a few more distant shots of these, as I just find their structure and gizz so distinctive. In Ireland golfgate undoubtedly did the same. This can be further complicated by the level of anorakism in birding, the best example I've come across being the marginal comparison of those breaking restrictions to Ghandi or Mandela. Photo by Randall Patterson.
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