Preventive maintenance can be deined as follows: Actions performed on a detect, preclude, or mitigate degradation of a component or system with the aim of controlling degradation to an acceptable level.  Your scheduling parameters will include a detailed scheduling data of the respective maintenance strategy you want to conduct. Say you conduct a preventive maintenance every 3 months. METHODOLOGY Development of an effective maintenance strategy for critical equipment requires a … We do not use the traditional approaches offered by other consultants since they do not work for the long-term. CBM usually requires an investment in a remote data gathering system and user training. This type of maintenance strategy is only effective for a machinery that serves a small role in the business, or those that are not very important and necessary, and which are not very costly. Listed below are some of the maintenance strategy types that you may adapt for your business, with their pros and cons and the situations they will be most effective in.You may also see business plan. In this case, the maintenance manager can simply adapt the schedule accordingly.On the one hand, preventive maintenance can be mandatory, defined in the contract, law or by any regulation. Similarly, performing too many PMs can open the door for post-PM breakdowns. Check out the chart below for a quick rundown of each approach. Predictive maintenance "is a very powerful weapon," Parages said. Which means that if you want to avoid making this a habit for your business, maintenance should be one of your basic priorities.You may also see strategic planning checklists. An outline of the maintenance strategy. In this article, we’ll define seven steps that will underpin a winning maintenance strategy. While it requires minimal planning, the drawbacks of reactive maintenance can be substantial if it’s not carried out correctly. We are located across all five continents with service centers close to you. A run-to-failure strategy designates a machinery to be fixed only when it breaks down. Maintenance strategy consists of mix of maintenance policies and maintenance techniques which vary from facility to facility (Dekker, 1996). If it doesn’t, and, based on your accurate observation, it is in a sound present state, you can skip your maintenance and have one administered at a later time.You may also see sales plans. For all the Maintenance Department process analyses, maintenance strategy development, and maintenance performance improvement solutions we only use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. If a plant determines that a PM is the most effective way to mitigate failure, the worn component is replaced. RCM is a highly-involved process that seeks to analyze all the possible failure modes for each piece of equipment and customize a maintenance plan for each individual machine. It’s requires a very mature maintenance team that has mastered prevention, basic inspections, predictive maintenance, and has access to lots of existing data on their assets. Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) addresses the fact that failure is not always linear. If it is not working as efficiently as it normally should, conduct a predictive maintenance to answer whatever issues your machine may be having.You may also see risk plans. All Rights Reserved, A look at the tools that empower your maintenance team, Manage maintenance from anywhere, at any time, Track, control, and optimize asset performance, Simplify the way you create, complete, and record work, Connect your CMMS and share data across any system, Collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data, Make sure you have the right parts at the right time, AI for maintenance. An example of the useful, action-oriented information you'll learn in this course. For the first few times, this may bring about positive results for everyone. This type of equipment can run for a long time even without regular maintenance, so save yourself the cash and the hassle by waiting until it stops working before you do something about it. We can help you scope and implement efficient and cost-effective maintenance strategies, using the latest condition monitoring techniques and technology. The various wars and embargo’s have disturbed normal practices leading to much canabalised [old] equipment at start up of the joint venture. the maintenance strategy development methodology, cost factor is a vital “go ahead” to the next stage. There might be small leaks and malfunctions in your machine that only maintenance can discover.Maintenance can also help you prolong the life of your equipment. For example, maintenance on a software service that is running slowly. Vision The vision is to provide maintenance that is value for money, effective, business focused and responsive to customer needs. For example, with the help of IoT sensors and data collection, maintenance folks can better predict when a breakdown is most likely to occur. Although this strategy is effective, it is too sophisticated especially for small businesses. Also known as proactive maintenance, this method involves periodically taking assets offline and inspecting or repairing them at predetermined intervals (usually time or event-based triggers). A good maintenance strategy is one that achieves high uptime for key equipment at low maintenance costs. While this particular type of maintenance has been gaining popularity, it’s far from the only solution available to equipment-heavy organizations. La maintenance corrective correspond à une attitude de défense (subir) dans lattente dune défaillance fortuite, attitude caractéristique de lentretien traditionnel. European maintenance standard (EN 13306) and its terminology form the basis of our daily work. It revolves around the idea that analyzing all the possible aspects where an equipment can be damaged in the future and creating a customized maintenance strategy plan for each one of these issues and individual machines is the most effective approach to maintenance.You may also see management plans. 5.3 Preventive Maintenance . Example of predictive maintenance. Les opérations de maintenance incluent : 1. le dépannage, 2. la réparation, 3. le réglage, 4. la révision, 5. le contrôle, 6. la vérification, des équipements, matériels et virtuels. RCM is considered complex because each individual asset must be analyzed and prioritized based on criticality. La stratégie de maintenance curative devrait toujours être réservée aux équipements non essentiels à la production et dont le coût de remplacement est faible. When is a maintenance strategy employed? These physical attacks may include rust, wear, erosion, or chemical corrosion. To synthesize the first wave of maintenance strategies, Stafford and Canary (1991) performed factor analyses on over 80 behaviors that the literature and married University of Utah, USA. However, if you don’t notice it in time with the warranty insurance, you may be forced to pay for damages caused by inaccuracy done by the manufacturer. Example A plant has a number of 30kW pump/motor assemblies serving different functions within the site. For example, the law requires the inspection and maintenance of certain machines. This will help you check the hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical parts of your apparatus which will help you make sure that your machine is in perfect working condition.You may also see networking strategy plan, Maintenance does not only mean tweaking the machine. EP Editorial Staff | June 2, 1997. Maintenance Plan Templates. Preventive Maintenance Strategy. When is a maintenance strategy employed? Maintenance strategy development doesn't seem to take into account previous work or current plans There is a disconnect between strategy development and practical deployment Maintenance strategy development becomes opinion based rather than justified on … Many organizations employing preventive maintenance use CMMS software to trigger work orders when a PM is due. Reliability centred maintenance aims to reduce costs, improve safety, and eliminate inefficient tasks by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to maintenance. In terms of practicality, this strategy is also not the first thing that will come to mind. After all, premium performance of production equipment drives profitability and … Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a great maintenance strategy and considered the most cost-effective overall. A distinction is made between maintenance plan types which are created without a maintenance strategy and those created with one. Of course, you can’t simply decide to have one on a day when you feel like having it because, as aforementioned, there are certain preparations involved. Maintenance strategy. Annual maintenance of a car or service of a Printer after 1 million copies. Maintenance Strategy found in: Operation Maintenance Strategies Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Model Graphic Images Cpb, Total Maintenance Management Ppt Powerpoint Guide, Maintenance Engineering And Management Ppt Slides, Building.. For a non-critical piece of machinery, the answer should be “not hard”.”. This is very effective for some equipment and reduces emergency downtime. Step 1 : Execute t-code “IP11” in command field from SAP easy access screen. A maintenance strategy plan will help you arrange and transcribe all of this.You may also see communication strategy plan. Early Equipment Maintenance 62+ Maintenance Templates in PDF | Word | Excel | PSD | Google Docs | InDesign | Apple Pages | Google Sheets | Publisher | Apple Numbers | Illustrator -, Time-based by key date. (For example, every 30 days every 30th day of the month. As with all maintenance types, there are potential drawbacks to relying solely on preventive maintenance. A lot of aspects of a business should be regularly checked to make sure that you are not held at a disadvantage by your own carelessness. The maintenance strategies and types you would use for building maintenance would depend on the failure modes you’re looking to manage, plus of course any legislative maintenance requirements. For example, if a screw conveyor is shut down for a PM that addresses hanger bearings, the bearings would be replaced rather than inspected to determine if replacement is needed. So, are you ready to integrate the IoT into your building maintenance strategy? However, they are not. This is most applicable to the materials and equipment that are absolutely indispensable to a company. Irregardless of how big and successful your business is, buying new equipment to take the place of those that are broken is never a good investment. Let’s compare these types of maintenance to see which ones work best for different scenarios. The goal of this approach is to extend the useful life of an asset and prevent breakdowns from occurring. Maintenance Strategy Example. Whatever support you need, both on and off-site, our teams have the necessary knowledge and experience. Quality Correcting poor quality. However, there are certain elite organizations that have perfected this technique.  A predictive maintenance is a little more complex than the two other strategies that have been discussed. Implementation Value for money will be provided by: Controlling costs to budget. Irregardless of the cause of the failure of your apparatus, it is important to conduct a thorough checkup at intervals to make sure you get the most out of what you pay for. It can be any of the following: Developing and creating a maintenance strategy plan will depend largely on the assets of the company and the operation of the equipment. This includes even the slightest irresponsibility such as not changing the machinery oil and not cleaning the equipment after use.You may also see development plans. Maintenance strategy would not be needed if machines are always in perfect working order. The rise of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is making it possible for organizations to use intelligent maintenance software to collect data and integrate with connected devices to get smarter about manufacturing. Reliability centred maintenance is a strategy used to optimize a company’s maintenance program by creating a specific plan for maintaining each of its assets. Since repairs are not planned, it’s a good method to employ for equipment that is not essential for operations or has a low cost (think anything that’s rarely used or duplicates the function of other equipment). Identification of the optimal maintenance mix to achieve the goals and manage risk. Planned maintenance includes cleaning, inspection, tests and replacement of consumables, protective coatings or wearing parts before failure and is intended to:  Preservea functional and safe work environment  Avoid breakdownof crucial plant and equipment causing business interruption  Provide compliance with statutory requirements  Minimise carbon emissions  Prolong the useful life of … Many tools and techniques have been developed and applied in other fields. It must be emphasized, however, that this is the author’s preferred interpretation of these terms, and should not necessarily be taken as gospel tr… Preventive maintenance is planned and based on condition-based maintenance. Maintenance will also help you make sure that your equipment are still safe to be operated. Examples of Maintenance Value Creation Reduction of maintenance costs with 2 mio EUR EBITDA improved by 20 mio EUR Maintenance cost reduced with 50% MRO stock reduced with 50% EBITDA improved with 15% 27% uptime improvement (equals 15.000 trucks) 5% more uptime plus 7 mio EUR cost reduction 5 mio EUR benefits after first wave of VDM audits 45 mio USD improvement potential … Machines, as big and bulky as they are, actually have very sensitive parts and the slightest misuse of it may result in considerable damages. This can damage your equipment.You may also see event plans. PdM uses data from machine sensors and smart technology to alert the maintenance team when a piece of equipment is at risk of failing. However, things like overheating or overloading them may just cause them to break down. How to Improve Your Maintenance Routine. The company's overall goals considered and translated to the strategic objective of maintenance. This will keep problems and issues from accumulating to the point where the machine is beyond repairable. More than ever, manufacturers must focus on establishing preventive maintenance programs as a base to build upon their competitive strategy within the market. Now, we keep it from happening by conducting a thorough maintenance and checkup so that our machine will keep running because we need it that way.You may also see recruitment strategy plans. You create maintenance cycles directly in the maintenance plan for maintenance plans that were created without a maintenance strategy (for example, single cycle plan or multiple counter plan). Such a maintenance strategy can be very economic in that the maintenance regime adopted for an asset is based on the consequences of failure not just on what kind of equipment it is. This is when technicians get bogged down by unnecessary tasks and cost the organization time and money. You can use this Maintenance Plan template to provide Tech Support personnel with the information necessary to maintain IT systems effectively. The owner should submit the maintenance plan to the above address, attn: Dam Safety Section. There are many different approaches that you can mix and match, depending on your assets, your industry, and the size and experience of your maintenance team. Using the latest condition monitoring techniques and technology to implement efficient and cost-effective maintenance strategies. Below you can find an example of a Maintenance vision, a strategy and a policy. Because each piece of equipment is analyzed on its own, it’s possible that the end result of embarking on an RCM effort is having as many different maintenance plans as you do pieces of equipment. For all the Maintenance Department process analyses, maintenance strategy development, and maintenance performance improvement solutions we only use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. La liste des types de maintenance est assez longue et les termes utilisés, ou les interprétations, parfois différents. For example machine operators develop skills for autonomous maintenance, senior maintenance professionals learn techniques for preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance techniques and managers are trained into improvement strategies as Kaizen and total productive maintenance. For example, communication strategies such as openness, avoidance, affinity‐seeking, among a variety of other behaviors, were presented as maintenance communicative strategies. Our recommendation on how to develop your maintenance strategy is to start where it makes sense for your circumstances and keep growing from there. While there are a lot of different types of maintenance strategies out there, most discussions about which method you should implement come down to comparing reactive vs. preventive vs. predictive maintenance. PM should not be confused with unplanned maintenance, which is a response to an unanticipated problem or emergency. Predictive Maintenance Strategy Training . The rise of the So to level the playing field, it is necessary to explain the way in which a few of these terms have been utilized throughout this document to ensure common understanding by all who read it. Get your blueprint for building the maintenance team of tomorrow, today. Condition-based maintenance, for example, is a type of PM that estimates and projects equipment condition over time, utilizing probability formulas to assess downtime risks. If you spend any time reading about industry trends, you’ll know that predictive maintenance is getting more popular every day. Configuration steps. The bottom line is, if a preventive maintenance program is used, it should go hand in hand with PM optimization. Use this template to: Define the support environment, roles & responsibilities, maintenance activities. So for example you would use failure finding maintenance to test your building fire and smoke detectors on a regular basis. But what works in one industry may not work in another. This is because a non-critical piece of machinery does not have to cause you an added amount of inconvenience and money. La maintenance préventive ne doit pas consister à dire à un agent de mainte-nance : « allez voir si l’état de tel organe est bon » au moyen d’une liste des points à examiner. If you think that this strategy will work best for your business, then it is time that you start adapting it.You may also see mass marketing. These machines must therefore be inspected and maintained. The example plan aims for the simplicity of a vehicle maintenance chart with “X” in the month when maintenance items are to be performed. Perform the following configuration steps to create maintenance strategy in SAP Plant Maintenance module. For an organization coming from a pen-and-paper or Excel-based maintenance program, you have to first build on the processes and insights that preventive maintenance provides in order to build an effective predictive maintenance plan. Although regular equipment checkups may cause a slight inconvenience to your production, that is nothing in comparison to having to stop production altogether simply because your machinery broke down in the most unexpected, disadvantageous time. If the approach is used for all equipment, there can be huge delays in production when a critical piece of equipment fails.
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