The majority of Kirby's attacks are characterized by speed, with his tilts being among the fastest in the game, while his slowest moves instead boast high power as a trade-off, while still being quite fast for their power. Fair's a little iffy because frame data, but bair OOS is super solid. Total frames: 59: Frames Landing Lag:--Note: If on the ground, invulnerable on frame 2-10 and Super armor on frame 11-17. Characters: Sword. Archer. Edit: also, try playing Kirby a little more defensively, holding crouch and spamming dtilt to force some sort of reaction. Ultimate. Each followup attack advances Kirby forward. I just realized Nair is the same speed as downsmash and now I'm sad. Fighter. Total Frames Attributes Grab 20 (4x5) 1 - Unblockable Player collison ... Magaloran Garb(Unlocked at Fighter's Rank 80) Francisca Style(Unlocked with Kirby: Star Allies data on the Nintendo Switch) Kirby Fighters 2: General: Controls.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Bomb. (Refer to the table section) 1.5 Systems Design A. Kirby roof slope limitations are given in the furnished table in conjunction with frame types and roof coverings. Stages. Kirby Frame Data. Beetle. Kirby's greatest strengths are his fast frame data, high combo potential, and the versatility of his moveset. Kirby can turn around to perform the slam ender (5BBBB) either in … Kirby swings the staff in front of him for two multi-hit reps and a slam ender. Staff. Kirby aerial frame data. Kirby is the pink puffball from Dreamland. Kirby is considered the worst character in Melee because he has low kill power, a bad combo… System. Artist. Bell. Kirby's frame data is all relative: it could be seen as okay by itself 'in a vaccuum', but when you compare it to the 'good' characters (the best in the game) it is unfortunately lacking. Reaches full charge on : Base Damage: 35.0: Frames Shield Lag: 18: Frames Shield Stun: 30: Which hit box:-- Fair and bair out of shield is pretty decent if they're in the right spot for it. 5BB and 5BBB has less range in comparison to 5B, which causes the hits to whiff when too far away. I get upair being slow, they don't want you ladderibg people, and it has pretty good range as well. He has the special ability to inhale his opponent and learn one of their unique abilities. Frame data from Kurogane Hammer and FrannDotExe. I get fair being slow, otherwise it would combo into itsself and it has decent range. Parasol. Kirby's Frame Data [1 - Bayonetta Up B Hitbox Clipart is best quality and high resolution which can be used personally or non-commercially.

#Kirby #SSBU_Kirby A quick combo showcase of Kirby. Yo-Yo. This is one of Kirby's best attributes, and some would argue its not that useful.

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