The best way to wind this style of thread onto a bobbin is to do it by hand. While using your left hand to hold the end of the thread that wraps around the thread guide for bobbin winding, use your right hand to wind the free end of the thread clockwise around the bobbin five or six times. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle, and push it to the right. Push bobbin winder pin to the far left if it is not already there. To start winding the bobbin, use the hand crank on the side of the sewing machine to raise the needle until it is as high as it can go. your own Pins on Pinterest Put the bobbin onto the bobbin winder shaft and slide the bobbin winder shaft to the right. 9. ***** *****nigan : In the centre of the hand wheel there is another circle just turn it counter-clockwise to stop the needle from moving while you are winding the bobbin. Pull the thread to the right and pass it through the slit in the bobbin winder seat. To get more details and tips on how to wind wooly thread onto a bobbin just continue to read our article. 1. If I had to hand-wind ALL thread, I'd stop sewing and take up something more fun - and just about anything would qualify. With the free end of the thread held in your hand… I am trying to fill the bobbin with thread and cannot release the hand wheel so that the needle stops going up and down. Turn the hand crank toward you to do this, and once the needle gets as high as it can go, you can stop turning the crank. Make sure to pull out 7 to 10 cm (2-3/4 to 3-15/16 inches) of thread from the hole on the bobbin. - Turn the bobbin clockwise, by hand, until the spring on the shaft (1) slides into the notch (2) in the bobbin. Fasten the end of the ribbon to a large bobbin with a piece of Sellotape (Scotch tape) to keep it in place, hold the bobbin in your right hand, and start winding the ribbon on to the bobbin by turning the bobbin away from you — the ribbon winds on smoothly. 10. Put the bobbin onto the bobbin winder shaft and slide the bobbin winder shaft to the right. 3. 8. (1) Projection (2) Notch * Align the notch of the bobbin to the projection on the shaft. Winding a bobbin is quick and easy when you follow the directions below. Jan 14, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Kara Hobbs. Now keep the bobbin still and wind the ribbon around it … Discover (and save!) Turn the bobbin clockwise, by hand, until the projection slides into the notch of the bobbin. Set the motor speed to medium so that the bobbin thread will wind evenly; and avoid stretching which often occurs when wound at the fastest speed. Take your time as it is not a race to get the thread wound quickly. My everyday sewing thread gets the customary quick spin through the sewing machine's bobbin winder. Place spool of thread on spool pin. Bobbins are used in color-knitting to keep small pieces of yarn separate. This helps you control the wind and lets the bobbin release the thread as it should. (3) 7 - 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) 4. Always wind the bobbin before threading the machine and needle. Slide spool pin holder/cap firmly over the rim of spool to prevent the thread from tangling. 2. I hand-wind only specialty threads - ribbon thread, Wooly Nylon, Polyarn, etc.
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