We each trim our own sides to about 4ft high. Far more interesting than a fence, a hedge can last many years, providing security and privacy, shelter for wildlife, as well as beauty and interest. Trees, shrubs and other plants put in these areas by the city are your responsibility to care for, but you normally do not have the right to damage or remove these plants. There have been a number of high profile cases over the years where homeowners have let hedges (often Leylandii) become very large to the point that their neighbours have been deprived of light and enjoyment of their own property. 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In England and Wales you can complain to your local authority if your house is being affected by evergreen or semi-evergreen hedges that are more than two metres high. If you find an injured wild bird in your yard, call a local wildlife agency to come get the bird. Legislation states that your hedge may be up to 2 metres tall – but there are additional factors to consider. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Hedges can be a great way to add natural borders or dividers to your yard. Most areas even have laws restricting caring for these birds, even if they are injured. Are there any leaflets that explain complaints about high hedges. Ask your council for a complaint form if the hedge is all of these: 2 or more mostly evergreen … Police advise that the hedge in the front garden should only be grown to window height, so potential intruders can be easily seen from the street. Yes, the government has produced a leaflet called 'High Hedges - Complaining to the council' and ‘over the garden hedge’. We stock. Some areas ban these beneficial garden aids all together. Three’s a crowd doesn’t apply to planting. Many legal cases have resulted from cities mowing down a meadow yard. no part of the site is a listed building or within the curtilage of a listed building. Here, three standard lollipop trees in front of the window … Checking with the local city or town hall will make you more familiar with these laws and help you to stay in compliance with them. Animals – Other common urban garden ordinances apply to farm animals. As the population grows and more people live closer together, there has been an increase in the number of garden laws in cities and localities. The effective depth of the garden is 15 metres, and the hedge is to the south of the garden. A front garden is a wonderful space to utilise regardless of the type of house you have, whether that's a terrace, semi-detached or detached property. I know it will take years but the quickest growing ones you can think of would be great. This gives a basic action hedge height of 15 x 0.25 = 3.75 metres. Would like a hedge for front garden, can you advise (22 Posts) Add message | Report. If your house is in close proximity, and a basement window is close to the ground, if it's left open and forgotten (voice of experience, and I admit it!) You cannot make a complaint if it consists of only one shrub or tree, no matter the height. 7. Fences and hedges – Among the more common urban garden ordinances are ones regulating how high a fence or hedge can be. These hedges are a recent development in smaller gardens, though by no means a new idea. I have written a letter to her stating that the hedge is 100% ours but what happens if she continues to cut the top. Hedging makes a wonderful foil for other plants and can even make your garden look bigger. However, you are responsible for looking after any hedge on your property and for making sure it is not a nuisance to anyone else. There are, of … A high hedge is defined as a line of trees comprising at least two evergreen or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs and a hedge height of more than two metres above ground level. There are 8 perfect-for-privacy trees here. Do not move or disturb nests, eggs or fledglings. Below, we have listed some common garden and yard care laws. Hell strips – Hell strips are the sections of land between the street and the sidewalk. Contact us today or buy online. Compost piles – Many gardeners keep compost piles in their backyard and almost as many cities have a gardening law about how those piles should be maintained. My garden and that of our neighbour is divided by a hedge. In other areas, you can be fined for letting your lawn turn brown from lack of watering. The mice and other rodents like to stay in the hedge for shelter, but sooner or later , they get hungry. The hedge is wholly growing from my property - it just overhangs their garden a bit. You can erect a high fence in front of your property as long as you have the correct splay and visibility line within the 'adjacent to the highway' area determined by the council. Leylandii hedging plants (cupressocyparis leylandii) is one of the fastest-growing hedges available (approximately 75-90cm a year!). There are many choices of plant material, depending on the level of privacy you desire and the look you want year-round, from evergreens like cedar, yew and boxwood to perennial grasses and flowering shrubs – the possibilities are endless. There’s no limit to what you can grow in your front garden, but here is a selection of plants that will thrive in most situations. A six foot high evergreen holm oak hedge screens a seating area in this front garden designed by Francesca Sideris, Design Director at Langlea Garden Design. Sometimes, fences and hedges can be banned all together, particularly in terms of the front yard or street facing yards. A hedge can be a beautiful way to define the boundaries of your property and provide a stunning backdrop for your garden. If the council considers that the complaint is justified, they can take enforcement action although this only happens where all other reasonable courses of action have failed. Home » Knowledge Base » How High Can I Grow My Hedge? Sometimes, fences and hedges can be banned all together, particularly in terms of the front yard or street facing yards. All have been chosen because they are tough and won’t need too much cosseting. Depending on the boxwood cultivar, hedges can grow to between 3 and 30 ft. (1 – 9 m) The cultivar Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ is a dwarf hedging plant. We stock golden leylandii hedges and green leylandii for you to enjoy. The hedge at the moment is about 3/4 foot high, and having spoken to the council they have advised me that I can grow the hedge as high as I like. And there are no laws that say how high you can grow your hedge. It may also be worth considering making your garden more private by placing just a single tree in the right place. Most areas forbid grass being over a certain height. Whatever your space, and even if there is no soil to plant in, there's always something suitable. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increase in ‘just this once’ thinking among gardeners who (often wrongly) assume their neighbours will be fine with blocked light, extra greenery and branches extending into their gardens. While it might be a nice idea to keep a few chickens or a goat, this may be forbidden under many cities’ garden laws. This legislation forms part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act and enables local councils to take and manage complaints in relation to hedge height – but only if it is believed that all reasonable steps have been taken without their involvement.
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