Church's Chicken Fried chicken is an art—an unhealthy, possibly cholesterol-charged art, that is. You won't find fried chicken at El Pollo Loco, but instead citrus-marinated, fire-grilled, super-yummy chicken. They have a solid trinity of chicken fingers, crinkle fries and Texas toast, but what really sets Cane’s apart is the chicken’s best friend — Cane Sauce. If you're looking to customize it, make the right choices. The cooks marinate it for 12 hours before finishing it off with a flamin’ hot breading. That extra step gives Wendy’s spicy chicken a different flavour than any other patty on this list. It’s exactly where you should celebrate National Fried Chicken Day! Best Small Chain: Gus's Fried Chicken Originally from Mason, Tennessee, this small-scale fried chicken franchise has recently been making inroads in Atlanta, Texas and across the country. The crispy chicken is dipped in homemade honey butter and served on a toasted brioche bun with crunchy pickle slices. Getting picky, because that is what it comes down to between these top spots, their breading lacks the satisfying crunch that many others do so well. Redbook participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. For the purposes of this story, I ate fried chicken from five chains that do it well ― Church’s Chicken, Popeye’s, Shake Shack, Chick-fil-A and KFC ― and ranked them. In truth, they are both the reigning fast food chicken champions. Thanks to them, you can now find the real thing outside of Nashville, in Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham and Las Vegas. Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits, The Classic Sandwich to Order in Every State, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Whisk the milk with the vinegar, egg, ½ tsp salt … In other words, they're a one-trick pony with a trick that isn't even that impressive. First of all, Champs Chicken apparently hunts down the scrawniest chickens available. In truth, they are both the reigning fast food chicken champions. The story goes that Cummings had access to that Sanders family spice mix, as he was the one who helped Sanders sell his chicken in the early days — not long before developing his own "famous recipe." If you aren't out West, you might not be familiar with El Pollo Loco. Before the 1990s, Americans ate more beef and pork than chicken. That said, if you love spicy fried chicken, Popeyes is your place. The breading really shines on the breast strips. Legend has it that Nashville Hot Chicken was first created as punishment for a womanizing husband. 1. The chicken itself is generally juicy enough, but they forgot the seasoning. you've probably tried that famous recipe... well, kinda. Church’s Chicken sticks to what they know — bone-in, hand-battered and deep fried. With over 50 locations in the Sunshine State, and more than a dozen more across New Jersey, New York, and the Carolinas, PDQ is serious about their chicken quality. This chicken restaurant chain features locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. Also, it is a little salty. Their traditional, Texan-style chicken packs a bold flavor and is served in huge portions (everything’s bigger in Texas!). Chickenjoy earlier made it to top 3 in America’s best fast-food fried chicken list released by FoodBeast in the United States. The Chick'n Shack is a thick hunk of all-natural chicken breast served atop a potato bun with lettuce, pickles and a slathering of delicious buttermilk-herb mayo. TKK offers three fried chicken flavors: Original, Crispy Mild, and Crispy Spicy. While Popeyes comes out on top, it's by the slimmest of margins. You won't be disappointed. If you like spicy, flavorful chicken, you'll love Krispy Krunchy Chicken (KKC). Almost, but not quite. Bite after bite, location after location, the excellence is consistent. Zaxby’s advantage is their full range of menu offerings including bone-in wings, tenders and sandwiches. We could go on about their chicken as a class of its own, but it doesn’t stop there. Their nuggets are easily the best you can get, made from fresh, hand-breaded morsels every morning. The chicken is moist, but it isn’t flavorful. Popeyes topped the list, followed Chick-Fil-A and Hattie B’s, all of which are American-born fast food brands. At Zaxby's, if you're in the mood for a sandwich, stay away from their Chicken Fingers Sandwich. Prince's Hot Chicken Shack is credited as the first to serve it at a restaurant, but Hattie B’s is responsible for letting the secret out. You can get whole pieces of chicken served with your choice of sides and tortillas — or burritos, bowls, quesadillas, and other specials. Sometimes it's so overcooked that the chicken meat inside has practically turned into dust. Then they manage to simultaneously undercook the skin while overcooking the meat. Things took a deadly turn when a man was stabbed to death after allegedly cutting in line at a Maryland Popeyes. Southern Fried Chicken is a British-based fast food outlet which operates a franchise network in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Unless you live on the East Coast, in Michigan, or in Texas, you probably haven't heard of TKK Fried Chicken. While Popeyes comes out on top, it's by the slimmest of margins. To date, Bonchon has over 300 locations and they are gaining quite a following of fans around the globe — and rightfully so. The result is mealy and fatty skin wrapped around tasteless slivers of meat. Popeyes and Chick-fil-A are basically tied, as both restaurants have mastered the art of the chicken.
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