They have developed and created some of the game's most memorable gloves, supplying pro and youth players through the generations with high-quality, high-performance gear that has stood the test of time. With all of this choice, and so many seemingly similar gloves out there, it can be difficult to tell one glove from the next, or understand why some are priced so much higher than others. What size glove is right for my age and position? Flex Loop - custom fit back designs for perfect hand and fit adjustments. Which Country Should You Cheer For In The World Cup? But it's important to understand that although the form of most baseball gloves is the same, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Double Palm Construction - 2-layer leather pocket creates impressive glove stability, and makes for a faster break in. ParaShock Palm Pad - reduces the sting of catching hard hit balls. Selecting a Baseball Glove. They have even recently released brand new Pro Stock Game Model baseball gloves, replicating the game gloves of some of baseball's most popular and successful players, down to their exact specifications and personal tweaks. Call Us at 1-866-321-4568 for Assistance. Leave roughly four inches of excess lace for a knot. Features of a glove's build, its material, and its size, set it apart from others and make it unique. Don't forget, with our customer service, we'll The downfall of the deep pocket is that transfers can be difficult which is why it will generally only be used at first, a position that does not require quick transfer very often. The web is constructed separately before the entire glove is stitched and laced together (Berlow, 2007). With the best patterns inspired by the top MLB pro players, Rawlings' top-of-the-line Pro Preferred baseball gloves are some of the highest performing, comfortable, and versatile gloves in the game. If you expect to get heavy use out of your baseball glove, it may be less expensive in the long run to spend a few dollars more on a glove that will last. The gaps in the web also allow for a player to look through the web at high fly balls. The growing technology has discovered such many web types of the gloves. be here for you from click to catch! Also best choice for 18 hole lace pattern. And, naturally, you ensure that the adjustment feels exact. All positions in baseball need to consider what equipment they have that is specific to the game. SureFit Foam - makes for a comfortable and secure fit around smaller hands. $39.50: Dual Post - 6 Hole Used in a 16 hole lace pattern. Oil Soft Plus Leather - delivers a smooth, professional feel. Which brand of baseball glove is right for me? I-Web, you can also utilize them in the outfield as well. A “right hand throw” glove (RHT) is worn on your left hand; conversely, a “left hand throw” glove (LHT) is worn on your right hand. Please upgrade to a supported browser: Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect glove. Keep in mind that different players will prefer different styles of gloves. Dual-Welting - twice exposed leather edges of each finger back create a more durable pocket and longer lasting break in. Pro Stock Leather - made with top-choice American Steerhide, sought after by pro players for its durability and unique feel. Rolled Dual-Welting - thin strips of Pro Stock leather, rolled to provide a durable shape and improved break-in time. Rawlings University talks about what kind of web on a baseball glove is best for outfielders. Dri-Lex - breathable, moisture-wicking wrist liner keeps the hand cool and dry in the glove. 2X Palm - double layer leather palm creates the perfect pocket shape and improved break-in. There is a wide variety of baseball gloves and brands on the market that baseball players can choose, such as Rawlings, Wilson and Nike. As you'll see in your searching, baseball gloves come in an assortment of sizes. So let's investigate the identifying features of baseball gloves, so you know what to look for, and know what to avoid. A Single Post web is going to primarily be used by first basemen. Frequently Asked Baseball Gloves Questions: Buyer's guides & more to help you find exactly what you need. our Glove Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-4568, email at, Wilson's premier Pro Stock leather baseball glove, masterfully crafted and formed for the perfect position-specific web, pocket, and feel. If you have big hands, or small hands, should you look for a bigger or smaller glove? Feb 18, 2018 - Baseball Gloves: The Different Types of Webs However unlike the Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove. This web helps snag and hold onto the ball, and comes in a huge variety of styles, differing due to position and personal preference. The Glove Web fits and works with every known brand, model and type of Baseball and Softball glove. Pittards Palm Lining - performance sheepskin lining feels soft and comfortable against the skin and wicks moisture, keeping your hand cool and dry. If you like what you see please tell others about the site. Pro Stock Patterns - exclusive designs and patterns inspired and created by pro ball players and game experts. The types of the web of the glove. Always classically styled, Rawlings series gloves can be found across the country, on fathers playing catch with sons, on little leaguers learning and loving the game, on sandlot stars playing pure ball in the park, and tons of pros at the top of their games. The keys to success have been their commitment to excellence, advanced technologies, premium materials, master craftsmanship, revolutionary designs, and player-first approach to the game, which has lead to some of the most interesting, high-performance, and player-preferred gloves on the market. 3X More Craftsman Shaping - each A2K glove is shaped and formed by Wilson's master technicians for 3 times longer than other gloves. Wilson's premier Pro Stock leather baseball glove, masterfully crafted and formed for the perfect position-specific web, pocket, and feel. The use of leather lacing allows for ease of closure and more flexibility. Affordable and quality gloves for long-lasting performance and regular use, Most well known for the Natural Elite glove series, Bio-Dri moisture wicking technology lines the finger stalls, Advanced and pro-level gloves for serious ball players, Known for the Pro Flare, Omaha Flare, and H2 Lite baseball gloves, Professional-grade materials, advanced technologies, and position-specific patterns make TPX gloves perfect for middle school, high school, and collegiate level players, For over 80 years, every Nokona glove has been crafted in Nocona, Texas. Baseball outfielders gloves typically range between 12.5”-13” inches. Some pitchers use bigger gloves, others use smaller ones, but generally pitchers don’t need as big of a glove like position players do. We sell replacement webs for baseball and softball gloves. Now thanks to Wilson 2012 Pro Stock, you can play with the exact same glove that Evan Longoria, David Wright, Josh Hamilton, Brian Wilson, and Dustin Pedroia use! At Sports Unlimited, we have gloves of every size in every position, left handed gloves, fastpitch softball gloves, slowpitch softball gloves, and even a huge collection of pink baseball gloves. the very top of the web. Where your glove’s dreams come to life. If you have comments or suggestions you can send them to us using the "Contact" link below. E-Lite Leather - incredibly soft and light for maximum performance and control. "12 inch pitcher glove," "11.25 inch infielder glove," "32.5 inch catcher's glove." Lightweight performance delivers ultimate control for the elite play in these advanced and premium gloves. Kip Leather Construction - strong, pliable leather with a smooth, flawless feel delivers a quick and custom break-in to fit your preferences. The most obvious thing you need to know before you purchase a baseball glove is which arm you throw with. Available with Wilson SuperSkin for a stronger, lighter glove, and in Showcase models for youth players. Webs are broken down into two major groups: The pocket of the glove is the indentation in the palm where the ball falls after it's caught. Their full lines of Wilson youth baseball gloves and adult gloves, from the innovative A2K to the high-quality, affordable, and accessible A800 gloves, provides the perfect fit for any player, any skill level, any position, and any budget. What makes one baseball glove different from another? Glove Web. Since their inception, it has been Wilson's dedication to excellence, and its passion for improving the game and how it's played, that has earned them their success. or you can click here to live chat. Custom uniforms for all of your sports teams for over 35 years! And although we are proud of our huge selection, we know it can be near impossible to find the right one for you. Welcome to the Flatbill Baseball Glove Shop. Popular web patterns used for outfield gloves are trapeze, modified trapeze, and dual post. With a deep pocket, securing throws across the infield become much easier for the player. Most backs are referred to as being either "Open" or "Closed.". USA Tanned Lacing - 15% stronger than standard Pro lace, with 100 lb tensile strength, and tanned in Rawlings' own Tennessee facility. For a pro ball fielder, after a World Series ring, nothing is more coveted than an MLB Gold Glove Award. The following chart describes the typical glove patterns associated with each position around the diamond: To know which baseball glove brand is right for you, it's important to get to know the brand, its history in the industry, and what their gloves can offer your game: Wilson has been in the baseball biz for as long as most of us can remember. This choice has less to do with position, and more to do with personal preference, than does choosing a web or pocket, but there are definitely differences between the two types of backs. To answer some of your questions, consult the following chart. This is often a style of glove utilized by a pitcher to conceal their grip from an onlooking hitter. - Duration: 3:45. Basket models. The pocket designs for baseball are typically open with the main options being a modified trapeze and an H-web. What size Glove and Type of Web Should a Baseball and Softball Player Use - Duration: 5:00. Seemingly new to the game, Mizuno has taken the baseball world by storm, quickly becoming an industry leader and incredibly popular glove company, trusted by little league, high school, college, and major league pro players across the country and abroad. Heart of the Hide Leather - exclusive leather delivers exceptional feel, lasting durability, and makes for a soft, easy break in. The main difference between the two will be the weight of the gloves. The typical size of an outfielder’s glove is 9 to 15 inches for baseball and 9 to 15 inches for softball. I’ll be using an example for an I-web. Mizuno's premier youth glove, the Prospect Series gives young ball players the tools they need to develop into star fielders and pitchers. Closed, or basket webbed gloves will often be shallower in their depth. Hi-Low Lacing - makes for a more flexible web. The Rawlings R9 series baseball glove features a unique 12.75-inch pattern with reinforced pad and a trapeze web. This style make for a great utility option and can be used at all positions. One of the more common web types used by younger players is the Single Patch Web. Heavily padded and uniquely shaped to direct pitches into it's deep pocket, the catcher's mitt presents the pitcher with a wide target to throw at while providing the … 100% Wool Padding - helps to form the perfect custom pocket. © 2003-2020 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. It celebrates excellence in the field, incredible talent, and consistently high performance in every game...and it's brought to you by a company that exemplifies all of those attributes through every glove they make; Rawlings. These gloves appear on the market around the 1911-1920's era. It features a deep pocket and closed two-piece web for total concealment of the ball and your grip position for the ultimate in deception while pitching. Ultimate performance and strikingly original style define the A2K Series. Zero Shock Palm Pads - reduce sting by absorbing impact energy. Wilson is the Official Ball Glove of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball, and is the most trusted brand of gloves amongst college, high school, and youth players. This creates the shape similar to a capitalized letter “i.” Infielders receive the benefit of the ball consistently aligning in the same spot for quick turns at second as well as relay throws from the outfield. The construction creates a consistent pocket for receiving the ball. Types of Baseball Gloves: PITCHER As mentioned earlier, pitchers typically used closed web gloves, the average size for pitchers gloves is roughly 11 and 3/4 of an inch. No more using inferior techniques such as belts, string, rubber bands or under the couch outdated break-in methods. Different types of webbings will make each web re-lacing slightly different. As a result, they are generally used by older players looking for a heavier glove. Available with Wilson SuperSkin, for lightweight performance, or in Showcase models, for youth players. Starting in the top left or right hole, thread the needle through the hole. There are so many different combinations available that it can be difficult to make the... Continue Reading. H-web and Trap-eze. Premium materials and performance features meet affordability and accessibility in the Player Preferred series from Rawlings. The Bat Guru 1,699 views. Pitchers often prefer a closed web to help them hide the ball from onlooking hitters. Are gloves for infielders smaller than gloves for outfielders? Knowing about the material and the position isn’t all to select about a baseball glove. A leather strip will run vertically conjoining with a horizontal strip at High School Baseball Web The High School Baseball Web-An internet home for high school baseball players, coaches, parents and fans. The type of webbing most frequently seen on an infielder’s glove is characterized by loose stitching, which is intended to give more control in moving the ball out quickly - while also helping to avoid picking up large clumps of dirt. Counter Balanced - weight removed from the fingers of the glove deliver enhanced control and a lightweight, comfortable feel.
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