s.channel = "Service_Support"; Bosch is here to help. There’s simply no reason that is has to be this way. Once we did that, wine glasses (both ones with longer and with shorter stems) fit just fine. finally, here's a more full-on Bosch video which is in english: Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch feature demo (flash required). All other large spoons and utensils go in the smaller row on the second rack. Seabird66: have you tried moving that middle rack down? we ordered our 7ER (bar handle) on saturday and will take delivery on it later this week. In July 2016 I purchased a new Bosch dishwasher. This dishwasher did an amazing job removing some of our more difficult stains, like burnt-on cheese and spinach; however, as is the case with most dishwashers, the … What a difference! Our Bosch is about 5 years old. If you're doing a solid surface and going with very little colors in the counter, you can bring in a little color with the backsplash and even some personality and color with the pendant lighting. in the Bosch when also washing plates and cups in the same load? Every 300, 500, 800, and Benchmark dishwasher comes with with RackMatic, which allows users to more easily adjust the height of the upper rack among 3 height levels and 9 tilt positions to fit more items. Unique V-Shaped design helps to separate silverware, making it easier to clean, while providing extra room for large, odd-shaped cutlery and small dishes. Bosch is the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.* Our Custom Panel dishwashers let you seamlessly integrate your dishwasher by matching it to your kitchen's custom cabinetry. // Manipulate variables If other manufacturers can do it, so can Bosch. The racks on this model are so cheap! RepairClinic can not only answer questions like this but also provide you with real-life universal dishwasher rack solutions. So how does one wash cookie sheets and 9x13 roasters, etc. i could not detect a difference in basket rigidity between the two. There is one other part that can be removed if the pump gets blocked or slow. It's like night and day. Some things can only be discerned from using the item. The bottom rack sags to the point of falling off the wheel guides. That would be some pretty good capacity. Interchangeable (depending on model and style) Plastic tub models' bottom racks are sometimes interchangeable with each other, as are the racks on stainless steel tub models. Am wondering why after all the trouble with the lower rack falling out, they have not done something about it. I knew immediately that my dishes fit into the dishwasher. The way the tines line up perpendicular across the back to the ones at the front, and how they're all sloped, really limits the amount of dishes, cookie sheet, large bowls, etc. Does anyone know if I can buy a different lower rack? I will say that it takes quite a while to adapt, but it is far superior to any other dishwasher I have ever used. New racks cost about $80 (and up). Plastic tub models' bottom racks are sometimes interchangeable with each other, as are the racks on stainless steel tub models. Check to see that the dish racks are properly positioned. And the bowls have to be placed in every other slot, too. Thermador DWHD870WFP - … We usually keep the top rack (well, I guess it's really the middle rack) in the lowest position because we almost always have wine glasses. But then I bought new dishes. Jan 27, 2012 . Looks nice but who lives like that? The rack is poorly engineered to withstand normal weight. Didn't look at the others. Can't believe it's that hard to design a slot to keep a plate stable. i'll have to try it out this weekend. // Image call I put it and the drain board underneath in the dishwasher now and then to clean. Interchangeable (depending on model and style). This is a brand new machine. Browse our accessories for Bosch dishwashers. You can find an 800 series dishwasher for nearly half the price with the majority of these features as well. Bosch typically offers a one-year limited warranty on the entire dishwasher that includes parts and labor. IntensiveZone wash: A program which directs increased water pressure in the bottom basket to power clean pots, pans, and … Find all the parts you need for your Bosch Dishwasher SHE55R55UC/64 at RepairClinic.com. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common SHE55R55UC/64 problems. Off topic, but my Bosch doesn't dry well, particularly with plastic. The better Bosch dishwashers have the more flexible "MyWay" rack. but i'll keep you guys posted. Until we did that wine glasses would not fit because the stems knocked into the top cutlery rack. tony: you did answer my question: thank you! MODULAR DISHWASHER RACK WITH INTERCHANGEABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE BASKET INSERTS . If you want a seamless look you can go with engineered wood, but just make sure when it's installed the boards are tight, you don't want to have a gap and then have a diswasher overflow or spill and have the liquid get between the boards. So I have to separate them with a plastic cutting board every time. I have an 800+ series. The manual says to use that row of tines for bowels anyway. The section of the bottom designed for bowls allows the bowls to crash into the plates, to which it is perpendicularly oriented. Learn more here. BuySpares are the appliance Basket Rack expert and all our Dishwasher Basket Rack are available to buy online. s.eVar14 = document.title; And we have heavy stoneware dishes and the close together tines in one quadrant of the rack mean we can't get pots, pans, or dishes to fit in the quadrant. 2) The bottom rack rolls off the roller guides very easily. sigh. If you really need dry dishes , you may want to consider another brand. If a row gets displaced, it requires about 3 hands to get the very awkward clip back on. These types of dishwashers are height-adjustable and can be fitted under the benchtop for a flush fit. as far as i am aware, only the top of the line model within the 800plus series has the varioflex plus. Derek: Since our DW is getting full, I thought I'd take pictures of each rack so you could see how things fit. Ridiculous as the KitchenAid I had in a previous house worked just fine with the same dishes. I wish my cereal bowls would fit above. How inconvenient it would be to reach in a drawer every time you need something? A service repair guy said that we need to clean the soap off the wheels to prevent this problem. I was prepared to love Bosch and the experience has not been as positive as hoped, largely because of the rack layout and its flimsiness. I hate the racks, hate them. 1 issue is ability to get your items clean, and the Bosch does a great job at that. The tines are to angled in the back and the front tines don't line up. s.hier1 = s.prop5; If you want to put cereal bowls in the middle rack, lower the middle rack and the bowls fit fine "standing up". Back to the drawing board (Internet). We have a lot of cups and glasses most of the time, so that won't happen often. We cook every day, can, freeze garden produce, make wine; use the sink MANY times/day. racking my brain to figure what to do here, Bosch vs GE Monogram for new kitchen appliances, need help:repair DW or by all new Kitchen suite. If you use a lot of bowels, you can fill the front bottom row of tines with bowels then go up top. Maybe the only thing wrong with dishwashers is how they engineer the new government regulations in. Derek87, I hope you will let us know how you like it once you get it running. So very space inefficient. i guess i need to try it out. For my dishwasher I clean the rusted areas back to clean, shiny metal. does anyone not use a drying dish rack for the kitchen? We also put metal items like pots and pans in the oven to dry. The new Bosch racks are really not designed very well, my dishes seemed to have a lot of wiggle room which I thought would cause chipping. We do not have the cutlery basket in the bottom rack, and we exclusively use the cutlery tray for silverware and knifes. Inexpensive: A basic front panel Bosch dishwasher with sound levels at 48 to 50 decibels starts at $500 to $750. One of my aunts has a … and if we considered that, i'm sure we woud have looked at some Miele's as well (with water softeners which start in the 1600 range). Talking about the Made in Germany models. If your Bosch dishwasher door keeps opening, the racks may be the source of the problem. Now, one of the reasons I went with the Benchmarks was for the racking otions. any tricks to possibly use the lower rack to accommodate soup/cereal bowls in some efficient manner (not just face down which seems like a waste of space)? Cherylann, I don't know of your model has the same tines spacing as mine, but each section of the lower rack seems t be a little different. They were perfect and far more useful the way they were! Someone suggested ebay. The pictures show a variety of bowl sizes as well, since that was one of your questions. 3 comments . I find it really difficult to load plates unless they are paper thin. The Bosch dishwasher racks are extremely flimsy, which causes the lower washer arm to jam if anything heavy is placed on the bottom rack. While this is the most feature filled Bosch dishwasher, Bosch has been trickling a lot of these features over to their 800 series dishwashers in the past couple of years.
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