Fiberglass tubs and shower stalls are made from a gel with tiny interwoven strings of glass that are molded into a hard surface. He had vinegar in his pantry and it worked like a charm. Now my whole bathtub and shower and also my sink and the lid of my toilet all have blue hair dye covering them. Ok so my friend decided to dye his hair blue. Continue doing this until you have scoured all of the stained grout lines. I found ROG1 sold alongside another ROG product — ROG3, which is explicitly recommended on the Kohler website. I've tried everything to bring them out. You can pick it up at any Sally’s Beauty Supply. There was no comet, ajax, barkeeper's friend nothing else to clean it but an SOS pad. To remove yellow stains from a hot tub, you can use the following easy methods as the solutions at home: 1. A Bath Fitter high-gloss acrylic tub or shower liner is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. Luckily, you can often remove this stain the same way you would remove any other mineral deposit on your bathtub. Gets the Grime If you have a porcelain tub, pour a little bit of Ajax or Comet directly onto the bathtub stain (enough to cover it completely). So , what is pH , you might ask. The tub is just now being used daily. You can use a rag as an alternative to a sponge. What is needed for removal? Dear Angie: I have a dirty-looking area on bottom of my acrylic bathtub ... and am sure it is from my hard water. Porcelain finished cast iron tubs can be safely cleaned with products you would use to clean any tub, like Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastic and Soft Scrub. Any help is greatly appreciated. So he dyes it at my house and goes to wash it out in my shower. Try to avoid using abrasive cleaners like AJAX. The ROG1 worked well to lift off the dirt on my bathtub’s slip resistant bottom. A few months ago I decided to try to get the hard water line out of my toilet bowl.. I've tried everything to bring them out. How do I clean my tub that has been stained with latex paint? Blue stains in shower, tub or sink fixtures, are in the vast majority of cases, a result of household water that has a low pH. I'll let you know how it goes. Let it penetrate for at least 15 minutes. It works if spray it and then leave it a few mins and then wipe off. Nothing has helped. Wipe down your tub with the soap solution. What if my tub has a crack, chip or hole in it? AJAX powder ruined my tub. I called AJAX asking for suggestions to remove the stains and they said that it was my fault for leaving the cleaner on too long. Enamel: You’ll need to use water and a bathtub cleaning agent such as Ajax powder to make a paste. Bleach is a cleaner and germicide used for many household stain removal projects, including the removal of mold, mildew and dirt on bathtubs. Dip your sponge into the cleaning solution and cover the entirety of your tub, starting with the top and working your way down. Recently, when there was the rusty/orange-colored stains on my hot tub, I used it on there; hot tub looks brand new!!! Ok cool. I called AJAX asking for suggestions to remove the stains and they it was my fault for leaving the cleaner on too long. If this is the case, we have an inlay available to give extra support. Any ideas on how I can get it off Name: Elisheva Message: My work space right now is my bathroom...My tub is now a nice shade of blue and scrubbing it with Ajax is NOT helping. Abrasives didn't work on the tub or shower walls. This is because the brass or copper oxidizes and small amounts of it are left on the bathtub's surface. Add a little bit of water and scrub using the abrasive side of a sponge. Dip a toothbrush into the bleach and scrub it into the grout lines. Also they have a new cleaner attaches to shower head that might work. While the properties in bleach to make it a disinfectant and a deodorant, if you have already tried to use other things to clear your drain, then I ended up buying a hot tub again because I have been waiting 17 years since I bought my hot tub for my arthritic limbs hoping for someone to design a tub that would allow me to soak and still get in and out of the soaking tub. Add water to a dry cleanser such as Comet or Ajax or a comparable item until you form a paste. Comet or Ajax would do that job. many times a freshly refinished tub is anything but difficult to clean and takes less arm energy to lift stains and soap scum from the surface. Come on guys and gals design something that is practical. Have probably changed the chemical ingredients now, but used Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner on it and it bleached the stain right out - like a miracle happening in front of my … Continue to soak your sponge in the solution and return to clean the tub. I also had one of those suction type bars on my tub when my leg was still healing and it held much better than I thought it would. Ajax and comet are both handy cleaners and since they both do the same job, you can purchase the one which suits … If you rinse the affected area and you still see a stain, use a pumice stone to lift the remainder of the stain. I had a VERY hard time with cleaning my tub till got clorox bleach spray with teflon . We can fill in any significant cracks, chips, or holes in a tub or shower. Remove yourself and the bowl from the tub and rinse the tiles with plenty of clean water. If the tub porceline is dull, I know of nothing, short of the tub either being totally replaced, or refinished by a pro that will shine it up again. It left blue stains all over it. So I ordered another hot tub until someone finds a solution. (05/31/2006) By June Moncrief. Mix the cleanser and water with a plastic knife so that it becomes a paste. You may want to set the bowl in the shower or tub in case of accidental spills. While this DIY bathtub cleaner was certainly easy enough to throw together, I think ultimately this is a few steps too many for most modern households pinched for time. The vinegar did work. Blue Stains Showing Up On Washed Clothing. Morton, MS. 2018-07-03. false. I'll give some of the ideas above a shot--oven cleaner, who knew? Tips to Clean Fiberglass Tubs and Shower Stalls. Blue stained show up about once every 2-3 weeks - of course only on white clothing and towels. Keeping that Shower Tile Clean Spread the cleaning paste around the tub and be sure to completely cover the ring, then let it … I was just in one of my OCD moments was grossed out by my boyfriend's stained toilet and was horrified at the result. SJP1. One of my favorite stain removal tricks actually came from my local carpet cleaner. But, if the tub has become dull and stained, the only thing you can really do as far as stains go is Clorox Bleech. Nothing I have tried will remove the stain. However, it needs to be determined if the cracks have been caused by lack of support underneath the tub or shower. I had some success cleaning my tub walls, fixtures, and tiles with this solution, but found that it barely touched stubborn tile grout, even after extensive scrubbing. It's an old tub, and the shine is long since gone, but I'd like to get it as clean as I can. I have tried ammonia, vinegar, baking soda and a mixture of all three — no luck. Since the enamel finish on it is pretty much gone, I can't seem to get the grayish stains off the floor of the tub... it has a persistent ring around it too. I used an SOS pad (steel wool with soap).  I did get rid of the hard water line for the most part, but to my horror I turned my toilet bowl gray!! I cleaned my whirlpool (acrylic jetted tub) with Ajax dishsoap and water. Not the Toughest Coating . Spread the paste all over the inside of your tub so that you coat it evenly. Clean the blue stain as soon as you notice it to prevent the blue color from soaking into the tub where it may be harder to remove. On the other hand, repainting or resurfacing is a short-term option that will need to be done again within two to five years. pH is a measure of how much acidity water has. I've tried bleach and I've tried Ajax I moved into an appartment, and the bathtub is stained. The tub itself is what's stained, the tile and grout are fine. It left sprinkle stains all over it. To answer a question above, my husband thinks the tub is porcelain with some sort of sealant over it, but he's not 100% positive (he used to be a contractor). Lived in an area where there was lots of iron in the water than stained everything.     I scrub my tub every time we use it as I can't stand for my little girls to sit in a tub with filthy soap scum and dead skin cells shame on u who don't clean your tubs that's disgusting but this cleaner made my bathtub shine like no other cleaner I have ever used before it's amazing it will be my … I'm going to stop using blue detergent, clean out my dryer drum and use oxiclean. If you have an older bathtub, you may be horrified to discover that the bleach that cleaned your old bathtub has left behind brown and yellow stains on the surface of your tub. They told me vinegar and baking soda works really well for removing pet stains. AJAX powder ruined my tub. I have tried bleach, majic eraser, hydrogen peroxide. If the tub’s surface is mildly scratched or stained, a good cleaning may take care of the issue. Any one have any advice on how I might be able to remove or lessen the appearance of the stains? My kids are always spilling juice on their clothing, so I’m going to try your method out to remove them from their clothing.   Does anyone know of anything that will now clean the gray out of the bowl.  Bleach DOES NOT work!! Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary until the tub is clean. My tub looks horrible. Whether you're the owner of a DIY-finished or professionally finished tub, you've probably heard the same advice: Use only soft cleaners, such as Formula 409 or Fantastik.The reason is that most bathtub refinishing is not the dip type of glazing, where the tub is removed, taken to a shop, and dipped. Oh thank you God! However, a better question might be if it is safe to unclog a bathtub with bleach. It's a faster, simpler way to get a high-quality, permanent renovation. Scrub harder on areas of your tub that are stained. My tub is now a nice shade of blue and scrubbing it with Ajax is NOT helping. I know I cannot use regular products like CLR® or Lime-A-Way®. How to unclog a bathtub drain with bleach is a straightforward process. The use of Ajax or comet cleaners. November 2, 2005 4:41 PM Subscribe Hypothetically, if you painted a wall with bright red latex paint, and then washed your brushes in a white acrylic bathtub, and then didn't really wash the tub for a week, and then tried to wash it and found that the tub had been stained pink, how would you clean the tub? I recently used a product called ROG1 to clean the dirty, slip-resistant bottom on my eight-year-old Kohler tub. Get the powder bleach (I think it comes in small trial packages) and a peroxide to go with…maybe 20 … I have to replace it. When I trained it, the tub was stained the orange color of the soap. The types of cleaning agents we use every day hugely affects the life of our bath, regardless of whether it’s a pristine shower or a recently refinished tub.
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