Con un potente módulo de amplificador de 3600W Clase D y un driver radiante directo de 18''' de excursión larga, el KS118 hará que los pelos de la parte posterior de su cuello se pongan de pie para llamar la atención. QSC’s KS212C pairs two 12-inch drivers with a 3,600-watt Class-D amp module to drive the speakers, while built-in DSP creates the cardioid pattern. Prix inférieurs pour les produits QSC Prix qsc ks118 18 . QSC provided me with a pair of the new K.2 Series loudspeakers – but with its highly adjustable crossover, the KS118 can be dialed in to complement whatever top units you pair it with. QSC KS212C PROS. QSC KS212C … As a result, the radiation pattern displays an ideal cardioid shape, with 15 dB higher level at the front than at the rear. Let’s begin by defining what we mean by subwoofer? So I’m selling what I don’t need. QSC KSUB. TESZT: KS118 vs KW181 Éppen csak megérkezett Magyarországra, máris gyors tesztnek vetettük alá a KS118 aktív mélysugárzót és összehasonlítottuk a legendás KW181 aktív mélysugárzóval. In Practice: Playing in a relatively big room, with a crowd of over 250, my pair of KS118 … Often compared with QSC KS212C. The waves of sound radiated by a conventional subwoofer display a spherical pattern unless they are interfered with by a solid surface or by opposing pressure. Add at least two items to compare. 45 . Network Touch Screen Controller Peripherals, Qualified Network Switches and 3rd Party Setup Guides, Qualified Switches and 3rd Party Setup Guides, Network Touchscreen Controller Peripherals, PLD and CXD Series Loudspeaker Profiles for Processing Amplifiers, How to Understand All Those Loudspeaker Specs, KS Series Crossover Settings – Do and Don’t, How many Active Loudspeakers can you Daisy-Chain, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. KS118 Active Subwoofer with a 3600-Watt Class-D Amplifier, 18-Inch Long Excursion Direct Radiating Driver, Selectable DEEP Mode, Omni-Directional or Cardioid Radiation Modes, Adjustable Crossover and Delay. Live Chat. With such solutions, we keep ‘bass in its place’ on the stage, avoiding bass radiating into musicians’ microphones, or on the dancefloor, stopping walls to rattle and to annoy other quiet nearby parties. Dual 12-inch long excursion drivers; Dual 6th order band-pass design, Two M20 threaded sockets (one on top, one on side) accept 35 mm speaker pole, HxWxD = 24.5-inch x 15.5-inch x 33.5-inch (622 x 394 x 851 mm). Most subwoofers radiate energy around the entire enclosure, leading to undesirable LF build-up on stage and wasted energy around the sides and rear of the system, The KS212C subwoofer keeps "bass in its place"with a single-box cardioid array that produces anamazing 15 dB more output at the front than at the rear, 1 Peak SPL is measured on-axis at 1m, pink noise crest factor 10dB, unweighted Continuous SPL is based on theoretical calculations based upon transducer sensitivity and peak available power (for comparison purpose and in accordance with common industry practice. QSC KS118 „Mit der Einführung des KS118 bekommen Anwender nun eine umfangreiche Auswahlmöglichkeit an Subwoofern und finden so garantiert die optimale Ergänzung für ihr Beschallungssystem“, sagt Chris Brouelette, Product Manager Portable Loudspeakers bei QSC.. „Vom ultrakompakten KS112 über das Cardioid-Modell KS212C hin zum neuen, extrem leistungsstarken KS118 … „Wraz z wprowadzeniem KS118 firma QSC może zaproponować użytkownikom niespotykany wcześniej wybór doskonałych niskotonowych głośników dla ich systemów nagłośnieniowych. Comparing QSC KS118-NA vs QSC KW181 . €731.03. QSC KW181. Figure 4 – Cardioid directivity characteristics of two subwoofers with inverted polarity and too short delay value applied, measured at 4 m. Figure 5 – Cardioid directivity characteristics of two subwoofers with inverted polarity and too short delay value applied, measured at 4 m. Inversely, if the delay between the two woofers is too long, the bass attenuation to the sides is not very effective and the bass radiation becomes again almost omnidirectional in the upper subwoofer bandwidth. $859. $2,399.99. suggested QSC KW181 QSC KSUB QSC KW181 QSC KSUB Krüger&Matz … This setup is, once again, not optimal, as our original target is not reached. QSC KS118 18" 3600 Watt Powered Active DJ PA Subwoofers Subs w Covers Pack. QSC KS118 (Used - QSC Direct B-Stock) 3600W Active, Ported Subwoofer, High Powered 18" Subwoofer; 4 Swivel Casters; M20 Threaded Pole Socket Regular Price: $1,499.99 They are intended to augment the low frequency range – typically between 20 Hz and 120 Hz – of the main loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands. £117. E Series. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. The KS212C subwoofer represents the world’s first-in-class single-box active cardioid subwoofer solution for highly portable entertainment and installation applications. It’s a single-box cardioid LF solution that offers fast, easy setup and offers solid directional performance. 1 . Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the … A few years ago, QSC introduced a new amplifier platform of four-channel DSP power amplifiers featuring Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ (FAST). Condition is Used. QSC KS212C K Cardioid Active Subwoofer Speaker (3600 Watts) Aim the bass where you need it with QSC's KS212C powered sub. The following figure illustrates this with a measurement of two standard subwoofers facing forward and measured together. Amp works perfectly, I’ve only used it a couple times. Description Specs Rated 4.5/5 Reviews A Powered Sub That Keeps Your Low End Under Control. Contact Us. $ 1,599.99. QSC KS212C. £1,333. Class D 3600W (peak). QSC KS118 Direct Radiating 18" Subwoofer. Exclusive 12, 8, 5 or 3 Easy Payments on QSC KS 212C 2 X 12 Inch 3600 Watt Active Cardioid Subwoofer only at AMS! QSC KS118 Active Subwoofer. “Keeping bass in its place” for mobile entertainers, AV production and rental professionals, as well as modestly-sized performance venues, the KS212C subwoofer is unparalleled in its ability to manage low frequencies on the stage, or any application where undesirable low frequency energy needs to be minimized. The KS212C cardioid subwoofer is expected to ship in late Summer 2017 with an estimated US street price of 1,399.99 USD. The term cardioid radiation – or heart-shaped – refers to the shape of the directional coverage in which levels are louder to the front of the unit and lower behind it. Figure 8 – Cardioid directivity characteristics of QSC KS212C Cardioid Active Subwoofer, measured at 4 m. The blue areas indicate the rejection. E Series. QSC KS 212C Cover. Notably, their newly improved built-in Class D amplifiers, ought to prove potent in this new subwoofer too. QSC KS118, Aktiver 18" Subwoofer, 3600 Watt Class D Verstärkermodul, Direkt abstrahlender 18-Zoll-Langhub-Treiber, Frequenzbereich 35 Hz - 111 Hz, Max. The term “cardioid” refers to the fact that, unlike traditional subwoofers, this product is intentionally not omnidirectional (see figure 1). Was planning on starting my own DJ wedding business and ended up working for someone who had all the equipment. The second example features a delay setting between the woofers that is too short. Typical subwoofers radiate sound in every direction. Since the late 50’s sound engineers have setup subwoofer’s array – a minimum of two units. This can result, for example, in too much bass energy radiating into musicians’ microphones or low frequencies disturbing another event nearby. QSC KS212C. 1 . two units) do not radiate sound omni-directionally. Back to Product List. Their on-board DSP technology performs the complex processing … Ne payez pas trop et trouvez les meilleurs prix et offres qsc ks118 et occasions QSC. Figure 1 – Directivity characteristics of two omnidirectional subwoofers, oriented in the same direction with identical EQ applied, measured at 4 m. Now, as we have all witnessed low frequencies omnidirectional radiation can sometimes be problematic, as it may cause feedback, create bass build up in some part of a room or disturb neighbors. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. This means that the bass attenuation to the side of the subwoofer is fine whilst a lot of bass energy is still radiated to the back. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Hence, subwoofers became increasingly popular. In the mid-1950s, various hi-fi loudspeakers’ manufacturers started to introduce compact, sealed enclosures that had long-throw type woofers. 45 . In this compromised case, too much bass is still radiated towards undesirable areas. The QSC KS118 is a very high-output active subwoofer producing impressive low frequencies for mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, clubs and performance venues. 2x QSC KS212C Active Dual 12" Powered Cardioid Subwoofer 3600W ClassD Amplified. Two QSC KS Series active subwoofers feature cardioid radiation patterns. QSC KS212C. le QSC KS212C est un caisson cardioïde amplifié d'une puissance de 3600 Watts. was - $2,102.96 | 29% OFF. $1,499.00. Featuring a long-excursion 18-inch direct radiating driver powered by a 3600-Watt Class D amplifier, the KS118 delivers high sound pressure levels with dynamic and musical sound reproduction of very low frequencies. The length of the sound wave is inversely proportional to its frequency, and therefore when the low frequency waves are much longer than the dimensions of the subwoofer transducer and enclosure, the radiation pattern becomes similar in all directions, including to the sides and back. We're sorry, but this item is unavailable. Next. “With the introduction of the KS118, QSC now offers users an unprecedented choice in selecting the perfect low frequency companion for their sound reinforcement system,” says Chris Brouelette, product manager, portable loudspeakers for QSC. The 18–inch long-excursion driver has a four-inch–diameter voice coil and is mounted in a direct–radiating ported enclosure. QSC KS 212C Cover. $109.99 $ 109. Christophe Anet is an electroacoustics engineer and senior Product Marketing Manager for QSC Live Sound. The KS118 succeeds the company’s KW181 model in the KS Series line of subwoofers. Great thanks to Rémi Vaucher, QSC Senior Technical Director, for his valuable notes and all the measurements he provided for this article. QSC KS118 18-Inch 3600 Watts Active Powered Subwoofer. For a copy of the QSC limited warranty visit the QSC website at Package Contents 1 KS112, KS118, or KS212C subwoofer 1 Locking AC power cord 2 White QSC logo 1 QSC limited warranty TD-000453 1 Quick start guide TD-000499 – KS212C TD-001518 – KS112 TD-001551 – KS118 … QSC has launched the KS118 active subwoofer. Sort: Clear All. All specifications are subject to change without notice. ... #QSC KS212C … QSC KW152 Active DJ/Club 1000W Amplified Class-D 2-way Powered Speaker. 33 . The KS212C subwoofer represents the world’s first-in-class single-box active cardioid subwoofer solution for highly portable entertainment and installation applications. QSC KS 212C … K Stands for Kilowatts: 2000+ Watts Peak Power, 1000 Watts Continuous Power These speakers' built-in Class D power amps employ QSC… This super-efficient cardioid subwoofer delivers 15 dB more output from the front of the cab. With product registration. Show all. Too much bass energy is still wasted into the open area behind an outdoor party or into musician’s microphones. 99. The x-axis shows frequencies, the y-axis displays radiation angle (zero is on-axis) and the amplitude of the signal is color-coded (all plots graphically show 0 dB as normalized maximum amplitude for each frequency). QSC have also published a page providing details of the differences between the original series and this K2 Series. QSC’s new KS212C, the world’s first-in-class single-box powered cardioid subwoofer, removes all the guesswork and hassle. Bass energy radiates into all directions, in any setting, indoor or outdoor. qsc ks212c. New in the range, the very high-output KS118 is powered by a 3600-watt Class D amplifier driving a single 18-inch direct radiating driver.

qsc ks118 vs qsc ks212c

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