It boasts its one horsepower and two-piston rings for overall maximum increase in power, which makes work easier and faster. Depending on the nature of your problem, and how new your trimmer is, you may have a manufacturing defect. Ryobi 2 Cycle Trimmer Won’t Start: Things You Can Do If you have problems getting your Ryobi 2-Cycle Weed Trimmer to start, there may be some faulty things that you can find on its interior. If your Ryobi trimmer fails to start, it might have a broken rewind spring. Steve has been gardening for over 20 years now. I used 10% ethanol gas when I mixed it with the oil, which now I know that ethanol gas is a big no-no for these kind of small engines. I have good spark, checked plug with tester. Starting problems with gas trimmers aren't as easy to diagnose. This usually means an air leak is present on your seals around the crankshaft, piston or a crack in your cylinder. How to Use a Weed Wacker to Keep Your Lawn Healthy, How to Edge a Flower Bed With a Power Edger. 5 possible causes and potential solutions . Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: Many 2-cycle engines have problems and are sent to the junk yard before their time. Mixing the gas to the proper fuel-oil ratio will also slow any developing problems. I have a problem with it. If the porcelain insulator at its back has cracks, a part or the whole electrode has burns or damages, or any carbon built up around the electrode, you must replace the spark plug immediately. Typical problems include hard starting, rough running, a need to adjust the carburetor during use to keep the engine from stalling, a need to rev the engine to keep… All of the parts inside the engine work in one of these three areas. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode is burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. The key to adding years to the useful life of a yard tool, like a trimmer, is to maintain the tool regularly and properly. a stuck valve in the primer bulb or a leaking bulb. I let this Troy Bilt TB90BC 2-Cycle String Trimmer sit for probably 6 months in my garage. That is because the chemicals on the fuel may evaporate through time, which will make the fuel more viscous and stickier. The two-cycle engine that runs your string trimmer needs three things to operate smoothly: clean fuel, air circulation and a spark. The day after i went to use it again and noticed when i primed it, the bulb would not fill up with fuel, only a little... - Ryobi Petrol 2 … It can accumulate soot over time if not monitored occasionally, and that may cause clogging. When your trimmer just won't start, the problem usually lies in the spark plug or ignition system. If there's still no spark your ignition system is likely wearing out and will need to be replaced soon. Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Most of the time when a 2 stroke string trimmer wont start it is the fuel lines. Randomly buying one will waste your effort and money since it will not work with your specific weed trimmer. If you think the carburetor damages are still fixable, you can use a carburetor repair kit. If you left the gas inside the tank, or even worse, ran the bad gas through the tank, you will start noticing fuel problems. Hold the rubber spark plug terminal, with the spark plug inside, near a metal point on the engine. It has items that you can use to repair the damages, especially if they are worn out, warped, or clogged with fuel. You can determine if a spark is present by disconnecting the spark plug from the engine. The fuel economy of the Ryobi Weed Trimmer is also not that efficient compared to a four-cycle engine model. But, a string trimmer can also wear out quickly if not properly taken care of. Having a wrong fit will not allow your engine to start. The recoil starter pulley is the part of the Ryobi Weed Trimmer that winds up the starter rope whenever it is not in use. When you use it, it can cover an entire area for about 10 hours, plus with its StartEasy flip button, you do not need to pull it much to open its engine. For this, you need to replace the rewind springs. Did everything there, nothing. If you've cleaned the fuel tank, replaced the fuel line and cleaned the air filter and exhaust system, it's time to check for a spark. Troubleshoot a McCulloch string trimmer MT780, What to Do When a Ryobi 4-Cycle Trimmer Won't Start, Start a Flooded Carburetor Engine With Starter Fluid, Manuals Online: Ryobi Trimmer User's Manual, K&T PartsHouse: Free Ryobi Parts and Service Manuals. The rewind spring goes back to the rewind pulley when the starter rope is pulled and released. It contains reed and needle valves, a primer bulb, springs, diaphragms, and other parts that may be damaged. A spark plug is defective if no bright sparks are seen. You can usually find the proper size in the user manual. If part of the rewind spring is broken, the rope won't recoil back to the pulley, which will prevent the engine from starting. You need to find the proper rewind pulley and spring set-up from the store so that it can fit and work properly with your weed trimmer. A recoil starter of a weed trimmer triggers the crankshaft to start the engine. After cleaning the spark arrestor, you can check if it can still function properly for the engine to start. No Video Available. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from the University of Montana. If the recoil starter assembly is not working, the engine will not start. Ryobi RLT254CDSO starts easily but the trimmer won't spin. 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