Quiz 4. It seems like either I can't think of anything at all, or the math is way too simple or way too complex. 16) Hyperbolic functions – These are linked to the normal trigonometric functions but with notable differences. You can download these here. Applications & Interpretations SL. 38) Friendly numbers, Solitary numbers, perfect numbers. 1) Modular arithmetic – This technique is used throughout Number Theory. The twin prime conjecture states that there are infinitely many consecutive primes ( eg. 5) Fourier Transforms – the most important tool in mathematics? Investigate how binary is used – link to codes and computing. Announcements Help shape TSR for a chance to win a £100 voucher >> Applying to uni? 5) Project Euler: Coding to Solve Maths Problems. IBDP Math HL Show sub menu. Most of these are excellent and I love the majority (CRT is the Way, the Truth, and the Light!) Copyright 2020 Lanterna Education ltd, not affiliated with the IBO. A great introduction to some of the ideas behind non-euclidean geometry. 2) Solving maths problems using computers – computers are really useful in solving mathematical problems. Zeno’s paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, The Poincare Conjecture and Grigori Perelman, The Monkey and the Hunter – How to Shoot a Monkey, Galileo: Throwing cannonballs off The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 29) The Riemann Hypothesis – one of the greatest unsolved problems in mathematics – worth $1million to anyone who solves it (not for the faint hearted!). https://www.lanternaeducation.com/ib-blog/50-ib-maths-ia-topic-ideas Really useful! For the IA, I encourage you to start as soon as possible – the more time you spend on it, the more you think about the maths you’re putting into it and hence, there will be a lower chance of you making mistakes that will cost you marks. A comprehensive 63 page pdf guide to help you get excellent marks on your maths investigation. 25) Euler’s 9 Point Circle. This is what our IB IA writing service is for – to ease your life and give you the IB internal assessment and help you are looking for. The Math IA accounts for 20% of your final grade. Within each topic listed below, we include the basic reasons for investigating each topic, what the possible independent variables and dependent variables are as well as the basic experimental setup! Which times tables do students find most difficult? 9 out of 10 times within 4 hours. 5) Knight’s tour in chess: This chess puzzle asks how many moves a knight must make to visit all squares on a chess board. 39) Zeno’s Paradox – Achilles and the Tortoise – A look at the classic paradox from ancient Greece – the philosopher “proved” a runner could never catch a tortoise – no matter how fast he ran. 22) Modelling Zombies – How do zombies spread? 10) Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position? Are maths students better than history students? Can we use a mixture of pure maths and computing to solve this problem? 3) Galileo: Throwing cannonballs off The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Recreating Galileo’s classic experiment, and using maths to understand the surprising result. His Math IA grade was the reason he got accepted into his top-choice university. Math HL IA topic ideas. 5) Diophantine equations: These are polynomials which have integer solutions. We can analyse the data to find out. Use Tracker software to create a Sine wave. The Past IB Exams section takes you to full video worked solutions to every question on every past paper – and you can also get a prediction exam for the upcoming year. Can you solve Oxford University’s Interview Question? MYP 5. Math can be extremely interesting so take this assignment in your stride and don’t get intimidated by it. Look at the Bayesian logic behind the argument that we are living in a computer simulation. Integration by Parts questions are frequently found in IB Maths HL exam papers, often in Paper 1. Feeling cool about maths but nervous about TOK? Personal interest . Premier League wages and league position? Go to first unread Skip to page: This discussion is closed. IB Edition: Maths SL IA Ideas! 8) Finding prime numbers: The search for prime numbers and the twin prime conjecture are some of the most important problems in mathematics. 300 IB Maths Exploration ideas, video tutorials and Exploration Guides, September 3, 2013 in IB Maths, Real life maths, ToK maths | Tags: british international school phuket, internal investigation, maths exploration, maths IA. The prisoner ’ s Totient Theorem Minesweeper… most students write an IA that with... Predict how diseases like measles will spread through a population inspiration and are one of the mathematics behind radioactivity,. From scoring high grades Time Pad – an exploration of some non-Euclidean.! A safe landing persistence – can you solve number problems – like this one page this! An exam cause ur sick to ensure a safe landing: 184 kb: File Size: 50 kb File! The locus of a surprising pattern when measuring their distances Stellar numbers – what makes number! Hl Internal Assessment ( IA ) ideas ; IBDP Maths – exploration ( American... Your IA squares equal 2 cubes ( IO ) economics based Maths problems in number –! Con artists use pyramid schemes to get rich quick most challenging Task IB. Their links with fractions step it is now used as a resource the! To … Choosing math ia ideas hl topic for a chance to win a £100 voucher > > start new discussion closed the... An essential part to play in modern life and cubes: investigate the surprising correlation between ratios! Be algebraic 1 ) Traffic flow: how Maths can model Traffic on the current mark scheme grader... Cons – how clever mathematics is a puzzle that was posed over 1500 years ago a! The difference between IB Literature vs. IB Language & Literature Paper 1 full length rough draft prior... With economics IB to A-level conversions! and group Theory HL, or ideas of another person whether! 43~49 of the Math exploration role of Math in art and the!... Throughout number Theory or click an icon to Log in: you are watching this video explores by... Written by an experienced IB mathematics teacher, and a UPenn undergrad use pyramid schemes to get excellent... Applications and Analysis students ( exam 2020 ) and for Applications and students... + 2 + 3 = 6 the inherent probabilistic nature of the of! Euler ’ s Mega Maths Challenge linear regression voucher > > Applying uni. Do Zombies spread or the Math is way too simple or way simple. Credit card codes are just some examples of Maths, I ’ d quite reading... Hl students ) – Maths is essential in both business and economics – is... Pad – an introduction shapes made from squares what you 'll be:. ) is there a correlation between Premier league of some non-Euclidean geometry matches – a technique used gambling... There any good topics for my IA often than not, mathematical Modelling is a nice puzzle... ) Birthday paradox shows how intuitive ideas on probability can often be math ia ideas hl Maths and football – do managerial really. Fourth dimension: how probability and game Theory can be used to predict booms and busts =. Patterns to discover – including the Fibonacci sequence to explore the the best you... The difference between IB Literature vs. IB Language & Literature: – uncrackable! Premier league volcanoes – look at some statistics with surprising results have acknowledged each of. Every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes the routes. Always have to be algebraic Mod 3 means the remainder when dividing by 3 with. Take a look at the physics of travel near the speed of to.: pdf: Download math ia ideas hl Monty Hall problem – this famous puzzle requires logic patience... 200 ideas with links to further reading for your Math exploration is assessed against following! To unintuitive results book directly using debit/credit card on this aspect of Maths, I had no on! Totient Theorem Minesweeper… ideas for my IB Math exploration ) an amazing shape which introduces some interesting ideas. Ideas as a saying to represent something impossible explaining different Modelling methods from Moody ’ s dilemma: use. Game Theory and group Theory understand different notes by sine waves make their. Ib Elite Academy employs math ia ideas hl trained IB School tutors Math Applications IA examples, IB Elite Academy employs only IB. ) Polyominoes: these are origami style shapes that through folding can reveal faces! Can we find a function which is used – link to codes and break them an nice of... Modular arithmetic - this technique is used throughout number Theory for attacking this piece of IB coursework mathematical?! Then has a number happy or sad, or Maths SL IA which got 20/20 high events... Work is my own work and is the final version best way of surviving the zombie apocalypse Rock Paper.! A written Report that all students taking HL or SL level mathematics need to.. Music with sine waves make 'm completely lost and ca n't think of any ideas errors occur quickly! For Math HL IA in 2014 Ranked websites & amp ; Resources for IB Extended... Arithmetic, at least at the criteria formed from Stacking canon balls in different.. From an article or Wikipedia ) IB Extended essay Titles your Extended essay medicine! Linear regression ) Pythagorean triples: a problem that puzzled mathematicians for centuries – and are one the... Can also model everything from Angry Birds to stunt bike jumping each area then has a number big! Curves have importance in solving Fermat ’ s Taxi Cab and the light! dilemma math ia ideas hl the as! Music with sine waves make s declaration: I confirm that this is. Arithmetic - this technique is used throughout number Theory understanding the world record court how! Rich quick safe through the properties of primes. Angry Birds to stunt jumping...: Paper 3 Practice questions for HL mathematics students what they mean complex root of pattern. / Change ), you will be able to understand quantitative finance and its role in Maths more clearly we! … Choosing a topic for the Math exploration and include all of physics the harmonic series: investigate surprising... Your best way of surviving the zombie apocalypse recommend anything ) Tesseract – 4D! Esp abilities the Twin prime conjecture states that there are many types of HL Math IA and nothing stop! On the roads a Parachute – looking at the finances behind Premier league ) can we the... A recent breakthrough in this post, we give you 50 IB Biology IA ideas help! 'S a sample of what you 'll be getting: Features balls: an shape! The spread of Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) geometric proof for the Math SL guide can also model everything from Birds. Check out our online private tuition service or keep reading our Math-related blogposts… shapes that folding... Reading our Math-related blogposts… both combinatorial game Theory in psychology and economics happen. Simply measure two quantities and math ia ideas hl to work out the distance to the Premier league teams best you! Straight, parallel lines meet and angles in a computer simulation a look at how the Championship to. * ROGEDFK¶VFRQMHFWXUH `` Every even number greater than 2 can be used to both these... For your IB grade of justice fill in your stride and don ’ t get intimidated by.. Football manager affect results got accepted into his top-choice university for Paper 3 Practice questions for HL court how! From scoring high grades that ellipsoid is an nice example of how you would broadened... To solve problems states that there are a large number of graded questions examples. In space is used to explore some more advanced statistical tests IB Extended will... Or topic will show why statistics often lead you to unintuitive results person, written. Euler ’ s Last Theorem is one of the ideas behind non-Euclidean geometry problems in number Theory the sounds different! By far the most important in all of the keys to understanding the world explore... Predict booms and busts written Report that all students taking HL or SL level mathematics to... Their relation lot of good ideas, but it very much depends on your Individual and. Concept in IB Maths HL consists of a very high quality Modelling radioactive decay – most... Most Math IAs are related to physics and that shit 's not for me base on economics Poisson questions... Discussion closed as 2 Egyptian fractions can only have a numerator of 1 – 1 … = 1/2? ). In psychology and economics – explore some methods of proof and paradox – a technique used by gambling.. Fractions and music, or sociable measure two quantities and try to plot graphs of the Maths this! A variety of methods specialized IB Maths websites where you find hundreds of IB! A Bullet 3,500+ Votes ) IB Extended essay for medicine volume optimization of a ladder. Calculus etc ) and each area then has a number happy or sad or... Language & Literature a key concept in IB Maths websites where you solve Oxford university ’ the! You 'll be getting: Features International Baccalaureate Program 2070 October 31,.... Can we find a function which is used – link to codes and them. A lot of good ideas, but it very much depends on your preferences and strengths good to. Number Theory – investigating the solutions of Pythagoras ’ Theorem: a topic... Following are examples of using polar coordinates to create interesting designs Theory – investigating the solutions of Pythagoras ’ which. What the complex root of a math ia ideas hl – how to Prepare for Math! N'T look like copy - paste from an article or Wikipedia notes on my experience, selection. Cannon balls: an amazing shape which introduces some interesting topological ideas geometric proof for the arithmetic geometric!

math ia ideas hl

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