A visual model illuminating the countervailing effects of facilitation on resistance is provided, along with illustrative examples derived from multiple ethnographic field studies. The study adopted Barron and Kenny’s mediated regression analysis. The sample selection is one of the crucial factors to gain the accurate results and meet the objectives of any research (Hair et al., 2010). The study is also highlighted that abusive supervision can increase the intensity of unfair practices, destructive politics, and workplace ostracism that are the causes to reduce the level of work engagement. This study also proposes to examine the mediating role of intellectual capital (IC) and innovation in the relationship between KM processes and performance of universities. About (300) academic teaching staff were administered a questionnaire of a five-point Likert's scale which includes questions on KMP (Acquisition, conversion, Application, and protection) and SQ. At school districts, Offices of Knowledge Management tend to either oversee data‐driven improvement or leverage technological platforms to promote organizational knowledge… personally beneficial) needs major revision by adding five to seven Likert-scale items having good content validity and high internal consistency of the measuring scale in the Pakistani context. Results Findings: Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, encompassing issues of strategy, structure, systems and human resource management, the text introduces the reader to the concept of knowledge before examining how, and whether, knowledge … The management has to initiate steps to boost personalization and codification strategies at their optimal levels that will ultimately helpful to implement a change successfully through developing readiness for change and reducing the employee cynicism regarding change. The main objective of this study is to investigate the relationship between knowledge management process (KMP) capability and service quality (SQ) in universities, specifically in the context of Palestine. Second, the knowledge flows of KM for cybersecurity in business organizations emphasize on explicit, declarative, and specific knowledge. Physical self-concept represents an important determinant of healthy psychological functioning. Work satisfaction showed a significant negative relationship with work overload and a positive relationship with work support. Recognizing different types of co-production more systematically is a critical step in making research on this phenomenon more comparable and more cumulative. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the impact of change readiness on employee’s commitment to change, focal and discretionary behaviors when controlling for gender, qualification, experience, and marital status. Four interaction effects emerge from this analysis: augmentation, undermining, prevailing and immunity. and exercise status (i.e. Knowledge Management in Organizations is the most comprehensive and critical textbook on the subject. Co-production of public services means that services are not only delivered by professional and managerial staff in public agencies, but also co-produced by citizens and communities. Design/methodology/approach – Theoretical and practical implications of these interaction effects for advancing scholarship and leading organizational change are explored. Knowledge management (KM) is a process that deals with the development, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of information and expertise within an organization to support and … Implications Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. knowledge generated through engagement in SSTC initiatives. This study collects five real-life cases of good practices of KM for the domain of cybersecurity in business organizations. This article argues that, rather than trying to determine one encompassing definition of the concept, several different types of co-production can be distinguished. It is influenced by several factors, including physical activity, body competence, and chronic anxiety. Knowledge management (KM) plays important roles in cybersecurity. Findings Knowledge Management Process and Organization Performance 282 vironment by which knowledge is acquired, retrieved, applied, protected, and stored in order to be-come easy to use. Knowledge retention involves capturing knowledge in the organization so that it can be used later. The research data have been obtained randomly from 373 public sector workers. Design / methodology / approach: Practical implications KM is important for all organizations, yet its significant influence is witnessed in service sector, This study investigate the Cronyism as a Root Cause of Poor Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises, Determinants of knowledge management in FB&H companies. Fifty-one percent of the participants reported rape in their lifetime, 25% reported rape in military, 11% reported history of women as sex partners, and 71% reported history of chronic pain. We propose that negative affectivity strengthens the relationship between burnout and deviant behavior and that burnout mediates between organizational cynicism and deviant behavior. The interactive effect of abusive supervision is rarely investigated in the relationships among organizational injustice, negative politics, workplace ostracism and work engagement. Mindfulness fully mediated between external locus of control and depression. Often it is referring to training and learning in an organization or of its customers. knowledge management and innovation in organizations. x�b```b``qd`a`�*a`@ �+sL`I�� Tw�4�0���`YF�Ö\ The most critical phase of a change process is change implementation and it is evident that masterfully originated change process fails due to its poor implementation. – Limited attempt has been made to integrate strategic and behavioral perspectives in the change literature. Both rape and sex partnership are adversely associated with lower physical functioning in female veterans. Organizational knowledge can be difficult to transfer and retain. In this paper, we propose a model of learning forces to measure and accelerate the speed of learning in knowledge initiatives. Through an iterative process of team-based qualitative data analysis of the five cases, the study develops a model of KM for cybersecurity that conceptualizes three common aspects of KM practices for cybersecurity in business organizations. Borrowing analogies from the field of physics, we introduce learning forces, learning acceleration, and knowledge value growth concepts to explain the transitions in knowledge capabilities. Knowledge Management … A sample of 205 full-time employees having administrative and managerial responsibilities in the manufacturing operations is drawn from the manufacturing companies of Karachi undergoing major technological change. Future research should investigate the impact of service delivery quality, information sharing, and communication challenges in other types of IT outsourcing relationships. Starting from the classical definitions of Elinor Ostrom and Roger Parks, the article draws on the literature on professionalism, volunteering and public management to (1) identify the distinctive nature of co-production, (2) to identify basic dimensions on which a typology of co-production can be constructed. Originality/value The main difficulty was resistance to change, which forced a change of the member's mindset to use cross-company standard processes. 0000003297 00000 n Findings 0000000879 00000 n Practical implications Building on the success of the second edition, the third edition of Knowledge Management in Organizations presents a critical introduction to the subject. endstream endobj 191 0 obj <>/Size 178/Type/XRef>>stream startxref In this study, the author brings in the contingent role of founder’s personality to better understand the possible contingencies in the strategic change literature. Practical implications It is argued that these transitions can have different speeds, vectors (magnitude and direction), and trajectories (path). Employees' perception of their organization's readiness for large-scale change was examined in two divisions of a national sales organization transitioning to work-teams. Implications of the study and suggestions for further research were discussed. Psychological wellbeing moderated between mindfulness and depression by dampening their negative relationship. Application Process proved to have no effect on SQ. Originality/value xref 0000004093 00000 n The model is built on the assertion that the speed at which companies learn and how they manage underlying learning forces determines their competitive position. The research approach used for this study is quantitative in nature and it has correlation design as it intends to examine the relationships between independent and dependent variables. The higher the level of capturing knowledge … Measurement models can vary across samples and must be tested and retested before they are accepted as valid. Commitment to change (C2C), focal and discretionary behaviors are under-researched areas in the context of developing countries such as Pakistan. 0000002790 00000 n Design/methodology/approach We argue that practical mastery needs to be supplemented by a quasi-theoretical understanding of what individuals are doing when they exercise that mastery, and this is what knowledge management … Research on time in organizations spans disciplines and introduces a wide range of concepts. This study is one of the first to empirically establish a relationship among change readiness, commitment to change and active/passive change-related behaviors in the private manufacturing companies of Pakistan. As an important tool in the successful implementation of Knowledge Management, sharing knowledge is seen to be the most important practice and resource which organization possesses. In a previous section on organizational memory, Walsh and Ungson (1991) defined five knowledge … %%EOF – The findings are based on data from one emerging economy. 0000003541 00000 n knowledge management, the real challenge, therefore, is developing an adequate system of knowledge management in companies. Methodology trailer © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Kushwaha & Rao (2015) concluded that knowledge management … Radical shifts in strategic postures can, indeed, be fatal for new firms. 0000004171 00000 n 3 Knowledge Management in Organizations Figure 1 shows that KM processes directly improve organizational … (2001) explains knowledge management (KM) as ‘the clear and systematic management of important knowledge – evidentand its related procedure of creation, organization, dispersion, use and utilization KM doctrines have been studied and executed in every organizational … literature presents an overview of knowledge management; the second section gives an overview to the knowledge management and its impact on organizational performance. The dynamic interplay of these independent sources of resistance and facilitation is explored within the context of the OC3 Model where the consequences of cultural alignment or misalignment are considered with respect to change implementation and linked to established theory and empirical evidence. This qualitative case study explores the major knowledge sharing challenges experienced in a subsidiary-to-subsidiary IT infrastructure outsourcing relationship at a large South African financial services provider. The findings may be generalized on other private manufacturing organizations of Karachi. 0000001561 00000 n Organizational Culture. Organizational productivity The value that knowledge management adds lays in increasing individual, team and organizational efficiency through the implementation of knowledge management concepts. How much is the importance of knowledge transfer through organizations… The domain-specific KM model based on the good practice cases provides a road-map for KM practices in the domain of cybersecurity in business organizations. KM for Individuals, Communities, and Organizations. However, WPLG mediated the relationships between work overload and work satisfaction. 0000003791 00000 n Knowledge management and organizational development comprise many distinct but related practices. The results of the direct effect revealed that KM strategies, personalization & codification, have significant positive effect on successful change implementation. Peshawar Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (PJPBS). Purpose x�bb�e`b``Ń3� Using a sample of 217 academic and administrative personnel from research universities of Pakistan, the hypothesized relationships were tested through partial least squares structural equation modeling technique. – The purpose of this paper is to clarify the role of organizational culture in governing the dynamics of resistance and facilitation of change by explicating the operational mechanisms underlying the Model of Organizational Change in Cultural Context (OC3 Model). One of the important theoretical contributions of the study is that the three-component model which has been empirically tested in various socio-economic settings in the Western context and in a Pakistani public sector organization may also be employed in the private manufacturing organizations of Pakistan. Encompassing a number of perspectives - including organizational behaviour, HRM, systems, and sociocultural factors - the text introduces the concept of knowledge before examining how it can be effectively managed within the organizations … The field of knowledge management is the study of how firms manage the tacit and explicit knowledge and know-how their employees have about its products, services, organizational systems and intellectual property. Next Page . Organizational culture figures out values and beliefs which are an integral … Studies in the management field on organizational and individual behavior emphasize resistance to change as a determining factor in the adoption of a new process or working method, ... KM is inevitable in knowledge-based institutions such as HEIs or research universities not only to provide better return on investment in the form of intellectual capital (IC) and innovation (Fullwood and Rowley, 2017;Yasir et al., 2017;Rodríguez-Gómez and Gairín, 2015) but also to enhance their efficacy and performance (Masa'deh et al., 2017). 192 0 obj <>stream The results exhibited the negative association among organizational injustice, destructive politics, workplace ostracism and work engagement (WE). Mediation analysis indicated that the performance indices had negligible impact on the relationship between exercise status and physical self-concept. various hospitals located in southern parts of India through a structured questionnaire. While large and established firms are believed to benefit from strategic flexibility and change, the purpose of this paper is to argue and empirically prove that firms in emerging economies need to persist with their strategies during their formative years in order to acquire sustainable competitive advantage. The power of people and machines working together offers the greatest opportunity for creating knowledge in human history. military, sex partnership history, demographics, and medical history including chronic pain, mental health (depression and posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD]), and the physical health component of the Short-Form 12-item interview (PCS-12).ResultsPhysical health in this sample was lower than norm values [PCS-12: mean (standard deviation) = 43 [12]; norm: mean (standard deviation) = 50 [10]). We then use the framework to compare existing studies and generate propositions to develop the notion of temporal fit. Here we set out to find an underlying structure to clarify the current state of temporal research. Knowledge management contributes towards the benefits of individual employees, communities of practice, and the organization itself. Knowledge management may also include new knowledge creation, or it may solely focus on knowledge sharing, storage, and refinement. The results show that appropriateness has significant positive impact on affective C2C and negative impact on continuance C2C when controlling for gender, qualification and experience. According to Peter Drucker, knowledge has become a major economic resource and a key source/drive of competitive advantage. The present investigation directed toward the importance of work-personal life balance experienced by the nurses in the healthcare sector imperatively influence both work and personal life domains and the study suggests that support from the organization, superiors and peers can go a long way in helping the incumbents to attain improved organizational outcomes. 0000000016 00000 n Research limitations/implications It has been used since 1990s as a tool to achieve … (277) Responses were analyzed statistically by smartpls software. Organisations all over the world are realising that knowledge in the form of expertise and competence is the … Our examination yields three categories of variables: conceptions of time, mapping activities to time, and actors relating to time. The respondents were selected randomly and (286) responses were received. %PDF-1.4 %���� Design/methodology/approach It is proved to help organizations improve their service, increase the quality of products, reduce the costs and respond quickly to their customers. Results revealed that external locus of control had positive relationship with mindfulness whereas mindfulness and psychological wellbeing were negatively related with depression. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses are used to evaluate the reliability and validity of the measurement model. Organizational politics, authority influence, power influence, injustice practice, and workplace ostracism are more prevalent and detrimental in public sector workers particularly in developing and emerging countries. Physical Health Status of Female Veterans, Assessing the influence of work-life balance dimensions among nurses in the healthcare sector. �0 �!f The knowledge management (KM) concept has gained significant consideration in recent organizational research [2], [3]. – A conceptual definition of facilitation is introduced that parallels the psychosocial construction of resistance, while departing from traditional views that cast these constructs as polar opposites. V���ù���"ن���hoU`X���0�8�Sv�v����v�`�3��,��3��L�.q ���^ b0 =& Findings of this study reinforce the corporate experience of KM and suggest how administrators of research universities and higher educational institutions can promote innovation and IC, which in turn enhance OP. <]>> Despite the augmented importance of KM in higher education institutions or research universities, there is a dearth of studies that investigate the interplay of KM, innovation, IC and OP. �j�.E����� The paper builds the argument that the speed and the success of learning depend on whether the vector of knowledge transition and the forces applied are aligned with the direction of the business strategy and whether or not the generated knowledge supports core capabilities (existing or potential) of the organization. Multiple regression analysis was done to check the direct effect, Preacher and Hayes (2004) test was applied to measure the mediating effect and guidelines of Aguinis (2004) were followed to analyze the moderating effect. Sharing and managing knowledge is an essential resource for the success of a Scrum team. knowledge management implementation in industry, specifically financial organisations. Within the context of the OC3 Model, a multifaceted perspective on organizational change is advanced in which facilitation takes place alongside of, rather than in the absence of, resistance. While prior studies have focused on information technology (IT) outsourcing challenges in general, those studies have not adequately addressed knowledge sharing challenges facing subsidiary-to- subsidiary IT infrastructure outsourcing relationships. The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the effects of knowledge management (KM) enablers on KM processes in research universities and testing the direct relation between KM processes and OP. Furthermore the influence of burnout as mediating variable and negative affectivity as moderating variable were also explored in the study. It is evident from existing literature that successful change implementation has not yet explored in the context of KM strategies. The human aspects of knowledge creation are then discussed and the implications drawn for improved design of inquiring systems for knowledge management. In this study 391 women and men were subjected to aerobic (Cooper test) and anaerobic (sit-ups) performance tests and completed questionnaires assessing their physical self-concept, trait anxiety, The present research aimed at examining the role of mindfulness and psychological wellbeing in the relationship between external locus of control and depression. For a more comprehensive discussion and definition, see my knowledge management definition. Mediational analysis indicated that chronic pain history significantly mediated relationships of women who have sex with women, childhood rape, PTSD, depression, and current substance use disorder with PCS-12.Conclusions With temporal research design, 196 employees and executives of national bank of Pakistan completed questionnaires at both Time 1 (pre-implementation) and Time 2 (post-implementation). Moderated mediation analysis was undertaken through PROCESS macro for SPSS (Hayes, 2013), which revealed that conditional indirect relationship of external locus of control with depression was significant only at lower to moderate levels of psychological wellbeing. The important limitations of the study are the sample used, which is mainly from the banking sector and from Rawalpindi/Islamabad area. Organizational cynicism and workplace deviant behavior are two major themes in organizational behavior literature. WLB dimensions, namely work to personal life strains, personal life to work strains, work to personal life gains (WPLG) and personal life to work gains mediated the relationships between work support and work satisfaction. Purpose Knowledge management (KM) is regarded as an essential factor in project-based organizations (PBOs), leading to organizational learning across projects. The results also indicate that KM processes influence organizational performance (OP) directly and indirectly through innovation and IC. It is important to remember that knowledge management is not about managing knowledge for knowledge… Several facilitators’ knowledge practices are identified and discussed, and also the main challenges and difficulties of scaling Scrum practices for large-scale teams are addressed. Clinicians evaluating the physical health of this population should therefore consider obtaining detailed sexual histories, and a multidisciplinary team is needed to address mental health issues in female veterans. 0000001372 00000 n Results of this study will provide values and implications to the leaders and managers of higher education for the formation of the new knowledge management (KM) strategies or for the enhancing of their existing processes of KM, These meaningful implications will help to create effective knowledge management (KM) programs and strategies which in turn may enhance the quality of services provided in Palestinian universities and achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Purpose – Two sources of resistance and facilitation are delineated, both stemming from the degree of cultural alignment of the content (strategic initiatives) and process (implementation strategies) elements of strategic change.

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