interesting. Since it will be about 9:30 and it is a full day of activites at Xcaret it might be easier to buy the transportation so it is all included. You can take the Colectivo to the Plaza Las Americas Mall and take a taxi from there. You can rent bikes in town and go to the beach as one options. Bus from hotel zone to playa del carmen - Cancun Forum. We hope you have a great time in Akumal and Tulum! For short runs it is all the same and not important. Happy travels! 2. There are the smaller and more local colectivos that go from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun. The drivers know the flow of people fairly well and send enough vans to pick up people fairly quickly. I would like to try and learn how to use the Colectivo to get to Akumal. We only speak a little Spanish but we did fine on the colectivos. How much per person from Akumal Beach to Tulum Ruins? So that means that many people get on and off before Tulum. Do I have to go to Playa del Carmen or can I pick up a collectivo around ther. (see photo) They leave on a regular basis during the day and  will leave even if not full. The approximate cost of the colectivo from Sirenis resort to Tulum Ruins is about 30 pesos each way per person. I am going to be taking a colectivo from my resort (North of Playa del Carmen) to Xel Ha. You can rent them in town. Colectivos sind große Vans oder auch Kleinbusse mit 12 Plätzen. Thank you for the quick and very informational message! We are so glad you got to try the tacos there. We are wondering where we could get a collectivo to Carmen from the ocean Maya royale and back? We could not have done it with taxis. You will need to do the same thing in reverse coming back from the ruins. Playa Express has nice Mercedes vans that are larger then the other Nissan/Toyota colectivo vans. So it is not the easiest. Hello, do you know if the colectivos pick up near the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo resort? There is a parking lot on the northeast corner of the intersection where they will be yelling out “Cancun”. We’ll be staying at the Grand Sirenis Resort.. Do you have estimate in pesos on the cost for colectivo to and from: Grand Sirenis to Tulum Ruins This is pedestrian up to a certain point and then it is the beach road with cars. They will pick you up on the highway where the bus will drop you off. Unfortunately you can only take the colectivos to destinations along the highway. It is about 26-30 minutes from Playa so you can see why the transportation cost are higher. Just remember that the ruins are the first stop in Tulum and the town is about 5minutes drive. So you can buy a ticket to Playa Del Carmen and they should also be able to sell you a ticket to Tulum also at the airport. Hi – great site! It was a little hotter in the back. Thank you for this beautifully informative site. Do you know what is the last bus that takes off from Coba? So when you get on the colectivo from your hotel, there is only one colectivo company that services that run. Thanks. To come back to Playa Del Carmen on the colectivos it is best to catch them from near the middle of Tulum along the 307 main road because they can fill up and you might have to wait longer (however it is not really worth it if you are at the Tulum ruins to go into town to catch a ride, it is more hassle then waiting there for them). If you are staying at the Anah on 14th you will need to walk to 2nd street to get the colectivos. Thanks for the reply. We hope you have a good trip. Muchas gracias! The Playa Express will pick up and drop off along the highway but often they are full a that point going south and north. Hi, myself and the wife are going in June. Colectivos are basically a cross My wife and I used them to go to our hotel from XelHa. The only way that colectivos are more dangerous in our opinion from ADO is the speed at which they drive and if there is an accident, it is more likely you will get injured because of the size. You just have to balance convenience with cost. They can stop if you ask but it is better to take the regular van ones on 2nd Street. It will not be the easiest with 6 people since most of the time where you would get on, most do not have space for 6 people. Hello, we are going to be staying at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort and would like to take a trip into Playa Del Carmen. You can take the ADO bus from the Airport to Playa Del Carmen but you still would need to take a taxi to Bahia Principe. It is a straight walk and not bad if you don’t mind. I just have a question. The ruins are a little too far to walk from town. It is cheaper then the ADO bus. Do you know off hand how much one of these full tours would cost? Most passing there will have 3 or 4 seats available. Tulum ruins and town are easy to get to from the colectivo but if you are going to the beach you will need to take a taxi from town or rent bikes. Although they are quite efficient, they are not all that comfortable, most of the drivers don’t speak English, and taxi drivers around Cancun and Playa Del Carmen … First time on a combi bus for $45 pesos to Tulum. We have been using Colectivos recently from PDC. The prices from this article are still valid? hi, we are going to Mexico for the first time and we have a group of 7 (4 adult and 3 children) and are staying at the iberostar lindo and would like to go to xel ha, what would you recommend as the best way to get there and back? Approximately what time will the Collectivos be running in the morning along the highway towards Playa del Carmen? Thanks so much! Regarding how to go to the T Ruins, it seems that we are going to take ADO bus from Puerto Morelos to playa del Carmen and then a collectivo to the T Ruins, It’s that correct?. To Akumal 30 pesos. This service is meant to be a fast transport for people and not a hotel shuttle service. They would take you to Playa and they terminate on 2nd Street. We do however recommend caution driving on the highway when it first rains or is raining hard, there are more accidents in general on the highway because it is slippery and low visibility. What is it like to run a business on 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen? Hello Judy. Thanks. You can take a taxi from the Park which will be more expensive but faster than taking the free shuttle to the highway and waiting for a taxi or colectivo. Have a fun time at the park! Sometimes 4 people is a little harder to get on but you should be able to get on in about 10 minutes or so. There are only busses that go between Playa and Merida. This helps offset the transportation cost. Is there something back to the hotel from the highway far? how much does it really cost ? Our family of 4 will be in Playa (staying at Anah Suites) in two weeks. They will ask you where you are going when you get on so they know to stop there. What visiting Chichen Itza is like now? These are just some tips for planning out your day. ADO does not go to Akumal. So you have to know where you are going. The colectivo will pick you up from the highway there. These run all day and stop after the show lets out at night. One issue is getting a colectivo for four people going to Tulum. Then you can take a colectivo on the side going toward Playa Del Carmen. This site is a great source of information. Thank you for all the useful information above. Cancun is not really designed well to get around on public transportation and the distances are larger than people think. You will need to go to the highway and catch a colectivo and then from the highway it is a walk to the beach. How much will it cost? There are no colectivos that go to the beach in Tulum. Then to get back on, where to catch? The colectivos only run up and down the state of Quintana Roo. Is that correct? Technically you could try to get a taxi from the highway into the airport but many taxis are already with people entering the airport property. We hope you have a fun time on vacation. Grand Sirenis to Playa Del Carmen. Also you would need to take the colectivo to Playa and then take the colectivo to Tulum, getting off at Xel-ha. Based on your destinations though you might do better without a car because if you go to Isla Mujeres you need to park the car and the same with Cozumel. What are your thoughts? Where would I get a collectivo to go to Playa del Carmen? We have traveled this area on Ado but am contemplating taking colectivo to xelha. Vans run until 10pm everyday except Sunday, rides end at 7pm. Perhaps a taxi to the highway, or a taxi into PDC to Calle 2 to catch the colectivo from the start [probably not that efficient]. How far is the walk to the Playa De Carmen beaches from the collectivos drop off? Once you get to the Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal you can decide what boat to take. When you get off the highway stop at Xel Ha it is about a 11 minuted walk on a sidewalk in the trees so it is shaded. Here is our article on getting from Playa Del Carmen to the Cancun Airport and your different options. You should raise your hand so they know you are waiting for them. In Tulum it is about 3k. The only bus that leaves Coba for Tulum is 3:10pm. How will the driver know where to stop? We will have a day and a half to go from Playa del Carmen to Tulum and back and curious how long the trip is from PDC to Tulum on Colectivos? You will have about a 5 minute walk from the hotel to the highway. Just make sure you know if they go to ADO Station if you are going to the center of Cancun. The other option is taking a taxi all the way there. It is doable. The colectivos only Run between the cities and do not service the airport. 2- CÓMO IR DE CANCÚN A PLAYA DEL CARMEN EN COLECTIVO PLAYA EXPRESS ¿CADA CUÁNTO SALE EL COLECTIVO? Can I travel with the baby and a stoller by the colectivo? I have a two questions. We hope you have fun visiting Tulum. I’m mainly going in order to get a few pictures and I heard that the lighting in the afternoon may be better for this. Where would I pick one up and even more important, how do I return?

colectivo playa del carmen to cancun

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