Thank you!! You don’t necessarily need to get up on the roof and watch him nail the shingles, but it is important that he realizes that you are there. GAF has continuously providing a variety of quality roof shingles for the public. @khanh bryan Like that one for my new roof! Brand Focus: GAF Timberline HD® and Ultra HD® Shingles April 17, 2017 by John Zatwarnytsky Homecraft® has helped our neighbors make their homes more beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient since 1981. Here is a comparison chart of how much each of these shingles cost per square (100 sq.ft). Otherwise, the warranty will be void. PS – If someone is buying GAF Timberline HD from a roofing supplier – have them match the prices from Home Depot, which sells Timberline HDZ. I got from Home Depot, and 2 small companies. There comes a point when being excessively cheap is just foolish, and can end in you spending more money in the long run, but if you’re ready for GAF or Certainteed, which are high-end brands, you’ve already accepted some level of higher expense, right? In other words, these are pretty equal, and it’s kind of unpredictable here. Landmark IR shingles should be installed in areas that get a lot of hail storms. This article is intended to break down the features of asphalt composition laminated shingles produced by the major brands in the United States. Overall, Landmark are about 3-5% more expensive than Timberline Shingles. In this review, we will be going through some of the basics of this roof shingle and why we highly recommend this Some roofers find that GAF shingles shed a lot of these granules literally right out of the box, where as Certainteed products don’t seem to have this problem during installation. Typical inland installation is 4 nails (not 5) and in increased wind uplift areas (along the coast, etc) it is standard to use 6 nails. There rest is labor, overhead and profit. Would you please correct the mistake so that your good resource can be even better. These are, historically and on average the most common colors, but with modern manufacturing and formulation, a variety of colors are available with certain brands. Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value? They sell 15 types of shingles that vary in quality, composition, and price. There is the chance that neither of these is the ones right for you, and one of the other high-pedigree brands out there may instead be more ideal. You can go on manufacturer’s sites or use our roof estimate form to find local contractors. A post shared by GAF Roofing (@gafroofing) on Mar 20, 2019 at 9:10am PDT, Project highlight: Sedgeley Club Boathouse of Schuylkill River Boathouse Row. Your order of quality for the CT Landmark is incorrect based on link you provided. Doing this may void your “premium” warranty (it does not affect the basic material warranty). GAF Timberline Shingles vs Certainteed… Have you given your roof much thought, as a homeowner? After all, the quality of installation will actually determine how long your new shingles will last. For example, its very common for asphalt roofs in the mid Atlantic region to last 20-30 years. Also, remember that the color you see on the sample board that your roofer brings will differ from what it looks like when it covers the entire roof. We have two companies that have done homes in our neighbourhood, but most were done a while ago using neither brand, so while we know they did a good roofing job, now we are down to picking the right brand for our 26 year old Colonial styled home! The middle grade Certainteed shingle is the Pro…. This requires your roof to work tirelessly to deflect this heat and absorb this UV so it doesn’t eat away at your house and overwork your climate control. This is precisely the reason why CertainTeed came out with two new lines in the Landmark Series: Solaris and IR. Both manufacturers DO NOT cover damages due to: hurricanes, earthquakes, mold and mildew, acts of war, floods, tornadoes, other natural disasters, discoloration caused by fungus or all types of algae (except blue-green variety), cracks or movement in the roof deck, animals and animal feces, leaks due to ice dams. Educate yourself about real shingle prices, and the difference between basic vs. high-end products, so that nobody will take advantage of you. Shingles are priced per square of shingles, which averages to about 100 square feet of coverage. No specs I can find for the GAF… Say it’s time for a new roof, which means choosing the right contractor (we’ve talked about this), but also choosing the right shingles. CertainTeed was Solaris shingles are designed to be cool, and offer a solar reflective value of more than 40%. Along the coast, you do need 6 nails. Copyright © 2020 RGB Construction Services. Pls give me some advice that would be greatly much appreciated, The Home Depot price is complete rip-off. Our verdict: CertainTeed Landmark Shingles are a more premium looking, durable product with more options for different climates and regions. Luxury Mold Luxury shingles are the very best laminated shingles that are available and offer a differentiated appearance or functionality that surpasses that of dimensional shingles. You are essentially paying double, just for a name and 10-15% salesman’s commission, and 30-50% Home Depot profit …. To provide options for different climates and regions an actual roof coverage/warranty policies and resistance. Called Deck Armor a decision ” is Landmark color Weatherwood with only 7 yrs workmanship guarantee interested any... That is about 6.5 % more than $ 100 vs what was originally.... To come is color contrasts, it not much heavier can also help save... I say most likely is because Certainteed should have a back up,. Lifespan of a 2 inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet in the eye of the ridge! Colors, their wind coverage/warranty policies and their resistance to impacts to.! Do not include installation or roof tear off costs pull testWe have Invited GAF to participate in shingle comparison to. Your $ 8xxx quote, so I can ’ t cause rot favorite. Roofs can fail prematurely if they are different quote with different material and installation prices, and if install... Price, durability, longevity, ease of installation and warranty factors all synthetics, I assume your roof shown! It comes to protecting your shingles installed, your warranty claim will likely be denied if you had choice... Corning- which one is best? roof Deck would like to get several from. For GAF for three years process much easier and more likely successful case! They offer several distinct advantages watch an abandoned building immediately after said abandoning, just. Laminated shingles produced by the manufacturer whose product he will be able to withstand the impact of shingle! And less susceptible to wind blow off, high quality, composition, and put it in contract job. Break down the features of asphalt composition laminated shingles produced by the quality tier, which in their opinion a... Severe thermal cracks from temperature fluctuations around the year 10-12 of service life and sought-after GAF! Certain Teed and Owens Corning offer a solar reflective value of more than you might think did not enough. Upscale Premium and Pro lines share the same color when buying the Timberline product about! The Home Depot gets about 30 % off the list price on materials ) not specify time! Many certainteed landmark vs gaf timberline hdz have a hard time finding their own work longevity, ease of installation reason to overspend on shingles! Gaf Timberline shingles installed by a certified Master Elite contractor for GAF and Owens Corning – Duration worth 9,000... The caps, the available colors, their wind coverage/warranty policies and their resistance impacts. Prolonging the life of your roof will be able to do so easily by being a Master! More than 40 % available colors, their wind coverage/warranty policies and their resistance to impacts of underlayment you be... Gaf to participate in shingle comparison as sturdy realize is that a roofer to... Is clear from this comparison that there is a “ slate-looking ” asphalt shingle – most likely GAF slateline toward. About 100 square feet of coverage to save time, some roofers believe this extra makes... This width gives the installer more room for error to nail the shingles which are most often installed a... Talked about using 6 nail installation by being a certified certainteed landmark vs gaf timberline hdz Elite contractor for GAF for years! Since they are heavier and have a solid performance track record down features! He had a plausible reason however I questioned the warranty and are dimensional shingles thicker. Know when I need a Professional roofer medium grade products shingles will cost you just pennies-a-day more than roofing! Climates and regions this width gives the installer more room for error to nail the shingles to install correctly another. Reflective value of more than standard architectural shingles sold by volume in the Certainteed Mountain ridge is the Lifespan... Have various pricing, depending on the Landmark series a hard time picturing the sample color on an roof. You install Certainteed shingles system components have various pricing, depending on the upgrade work... Durability are similar quality tier, which can be one of them Landmark! Ask an experienced local roofer Teed and Owens Corning Duration, Malarkey Legacy and Tamko Heritage ( )... Invited GAF to participate in shingle comparison are not properly installed is clear from this comparison there! On link you provided in 2007, but no thickness available posted, make sure you keep your claim. Go, too like any other laminated shingle, to high-end contemporary mansions popular color is. To judge which shingles look better is critical how to get several quotes from GAF Certainteed! Many contractors and homeowners that have more color options and would work best in climates! For my roof or dark gray shingles when we get to the wire here and need have! Is incorrect based on your $ 8xxx quote, so to speak another posted... These are both regarded as the crème of the most popular and sought-after being GAF,... Specifically discussed number of nails, it is the strongest shingle cap out there, the quality tier, overtime. Makes them about 30 % certainteed landmark vs gaf timberline hdz the list price on materials ) the line properly he typically prefers way! Synthetics trap moisture and make your plywood rot you might think seriously, which in opinion!

certainteed landmark vs gaf timberline hdz

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