There is a couple of pit toilets there but not much else. Caines Head Kayak & Hike Combo. There are also bear boxes so don't worry about needing a bear bag or bear canister for food. But beautiful trail none the less! I took the a water taxi to derby cove/north beach. Try to work in the Alpine Trail! Caines Head. You can purchase a pass at the Federal Building at 4th and F or the Atwood Building on 7th and E, 13th Floor. Overall, amazing! Updated July 24, 2016 . Dogs are also able to use this trail. Most of the hike is along a rock strewn beach that you can only hike during low tide. Pm low tide was +1.x. Location. Absolutely breathtaking scenery all around, really enjoyed the hike. Surf Scoter. Caines Head Kayak & Hike Lowell Point State Recreation Area to Caines Head State Recreation Area. Added by Christie Kay. Warning: Traveling in Alaska's backcountry can be extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury Where do you want to stay? It's amazing and worth every step! South Beach is a great place to day hike with a great view of the small rock islands that dot the entrance to the bay but it is a poor place to set up camp with an inconvenient water supply. If it does rain, use the overhangs for day use to set up camp. 1 review of Caines Head Trailhead "A gorgeous, sea-side trail that takes you to some stunning coastal cabins. Caines Head Trail is a 8.5 mile trail located in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Check-in. The tide tables can be found here. Alpine tundra providing 360 views of Seward, Resurrection Bay, Bear Glacier, Calypso Cove. Southeast State Parks . Thanks, Gusto Tags: None. Well! Caines Head Coast Trail has been listed as one of the top ten coastal hiking trails in North America by Backpacker Magazine. Use the creek that runs in front of the cabin as a water source. If anyone has found them please let me know. Definitely recommend it. I highly recommend either. Trail Condition Report Caines Head State Recreation Area August 15th, 2020 Overall Conditions: Caines Head State Recreation Area continues to see steady traffic despite Covid-19 concerns. No trail guide can be Leave the trail head at two hours before a +3 tide to avoid becoming stranded along the way. That was a terrible mistake for this hike. Would recommend hiking on a super sunny day not only for the amazing views of the mountains and glaciers across Resurrection Bay but for safety (you walk on the rocky beach and they can be slippery). April to September. 12 Dec 2020 - 13 Dec 2020. Hiked up to the fort and down to south beach. We just did first part of the trail. Caines Head features almost 10 miles of trails, old military roads and beach and alpine routes that attract both hikers and backpacking campers. Caines Head Trail is a 14 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Seward, Alaska that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Spanning from Lowell Point to the military ruins at North Beach is the Coastal Trail, a 4.5-mile trek into the heart of Caines Head State Recreation Area. Unfortunately, due to low tide times, we were only able to do the first few miles and then turned back. Two things in Seward you may want to consider before or after this trip; sea kayaking with a guide and/or going on a boat tour. Turns out, you do have to take the inland trail for a mile or so once you reach the end of the beach to get to the campsite. Wait for the tide to go further down or go back and take the trail over the mountain. We saw salmon in late August under the bridge then a black bear on our way back! Check-out. While not a truly an Alaska wilderness experience, the hike has so much variety, I highly recommend it. Angel Creek Hillside and Winter Trail Angel Rocks Trail Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail Chena Dome Trail. This hike is located near the town of Seward, Alaska. When I came in Friday night, the depth was stated as 2 feet. Another time, numerous eagles were perched on trees around my campsite. The kayaking was beautiful and enjoyable. I don't know the name of the company or companies that provide this service but I'm sure the Seward Chamber of Commerce can help you out. Here youll discover unique wildlife as well as some old World War II forts and artifacts. Caines Head State Recreation Area, the scenic site of an abandoned World War II fort, can be reached by boat or foot from Seward. Bring some form of fire/cookie gear! The Alpine Trail is only accessible via the Caines Head Trail System, located at Lowell Point. On the hike route are two state cabins (see this link for more information). … the particular trails you will be on as well as general wilderness safety and first aid. On the off chance you screw up making the low tide or it is very early in the morning, you can camp at Tonsina Point. Another location near Seward--Tonsina Creek/Caines Head Trail, Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska, US on Thu Nov 12, 2020. Not bad for a 3rd date. Head out to the beach (making sure you're above the high tide line). - Getting a reservation for the cabins. One of my favorite hikes in the Kenai Peninsula! Glad my camping buddy was carrying .460 S&W, but a warning shot still didn’t keep the bear from advancing. If this isn't enough to entice you, you get a beautiful view of Resurrection Bay, and the surrounding Kenai Mountains. But flat elevation. Great fishing spot. Clouds cleared and we had stunning views from the fort, which was lovely until we ran into a disgruntled bear. On Sunday morning, the low tide depth was -2.2 and even 1 hour before the lowest point, I had lots of room to maneuver around them. Went with a friend during AM low tide. Overall super easy to find/hike until you reach the end of the rocky beach. Length 14 miElevation gain 4796 ftRoute type Out & Back MUST FOLLOW TIDE TABLES!!!!! Loved this hike! Most of the hike is along a rock strewn beach that you can only hike during low tide. Super handy! I urge you to use all available resources to educate yourself on The spec on it says it is tidal and to not attempt unless a 4 foot low occurs. Search. Map posted at the Caines Head State Recreation Area trailhead. 1: I never paid attention in the tide tables about the height of the water. Seriously. Is that Caines Head or North Beach. It is a beautiful coastal and mountainous trail, with wonderful opportunities for photographing scenery and wildlife. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Rated 3.0 /5 based on 2 customer reviews 3 miles - Out-and-Back Trail Save Add Review Get Directions Add Photo. Could definitely be an incredibly difficult trail in bad conditions. There are also tables on the park's official website. It says it is a 4.5 mile trail one way. This was a very beautiful and unique trail along the coastline. Our Caines Head Paddle and Hike is a VERY ACTIVE day with approximately 10 miles of paddling and a 5-mile hike. No need to register, buy now! Does anyone have any experience on this trail? SAFETY NOTE: It is important to time your trip around the tides. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. I checked the tides and low tide is at 6:28AM, so what time would I need to leave Lowell Point? There was one point that we went up and over a rock. Caines Head State Recreation Area is 6,571-acre (26.59 km 2) recreational area, embodying Caines Head cape in Resurrection Bay, Alaska. Was looking forward to the overnight trip, but a bear wouldn’t leave us alone the earlier part of the trail. Because part of the trail is a beach route that must be walk… Species observed . Oh, and did I mention glaciers galore. Visitor info and maps. The forest contains tall trees with eerie sphagnum moss - I felt like I was in a Tolkien book. Lots of berries, beautiful ocean views, and all around a great time. Good luck. Since then, there are 3 things I want to add. Beautiful trail partially in through the forrest, partially along the beach. Be aware of tide you might get stuck for a little bit waiting for the tide to go out. I waited to the last minute and waded mid-thigh around it. Caines Head 05-26-2008, 18:01. Excellent views of Callisto Canyon, Callisto Peak, Thumb Cove (Spruce and Porcupine Glaciers), Caines Head, and the numerous islands that dot the entrance to the bay and the Northern Pacific beyond. Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking offers an opportunity for those looking for an active adventure to combine both hiking and sea kayaking. When I got back to my tent a black bear had ripped into it and was still around not bothered by the five people yelling at it to back off so we packed up and left that night we camped at Tosina point. Find the perfect caines stock photo. Learn more about the trails and campsites at the Alaska DNR- Caines Head State Recreation Area. If you hit the one edge at any time other than absolute low tide, be prepared to end up in the ocean. The cruxes of the trail are: - Getting your tides right! This is the closest water source. With lots of great beaches to land on and short hikes to enjoy, this combo trip provides a full day of adventure. The date we would like to go is a 2.1 low. If you decide to camp at South Beach, there are a few campsites in the woods at the beach edge (the beach is too rocky). The Caines Head Trail passes through a massive headland rising 650 feet above Resurrection Bay against a backdrop of rolling Alpine meadows, sharp peaks and eventually a … Lupe was only going as far as Tonsina Point. We just hiked one hour and we went through a beautiful forest, cross a couple of bridges and saw salmon. This is a five mile hike along beautiful coastline of Alaska. Set up camp on North Beach and the view was amazing. 9. After outfitting and kayak instruction, your group will paddle the shoreline of Caines Head State Recreation Area. Just before North Beach is an outcrop (right after the trail that leads up the mountain). Bear boxes available. One time I saw a newly independent brown bear hang out at the end of North Beach. Current Weather Forecast: Search for up-to-date info: Images of the Caines Head Trail; Videos of the Caines Head Trail; Maps of the Caines Head Trail; News of the Caines Head Trail; Blogs of the Caines Head Trail I’d recommend rain boots of some sort, especially if you’re hiking above a -3. tide. The Coastal Trail, also called the Caines Head Trail, begins with an easy and wide uphill segment that then goes down to near sea level. While he kept his distance and did not prove to be a nuisance to anyone, it is still wise to make sure you are bear aware. Unfortunately this meant we did more rock climbing. The following was added by the webmaster June 26, 2005: I didn't do this trail last year since I had done it 5 times and thought it needed a rest. I found the map on Alltrails to not be as accurate as usual (maybe its a high tide trail?). Check the tides, if hiking from the Lowell Point parking lot you will need to start your hike two hours before low tide and during a falling tide of 3' or less. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. How to Get There. Caines Head Paddle is a 9.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Seward, Alaska that features a river and is rated as moderate. Because of its prime location, Caines Head played a major part in protecting Seward and the rest of the bay from attacks in … The price for an annual parking pass is $60. A good rule of thumb is 45 minutes to the beach to be there 1 hour before the peak of low tide. I’m the type that tries to follow the recommendation to leave a couple hours before low tide, but I’m not going to be crazy about it. Part of the hike must take place during low tide, so you need to be sure to time the hike properly. Gorgeous hike, but beware that you'll probably want some good boots for the rocks you're walking on. Once you reached the shore, the rest of the hike to Caines Head is on a black shale rock shore - you HAVE to time correctly to avoid the rise of the tide. after we took the loop trail almost to the top of the alpine trail and then took the rest of the loop trail to north beach. We only hiked to the second bridge across Tonsina creek then took the beach back to the first bridge. A trail in Caines Head State Recreation Area between Lowell Point and Tonsina Creek was recently rehabilitated to fix damage caused by flooding. One of my favorite hikes in the Kenai Peninsula! completely accurate so hikers must accept and judge for themselves the dangers posed by each trip they 9079532393. The trail is primarily used for camping and is best used from May until June. Compare. Snow melts quickly here and plenty of wood for a fire. Muddy some parts of the way but very easy avoidable. This tide-dependent walk follows the inter-tidal coastline to Caine’s Head State Marine Park where there’s plenty of trails, to South Beach, through the fort & around the area. The platforms they have there are awesome for setting up a tent. Lost some orange tent poles and a ground tarp on the Caines head trail this weekend somewhere close to north beach and fort mcgilvray. All, I am looking to do the Caines Head trail out of Seward. While not a truly an Alaska wilderness experience, the hike has so much variety, I highly recommend it. Who would want to wait 12 hours for the next low tide? Absolutely amazing trail. This means you need to be leaving the trailhead at 10:15. We had trouble navigating where we were exactly based on the map on here and the picture I took of the one at the trailhead. Guests and rooms. This trip provides a great opportunity to combine both hiking and sea kayaking for those looking for an active adventure. I would recommend walking, as there are harbor seals and otters … From there, it's a nice mostly flat trip to Tonsina Point. There are many reputable outfits and tour groups with 3 hour to 3 day packages. Number observed: 17. alpine was slightly overgrown. You can pick up a tide table book at any bank in Alaska. This was as tough as it gets for having very little/no elevation gain. it's a nice and relatively easy hike down to the shore. Take and armchair journey along the Caines Head coastal trail near Seward Alaska. Head back up the mountain and at the destroyed barracks, head towards the creek below. Whew! The first part of the hike along the west side of Resurrection Bay, offering fantastic scenery and … What this meant was that the tide never went out enough to walk around the slimy rock portion. The only down side to this is just the fact that there's lots of unsteady and wet rocks. While in Seward, hike 4.5 miles along the coast (mind the tides!) We kind if missed the initial trail sign for derby trail but bc of the really low tide we were able to make it just fine taking the beach the whole way until north beach. Alpine, South Beach, and Loop Trails. Point Bridget State Park Trails. On the way back we figured we could do the same. Great hike with low tide or without. The trail then follows a series of rock cairns weaving past the alpine ponds and streams up to … We kayaked 5 miles to the cove and started the hike there, so we did not have to worry about the tide. A great day. Compeau Trail & Colorado Creek Winter Trail Granite Tors Trail Stiles Creek Trail. Answer 1 of 3: I was looking at doing the Caines Head Trail. Join Date: Jun 2008; Posts: 7; Share Tweet #2. BEAUTIFUL hike. Beyond Tonsina Point, parts of the trail are flooded and impassable at high tide, possibly forcing an overnight stay waiting for low tide. A great pre-season hike. Did this trail two years ago with good friends. Some people went over it but I am way too klutzy to attempt it. New member. The area is located in Kenai Peninsula Borough 7 miles (11 km) south of the city of Seward. You have a good chance of seeing otters, eagles, and an abundance of waterfowl. This hike is listed as one of the top 10 hikes in Alaska by Alaska magazine. Never saw the water taxi, not quite sure what or where it was at. Caines Head majestically marks the end of Resurrection Bay and the beginning of the Gulf of Alaska. The trail was well established and easy to follow, there was little elevation, and the conditions were great in mid-October. Fantastic trail! This is your opportunity for us to show you first-hand the beauty of Seward, Lowell Point and Resurrection Bay. If you are not careful you could get TRAPPED. The trail to Tonsina Point is only the first short section of a much longer trail to destinations near Caines Head. The three mile stretch of beach between Tonsina Point and North Beach can be hiked only during a tide of +3 or lower. Today was pretty darn hot. Caines Head Trail is a 22.5 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Seward, Alaska that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Love this trail! Make sure you have a water filter; the creeks in the forest run pretty low if there hasn't been a lot of rain. 2 adults - 1 room. Hiked to the Derby Cove Cabin that we had rented, dropped our bags, and continued on to see the old fort. All that said, I LOVE this hike and strongly suggest it. Trail Guide for the Caines Head State Recreation Area in Resurrection Bay. Cains Head Trail is an easy hike near Seward Alaska that is also a photographer’s dream. Length 9.9 mi Elevation gain 42 ft Route … One of my favorite trails of all time. Overall beautiful hike and a great time! You have a good chance of seeing otters, eagles, and an abundance of waterfowl. As far as difficulty goes, the first few miles that we were able to do were very easy. As I said above, there was a bear hanging around last season. This website is only intended as an aid and cannot guarantee safety. We didn’t go all the way. While kayaking we'll watch for sea otters, sea lions, porpoise, eagles and sea birds. To get to the trailhead: Walk down (or take a taxi) down the dirt road South of Seward (past the aquarium) to Lowell point. Is this feasible at all? and the safety of those you affect. Your eight-hour day begins two miles south of Seward at the company’s Lowell Point gear shed. We ate many berries along the hike! Hike Alpine Trail, Caines Head State Recreation Area. Hotels near Caines Head. to the Caines Head State Recreation Area. You have the ocean, you have mountains, and you have a piece of history to freely explore. The rocks are razor sharp and you will get cut severely. Set up camp at North Beach and day hike to Fort McGilvray, a WWII Fort filled with many underground rooms and an incredible view of the bay at the gunwales. Beautiful trail. The mosquitos were pretty bad, so mosquito nets would be helpful if you're really averse to them. Trail Description. pushing50. All content © 2020 Alaska Hike Search, unless otherwise noted. We found the trail again but spent a decent amount of time being confused of where we are. But the rocks were really wet and slick. We ended up by the beach and then came back. Get acquainted with Resurrection Bay and explore the best of the bay in Seward, Alaska. While they are very nice, one, Derby Cove is set too far back to enjoy the views, and the other closes you off at high tide from exploring the fort, etc. The park is also a favorite with local boaters and kayakers who venture out to the park to spend a day exploring the crumbling gun turrets and other army artifacts. Just watch your timing. Only hiked to Dovey Cove cause I had kids. Visit the Seward Chamber of Commerce website for more information. Don't bother with the campground. Caines Head Coastal Trail; Caines Head Coastal Trail Hot. As others have noted, it's important to find low tide times in order to complete the hike, and on some days, this will just not be possible so plan your Canes Head hike around the low tides. look for the public use warming's a cool little spot. At the head of the Caines Head trail system, Derby Cove is a quarter mile from the ranger station. The Trailhead Parking Lot requires a $5 parking fee (bring exact amount). This is a great trip for anyone who wants to maximize their time kayaking and potentially enjoy some hiking and exploration by foot in the coastal rainforest surrounding Resurrection Bay. Marked it as a three star; felt pretty easy for me. Caines Head is one of the top water taxi destination points for drop-off and pick-up services. Nothing major though. Caines Head State Recreation Area is the scenic site of an abandoned World War II fort, can be reached by boat or foot from Seward. Something to consider when planning when to go. We got in a pinch when I was convinced we weren't supposed to go inland to get to the campsite. then we walked to south beach without going to the fort. Hiked at +3.5 & +3.9, definitely doable but some super slippery rocks that forced us to walk around in the water. choose to undertake. Everyone wants to stay here so the weekends are often always booked months in advance. Public use cabins, campgrounds, and picnic areas allow you to take a break while exploring old World War II ruins and beach combing for treasures. After this, it levels out a bit for a couple of miles through a rainforest climate until you come to Derby Cove. Caines Head Trail. Tide was -2.x. The fort was fun to explore and we made it to the other side of the fort to see spectacular views of resurrection bay.

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